Elisha’s blog- Job application done!

I posted a blog some time ago about my preparation for the NHS Scientist Training Programme; well the application opened a few weeks ago and I have now submitted mine! It took me about 3 weeks to complete the application form, but in the end I was quite pleased with my completed version. I now have to complete the next part of the selection process which consists of a numeracy and logical reasoning online test. I’m quite nervous about this because I don’t want to mess it up… although I have had a chance at practising the tests so hopefully i’ll do ok! If i’m successful at this stage i’ll be invited to an interview which will be in March or April…. so fingers crossed for me 🙂

After having gone through this application process i’ve realised how valuable the skills, knowledge and experience i’ve gained throughout my time at university have been… theres been so much that i’ve done throughout my time at uni, and I didn’t quite realise this until I began listing everything in preparing for my application. I just can’t imagine how thrilled and proud i’m going to be when I graduate (and hopefully when I get my dream job)… on that note; congratulations to Alex on his successful P.G.C.E application, I can only imagine how he must be feeling… hard work really does pay off!!


Alex’s Blog – Great News!

Yesterday I was given probably the best news I’ve ever had.. I have been offered a place on the Secondary PE PGCE at Edge Hill. This is something I have been working towards for a long time and is the next step to becoming a fully qualified PE teacher, so needless to say I was absolutely over the moon! Especially considering how competitive it is to gain a place now, everyone who has got on should be really proud.

If anyone else was thinking of becoming a teacher after finishing their undergraduate degree, this would be the sort of route you could go down. However Schools Direct is becoming a more popular option with the current government. This involves working in a school for a year and training as a teacher that way rather than staying in full time education. With more places are being given to Schools Direct options and being taken away from PGCE’s, that may well overtake the PGCE route in the near future..

I am so pleased to be staying at Edge Hill for another year as I feel that I can reach my full potential here and the staff are truly second to none. Although a PGCE is much more time consuming, I am looking forward to getting stuck into it and developing even further as a teacher!

Alex 🙂

Faye’s Blog – Modules

So final semester of my final year.

My modules are; Text to Screen (continued from last semsester) Japanese Cinema and Future & Contemporary Cinemas. The last two are new to this semester.

At first I was really dreading doing the Japanese Cinema module because I was never really interested in foreign films. But I am going to try my best at it and really work hard. After the first lecture last week it does seem like it is going to be really interesting and it is assessed on two essays so no exams, yay! So I am kinda looking forward to the second lecture. The only thing that I am not so excited for is the films, which sounds stupid as I am a film student. But, I watched Humanity and Paper Balloons for this week and I hated it, I found it super boring. But it does take some time to adjust to a specific type of cinema. So I am going to keep trying to enjoy it more!

The Future Cinemas module is a bit different to all the others that I have done over the 3 years at Edge Hill as it isn’t looking at particular films. Last week focused on the more business side of cinema and we discussed Conglomeration. Which was actually a lot more enjoyable and easier to understand than I first thought!

And Text to Screen is just looking at the adaptation of novels etc. in to films. The same as last semester. I’ve already chosen what I want to do my 4000 word essay on. Scott Pilgrim vs the World and the comics that it was adapted from. I am hoping that it will be a lot easier than the last essay!

I still have my dissertation to do as well. But this week I have managed to round off a huge chunk of research so hopefully I am going to be able to sit down and write my first chapter a lot easier.

The Final Months… (Stephanie’s Blog)

The final months are settling in here at Edge Hill; some people are stressed because of deadlines, others have no idea what they will do or where they will go without Uni! But I am working hard on all my work, making the most of the social life in Ormskirk with all my Uni Friends before we all go our separate ways. The majority of 21st Birthdays are looming too, so shopping and present buying is also keeping me sane!

I’m still working on some briefs for my portfolio including: Smirnoff, Durex, A Government Weight-loss Campaign and Umbro.

We have had to write our own briefs and it has been and will continue to be an interesting module… For Umbro we are playing on the loss of the sponsorship for the England Football Team and trying to turn it into a positive thing. Smirnoff needs a launch party for their new cocktail range and Durex needs to target students! The Government Weight-loss is also a lot of fun as we are playing on brand mascots being obese and how some simple changes can be made in order to be healthier!


1 Week Down…12 To Go!

This week I started my new modules that I chose at the end of last year. The modules I chose were Clinical & Abnormal Psychology and Special Educational Needs these seem like they are going to be really interesting modules and I can’t wait to start them properly over the next few weeks! We also started our new compulsory module reflections and future directions this was a massive wake up call to me as we were told it was 12 weeks till third year was over and I am no longer a student 🙁 I will keep you updated on how the new modules go over the next few weeks! 🙂

Elisha’s blog- it’s conference time !

I’m very privileged to have been invited to 2 different conferences over the next couple of months… the NUS National Course Rep conference next month and the 57th meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group in April.

As well as volunteering to be a Course Rep, I have recently been appointed as the Department Student Rep (DSR) for Biology also. This role is similar to that of a Course Rep, but I represent the views of the entire department on FAS (Faculty of Science) quarterly Board Meetings. The NUS National Course Rep conference is an event designed for HE representatives to provide skills and development workshops, campaign ideas and networking opportunities; and sessions on personal development, partnership, campaigns,  systems and policy making are provided. It’s a great opportunity for students to get involved with NUS activities and I am very much looking forward to it… hopefully i’ll gain some extra skills that I can use within my DSR role !

NUS National Course Rep Conference link

Based on the recommendation from my Dissertation Supervisor and Department Head of Biology; i’ll also be attending the 57th meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group in Belfast. The Ecological Genetics Group is a special interest group of the British Ecological Society and the Genetics Society who meet annually and provide a forum for scientists working in population genetics and evolutionary ecology. I plan to present a poster based on the results of my Dissertation research on self- incompatibility in ruderal species. The scientific programme also includes a keynote speaker, student presentations, discussion topic and a field trip. Again; I think this will be a great way to gain some extra skills and also expand my knowledge of the subject… I just hope my poster is well received !

Ecological Genetics Group link



Faye’s Blog – 1 Down Many More to Go.

Okay so back in Ormskirk, battled against the snow and managed to survive through my first lecture! Just need to make it through the rest now!!

In all honesty after my first lecture back, I felt dead and ready for another four weeks off! It was truly horrible, hard work, confusing! But then the seminar after it went a hell of a lot better and I feel as if I managed to get my head around the lecture stuff. Thank goodness!!

So first lecture complete and lots more to go. And I am determined to be organised and not rushing work at the last minute.

I have decided what I am writing my next 4000 word essay on and final essay for my Text to Screen module. I am going to focus on Graphic Novels and Comic Books, so I have picked Scott Pilgrim vs the World. A) Because I loved the film! and B) I’m pretty interested in looking at the books. Also want to be a bit different, don’t think anyone else will think to do that!!

Today I have been buying my books for my Japanese cinema module, that I really am not looking forward to doing at all, but we get to watch the original Ring, which has been sat on my shelf for over 2 years waiting to be watched; I’ve just been too scared to though!! And Battle Royale which I have been wanting to see for a while!

Tomorrow I have my first Japanese cinema lecture and then after that I am spending the afternoon doing my dissertation in the library, because I need to get more of it done!

Alex’s Blog – Pedawhat???

Yesterday we were introduced to one of our new modules for the second semester of our final year.. Pedagogy. To put it simply, it is known as the art and science of education. I hadn’t heard of the term too much before and found myself, at times, completely confused as to what this term meant and how it related to my teaching development.

BUT as the lecture continued and especially once the discussions began in the seminar, I started to see how influential this module could be to my teaching philosophy and, although it may contain some pretty big words. the module looks like it is going to be very interesting!

This module includes a 2000 word assignment and part-seen exam which, when added with the practical teaching assignment and dissertation to complete, means I have a lot of work to do. Good news though, my dissertation is going well with all my research and transcripts already done whilst I was in Ghana, now far the hard part.. the analysis.

Even though I have a fair bit of work to do, I know I don’t have too long left at Edge Hill and I think I’d probably rather be studying than searching for a job right now!

Alex 🙂

Charlotte’s Blog- Dissertation Research && New Modules

The last few weeks have been exam weeks at Edge Hill, I had my statistics exam on Monday so fingers crossed that has gone OK. Since as though I have been at home for the past couple of weeks I decided to take advantage of this and complete my research for my dissertation project. I mentioned a few months ago that for my dissertation I am investigating the transition experience for children with autism and their parents. So this week I have been meeting with the parents and children and asking them how the transition experience was for them. This has been very interesting and I can’t wait to start writing up the transcripts and going more in depth into what was said.

Next week, I am also starting some new modules in Psychology as in your final year you get to choose which modules you would like to study. Last semester I chose work psychology and this semester I am doing Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and Special Educational Needs. I will let you know how I get on with these when I start them on Wednesday 🙂

Finally – My top ten adverts of 2012…

At least this will reach you before the end of January. It has been a hectic couple of weeks since returning back to Ormskirk for University – deadlines, 21st Birthday’s, meetings and dissertation workshops!

So below I have listed ten of my favourite adverts from 2012 with a few reasons why they struck me last year. These adverts from 2012 are (a little regretfully) from Industry Giants… I often like to find more unique and unseen adverts but last year John Lewis, Apple, Argos and of course The Olympics are hot on the list!!


1. The BBC Olympics Advert – What a year for Great Britain and this is reflected by the BBC in this wonderful advert for the Olympics. Definitely has to be my favourite of this year.


2. Second to the Olympics another great advert to come to us this year was The Guardian Open Journalism – we saw it trending on Twitter, being spread around the Social Networks and all in the name of the three little pigs scandal!


3. Mr Kipling Jubilee Advert – The Jubilee was a great time for everyone to get into the celebratory spirit together as a Nation. Amongst all the Street Parties I imagine there were lots of little cakes and snacks and Mr. Kipling’s Campaign was just brilliant. Here’s just one example of a series of advert made for the Jubilee for Mr. Kipling.


4. British Airways – Now these adverts for the Olympics were AMAZING. With interactive Facebook campaigns and adverts where you could fly to your own house in the UK with a fantastic collaboration between BA and Google Earth. This is definitely one of the best adverts to have ever existed. It can’t be easy for a brand as big and as established as British Airways to dissuade people from flying – the one key aspect of their brand! But of course, being British Airways it was done with class and in style and representing Team GB and the cause to stay in the UK greatly!


5. John Lewis – Never Knowingly Undersold. This parallel universe love story captured the hearts of the Nation and once again was a very shared, retweeted and over-social-networked advert but for all the right reasons. John Lewis never fail to please with their adverts and this one was no different…


6. Channel 4 Paralympics – Although there was a lot of discussion surrounding the broadcasting of the Olympics/Paralympics and why they weren’t hosted on the same Channel, I think C4 did a great job. This advert is very special and particularly personal to me, as a family friend appears in it.


7. Apple iPod. – This bounce advert speaks for itself, the rhythm and the movement and just how clever it is, love this advert!


8. Absolut Unique – Usually a Vodka bottle is just a Vodka bottle but Absolut put a twist on this last year by making the Unique bottles! This advert is great, and if you have time – watch the making too!


9. Argos – Although they received a lot of negative feedback to begin with, I still don’t understand how anybody can hate these adorable, comical, little, blue aliens! And how cute they thought a hand whisk was a toy …


10. Last but not least and probably very predictable John Lewis – The Journey. Christmas adverts from John Lewis are always known and are always great, this power of love story of two snowmen (or should I say a snowman and a snowwoman?!) was no different – how lovely!