Coming from the Channel Islands

Hello again, as I have mentioned in previous blog posts before I come from Guernsey in the Channel Islands and there were a few things that I didn’t realise I needed coming to the UK to live. I thought it may be useful for some people if they, like me, come from the Channel Islands or just somewhere away from the UK.

The first thing that I needed to do when I got over to the UK was getting signed up with the doctor. Everyone has to do this, however in Guernsey we don’t have the NHS so it was a little more difficult than just switching pharmacies. On move in day there were some really helpful ladies that were able to sort me out and then a week or so later I was sent an NHS number, which you need to keep safe.

Something that I would actually recommend getting before moving over to the UK, is a railcard. It gives you discounts on your train travel and there are often special offers that are sent to you via email. I applied for mine before moving over and I got one that would last be the 3 years I was at uni and so it cost me £70 (subject to change). This is not always something you realise, as coming from Guernsey we do not have trains, however it is definitely worth while when travelling to and from the airport or if you go to visit your friends.

The final thing that you may not realise if you come from abroad is that to work you will need a National Insurance Number. I was unaware of this when first coming over although the University were very helpful to aid me in how to get one. I had to go through a number of phone calls to be able to sort mine and then I went for an interview in Liverpool to confirm who I was and confirm that I was a student wanting to work. Everyone was very helpful and although it took a few weeks I was able to sort it and again everyone in Human resources were very understanding and helpful.

These are just a few things that I thought would be helpful if you are just moving to the UK to study. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.

Preparation for move in day (Chancellors court)

Hi, I thought as my first year is coming to a close and I am preparing for my second year, it was probably time to give some guidance about living in halls as you are all starting to prepare to move to university. What kind of things I would recommend buying? And the pros and cons of living in halls,

So firstly when buying things for your accommodation you don’t want to go too overboard straightaway as it will take you longer to move in and you want to save some money, there may be things that you realise you need along the way. So I though it would be helpful to collate a list of things that I have used over the year to help well you are buying and getting things ready for university.

Kitchen- 1 Saucepan (induction hob), sift, baking tray, chopping board, plates (small and big, I have 3 big and 1 small), bowl (I have 3), cutlery, mugs, glasses, wooden spoon, whisk, serving spoon, tongs, bottle opener, tin opener, a decent chopping knife, fairy liquid, plastic tubs, washing up cloths.

Bathroom- hand soap, cleaning products, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face wash, small bin (a lot of this is just whatever your preference is).

Bedroom- Duvet, pillows, bed covers, mattress protecter, decorations, hangers, airer, blankets, mirror (again this is all up to your preference and how you want to make your room homely).

Extras- screwdriver, tape, sewing kit, anti-bacterial wipes, extension lead.

To follow on from this I’d like to reiterate that this is down to preference and what I have learnt whilst living in Chancellors court accommodation and a lot of the accommodations have slight differences. Living in halls is an amazing experience, some of the advantages to living on campus is that its very close to your lectures so you can leave 10 minutes before your 9am and still get there on time, there starts to be a real family feel about the flat as the year goes on. It makes it easier when you are going out because everyone is going to the same place so you always have someone to walk with or get a taxi with.

Things aren’t always plain sailing though, some flats find that because they are so close they do argue, also there may be times that you want an early night however everyone else is up making noise in the kitchen, although I have found that I have got used to the background noise now and so I can sleep through it.

This is just a small guide on living in on campus accommodation, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

UniSkills – Learning Services!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog!

I thought that I would talk a little about the UniSkills Learning Services, an online tool that Edge Hill University provide to help develop your academic skills.

What exactly is UniSkills?

UniSkills is a “package of workshops, online resources and face to face support to help you develop a range of essential academic skills to enable you to produce high quality University assignments.”

It does not matter what level of study you are doing or what course you study, UniSkills has something on offer to help you through the ups and downs of academic assignment writing.

What does the UniSkills website offer?

There are so many workshops and helpful tools that UniSkills can offer you. As you can see from the picture below, you are not short of options;

Take the Time Management tab for example, there are guides available to look at from the website and templates you can download to help manage your time when studying or writing an assignment.

One template that I found very useful was the ‘Priority Graph Template’ as it allowed me to sort out what work I really needed to get done and what pieces of work do not require immediate attention.

The academic writing tab is also full of helpful resources in order to help you develop your academic skills. It offers online toolkits, workshops and guides that are all really well structured and easy to follow.

My Experience with UniSkills

When I first began to write my assignments at the start of first year, I had no idea that there was a difference between academic writing and the writing I was using to write essays in 6th form. Boy, was I wrong.

Luckily, I had UniSkills to help me get a start on what standard my assignments should be by using the multiple tools online such as; proofreading, referencing (really helpful), online submissions and finding resources such as articles and books.

Later on in the year, I wanted to improve the quality of my academic writing and so, I decided to check out the 1-to-1 appointments that the UniSkills team provided. I booked an appointment through the website, being able to select what time I could be available and within a week I was sitting in the Catalyst building picking apart what I needed to do to improve my writing with a highly skilled member of the UniSkills team.

I really find the UniSkills website useful, especially when I need help managing my time or planning my assignments.

UniSkills is not only an online resource, the team often do workshops on Harvard Referencing, proofreading and exam preparation which is so useful for Edge Hill students off or on campus.

I really hope you found this useful and informative! If you want to have a look at the website yourself, please follow the link provided;

Remember, it is okay to ask for help!

“We all understand the importance of asking for help, those who achieve big things are the ones who accept it when it’s offered.” 

– Simon Sinek –

Ways to celebrate at university!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog post, I thought I’d talk about different ways to celebrate an event at university! As I have mentioned in different blog posts, I find for me that it is best for to stick to a routine in order to get things done, so when it comes to celebrating an event, it is nice to change things up a bit! It was my birthday on Tuesday, so I wanted for my first ever birthday that I have not celebrated at home to be nice and feel different to my everyday routine. As it is has been a few different friends of mine’s birthdays while we’ve been at uni, I thought I’d talk about different ways to celebrate!

Go to stay with friends!

Something I did to celebrate my birthday was to visit my boyfriend and some of my friends in Sheffield for a few days. This was really nice for me as my birthday was on the Tuesday and I don’t have lectures on Tuesdays or Wednesdays so I was able to go away for a few days! What was lovely about doing this was when I got back to Edge Hill I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my flat mates and we went to Social in the SU on Wednesday night and had a great night with some of my uni mates! It was really nice to spend time with my Sheffield friends, where we went out into the city for the day and went for a birthday meal in the evening.

Throw a party!

Something we did to celebrate my friend Jessamys birthday was to have a party at my flat. We brought together all our mates with snacks and drinks and bought cheap party decorations from pound land! We made sure that we weren’t too loud for my flatmates and kept the music quite low, after the party we got the last train for a night out in Liverpool and got a taxi back to the uni!

Go out for the day!

If nights out and partying isn’t really for you, a nice idea would be to go out to Liverpool, Southport or out for a coffee or food in Ormskirk with friends or family! It is so nice to change up your routine when celebrating an event, so maybe go somewhere nice you’ve never been before, for example I love Nordico lounge in Ormskirk!

Whatever you decide to celebrate your birthday while at uni, it is do important to do whatever you want to- it’s your day after all! It’s nice to receive calls and birthday cards off family and friends and of course embarrassing photos on Facebook! Hope you’ve enjoyed the night out photos in this blog post! I’m going back home for Easter tomorrow but will be back with the blogs next week as usual!

Have a good week,

Alice 🙂




Hey guys,

So Easter is just around the corner, with only around 3 weeks to go to indulge yourself in all the chocolate you want. So many shops have got shelves stacked but, there is a way to get Easter eggs without having to pay a penny…an Easter Egg Hunt on Campus. 

Thursday 4th April from 10 am till 4 pm is an Easter egg hunt on the Edge Hill Campus. All you have to do is search around the whole Campus for tokens hidden by their very own Easter bunnies, and return the token to SU at the Welcome Fair. Hopefully not many of you will have lectures during this time because, who doesn’t like free chocolate!

Unfortunately, you can’t have more than one token per person, but, on the upside there are vegan options available which is amazing!

If you don’t have time to hunt round campus for a token for a free Easter egg, then you can do your very own DIY Easter egg Hunt with your mates at University, if they’re up for it. Yes, it will mean all of you pitching in some money to get some Easter eggs but, if you go to Aldi or B&M, you can get some for really cheap, around £1 each.

Or, wait until you go home and hopefully there will be some Easter eggs waiting for you there during your 2-3 weeks off.

If you have some memories of what an Easter egg hunt was like to you when you were younger, i’d be more than happy to hear about it in the comments down below.

I hope you all have a great Easter!

Ellis  x

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Film and TV Production: What’s it like?

Hi guys, for today’s blog I’m gonna talk about the course I am currently studying within the media department, and some things that you may not know if your thinking about doing this or something similar.

Type of material studied: Film and TV production is at its core a creative subject so you know that there will be lot’s of practical work throughout the course, but what you may not know is that there is a fair bit of theory behind the material as well. This is down to it being an honours degree so there has to be an element of theoretical understanding behind what you are studying. Now, I honestly can’t say I loved all of it! But, it’s definitely not all bad and some if it is pretty interesting and in some aspects can feed in nicely to your York Passunderstanding of the production side of things.

Travel opportunities: If you are interested in trips away then there are things available, this year there was a placement opportunity in Greece if that interest’s you. Closer to home last year we went to York for the annual film festival which is a neat day out.

Events within the University: The Festival in a day is a big one for the media department as they get in different speakers from various roles within the industry, there are also raffles for work placements as well. Speakers can also come in at other times of the year to give masterclasses and are usually free to attend if you are a student, most recently David Yates visited, the director of four Harry Potter films and both Fantastic Beast’s features. These events are definitely something to look out for if your thinking of, or already are studyFestival in a day postering at Edge Hill!

That’s all for today, any question’s let me know and thanks for reading!


My University Highlights

Hi everyone,

As I enter my penultimate week of lectures as I am in my last year I thought it would be nice to look at my highlights of being at Edge Hill over the last three years! I have had a great time and I am definitely going to miss it!

Celebrating 21!

This year all my friends are turning 21, and whilst my birthday isn’t until June, it has been amazing celebrating with my friends! For example, we have been for meals, attended parties and even just had a sleepover and film night!t! 




Ghetto Golf!

This year I went to Ghetto Golf for the first time! This is located in the heart of Liverpool next to the baltic market, for £10 you can play an 18 hole round of crazy golf, the decorations are incredible and its such a fun night out!



I had been to Liverpool before coming to Edge Hill but I feel that in my time here I have really got to know the city and I love it there its such an exciting and thriving place. In September last year, we went to see the Giants as they returned to the city. They were incredible and it is a day I will never forget.



Days Out! 

In the summer months, me and my friends make the most of our free time and we try to go on as many days out as we can! We have been to Southport a few times, which is just a short train or bus journey away. It is so nice to just walk around the gardens and along the pier, I really love playing on the 2p machines!




Finally, getting to celebrate special occasions with my housemates have been some of my favourite memories of university! I made us a Christmas dinner last year and we all loved it, we even had some bucks fizz! Living one of my friends has definitely been my favourite part of university and I will really miss them when I move home!



I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ellie 🙂

Campus Sport

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I would talk to you all about campus sport here at Edge Hill’s Sports Centre. These are  fun recreational opportunities for students, staff and adults from the local community to get involved in on Campus!

  • The Get Active Programme – 

The Get Active programme provides a wide variety of regular recreational sports for you to choose from. These include Badminton, Netball, Football, Couch to 5K etc. Membership holders get this included but others can pay between £1 and £3 depending on the session. The aim is to have fun whilst exercising so that it doesn’t become a chore and you will continue to enjoy it!

  • Game On – 

The 5 a side football league has a student social league which runs during term time for campus sports users!

  • Volunteer –


Volunteering at the Sports Centre is a great way to get involved and gain new social skills, but also to enhance your CV.

  • Intro Courses

These introductory courses available with Campus Sport are a great way of improving your fitness levels slowly and steadily, at the right pace for you! These include pop up sessions throughout the week as well as a couch to 5K group!

  • Women Focused – 

Sometimes joining a gym can be a little daunting so I think women’s only sessions are a great way of starting! Women’s active is a group where you can find other women looking to get active, and there is also the women’s football side!

  • Free Events – 

Everyone loves a free event! These usually occur during freshers weeks, therefore whilst exercising you can have lots of fun with new friends. For example, in the past there has been pool parties, roller discos and zorbing!

See you next time!

Ellie 🙂



Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re doing good and enjoying this tropical March weather! As it is Mother’s day today (even though every day is obviously Mother’s day), I thought I would talk about ideas for last minute gifts, and places to go!

Edge Hill Stalls

My mum is a BIG fan of candles. Every week people set up stall in Edge Hill’s hub to sell gifts,  jewellery etc. My favourite stall sells beautiful candles decorated with crystals and gems. They all have different scents – I bought a passionfruit-scented candle for my mum this year!

Sentimental Stuff

However, if your mum is not a candle lover you could go for something simple yet sentimental. For example, a nice photo frame with a printed picture or collage can make a lovely gift!

Meal out or meal in?

Maybe you prefer to take your mum out for the day? Perhaps a spa day or a meal out (probably involving wine) could be the perfect thing to do on Mother’s day! Instead of going for a meal out, why don’t you cook a meal in? You don’t have to spend up to make Mother’s day feel special.

What have you been up to today?

The Careers Awards!

Hi everyone,

This Tuesday is Edge Hill’s annual careers awards! This event is the 10th anniversary of the awards which are organised by the Careers team here at Edge Hill. This event is to celebrate the achievements of students over the past year, as well as recognising the employers and organisations who have helped students through part time jobs, work experience and volunteering!

The night is a really lovely event, as alumni get to return to Edge Hill, see old tutors and see how the university has changed throughout the university.

There are lots of oppurtunities for students to win awards, The Student Employee of the Year Awards have been split into three categories; those who work for the Students’ Union, students who work on the University campus, and students who work for an external organisation. These awards are brilliant for adding to your cv.

If you were not aware of the awards this year then make sure you keep an eye out for nominations next year as you could nominate your employer for an award! Also, if you work for the university you can nominate the department you work for!

Ellie 🙂