Faye’s Blog – Independent Study Week

End of the week of work. Kinda happy but feel like I haven’t had a rest! But at the same time wish I had longer to do more work!

Going to try and keep on working a hell of a lot more though in the next few weeks.

It’s finally hit me how close I am to finishing uni now! 5/6 teaching weeks left! Scary.

I still haven’t found out when my interview for my PGCE is yet either which is starting to annoy me as I was told that I would probably have heard something by now! I’m going to email them this week though if I haven’t heard anything in the next couple of days!!

Elisha’s blog- grant awarded

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I will be attending the Ecological Genetics Group conference in April; well I was very pleased to find out this week that i’ve been awarded a grant to help with the cost of the conference. The grant was awarded to me by the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI) who are an organisation for the identification of British and Irish plants. The BSBI supports research to enhance knowledge of the flora of the British Isles, with an interest in young botanists; they also awarded me a plant study grant in the summer to support my dissertation research. It’s great news that they’ve also agreed to support me at this conference as it’s the results if my dissertation that I will be presenting. I am very grateful for this funding and it just goes to show that there is support out there to help students with their research…. i’m really looking forward to presenting my results and I hope it is a huge success ūüôā

A Week of Reading… (Stephanie’s Blog)

This Week I am on Reading Week so I don’t have too much to report. I have gone home for the Week with two of my Friends from University… We have been to London sightseeing and Windsor too!

Whilst in London we have been trying to get some inspiration and ideas for Advertising Campaigns, we have now reached the end of writing our own briefs so we are working from the D&AD Briefs. Every Year there is a Student Awards section of D&AD and an exhibition, this year as a University, we hope to exhibit!

If you want some briefs to work on or an insight into what exactly I do on my course and what a ‘real life’ brief is like then take a look at the link below..¬†http://www.dandad.org/awards/student/2013

Next week I will hopefully have more interesting things to discuss, as I have a busy week planned at University and my Events Management Module is getting very interesting. Also next week we start responding to the briefs so I will keep you posted on my ideas!

Alex’s Blog – QTS Test Success!

After passing the Numeracy QTS test last week and the Literacy test today, I can now (very happily) say that I passed both tests! This means that I have pretty much completed the conditions of my offer for the Secondary PE PGCE course at Edge Hill which I will be starting in September.

Now I can focus on finishing my dissertation which needs to be finished before March 22nd. Thankfully, I’m now up to the Results & Analysis stage which means I haven’t got too much to do once that’s done.

But I don’t want to complain too much as I do have more spare time, only being in one day a week, than I will have next year! After speaking to someone who is currently on the PGCE, I was told to, “make the most of free time as you won’t have much next year”! Still very excited about starting the course though!

Alex ūüôā

Charlotte’s Blog – Dissertation & Deadlines!

The last few weeks have been a busy few! With deadlines looming and a¬†dissertation¬†to write but I finally feel as if I am getting some where with all the work! I have finally started writing up my dissertation which as I have mentioned is investigated the transition from primary to secondary school with a child who has Autism and their family, which is an area that was interesting to me and something which you may think of looking into for your dissertation when it finally comes around! I have found this very interesting to investigate and I have been enjoying writing up what I have found! So far I have wrote my introduction and methodology section so I feel like I am finally getting somewhere with that. However I have also got a lot of deadlines coming up over the next few weeks so I am trying to juggle the work load¬†accordingly,¬†that’s¬†another thing that the uni experience teaches you how to manage your time effectively and how to juggle the word load to make sure the work is completed to your best. This is¬†definitely¬†a skill I did not have before attending uni leaving everything to the last minute!

Media and Politics (Stephanie’s Blog)

So we have started a new module this term called ‘Media Policy’ … It wasn’t what I expected because it is heavily politics based including the House of Commons and the Parliament! This is content that I am not usually familiar with so it will be a learning curve.

However aside from this we have been looking into regulation of advertising and the laws that surround media policies. One of our debates is ‘should all films that show smoking be certificated an 18?’ – this is an interesting and current debate. However if they were to make this a law, so many films (especially ones aimed at children) would go under the 18 rating.

This includes; The Lord of The Rings Trilogy( 2001 – 2003), 101 Dalmatians (1996), Peter Pan (1953), Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Pinocchio (1940.) Several of these films are brilliant memories of my Childhood and it would be strange to think that due to the smoking, children wouldn’t be allowed to see them until they were significantly older.


Alex’s Blog – Half-term over.. back to normality!

Last week was probably one of the busiest of 2013 so far! As well as being busy with uni, I was busy all day, every day with half term disability sport sessions with Wigan Sports Development and Personal Assistant work with Embrace Wigan & Leigh. You can the links for more information if you’re interested in volunteering/working for either organisations!

So it’s safe to say that, although I had a great time working on all the sessions, it’s nice to be able to focus on assignments again. Particularly, my dissertation which is starting to come along really well and there seems to be a good structure developing. I’m pretty much up to the analysis stage and should hopefully have it completed before the March 22nd deadline (which is a good thing seeing as I also have a Pedagogy assignment, exam to revise for and QTS tests to complete at the same time).

It’s going to be a busy few months but then again I can’t say that I’m not enjoying it, especially seeing as there is only a few more months of the course left!

Alex ūüôā

Faye’s Blog – It’s going to be a Productive Week.

Next week is Reading Week / Independent Study Week so this week I want to get prepared for that by doing lots of work.

I plan on doing a lot more on my dissertation today (Monday), Tuesday & Wednesday. I then want to make an essay plan for 1 of my 1500 word assignments that is due in at the beginning of March for my Future Cinemas module, so I am going to do that on Thursday in the Library after my lecture. As well as beginning thinking about my essay for Japanese Cinema that is also due in March.

So that is the plan. I am going to make myself be productive so that I can write some essays next week when I don’t have lectures!!

Alex’s Blog – I thought I had got rid of Maths..

So after finding out that I had received a conditional offer from Edge Hill on the Secondary PE PGCE, I quickly remembered that I have to pass two QTS Skills Tests before my offer is fully applicable. These two tests being Numeracy and Literacy, put in place to ensure that trainee teachers are capable of demonstrating a high level of ability in both subjects in all areas of work in school. The only bad thing is, Numeracy isn’t my strong point…

So after booking both these tests on the same day for the end of the month, I have devoted  any extra time this week (in-between half term disability sports sessions and other half term activities) to revising my Maths! Luckily, there are some really good practice resources that I found through the Edge Hill website.

Studying English Literature at A Level has probably helped to make the Literacy practice tests seem fairly easy so far and I am not too worried about that one, it is just the Numeracy test that I am going to have to focus on! All this after thinking that I had got rid of it after passing at GCSE!

Alex ūüôā

Faye’s Blog- Finding a New Home & a Second Family

I remember looking around Edge Hill at an open day.The main thing that I remembered when I was back at home was the¬†accommodation. I wanted to live in some of the newer halls and that was my main focus. I loved them. The living space was really nice and easy to keep clean, the oven was nice and big, lots of surface space and¬†cupboards¬† The bedrooms were a good size and they had the benefit of having an¬†en suit; which I really really wanted, because it was my first time moving away from home and I didn’t know who I would end up living with.

The day came when we had to apply online for our accommodation and I was sat at my laptop ready. Because I am so unlucky though my laptop crashed as I pressed apply so I had to apply again!! I was worried that I would not get the halls I wanted! But in the end I did! And I was so excited.

Moving day quickly came and I remember introducing myself to my flat mates and finding out that two of them were from my home town! All my flat mates were nice which I was glad about and we all go on very well.

Living in halls was a lot better than I first thought, everyone was pretty clean and tidy which I was so thankful for as I am a bit of a clean freak!! It was also good that I cleaner would come in once a week (I think it was once I week, I can’t completely remember, I don’t think that it was once a day) to make sure that everything was nice!

The halls were also good because the security was very strong, only people who live in the halls can access them (other than the cleaners & security of course) and you were provided with a number for security in case you ever had any issues or problems.

Living on campus was like living in a small village, I really enjoyed it. Plus the Edge Hill campus is beautiful so it was really lovely. I was dreading having to move off campus for second year! When the time came to start looking for a place me, a friend from back home, one of her flat mates and a friend off my course began looking for a place to live. We managed to find a bungalow about a 15 minute walk away. It was good living with friends and they really do become a second family to you. The most important things when looking for a place off campus would be;

1) think about how far you want to move away? Do you want to stay in Ormskirk? How long a walk are you willing to take? Or do you want to move to a city like Liverpool? What time are the trains? etc.

2) Price… Be realistic, the cheaper the rent is it is more likely the house is not going to be as nice as you want. When I was in halls I paid ¬£93 a week, which included my bills. Second year I paid ¬£70 a week, not including my bills. This year I pay ¬£57 per week, but that is because I am in the tiny box room! And that does not include bills. Also think about internet and tv costs etc.

3) Who do you want to live with? Friends from your home town? Friends from your course? Or strangers? Do you want to move away from you family home at all? Personally, if I could have commuted to uni I probably would have, but I am lazy and I didn’t want to have to get the bus at 6 am. So I chose to live with my friends from my home town and friends off my course. However, second year we found the place we wanted but someone else was going to be living with us who had lived there previously. To begin with that wasn’t an issue. But. We did end up disliking that person because he was very dirty. This year we also are living with another ‘random’ person but this time the person is nice.

It seems like a lot of work but there is a lot of help available at Edge Hill if you are struggling or do need any help.