I’ve Graduated!

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, last week was a crazy week for me as I moved out of my uni house and back home as well as having my graduation!

Graduation day was just incredible and I had such an amazing time, it was so nice to feel that all of my hard work had paid off and I got the 2:1 that I had dreamed of getting! I was so proud of myself and my friends and it was amazing that we got to celebrate together on such an amazing day! I wrote all about what happened through the course of the day – here if you would like to read that!

I have honestly had the best three years at Edge Hill and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family, friends, and the amazing staff in my department. There were definitely times when I felt like giving up but I am so glad I carried on as getting a degree is such a big acheivement!

Ellie xxx

What happens on graduation day!

Hi everyone,

Last week was graduation week at Edge Hill, it was honestly one of the best days of my life and I loved every second of it! However, I was so nervous and didn’t really know what to expect or how amazing it was going to be! So I thought I would let you know how the day went.

My ceremony was at 10:30 am and registration opened 2 hours before the ceremony, I would definitely recommend arriving two hours before your ceremony just so you can enjoy everything that is happening rather than feeling rushed as you need to be sat in the ceremony 45 minutes before it starts.

The first thing to do is collect your cap and gown, the process is really easy all I had to do was enter the business school and there were lots of people there to guide you as well as help putting your robes on and making sure you have the correct hat.

After robe collection it was time to register in the education building, this was super easy you just go the desk that corresponds with your surname and the people on the desk will do the registering for you. Upstairs in the education building was the professional photography area, if you running a bit late there is no worry as you can still go back to them after your ceremony, the photographers are really nice and make you feel at ease!

Then it was on to the ceremony, I was so nervous about walking in front of everybody but its fine! The ceremony was really enjoyable and there was some really motivational speeches and I felt so proud of myself and my friends for getting our degrees and I was so happy!

After the ceremony we took lots of photos by the lake outside of the health building and we were so lucky as the weather was amazing, there was a reception in the hub where there was lots of complimentary food and drink which we were so happy about as we were all so hungry! There were also lots of stalls in the hub where you could sign up the alumni service Edge Hill offers as well as the students union merchandise stand where I bought a keyring and a graduate t shirt! After this, my department threw a little party for us which was so nice!

Once we had finished I went for a lovely meal with my family! My graduation day was amazing and I wish I could do it all over again!

Ellie x

Best Places for all of your uni essentials!

Hi everyone,

After three years of living at university I have found a few favourite places where I like to buy all my essentials from including bedroom accessories and stationary. As I am on a budget I am always looking for a bargain so I thought I would share my favourite shops for all of your university products!

  1. Wilko

Wilko is really amazing for lots of university pieces, I got all of my kitchen utensils including plates, bowls, pans and cutlery and they are all so well priced. I am pretty sure I paid less than £3 for two plates. They have lots to offer and it is also nice stuff that isn’t just boring.

2. Primark

This one is probably my favourite out of all the shops because you can add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank as well as an amazing and ever growing home section. I got so many things throughout my time at uni from primary that are all really worthwhile such as candles, fairy lights, duvets and bedding that are all really good quality especially when on a budget and little things like fairy lights can make your uni room feel so homely and cosy. The home section in the Liverpool store is the best one!


3. Supermarkets

Even though Aldi is a supermarket, the special buys they have in there can be really good, especially for cleaning products and things like magazine racks and pencil cases. They always have different things in store so I think it just depends on what week you go! Supermarket home sections are also great for buying your kitchen essentials and they also always have really pretty mugs and tea towels!

4. The Works

Whilst The Works is predominately a book shop, they have an amazing selection of stationary from notebooks to diaries and amazing pens. I think every notebook I used throughout uni was from here and they are all amazingly priced and I love going in there!

I hope this was helpful!

Ellie xx

Leaving my University house

Hi everyone,

Last week I officially moved home and out of my university house. I thought it would be a struggle moving home after living away for three years but I am settling back in well and I am finding it a lot easier than I thought.

I have absolutely loved living in Ormskirk for the last three years and I am so glad I decided to experience living away from home rather than commuting back and forth. I got to meet so many amazing friends who I know will be friends for life, we are all quite lucky as well as we are all based in the north west! The independence I gained as well from living away as has been amazing for me, it has made me a lot more confident and using my initiative rather than just relying on my mum!

In first year I lived in Main Halls which I loved as we it was catered accommodation and the range of food provided each day was always really good! Living in the main building was also super helpful as that’s where most of my lectures were.

It feels so surreal that I have now finished uni and I have moved home, I wish I could do it all over again

Ellie xx

Student Application Tips

Writing a Student application for UCAS can be difficult, especially when you don’t really know what to write. These are some of the things I looked out for when I wrote my application to get into Edge Hill University.

Grade Boundaries:

You will need to prepare yourself for the grades that the University of your choice wants for students to get in order to even be considered for their course. Try and aim to get these grades if you can. However, in specific circumstances, if the grades aren’t necessarily there, the University will still consider your application based on who you are as a person and your commitment to that particular subject.


Have references you know you can rely on. This can be anyone from teachers to work experience placement (if you had one). These references will not only back you up as a person but, they will give the University an insight into your work ethic.

Personal Statement

This is the quote I used at the start of my application. Spielberg is one of my inspirations.

Did you know it takes around 10 seconds for the person reading your personal statement to decide whether they should consider you? This is probably the most important bit of information as you can add in your interests, passion and commitment to the study you want to go into. As well as explaining your interest to study at that University. The only thing you should be mindful of is that your personal statement will go to all of your top 5 Universities on your UCAS application. So try not to tale it to one specific Uni (even though you may have one in mind).


This ties into your personal statement but, show your commitment to the course. Whether that’s creating a portfolio of your work or doing something outside of school/college related to the subject. This will work in your favour to get your top 1 University. When I applied for Edge Hill, I had a portfolio on hand and showreel of all of the films and scripts I had previously worked on.

I hope some of these tips have helped those of you that may be struggling with your application. Majority of people have been through this before so if you need anymore advice, I’d be more than happy to help! Just drop a comment down below ☺️.

Ellis x

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Shopping for University on a budget!


I know shopping for University can be exciting, at least it was for me! However, it is so easy to spend money on things you don’t need or too much money on things you could get cheaper. Keep reading for some tips and ideas on how to save as much as you can while you shop for the things you will need a university!

The Range

The Range is a really great place to get your bedding, towels, any decor you may need for your room like lamps, blankets etc. The prices here too are absolutely amazing. I didn’t know about this place until a few weeks before uni started and my friend took me there and I kicked myself because I could have saved so much money on the things I had already bought so make sure this is one of the first places you go!

b&m Bargains or Home Bargains

I love the treasures you can find in these shops and the prices are incredible too. Both B&M and Home Bargains are great shops to find things like laundry baskets or duvet and pillows and everything you could possibly need in the kitchen!


Unikitout is an online store that puts together packs of the absolute esstentials that you will need. They provide a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom one that comes as it’s own kit and then if you need anything else you can shop for extras. This is a little more pricey but may end up costing you less in the long run as the packs are pretty stocked. Check them out here.

Thanks so much for reading today’s blog. I hope you’re getting as excited as I was, it’s going to be amazing! See you next time.


Preparing for results day

With August and results day fast approaching I thought I would share a post about preparing yourself for the day of madness. Now when it comes to results day there can be a lot of different emotions that run around friends and just in your head, but you have to remember if you are going to university then these results are just the stepping stone to get you there, once you’ve got your degree it is highly unlikely that anyone (i.e. an employee) is going to ask you what grade you got in your A-Level Biology. So as much as these results are important to you at the moment, in 3-4 years time they will be less important because you will have a degree on top of it.

Try and make the day a positive one for everyone and a day to look forward to rather than something you don’t want to come. Make plans with friends and family to celebrate your achievements. Whether you go out for lunch with your family or meet up with your friends to share your achievements, organise the day as something you can look forward to, as this will help you focus on the good part rather than focusing on what could be with your results.

Lastly try and make yourself busy leading up to results day, I know for my results I was constantly thinking what if… But I think if I’d kept myself busy the week before results I would have stressed a lot less. Also it is good to talk to others that took the same exams as you, if you are getting stressed about your results it is highly likely that they are getting nervous too. So try not to worry as you lead up to your results, you’ve done all the hard work now so what will be will be. And Good Luck!

Self Care at University

Hey everyone and congratulations on being accepted into Edge Hill University! As you are preparing to make the move into university life and taking in all the new experiences that come with this, it is important to take the time to look after yourself and remember that self-care is just as important as bonding with friends and keeping up with the work-load. I have made the mistake of putting things before myself when I really should have been taking better care of me. I hope these tips on self-care help!

Connect With Nature 

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I LOVE walking. Any chance I get to go outside and walk around with my Podcast playing in my ears, I will take it. When I am in the middle of writing an assignment or have had a stressful day, my first thought is to walk it out. I find that when I come back from a walk whether it be 10 minutes or an hour, I feel so much more relaxed and as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There are some really nice places to walk around the Edge Hill Campus, one of my favourites is Ruff Woods!

Social Media Break

I am sure you have heard this all before but, taking a step away from social media really can do wonders for clearing your mind. Taking an hour or two out of your day to just leave your phone down, log off of your social media sites or just put it on silent will do you more good than harm. I find that when I am on my phone for too long I get a little bit irritated and somewhat upset if I am seeing pictures of home. Why not take this social media break as a chance to hang out and bond with your flat mates? Or maybe go for a walk?

Image result for social media break

Do something that you really love 

Sometimes when we are getting caught up in university work, studying or doing assignments, we can lose track of what we really love doing and what makes us happy and therefore making us unhappy. When I feel like I need a break from university work life or in need of some me time, I love taking pictures and playing around with photography. It is something completely different from the course I am doing and works wonders for taking my mind off of my worries. I then can go back to work with a fresh outlook and work ethic!

These are just a few things I like to do when I practice self-care. Everyone has their different ways of doing this and that is totally fine! Just remember that it is okay to treat yourself and look after you before anything else.

Thank you for reading, Lauren x

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”

-Lalah Delia-

Managing Work-Load

Hey everyone, I have seen a few people do posts about how to manage the work-load of university and I realised that people have their own ways in which they do this. I found that when I am stressed or drowning in work, I go to these steps and strategies to help me with my work and try to organise myself. 


To Do List!

I have to admit that I am one of those people who actually write a to do list and put things on it just so that I have things to tick of i.e make breakfast. However, I found that lists are a great way of getting your priorities straight and decide on what you should focus on first. For example, if I have an assignment, I will want to prioritise reading for that instead of starting something else. Or when I have reading to do for the next lesson, that will be on the top of my list instead of my assignment reading. Not to mention, it is really satisfying ticking them all off at the end of the day.

Image result for to do list


Cut off all distractions!

Trust me, your friends snapchat will still be there when you have tackled that workload. Getting rid of all possible distractions when dealing with a hefty work-load could probably be the best advice I could give. This means turning your WiFi off on your phone, putting it in a different room and forgetting about it until you have done some work. As much as I hate to admit this, I find that my phone is a huge distraction and so I really have to make sure that it is switched off completely and out of my sight. Also, I would advise finding a really quiet area to work in as noise around you can be equally as distracting. I find that the silent study in the catalyst is my favourite part of the building as it really is silent…and that I am too scared to take my phone out just in case it makes a noise. Great incentive to keep you off your phone!

Image result for phone distraction gif

Study Buddy!

Personally, I can’t work with a study buddy because I get too distracted and just want to talk to them all the time and show them funny memes… However, if you are the type of person who can work with other people and not get distracted this can be a great way to stay motivated especially when you are all tackling the same work-load. Finding that good study group can be really great to help you through that to do list and it doesn’t seem like you are working at all.

Image result for study buddy

I hope that this helps when you find yourself drowning in the work-load! Having said that, university work does not have to be piled up. If you are organised enough and stay on top of the work, I guarantee you will be fine!

Thanks for reading, Lauren x

“What breaks you down is not the amount of pressure you feel at one time, but it’s the way you perceive and handle it.” 

-Ashish Patel-

If I were to go back to this time last year…

Hello everyone, I thought seeing as now I have finished my first year and had time to reflect on the last year I would share with you a few few things I wish I had done to make my year even better than it was. I was very lucky and really enjoyed my first year and all the opportunities that came along with it but if I were to go back to this time last year there are a few things I would’ve told myself.

  1. Make the most of freshers week- I wasn’t hugely into the going out and drinking in freshers but there were so many other things that I could’ve gone and done and wish I had. Along with this I would also tell myself that the going out is also really good and a great way to break the ice with your flatmates so just go and say yes because you won’t get another experience quite like it. 
  2. Following on from this I would tell myself to say yes to more things and more opportunities. For example I wish I had joined more societies at the start and just given them a try because it is always good to try something new. I contemplated so many things but just decided not to because I didn’t want to overload myself.
  3. Live in the moment- I was always focusing on home particularly in the first semester and it made me quite homesick, but when it got to the second semester I did a lot more and absolutely loved being at uni because I wasn’t constantly thinking about home. 
  4. And finally and most importantly I would tell myself to do some work over the summer, do the summer reading that is recommended because it really will set you off to a good start.

So those are a few things that I wish I had done and I would recommend to you, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Only 9 weeks till term starts again, hope you are all getting excited.