• Preparing for your first semester…
    If you’re counting down to your first semester of university, whether you’re living on campus or at home, it may feel like you have a lot to do. You may even feel a little lost and unsure of what you should do. So, I’ve thought of some quick and easy things that you can get […]
  • A letter to my first year self…
    Dear first year me, In just a couple of weeks you will start your first year of university. And you’re scared. I want you to know that you really don’t have to worry about not coming from sixth form or being the ‘class granny’. You are about to join a group of fantastic future counsellors […]
  • Stages of Moving Out…
    Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to share with you the stages I went through when I was moving out my home into university! Stage 1 – Excitement I am not going to lie, it wasn’t a strong sense of excitement but there was definitely a time before I starting packing that I […]
  • Jobs For Full Time Students
    As we’re getting closer to moving into Uni, you might be starting to think about money. Especially if your maintenance loan isn’t as great as you thought it may be. Here’s a few jobs you could look into whilst doing your studies. Surveys Posts If you search on the internet, there are quite a few […]
  • Ace Your Assignments: Undergraduate Essay Writing
    Hello! I am back with another installment of my ‘Ace Your Assignments’ mini-series. Previously I have shared my top tips for presentations and handling assignment feedback, so today I will be revealing my advice for undergraduate essay writing. When I was waiting to start university, and during my first ever essay, I was really worried […]
  • Ace Your Assignments: How to Handle Feedback
    Following on from my previous post, Ace Your Assignments: Tips for Presentations, I’m back with another installment! This time I will be giving my top tips on handling feedback, something I was really nervous about as a prospective student. This can be applied to assignments when you get to university but elements will also apply […]
  • University and Balance!
    Hey everyone, I thought that I would do little follow on from my last post and talk a little about balancing your university life with social/you time as it is very essential. From my experience, when it comes to balance there are two ends to a scale; on one side, you have the people who […]
  • Best Student Discounts
    As a student, you get access to loads of student discount. One of the best things to do is to have a look at what kinds of discount you can get before coming to University. There might be things on offer in home, tech, stationary etc, that will help you throughout your Uni journey. Here’s […]
  • Foundation Years: Taking the Road Less Traveled
    Many courses may have foundation years to allow disadvantaged students’ to get onto the course. They have lower entry criteria and allow people who didn’t have as many opportunities as other students may have to get onto their course. Grades Don’t Reflect Ability This cannot be said enough. If you aren’t able to get the […]
  • Move in Day Hacks
    The move in day for Edge Hill is fast approaching and there is so much to think about. If you’re starting your first year at Edge Hill, there’s a few tips you should know before moving in. Staggered Times This is something that Edge Hill will organise. It’s most likely that they will keep the […]