Christmas at Edge Hill

This weekend was a busy one in my house, as my housemates and I donned our silly Christmas jumpers, made our own Christmas dinner (from scratch!) and swapped presents  as we celebrated an early Christmas before we all head home for the holidays. I feel like there’s something special about Ormskirk during the Christmas period and I always seem to find tons of Christmas-related things to do.

At the beginning of the month, I went into town for the Christmas light switch on. This is always a great event as it really brings the community together. There were food stalls, a couple of rides and a stage that housed a series of choirs, entertainers and even Father Christmas himself. This year, Bruce Jones (Les Battersby from Coronation Street) turned on our Christmas lights and even sang us a song. It was a really cheesy, but very enjoyable, evening.

Edge Hill has its own celebrations too. Every year a huge tree is decorated in the Hub. Here’s a picture of it this year.


There is always a Christmas market on campus too. There are loads of stalls selling Christmassy items, perfect for buying any Christmas presents or just treating yourself. I’ve put a video below where you can listen to the choir singing a Christmas carol in the Hub at this year’s Christmas fair.

If Ormskirk hasn’t got everything you need for Christmas presents, it’s really easy to visit Liverpool and look at the shops there (it’s only half an hour away on the train and doesn’t cost much).  Liverpool has every shop you could ever want, plus its own Christmas market which sells some lovely food.

It’s hard being away from family during the lead up to Christmas, but I’ve found that the friends I’ve made here at university are really like a second family. We do all the same things as I would at home, like putting decorations up, listening to Christmas music and making Christmas dinner (see the picture below!). And at the end of term, I know I get to go home and do it all over again.

First Blog Guysss!

Hi guys,

This is my first time at writing my student blog for you all to see! Hopefully this will help all of you prospective uni students to give you an insight of my time at university so far, as well as giving you an idea of university life!

I started EHU in September and it was a crazy journey to get here! I wasn’t sure that I was going to be accepted – I was studying A-Level Maths, German and ICT as well as taking the EPQ (which is the same as an AS-Level). My subjects were pretty tough – not gonna lie! However, that feeling I got on 15th August when I checked UCAS on my phone (whilst at work!) and seeing that Edge Hill had accepted my application was unbelievable! Just thinking about this makes me feel very lucky to have been accepted – which I am sure that you guys will be!

I found out about EHU when I went to a university fair to look at my prospective choices – I hadn’t heard of this university before then! After looking through the courses I fell in love with the look of the university, the whole campus, the course I wanted to study – literally everything! The first time I visited was amazing – I saw the university as we drove past and it looked even better than the pictures in the book. I then spoke to the tutors about my course and they were very friendly and welcoming, while also demonstrating areas of the course. One of the current students was showing how programming would later lead to coding robots to perform tricks or actions that were entered by a user.

As I started university, I was worried about my course. I studied ICT at sixth form, and I hadn’t covered anything like coding or programming before. I shouldn’t have worried, because the tutors made us all feel very comfortable and welcome – we started with the basics and have worked our way up quickly (but not too quick!). All of my tutors are very approachable if we have any problems – whether they are related to my course or not!

I’m so glad I picked EHU to study at, and I hope you all consider your choices very carefully – make sure your course is right, as well as the location! Good luck everyone!


Next week I turn twenty one, and I can’t help thinking about how much has changed since this time last year, when I was shut in my room refusing point blank to accept that I was about to turn twenty.

I won’t pretend that I was happy with my life last year. While all my friends were midway through their second years at university I was working fifty hours a week in a minimum wage job, unsure of what to do with myself.

Naturally I took my job very seriously...
Naturally I took my job very seriously…

The year before that, when I was grudgingly waiting to turn nineteen, I was living six hours away from home in Wales, incredibly unhappy with my choice of university.

Choosing to leave university and brand myself a ‘drop-out’ was incredibly tough, but looking back now I have no regrets. After that, as much as I may have complained about my time working in fast food I think that the year and a half of full-time work did me good, and I’m grateful that I gained that extra time to decide what I wanted to do with myself.

I’m now happier than ever studying a course that I’m really enjoying. Having had a bad experience at university I can really appreciate how good this experience is turning out to be. I’m only at the end of my first semester, but I’ve powered my way through a lot of work, made friends, got a part-time job and joined a society. The year’s flying by and, while I’m already finding myself feeling a little stressed at times over the work-load, I know that it’s completely normal and I’ll be sad when it’s all over.

For now though, I have my 21st birthday night out to look forward to. It will be a great chance to let loose a bit and to get into the Christmas spirit. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me.

Getting into the Christmas spirit... because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.
Getting into the Christmas spirit… because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.

My first blog post

I’d like to begin by welcoming all of you who are reading this to my blog. Anyway so I’m a second year psychology student at Edge Hill University and I have to say overall I love my course. I chose to do psychology because I wanted to further my growing knowledge of Psychology having studied it at A-level (which it was 2-3 years ago now!). As a subject Psychology is very diverse in its topics and areas, I have to say I find learning about abnormalities and eating behaviors the most interesting. After graduation I would like to go into research, a career possibility inspired by one of my lecturers who I volunteered for as a research assistant over summer. For this I transcribed video clips of interviews done by psychology students at the University of Lancaster on one another, and then sent them to her so she could analyse them for her research project. This was a beneficial exercise for me because not only does voluntary work look fantastic on my CV, but also because transcribing interviews is a research methods technique which is covered by my course when it comes to qualitative research. This is when the data that is gathered from a research study (like the one I assisted with) is in words rather than numbers, so typing up the video interviews allowed me to practice this technique.

Now you know a bit about what I did over summer and what course I do, I leave you with two videos. One is about my course and the other an insight into what Edge Hill University is all about. Neither are mine but they are worth a watch 🙂

Charlotte’s Blog- Next Steps…

Last time I wrote a blog I was about to jet off to New York and I had the most amazing time, I will make sure I upload some pictures in my next blog! But for this blog I have been thinking about my next steps. Since getting back off holiday I have been thinking about what I want to do next and I am now thinking about going on to do a PGCE, and of course Edge Hill is on the top of the list to go on to do this! I am very excited about the next journey I am hopefully going to depart on. Most of you will be getting all prepared to move to University and I’m sure you are going to love every second of it! I know I wish I was going back in September 🙁 Just remember it is a big change and there are loads of people around the university on hand to support you in whatever way you need but I’m sure you will have the most brilliant time!

Elisha’s blog- Freshers week

A-Level results day has been and gone and most students will now have their place at university confirmed. As it’s only a few weeks away before freshers week, I thought i’d write about my experience of the first week at university and hopefully offer some useful info on what to expect !

Once your place at university is confirmed you’ll receive a welcome pack explaining everything you need to know, and you’ll also get a timetable of what to expect in your first week. From my experience, the first week at university is great and is certainly not something that you need to worry about. In terms of what to expect from your course, although it will vary depending on what degree your doing you’ll mainly just get an overall introduction of everything you need to know- all the academic stuff won’t begin until the following week ! After enrolment, on my first day I had an introduction into the degree programme and the department and got a chance to meet all the staff. We were told everything we needed to know regarding timetables, module choices, reading lists, assessments, degree classifications etc. we then had a finance talk that afternoon. On the second day, the department arranged a day out to Liverpool- we had a trip on the ferry and then had lunch together in a Chinese restaurant. It was a great idea because we all got to know each other quite well and for those who didn’t live in the north west- they got to see some of the local sights and attractions. Later on in the week, the department staff arranged some light hearted quizzes and ice- breaker games- again a great way to get to know each other a bit better !

In terms of what to expect from the social side of things, there are lots of things to get involved with. As a mature student, I didn’t get too much involved with this side of things- mainly because of my work schedule at the time, I was unable to. However, I know that the student union arranged loads of different things. On the Wednesday during my first week, the university set up the student union fare- this is when students get the chance to sign up to a range of activities, clubs and societies.

After the first week, I really felt like i’d settled in and any concerns i’d had about university had gone. I’d already made lots of new friends and I felt ready and raring to go ! The way that the first week is arranged, is to do just that, and the university do a great job of making sure it happens. Good luck to everyone starting this September, you will love it 🙂 I wish I could do it all again !

Charlotte’s Blog – Results

This week most of you will have received your AS or A Level results and I bet this will have seemed like the most nerve wrecking day of your life! I know it felt that way when I was waiting for mine!!! You should now all know whether you have gained a place on chosen course at the University you wanted if this is you then well done, I am sure you will love University life especially if you are attending Edge Hill 😀

But remember if you have not gained the results you were hoping for then don’t feel disheartened and as if this is the end because its not there is always clearing that can offer you a helping hand so get it touch!!!

Again Well Done to all of yous have received a place at Edge Hill or any other University I wish I was doing all again!

Elisha’s blog- A-Level results and UCAS Clearing

This week is a very exciting and nerve-wrecking time for a lot of students, as A-Level results day is fast approaching… results day is this Thursday and many will be eagerly waiting for confirmation that they’ve got a place at university.

If you’ve not met the offer conditions for your chosen university, it is not the end of the world ! In some circumstances, you may still be offered a place on your chosen degree, or you may be offered an alternative course. If you find that you don’t have a university place, you may be eligible for UCAS Clearing. Clearing is a way of matching universities without students, to students without universities.

From Thursday 15th August, Edge Hill University will be able to provide instant decisions to most callers on whether you can be offered a place for this September. You’ll be able to contact the universities clearing helpline to get advice regarding your options. See our website for Clearing FAQ’s and details of how to get in touch.

Good luck to you all 🙂