Student Bank Accounts

When it comes to finances during the time you spend at University, one of the things you will need to look at is opening a student bank account. The majority of the banks within the UK will give you an overdraft but, there are other incentives too depending on what bank you go with. These are my top 5 bank accounts for students that I think would be suitable for all your University needs.


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With Santander, you not only get up to a £2000 overdraft but, there is also an incentive for a 4 year railcard and up to 3% in-credit interest rate. If you’re like me and are living far away from home but would like the opportunity to go home quite a bit, this would be a perfect option for you, allowing you a 1/3 of your train travel. 


If you apply for a student account with HSBC,  you can get an £80 amazon gift card as well as 1 year student prime. This is a great deal and on top of this, the overdraft is up to £3000 as well. Starting with a guaranteed £1000 in the 1st year and up to £3000 in your 3rd year.


NatWest offers students up to a £2000 overdraft and a choice of 1 out of these 3 options:

  • 1 year of student amazon membership and £10 amazon gift card.
  • 1 year national express coach card.
  • OR a 1 year taste card.

All of these options are amazing however, you do have to deposit £750 into your bank account every 6 months and you need to make 3 monthly transactions in order to keep your overdraft.

Lloyds Bank

Image result for student bank accountLloyds Bank is one of the lower overdrafts out there only offering up to £1500. Tiering to £500 for the first 6 months, £1000 from 7-9 months and £1500 after that. Even though they don’t offer the highest amount, they do have the incentive of the NUS student extra card.


Although Barclays don’t offer any incentives for students, they do offer up to a £3000 overdraft which is one of the best deals to go for. Upon opening the account, you will get £500 and ask for it to be increased over time. This will then go up to £2000 in 2nd year and £3000 in 3rd year. Also, Barclays do offer cash-back with a few retailers so its good to keep an eye on their offers through their website or app.

There are so many more UK banks out there that offer other incentives, so all you have to do is go in to your local and ask about student accounts prior to coming to University. I should specify that even though you shouldn’t rely on overdrafts as ‘money to spend’, it’s always a comfort to know that you have something to fall back on in times of need.

Ellis x

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Student Finance

Student finance is normally something daunting to us. But, this loan does help students from all over to go to university and get a degree to further their career.

This is something to think about whether you’re in a financially stable family or not, as it could make a difference to your university experience. You will have to complete an online application for student finance, and this will determine how much you get for the year you will be at university.

Firstly, you will need a few bits of information, including the university and degree course you are applying for as this will also be a factor in how much money you will get, in addition to proof of ID (if needed) and possibly household income (if needed), however, your parents/guardian(s) will be asked to confirm this.

You will be asked to apply to 2 sections. The first section is the annual tuition fees which is currently £9,250 a year. In order to do a full time course of 3 years, this is the amount you will need and you can apply for this through the student finance website on GOV. The second section will ask for more personal information, such as full name, address, date of birth, the university you’re applying to and parent/guardian(s) names and emails. Within this section of the student finance website, it will ask about a lower and a higher maintenance loan. From my experience, I would recommend applying for both of them, as this will allow you the highest chance to gain the maximum maintenance loan.  This process is fairly easy in the way the online form asks you questions.

After you’ve completed both the tuition fees and maintenance loan sections, an email will be sent to your parent or guardian.  They will get a notification from student finance and will have to fill out an online form as well. This will need to be completed ASAP before you start university, so that your money will come in after you have completed enrolment (usually 3-5 working days after).

Maintenance loan situations may differ between individuals. For example, if you have a health condition or disability, you will be able to apply for another allowance however, you will have to give evidence. Also, if you’re an EU student, you will have to put this into the application and possibly get a bit more support.

I hope this has helped. The process overall is very easy to understand and if you need some more information on student finance see the links below:

Ellis x

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Returning home for summer and leaving accommodation.

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well and that stresses of exams and deadlines have come or are now coming to an end!

It has been over a month since I have fully finished my course, and I think, now having fully moved out of halls, I have come to terms that first year has finished, and I often feel myself reflecting on my first year. I returned home to Buxton on Friday, so have been home for nearly a week now.  I did the moving out of halls process in two parts, moving out the majority of my belongings with my parents in a mini bus, while I stayed at uni another week and took the rest of my belongs home on the train! Important things to do before moving out of halls is:

  • Emptying and cleaning out all personal belongings. We were left in the kitchen with donation bags, for anything such as unwanted pots, pans, folders, clothes etc- anything that you do not want anymore!
  • Cleaning! For me, this was the hardest part of moving out, but it is important that everything is fully cleaned in your room, food cupboards, bathroom etc! So everywhere is dusted, bathroom is fully cleaned and everywhere is left in the state it was when you first moved in.
  • Everything is cleaned and emptied out of fridges and freezers! There were a few flatmates of mine left when I left the flat so I told them they could use my leftover milk, just t make sure everything is used up and not wasted.
  • Keys are handed in at the security hut, Edge Hill sport bands are handed back in at the sports reception and the Durning centre is checked for any packages and post.

It was quite sad and emotional for me when I moved out of my accommodation, of somewhere I have considered as home for 8/9 months. But I have loved my time living on campus and looking back on all the memories that were made in that flat- I’m not going to miss all the stairs though!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, please comment if you have any questions,

Alice 🙂

Hill Start- end of year show

Hello everyone, I thought as I have just finished my first year with Hill Start- the dance society, I would share what happened at the end of the year. I didn’t know about the end of year show till the second semester when we started a dance for it.

The end of year show enables everyone in the dance society to showcase their abilities. It is really enjoyable and for someone that was in one dance it was good to see what they do in the other classes because it really inspired me to join more classes next year. There was a combination of lots of different dances but they also had some of the dance pieces that the competition team did in Manchester. The show enabled me to meet lots of new people and be inspired to try out more classes and maybe even join the competition team.

The build up during semester 2, for me, was just my normal classes every week. Which was nice because you can choose how many dances your in depending on how busy your schedule is. Then when it comes to the last week before the show, teachers may call extra rehearsals depending on how the dance is and also the last couple of days, for us, they called rehearsals to do an opening and a finale. You really feel like you’re part of a team as everyone is all working together, everyone from first year to third.

Overall this was a really great experience and I am so grateful to be a part of the Hill Start team and I am truly inspired to attend more classes next year and also maybe go for the competition team. If you want to join Hill Start I would highly recommend it, with the variety of classes they offer and also the opportunities of being more serious and attending competitions or just going to classes for fun. Hill Start will be at the freshers fair if you have any questions anyone there will be happy to help.

Relationships and How to Cope

Hey everyone,

Since I found someone at Uni, I realised that we’ve got quite a bit of distance between us when we both go home for the summer. Obviously this is what’s happened but we’re still together and we’re coping. Not only is my boyfriend quite far away from me (250 miles to be exact), but i’m also away from the majority of my friends from Uni. This is because  I moved to Edge Hill from Milton Keynes, and the people i’ve made friends with are mostly from the northern side of the UK but one that is down in Kent. So, if you’re also struggling with this situation or have done in the past, keep on reading – my tips on relationships and how to cope. Some of them will be related to couples and the others are more friendship based.

Group Chats 

If you don’t already have a chat with all of your mates, definitely make one! Probably the simplest way to keep in touch with everyone and possibly even make plans (like i’m trying to at the moment).

Find Something You Can do Together 

Maybe all or both of you can try and find a new TV show on Netflix and watch it together whilst being apart. This will make for lengthy discussions and something else to talk about rather than just ‘how’s your day been?’.

Face Time 

This is for both friendships and couples. If you face time each other it feels different to over message and gives more of a conversation vibe: ‘I want to talk to you’ rather than keeping a ‘snap streak’ or something like that. If you’re in a long distance relationship, this will be your savour. Don’t face time excessively though as it can become a habit and an expectance. Sometimes you need your own space.

Put in the time 

When you’re away from people for so long, you can get out of touch. As long as you put in the effort and the other person does the same, there’s no way you guys can get out of contact.


These are only a few tips on how to cope with long distance relationships. Use it as an opportunity rather than seeing distance as a negative. I hope this has blog has helped and like all my other blogs, leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

Ellis x

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Things to do now exams are over!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying some well deserved time off, now that you have as much free time as you please I thought I would mention a few nice things to do to fill your time and enjoy your summer!

Open day

  1. Go to the Beach!

Me and my friends have made a bit of a tradition of going to the beach every year – its really easy to get to Crosby beach by train and then its only a short walk to the seafront. Its such a nice beach to sit and chill and just enjoy some summer weather!

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2.  Explore Ormskirk

Now is the perfect time to explore Ormskirk and you could maybe visit somewhere that you haven’t been to before. Maybe visit a new cafe or go to a nice bar. Even go for a walk round Ruff Woods and through the countryside!

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3. Crazy Golf

I absolutely love crazy golf and in Liverpool you have both Junkyard golf and Ghetto golf which both are amazing and so much fun. They are both so different and offer some amazing food and drinks including different cocktails!

Image result for junkyard golf liverpool

Image result for junkyard golf liverpool

4. Chill

We all worked so hard in the lead up to assessment period that we all definitely deserve a break! Enjoy being able to do nothing and have no deadlines for at least a few more months!



Edge Hill Open Day

Hey guys,

Some of you may still want to visit the University before coming in September or possibly, for the start of 2020. So, this post is about what will be available to you during an Open Day at Edge Hill.

First things first, you need to have an idea of the course or courses you are interested in and would like to study.  Then you can know what talks are on throughout the day about it.

During the open day, there are many of signs and people around to help you figure out what buildings you would like to go to. My advice is to go to a talk for your course, see the accommodation round campus and to see the catalyst.

There are many more buildings within Edge Hill accommodated for different subjects so, try and go to the building you have your talk in as that is where your classes will most likely be. It would also be a good idea to have a look at the accommodation to see what the halls are like and whether you would prefer a particular one such as: Main Halls which are shared bathrooms, compared to, Chancellors Court which have en-suites. Also, the catalyst is one of the most recent buildings and you’ll probably find you will be spending a lot of time there using the study rooms, so I highly recommend seeing this too.

You can also go on tours throughout the day by visiting the Hub and checking in to get a space on it. These tours are very good if you want to know your bearings for the campus in particular.

Throughout the day, there are food and drink supplied which are free, so you don’t need to worry about eating and they cater for people with intolerances and allergies as well.

These are only a few things that I suggest you do whilst being at the Open Days at Edge Hill. The campus is quite big, so I would make sure to come early. You can find the Open Day dates by clicking on the link below. And if you need anymore advice, just drop a comment down below.

Open Days

Ellis x

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Hey Guys,

If you’re planning on coming to Edge Hill, there is so much more than just your course you can do, such as: going on the trips the university has planned, going to Liverpool for a day out and more importantly, societies that Edge Hill offers. You can join different societies that are related to your personal interests. At Edge Hill, there is around 60 societies that you can choose from ranging from Cheerleading to Anime.

When you first come to the University during Freshers week, all of the societies will be in the Hub, trying to recruit new students to get involved. If you already have a couple of societies in mind, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s not a problem. You can just wander about the place looking at the societies that you think may interest you and I’m sure that at least one will peak your interest.

If you do manage to sign up to one or even a few societies, some of them may hold open auditions such as Cheerleading tryouts. Others will just give you an email to say when their first session is and to see whether you would want to come along. If you don’t hear anything, try to contact them if you can, just enter in Edge Hill societies on the internet, and contact details should come up for each society.

Within my first few weeks of freshers, I signed up to around 5 societies, but haven’t managed to do any as I didn’t get any emails and I regret not contacting them however, I’ve still had a great first year. So, in my second year, I’ve decided that i’m going to join Trampolining as I did do it for the first few weeks at University and want to go back and rejoin.

If you would like to know more about the societies that run at Edge Hill, just click on this link down below and it will direct you to the page with a list of the societies that Edge Hill offers.

Clubs and Societies

If you need anymore help or want advice, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below..

Ellis x

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Things for your room – Making Edge Hill feel like home

Things for your room, Making Edge Hill feel like home

Moving to a new room all by yourself can be difficult and even a scary experience. This place is going to be all yours, and making it feel like home is an important part of relaxing yourself. There are loads of things that you could bring with you, but incase you were looking for some suggestions here are three things that I think all students should take, to make their new room feel like home.


Something that you touch and interact every day is going to be imporatnt. Your beeding is not only something that you have to touch, but look at. Having your bedding from home can make you room feel that bit more friendly. Also, just having the smell of the same fabric conditioner makes a big difference.


Having something to decorate your walls is great. You can have motivational posters, or even like myself a map of my home country. If you have some posters in your room at home it might be a good idea to take them with you and hang them in your new room.


Taking small pieces of furniture from home is another way to make your room feel like home. A show rack, or coat rack. Radiator cover or table cover. Whatever it is, you will always know when you look at it that it came from home. So dont go buying all new furniture just yet.

Thats all for this weeks blog. Thanks for the read.

If you want more free and great advice email or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Making the Most of the Summer!

Hello everyone! I thought for todays blog I would share some ways to make the most out of your summer, most of our university students are now finished for the summer and soon you A-Level students will be ready to get out in the sunshine… that we will hopefully have. You might have holidays planned, maybe you are going to a festival or maybe you are just staying home for the summer which will be fun as well. If you are staying home for the summer I thought I could share a few things to make the most out of the time you have.

Firstly I would suggest you set yourself some goals, whether they are fitness goals or just personal goals. For example I have a couple of goals for this summer, the first one is to read more books because I love sitting out in the sun and reading a book and I just don’t give myself time to do that or I just go on my phone instead, but this summer I want to put my phone down and give myself time to sit in the sun, relax and read a book. My second goal is to run more, my mum and I are aiming to do a half marathon and a marathon over the next couple years so I know I need to start training. This will again get me outside and enjoying the scenery around me.

I would also highly recommend making the most of the time and either getting work experience or just working a part time job. This is a great opportunity to save up some money for when you do go to university, but also it is a great time to gain some experience in the sector you may want to work in, in the future. For example during my summers I work with my local Youth Commission, looking after and doing activities with children. This is great experience for me and I can also earn money whilst doing it. Although I would say don’t overwork yourself too much because you want to be able to enjoy your summer with your friends before going to university.

Thank you of reading and hope you all enjoy your summer and make the most of it.