A typical day in the life of an Edge Hill student!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog, I thought I’d talk a bit about what I get up to on one of the days when I don’t have lectures! As I have mentioned in other blogs, in my life at uni i find it important to keep myself busy and have a sense of routine! Each day for me can be very different but I like to keep some things the same, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today!


9am– Wake up, shower and get ready for the day! I had a bit of a lie in this morning as I had a late night last night, but on days where I have lectures, I usually wake up about 7:30/8 to make the most of the day and get some work done, or if I’m feeling extra productive I’ll go on a run or a swim.

11am– Clean my room and of course coffee! My room was very much in need of a tidy this morning so I changed my bed sheets as I did my laundry yesterday, hoovered and put everything where it needed to go! I then went to the kitchen and started watching a bit of Netflix while I made some porridge and coffee, had a bit of chill and a chat with one of my flatmates!

2pm– I walked to my friend’s flat and had a chat with her, then we called into the security hut then to the Catalsyt! My friend stayed with me for an hour while we did some work, then she left while I stayed, did some uni work, read and blog writing then another friend came and met me and we did some more work, we were going to go on a walk but didn’t want to go out in the awful rain!

5pm– I left the Catalyst because I was really getting quite hungry at this point and found that I was getting a bit distracted! I then went back to the flat with my friend and made something to eat, and had a chill, doing a bit more work.

6:30pm- My friend left and I decided to do some yoga in my flat and Facetime my boyfriend.

8pm- I went to a stand up comedy show at the Edge Hill arts centre, I really enjoy going to different shows, I’m going to another one and Friday and one on Saturday! Some weeks I don’t go to any and others I book a few, just depends if something sounds good to me and if I’m available to go!

9:30pm- I got back in and made some tea, I don’ usually have my tea that late but I wasn’t hungry before the show. I then did some reading for my lecture tomorrow and phoned my dad and went to sleep about 11pm!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog and it has given you an insight into the day in the life of a student at Edge Hill! Usually in the evenings I like to go to different exercise classes at the sports centre but I also enjoy changing things up and going to shows from time to time, some days I might go on a food shop if I need to, or a walk into Ormskirk! If you have any questions, please comment!

Thank you,

Alice 🙂


How to Balance University Life With Personal Life

Hey everyone and happy March!

One aspect of university life that I found difficult at the start of my first term was how to draw the line between my work for university and my personal enjoyment of the other experiences at university. At the start of the term, I dived straight in to the work, trying to plan everything for assignments in advance which caused me to lose sight of other aspects of university.

And so, I am here to share some of my tips that helped me create a balance between university life and personal life whilst at university.

Create a Timetable

I know that making a timetable for your life may seem really controlling, but it depends on how you use a timetable. Some may seem very regimented, scheduling every part of their day while others are more simple and relaxed. Mine has always been somewhere in between. I write down what time I want to start my university work and what time I want to have it finished by. This way, I know what time I can enjoy some of the things I like to do in my spare time like watching movies or going to the gym. 

Get Up Earlier! 

I am proud to admit that I am that really annoying morning person that gets up really early and is the most productive. I find that when I get up earlier in the day, I have more time to get work done AND enjoy some time for myself. It makes sense! I’m not saying that you have to get up at the first sign of dawn (although you do get to see some amazing sunrises), but set your alarm at an earlier time, allowing you get started on the day and not put yourself under pressure to cramp everything into the one day. 

Create a To Do list!

I am the BIGGEST advocate of lists. I make them for everything! I found that making a to do list whilst at university and managing my work, really helped me to relax and find time to enjoy things I wanted to do. Every morning, I open my diary and made a really quick note of what work I wanted to get done in that day. I kept it realistic and doable so that I didn’t pack too much in for one day like I used to at the start of the year. Because I get up early, I am able to tick things off my list earlier in the day and then have the time to hang out with my flat mates at the end of the day or catch up on some Friends like I haven’t watched the series 10 times already…. 

And they were my 3 top tips on how to balance university life and personal life. Like I said, I found this very hard at the beginning of my first term because all I wanted was to achieve and be the best I could be. This was a great mindset to have however, as a result, I missed out on a lot of social aspects of university which are so important for experiences.

I hope you enjoyed and good luck with any exams or coursework!

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

– Dolly Parton – 

Personal Statements

My last blog was about the progression into student applications for University, so I think this one is going to be fitting, talking about personal statements.

If you need some top tips for them, keep reading below.

1) Drafts:

If you’re much like me and a perfectionist, drafting your personal statement is a good way of noticing mistakes and what you want to put in it to make it it’s best.

Extra: When doing drafts for your personal statement, try not to look or set a character count. This just helps to minimise your words and pick out your strong points.

2) Take Your Time:

Personal statements are one of the most important things in a University application. It is known for a University to just read the first 2 lines to see whether they like you.


3) Make an Impression:

Linked to tip 2, making an impression in your personal statement from right at the start is a good way to go. Think of quotes, memories etc, that could tie into what you want to say and the course(s) you’re applying for.

4) Don’t Tailor it to One University:

Don’t say anything about any specific within the Universities you pick. This personal statement will be given to 5 Universities. Even though you may be thinking of that one perfect Uni, it’s best not to do this.

5) Make it Your Own Work: 

Try to find your own voice and opinions when writing your personal statement. Using your strengths to your advantage, and making them stand out in your personal statement. I kind of think a personal statement much like a CV, You want to put your best work out there, so pour everything you’ve done, achieved into your personal statement.

Remember, everyone at University has had to go through this stage of writing a personal statement, so, if you know anyone ask them what they would advise.

If you would like anymore hints or tips, or even some guidelines, click on this link down below:


You’re more than welcome to put some comments down if you have any questions on your personal statement. I hope this has helped some of you. I’m off to Greece now on a placement so will be writing a few blogs later on – keep an eye out!

Ellis x


Swimming at the Sports Centre

Hi everyone,

Image result for edge hill swimming

So I have been a member at the Sports Centre here at Edge Hill for just over a month now and whilst I am enjoying all of the facilities available to me as part of my membership, one thing I have really been loving is the  25 metre swimming pool!

Me and my friends have been going at least three times a week and we all enjoy it so much. There is a designated lane for those of you who want to really get to it! But we enjoy just swimming up and down and chatting at the same time. The pool is a really good size and even when it is busy you still feel like you have plenty of room without worrying about getting in someones way.

They also have started playing music in the swimming pool which adds an extra element of enjoyment. One thing I really enjoy is not being able to go on my phone for an hour or so and whilst I am getting really good exercise I  feel like I can switch off from uni work. The swimming pool also houses the health suite which consists of a steam room and a sauna available to premium members.

Image result for edge hill swimming

The facilities within are also excellent. There are showers and lots of changing space. As well as a machine that dries your swimming costume which I love! Also, there are also swimming lessons available to both children and adults whether you are a beginner at swimming or just need a refresher if its been a long time!

Ellie 🙂

Fitness Classes at the Sports Centre

Hi everyone,

Image result for edge hill uni sports

Today I thought I would tell you about some of the fitness classes that are on offer at our Sports Centre! Exercise classes are included with all premier memberships so its so good to have so many options of what exercise you can do! Compared to other gyms I have been to I definitely think that is so much nicer to have more options that just a standard fitness suite so I really like that Edge Hills sports centre has such an array of classes and activities for you to enjoy!

Also, places on the classes can be booked up to a week in advance using the online system (accessed through the Edge Hill Sport page).

Yoga – This is one I would love to try as I always hear such good things about it. The Sports centre offers two different types of yoga; Hatha and Kundalini. Kundalini has a slight more focus on meditation, I would really like to improve my balance and flexibility skills so I will definitely be booking onto a session soon.

Running Club is also a great session for increasing fitness levels even if you are a beginner or a marathon runner. This is also a really great thing to do for socialising as you will begin to feel like a community as you see each other progress each week. One regular runner said ‘Monday night running club provides a supportive and friendly environment in which to improve running technique, endurance and speed. There’s no way I’d do this sort of training on my own but with the fantastic support the coach and other runners give it makes it really great fun.’

Some of the classes also sound super fun as well and so different to anything I have heard of before, for example you can do Konga and Jungle Body, a high intensity workout that also seems like really good fun with different types of music from pop to rock and disco!

Here is an example of the classes timetable:

I can’t wait to try out some more of the classes as well! Let me know if you have tried any!

Ellie 🙂


Essential Uni Kit

Hi guys, for today’s blog I wanted to talk about stuff, more particularly what stuff I find is essential for university living, this list won’t include things like clothes or pans because I shouldn’t need to tell you why they are important.

  1. Head/earphones: An easy thing to forget but if you listen to music at all or a lot like me then these are an absolute must. Useful for studying, exercising or just relaxing, I don’t know where I’d be without them personally. If you’re looking for the best listening experience I suggest a pair of decent bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to break the bank but I would suggest spending at least £40. Alternatively £10 earphones are great as well!

  2. Laptop/tablet with keyboard: The university does have loads of computing spaces throughout campus so I wouldn’t class it as an essential, but a good computer is useful for doing work without having to leave your room, or cracking on Netflix in the evening, you could also use a HDMI cable to connect it to your rooms  TV (if you have one), perfect for late night bingeing.

  3. A USB/SD Card: Obvious, but again easily forgettable, saving your work on a computer is alright but to be extra safe you want to make sure you back-up all uni work on a USB. depending on what course you study might affect what size you need, For just basic essays and coursework a 4 or 8gb size is more than enough but if you study something that requires using advanced software or videos/pictures etc then a 16 or 32gb might be more suitable. Specifically for media related courses people like myself, when you rent camera equipment out they don’t give you an SD card so getting your own one is definitely important for these types of courses.

So there’s just a few things I would definitely recommend having if you haven’t thought of them already. Till next time!


Why University will Change your Life – Three things that wont be the same again

Image result for edge hill

University is many things. An escape, new life, education and an experience. Thoughout your time you will almost certinaly experince things that never had crossed your mind. Things will happen every day that will challange you, and inevitably change your life. Don’t be afraid of the change, embrace it. All of those ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ questions that you’ve gotten, they come into play now. Because this is when you grow up. Make decisions for yourself.


Managing your own money may have been easy in the past but that will most likely change when you are dealing with rent money and buying most of your everyday items for yourself. Getting thrown into the deep end will give you the skills required to manage your money and finances for the future when noone else will do it for you.

Time management

Waking up in time for classes, having due dates and important meetings will give you the experience to change your life for the better. Knowing how your routinue makes a diference to your every day and how important changes are will give you the ability to ensure that in your life you make the right choices and put things that matter first.


Finally, throughout your time in university you will learn how to prioritise the important aspects of your life. It might be a job, it might be your course but it will probbably be both. Making decisions to better yourself and ensure that you make the right choices. University will ensure you understand what comes first.

All of this might sound daunting, but is achieveable and will really change your life for the better.

If you want more free and great advice email think@edgehill.ac.uk or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

The English, History and Creative Writing Department

Hi everyone,

I thought today I would tell you all about the department of English, History and Creative Writing here at Edge Hill and what persuaded me to become apart of it.

So, within the department there are so many joint honours degrees you can do, for example ‘English and Creative Writing’ or ‘English and Drama’ or ‘History with Politics’. There really are so many options within the department.

Also, the staff we have within the department are incredible. Their specialism range from Victorian journalism to psycho linguists and renaissance specialisms.

Within our department there is also the opportunity to choose an elective module at the end of each academic year. For example, one of my friends chose a history module last year on Victorian press and journalism. It adds bit of variety in your degree programme as well as getting to meet new students!

I found that the modules at other universities on English courses were very classical and I wanted something new and exciting. So, whilst I have done classical modules I have also studied supernatural fiction and childrens literature.

The careers opportunities within these types of courses are really good as well if you want something with flexibility and not a set career path. For example, you can do careers in things like advertising, teaching, marketing, editorial, speech therapy just to name a few!

See you next time!

Ellie 🙂

My top tips for applying for University

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I would talk to you all about my top tips for when  you first think of applying to university.

I’ve come up with 5 top tips that I think could really help you!

  1. Enjoy your degree.

A really important factor is making sure that you choose a degree that is right for you. In order to really succeed at university make sure your subject is something you are very passionate about as it really will make such difference.

2. Take your time.

One thing is to make sure that you don’t rush your application as you have a lot of decisions to make and it is so important to make sure that you’re doing the right thing for yourself. For example, you might decide to stay living at home rather than moving away.

3. Talk.

Talking to as many people as you can from teachers, parents, friends, careers advisors and UCAS reps. This will really help you to form your opinion on different universities and find out what is right for you. For example, ask a friend why they have chosen a specific university and what factors were important to them.

4. Open Days.

These are a great way to find out about universities, you can chat to tutors and current students on the course you would like to study and ask them as many questions as you like. As well as finding out more information on the other aspects of university by going to workshops on budgeting and student finance. You can also look around the different cities and towns you could be living in!

5. Research.

Do your research! One thing I would really recommend is what uni.com.  This is a website you can use to compare universities based on student surveys taken throughout the year and they allow you to see satisfaction from students on factors such as employability, grading feedback or student life.

I really hope this helps!

Ellie 🙂

Applying for Jobs

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying this lovely weather. It is unbelievable to think that the ‘Beast from the East’ was one year ago… and now look at us! For primary education, some jobs are beginning to become available so it is a time of applications and interviews! Whether you’re also applying to schools, or applying for part-time jobs whilst you’re at university, here are some tips that might be useful to you!

Work experience / Volunteering

If you get the chance, try to arrange some work experience if it is desirable for a job that you’re applying for. However, you might already have lots of experience to reflect on!

Edge Hill’s careers centre

Edge Hill have wonderful careers centre where you can arrange a meeting for advice and guidance. You can find out more about them here. There are also careers fairs that Edge Hill put on throughout the year  in the student hub!


Your Application Form

Keep it relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re wanting to work at a local youth centre, any experience working with children will be useful to speak about. For the jobs I have applied to in the past (like a children’s residential camp) there was guidance for filling out the application form on the website. This was really useful and reassuring, so make sure to keep an eye out for something similar!


I had my first interview for a NQT pool and I tried to think of it as a ‘practise interview,’ which really helped me to relax. I would also advise to take some kind of portfolio with you. Although it may not be completely necessary, it could be the thing that makes you stand out from the other candidates.

Whether you’re thinking of applying for a full-time or part-time job, I wish you the very best of luck!!!

Speak soon,