Student Proof Recipes

Many of you may have come to University not knowing how to cook, or even what to cook. You may be having takeouts, which a) cost a lot of money and b) the majority of them are unhealthy. Here’s a few Student proof recipes that I think are super easy, healthy and not very costly.

Chicken Curry

This is probably one of my favourite things to cook. I tend to cook a big batch so I can split it up and freeze a few portions ready to have for a few dinners in the upcoming weeks. All you need is:

  • Chicken Breasts/thighs (thighs are cheaper to buy)
  • Chicken stock
  • Curry paste
  • Rice
  • Any vegetables you want: onions, peppers etc.

This is a basic recipe and all you do is cook the chicken with the curry paste, add chicken stock and seasoning and leave to simmer to cook all the way through, whilst cooking some rice in a separate pan. If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, you can swap the chicken out for chickpeas or tofu.

Pasta Bake

One of the cheats for this is to get the packet seasoning of a chicken bake. You can buy these practically from any supermarket. All you have to do is have the ingredients it says on the packet and follow the instructions. Just make sure you have an oven proof dish and some good melting cheese to go on top of the pasta and sauce.

Chilli Con Carne

Again like the pasta bake, you can get a seasoning packet for this or even a jar of sauce already made. If you’re like me and have quite an array of spices in your cupboard, you could probably make this meal from scratch. For this particular recipe I use, there are a lot of ingredients. However, this makes a big batch so you can freeze the rest of what you don’t eat.

There are loads more recipes that I love to cook from BBC Good Food. I definitely recommend having a look!

Ellis x

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Where to Eat?

Going to eat at the HUB on campus at Edge Hill can get repetitive sometimes, and you just want something different. Here’s a few of the places I like to go and eat and hang out with my friends.


Okay, so this is an obvious choice but, especially at this time of year because its all Christmassy and cosy. I just love it! They have a selection of Christmas drinks and food too which is great to get something different to your usual order. I mainly come here after a lecture or when i’ve had a stressful day. Just to chill out. Also, this is a great study spot . All you need is your laptop, some music and a coffee, and you’re good to go!


This is a very cute independent cafe and definitely one of my favourites since starting University. They cater for my allergy really well and the staff there are all really friendly. You can go there for breakfast, brunch or lunch (as suggested by their menu). You can also get take out items if you feel like you can’t eat a slice of cake but want one anyway.

Dinky Dory’s

Okay so this is a bit more of a ‘funky’ cafe. Everything is seaside themed and I would highly recommend going there at some point. Their menu is pretty decent, selling hot drinks and food such as waffles and pancakes, with many toppings to choose from. This is also a great place to go out to in the evening as they do a mixture of cocktails too.


This is a firm favourite of the students of Edge Hill. Coming here is definitely one of the cheaper options and has good food too. I remember last year me and my friends would tend to come here every Thursday as well all had a long day. After a while it got a bit costly, so haven’t gone as much this year. Again, like Dinky Dory’s, they do various types of drinks too, so coming here before a night out or just to hang out with your friends is a good place to go.

If there’s anywhere you guys like to go, drop it down in the comments below!

Ellis x

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Part-Time Jobs Ormskirk

As its getting closer to Christmas, you might be thinking about Christmas presents and unfortunately for us students, it probably means dipping into your maintenance loan or savings. However, if you’re looking for some extra cash, then you’re reading the right blog.

If you’re looking for part-time work its sometimes a good idea to have a look at Edge Hill’s career page. Here you can filter down your location and what kind of job you want. Edge Hill update their careers page quite often, so its always good that even if you don’t find anything the first time, just keep looking at it every other week.

Indeed is also a good website to use as sometimes the Edge Hill careers page doesn’t put up all jobs available. At the moment, stores seem to be looking for seasonal staff because of it being round Christmas time such as: Card factory, WHSmith etc. This is always good as they will be wanting people to work quite a few hours. The only downside is if you’re not actually from Ormskirk and you want to go home, you have to find a way to travel back and forth and that could be costly.

Stroll into town and who knows what jobs are on offer. The majority of stores in Ormskirk Town are small cafes and independent businesses. They’re more likely to put up a sign on their shop windows trying to get staff. So this might be an idea to have a CV on hand just in case.

Tutoring is a great way to get cash in hand money. If you’re really good at a specific subject such as English, Maths and Science, Music etc, this is a great way for you to earn some extra cash. These websites also allow students flexibility whether to have tutoring from your home/residential or to go to theirs.

Ellis x

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Work Organisation Tips

It’s November which means, cosy nights in, hot chocolate, I’m A Celebrity and Christmas is round the corner! Round this time though can be tough for some students because of module deadlines coming up before we break up for Christmas. Here a few organisation tips to keep you work focused, but more importantly, to have time to yourself too round this time of year :).

Keep a Diary

This will honestly be a godsend for you. Having a diary either on you at all times or just in your room helps you keep note of when your deadlines are due, and whether you have anything else going on. With my own diary, I sticky note the pages so I know exactly where my deadlines are. Also I colour code everything too such as: red for spending time with my friends and blue for deadlines etc. I would recommend now getting a 2020 diary and to have it an A5 size so it fits perfectly into your bag or laptop case.

Have a System/Rota

Try coming up with a system that works for you to organise yourself when deadlines are due. Whether this is setting 2/3 days a week where you just concentrate on work or whether you schedule a relax day in for yourself.

To-Do Lists

I’m quite an organised person and constantly see myself writing to-do lists. This can be anything from what I need to get for food to work deadlines. I set my priorities from the top of the list and work my way down with studies as it helps me know what work is due earlier than others.

Keep Calm

Yes, Christmas time can be stressful for students. Mainly because of money and deadlines for modules. However, just remember to keep calm when deadlines are near. Try and concentrate and do what you need to do. Then once you submit the work, you’ll have a weight lifted off your shoulders and Christmas can begin!

If you have any organisation tips of your own, drop them down in the comments!

Ellis x

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“What are Primary Education seminars like?”

Hey everyone, since I wrote a post on what my lectures were like, I thought I would do something similar for my seminars which are quite different. 


In a week, I have around 6/7 seminars depending on my timetable; 

  • Monday – Academic Personal Development and English 
  • Tuesday – Maths, Science and Computing 
  • Thursday – Major Specialism 
  • Friday – Foundation Subjects

Like I said, seminars are rather different from lectures. Instead of the entire course sitting in one room, the course is split into groups of around 20+ and given different timetables. Seminars are a lot more interactive and discussion based, giving you the chance to talk about your experience with primary school and professional practice.

I really enjoy the seminars as the teachers make them interesting and ensure that everyone has the chance to voice their opinions. In fact, we are encouraged to and I find it a lot easier to talk in the seminars because you get to know your group better and feel more comfortable more and more each seminar.

I like that you get the chance to talk about your experiences of primary teaching and hear your group talk about theirs. It’s a great way to get to know your peers and get new ideas for teaching practice! Seminars also give you a much clearer insight on what you need to teach in school and many ways on how to teach it in many creative ways.

In terms of ‘homework,’ we would usually get independent reading to support assignments that we have coming up. It’s really helpful to get these readings in class as it gives you a starting point for looking for other readings to help you.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of what happens in seminars in the Primary Education course. They are very informative, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and experiences to take with you on professional practice which is why I really enjoy them. Even at 9am in the morning!

Thank you for reading, Lauren x

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” 

-Fran Lebowitz-

Reading Week

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a great Halloween! I know not a lot of you have a reading week this week but, luckily on my tv and film course, we have one now. And i’m in Tenerife!

I know it’s not what people usually do when they have week’s off from Uni but, I got a chance to go with my boyfriend and his family, which i’m very grateful for. Loving every minute of it!

Here are some other things that you could do during your reading weeks whether you’re at home or staying at Edge Hill.

  1. Meet up with old friends

If you go back home, try and arrange meet ups with your old friendship group before going to Uni. You could do a range of things like meeting up for coffee, dinner or going out and doing something fun.

2. Be Productive

Reading week is always a great time to catch up on some Uni work, or even get ahead of it in some of your classes. If you’re lucky and live on campus, go to the catalyst! It’s your best friend whilst you’re at Uni. Use it!

3. Go somewhere new

If you’re staying at Uni, you may get the feeling that Ormskirk is quite small, especially if you don’t have a car. But there are buses that get you to Southport from Ormskirk bus station. Or even take a trip to Liverpool. Only £5.00 (est.) a return.

If you’re at home, see if there’a anywhere that you haven’t visited before and go there again.

4. Halloween

Enjoy Halloween! Go to a party or a social with your mates and have a good time! Dress up as scary as you wish! But remember to stay safe.

Ellis x

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Take a Step Back …

Hey everyone, and Happy Halloween! I hope you all enjoy your celebrations and stay safe! I thought that I would write a blog on what to do when your course starts to get a little too much. Being on the Primary Education course, it can get a little overwhelming especially with the different subjects and professional practice. But worry not, I am here to tell you it will all be okay.

First of all, I just want to say that you are not the only one who is feeling overwhelmed about the course. I can assure you now that if you talk to people in your course you will find that many are feeling the same way. I know from experience that talking about your worries with other people from the course really help with the stress as you know that you are not the only one.

My advice to you when you are feeling overwhelmed is to stop. I know this may contradict everything that you have been taught. You might feel you need to keep going with the assignment that you are stuck on but, in my own experience, it is not the best idea. Taking the time to step back and evaluate what it is that you need to can be really important.

When I find myself in this situation I like to take myself away from the work area and go for a walk outside, listening to music or a podcast or go and talk to one of my friends (NOT about work). Separating myself from the stress of the course and the work I have to do for half an hour and not thinking about it can really help go back to work with a fresh mind set. Do not feel as though you have to sit at the desk and tear your hair until you understand, it will not make it better.

I hope that some of you find this useful and are reminded to not put pressure on yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed by your course. Talk to the people around you and your course tutors, they are there to help you succeed! 

Thank you, Lauren.

“The challenge is to stay cool enough to handle the pressure in the moment so that you can succeed in the future.” 

-Jurgen Klopp-

What are Lectures Like in ‘TV and Film Production?’

As some readers may know already; I actually started Edge Hill doing a Media, TV and Film degree but, I managed to switch over to a different degree within the first week as the course didn’t fit me. I’m so glad I decided to do this and its made me a happier student overall but, I wanted to talk about the lectures in TV and Film Production.

Lectures in TV and Film, like most degrees can be very information heavy but the majority of the time it doesn’t feel like this. This is because my lecturers all very knowledgeable and know what they’re talking about and, they give us breaks in-between lectures, especially if its a long one. Currently, my longest day is a Thursday as i’m in from 10-5 but this covers 2 modules: Children’s TV and Advanced Post Production.

The thing that I love about my lectures is that they’re quite relaxed. The lecturers don’t make the information sound patronising but more like we need to know this information if we want to go down this career path. They always make sure we have a little coffee break in-between too so we still engage with the information they give us.

Another thing about Film and TV Production is that if you chose the specific modules, sometimes you’ll just be filming instead of going to a lecture (you need to let your tutor know), or you may find yourself having a lecture or ‘class’ in the Broadcast Studio in Creative Edge. Currently I do Children’s TV and find myself in there a lot of the time to do training and setting up for our group’s own production, but its probably my favourite place as you’re learning but having fun too.

If you have any questions about the course or want to know a bit more, just drop a comment in the box down below.

Ellis x

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How I organise my Pen Drive for Primary Education

Hey everyone, I thought I would talk about how I organise my work on my pen drive particularly for Primary Education as there is a lot of subjects to keep organised. I find that when my pen drive is organised, I feel a lot less stressed because I know where everything is.

When I first started, we were given this pen drive to keep all of our work on. I really recommend using this only for your course work and keeping other projects outside of your course on another pen so as to save confusion.

Like I said before, in the Primary Education course, there are a lot of subjects that we have to study and so that comes with different kinds of work for each subject and then different assignments and reading along with that. It’s so important that you keep these in their own individual folders so that you can find what you are looking for quicker and work that you have done will not get confused with other pieces work.

This how I liked to organise my folder for my first year of the course. As you can see, all the subjects have their own folders so that nothing gets mixed up and within them folders there are more folders that have my assignments in them and that have reading in them.

I know that when I have to look for an assignment I have done that is ready to submit, I can look in its exact folder and know that I have not confused it with another assignment I have done.

It is the same with reading, when I have found a journal article that will help my assignment I will put it in the folder with the rest of the reading I have found for that assignment. This way I will not be spending more time looking for that specific journal article as I know that it is in the subject folder containing the rest of my reading.

I hope that this is helpful for people starting the course and for those applying for the course. Organising your pen drive makes university a lot easier especially when you don’t have to panic over something that you think you have lost but, in reality, you just cannot seem to find it in the pen drive. Trust me, I have been there.

Thank you for reading!

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Room Decoration

Even though its about a month into Uni, you may still think that your room needs a bit more decoration. These are just a few things I have done in my room to make it feel a bit more homely.

I would suggest investing in a few boxes of fairy lights. If you ever have a film night in your room with a few of your mates, it helps set the mood. I bought mine from The Range but, you can buy them from anywhere. Possibly getting some fairy lights with pegs on too so you can hang pictures if you have any to make it more decorative. If you’re not a fan of fairy lights, you could always opt for some LED ones which you can get online from Amazon.

Making your bed the comfiest thing ever at University is a definite must. I remember going into Ikea and getting my duvet as they do a broad range. They also do mattress toppers in there to make your bed extra comfy. If you’re anything like me, I made sure I had a bit of a colour scheme going through my room: from my bed covers to my accessories I had mainly white, grey and light pink colours. I also had pillows which were from The Range.

If you’re looking for posters to decorate your room, the Hub at Edge Hill often holds a poster sale. You can find decent posters ranging from around £2-£5. Failing this, there is a website you can follow: They do specific brands such as Friends, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney etc.

Tapestry is another way to add colour to your room. If you look on Amazon, they have a selection of tapestries to choose from: some are more arty than others.

Obviously I know the majority of you guys reading this blog have probably already figured out your room decor but, these are always some ideas if you’re stuck. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.

Ellis x

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