• Laundry at EHU: Some Lifesaving Tips!

    My blog this week is for those readers who live on campus or are going to be living on campus at the start of the next academic year. Prepare yourselves for a dive into the laundry system at EHU, from how it works to a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. My laundry […]

  • Note-Taking: Should You Ditch Paper for a PC?

    I am faster at typing than writing, so school lessons were always a pain when I didn’t have access to a laptop. In lessons, I always asked my classmates, “what was the last sentence on that slide?”. I would then go home and waste time typing up my notes thinking it was ‘revision’; truthfully I […]

  • What is Uni Going to Look Like in 2020?

    What is University going to look like this academic year? The honest answer is no one really knows just yet. Whether you’re a new or current student at Edge Hill, I think it’s safe to say that student life is going to be a little bit different. At the moment, we’ve been given a brief […]

  • Advice I would give my first year self

    Hey everyone, I thought I would share some advice that I would have given my past first-year self! Hope you enjoy and that some find this helpful. Library Restrictions When I was completing my A-levels, all I knew for about 7 months was studying, writing notes, reading and learning notes over and over again. I […]

  • Kitchen Packing: Tricks and Tips.

    Everyone talks about what you should be packing for your bedroom at university. Whether on-campus accommodation or off-campus accommodation. I’m guilty of this too. However, one of the important topics that gets glazed over is what you pack for your kitchen. Therefore, this week my blog is going to revolve around that all-important kitchen packing […]

  • How Did I Manage My Money at Uni?

    In March I did a similar post, however that was about tips on how to save money, not how to manage it. This blog will focus on how to make the most of every penny. I used a spreadsheet… for four weeks… I’m not opening strong here. I spent a lot of time colour-coding a […]

  • Textbooks – A Business School Guide.

    Textbooks are essential if you’re a business student. More often than not, they are the key to completing your assignments due to the content being what the essay, or other assessment, is modelled around. Each module has a reading list with a plentiful array of books, some will be essential reading, some recommended reading. My […]

  • Why I Love Having a Small Class Size

    Unlike a lot of medical schools, our medical school has thirty places in each year group (and fifteen for the Foundation Year). At any other medical school, I’d be sat in lecture theatres with 300+ other students. There’s nothing wrong with that structure, but I prefer being in a class of fifteen-thirty for reasons I’ll […]

  • Finding Your Tribe

    Hey everyone, as the beginning of your Edge Hill journey is fast approaching, I thought I would share some tips on finding your tribe/that group of people that you want to share your journey with. Flatmates These people are more than likely going to be the first people that you meet when arriving at university […]

  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of your first week at Edge Hill.

    Your first week at Edge Hill will be crazy. Freshers activities, meeting people you live with, meeting people on your course, trying to figure out where a certain room is; it’s an exciting but tiring week. Therefore my blog this week intends to look at that first week and tell you what you should do […]