SU: Their Services

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The Students Union at Edge Hill is a student-lead team which bring you events, activities, social spaces, as well as offering support through advice and representation.

Advice and Representation

The SU provides students with the opportunity to reach out to them if they’re struggling. Whether this be for student finance, academic issues or accommodation queries, a team advisor will help you to discuss these problems. If you have anything you wish to discuss with them, just drop them an email at: 

Or if that’s not possible for any reason, give them a call on: 01695 657301, or drop into their office on the first floor of the HUB.

SU Shop/Bar

On Campus, there’s an SU bar where you can socialise with your mates and get some delicious pizza too at Stone Willy’s Kitchen! You can hang out here, play pool or come to one of the SU nights such as: Quiz Night (Mondays), Social (Wednesday’s), or Strangled Cats Karaoke (Fridays). There’s also an SU shop on campus where you can get kitted out with new gear such as an Edge Hill hoodie or t-shirts. As well as a gift range where you can buy jewellery and mugs too. You can also access their shop via their website too at:

Events and Activites

The SU is the main port of call when organising different events and activities to hold for the students. They have a range of activities from campaigns to welcome week and many more. The SU have just held a campus election for new officers for the next academic year 2020-2021, and there are now new individuals in each position.

Overall the Student’s Union at Edge Hill is a great asset to the University and not many people use them to their advantage or even know about them. They’re a great team of individuals and are there to help anyone and everyone.

Ellis x

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Expectation VS Reality: Uni Life

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When first starting University, I didn’t have many expectations of what it would be like. Being one of the only family members that actually went to University (living at Uni), I didn’t have anyone to talk about it with. That being said, a couple of my friends went before I did, and these were my expectations.


  1. Lecturer’s are tough – When talking to my friends, they said that most of their lecturer’s were quite strict, and made a point about it when people didn’t turn up to class, or if they were late.
  2. Everyone loves to drink – Majority of students on campus are younger, and it looked like everyone was going out a lot and having fun.
  3. Your free time is your free time. Do what you want! – Most of my mates went out and explored in their free time, especially during first year.
  4. Flat Mates – Your flat mates will probably be your close friends and you’ll do a lot together.


When actually coming to University myself, I soon realised that these expectations weren’t the case.

  1. Yes lecturer’s can be tough, but only a few of them. The rest are pretty relaxed and understand if you have something that’s come up or if you’ve slept through your alarm by accident. Just drop them an email to let them know, and catch up on the work that you’ve missed.
  2. Not everyone drinks. Quite a few people I know don’t really drink alcohol, nor do they go out that much. Although a lot of people do go out when they’re at University, you’ll find your own flow in things, and learn to socialise in different ways.
  3. Free time is good, but also for independent study. University isn’t like college or Sixth form, where you have a full day of lectures. For example I’ve only had around 10-12 hours of contact time a week, meaning I have 4 days off (including weekends). Lecturer’s will be expecting you to do studying in your spare time, including reading’s etc.
  4. Your flat mates are going to be (most likely) the first group of people you make friends with. However, once you start your course, go to societies etc., you’ll meet a lot of different people. If you’re worried about meeting new people, there are different workshops and societies that you can go to to help deal with the anxiety.

Ellis x

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Why I chose Edge Hill

When I was looking at Universities, Edge Hill and other Universities up North didn’t really occur to me until one of my friends suggested it. From there onwards, I just researched into it, and fell in love with what the course was offering me, so it ended up being on my list.

Although Edge Hill was on my list, it wasn’t my first choice as I had my heart set on Brighton but, when I went to Edge Hill for an Open Day, my whole mindset changed immediately. Unfortunately during this period, it was tough due to personal circumstances, which meant only me and my mum went to visit Edge Hill. She is probably one of the reasons why I ended up choosing Edge Hill as my first choice, because once we walked round the campus and had been to my course talk, she said to me: ‘I’m happy with you being here’. That was the only time she had ever said that to me whilst visiting a University, so I think that was a factor in my decision too.

In comparison with other Universities, I felt that Edge Hill had a different presence. I don’t know whether its because Edge Hill is an Open Campus, or the fact that it’s not in a City: I just felt more ‘at home’ (a home away from home if you will). Edge Hill also cater to allergies really well as I found out whilst visiting during an Open Day. Because of my allergy to nuts, in other places I found it difficult, but here, they had dietary requirements sheet and labels on every single piece of food too. That in turn made me feel safer and happier to be there.

I don’t regret my decision at all to come to Edge Hill. Even though it’s 4 hours away from home, this is my ‘home away from home’ and will be for another year to come.

Ellis x

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Scholarships: Excellence Award

My Experience

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As a prospective student, I researched into the Scholarships available to students coming to Edge Hill. I came across the Excellence Scholarship Award. This stood out to me because anyone could apply for it, so I decided ‘why not?’, and I put an application in.

The application wasn’t hard. The questions were mainly to do with your commitment for your passion, and how you would benefit from the Scholarship, etc. I answered the questions honestly, showing that I had a key interest in scriptwriting. (I ended up submitting a few scripts too to help my application). After submitting my application, it took a while for an email to come through. Fast forward a month later, and I got an email that made me smile so much: I got the Scholarship!

Once I got that email through, I was ecstatic as I didn’t believe that I would receive the award. It made me think that what I’m doing at the moment, might actually get me in the Film/TV industry. When I eventually came to my senses, and read the email, it stated that there would be an evening to celebrate students getting the awards, and that I could invite two guests. I ended up inviting my parents because they were so proud of me. Also it was a nice way to see each other because I live four hours away from home.

The Award’s evening was amazing and it really reminded me of how committed and driven you have to be to get where you want to in life. And now whenever I have a ‘down moment’ (which I do a lot because I’m a bit of a perfectionist), I think back to that time of receiving the award, and why they gave it to me in the first place.

Ellis x

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Keeping Your Plates Spinning: Help @ Edge Hill University

During university, you will be spinning a number of different plates: studies, work, family, friends, money, to name a few. Now and again, one may look like it’s about to fall off. Or two. Maybe even three. You have to work harder to keep these plates from falling, but sometimes, no matter how hard you tried, it will fall off. What then? Do you risk the others from falling by trying to pick the other one up? Is it worth the risk of everything else falling?

In my first year, I managed to keep all my plates up. Some of them got a little shaky at times, but I have a great support system underneath me and they helped me to keep balanced. This year, a couple of my plates have fallen off. This is nobody’s fault. Sometimes life throws curveballs at us and they knock our plates off and we have no other choice but to deal with it. Although this year is harder than the last, I am more thankful than ever for choosing Edge Hill Univerity as they have provided me with more support than I could have wished for. Asking for help is really hard, but they made it so easy.

Edge Hill University has a vast range of support systems to help you.

The first person who helped me was one of my tutors, who had noticed that I needed someone. She sat with me for an hour and we talked basics of what was happening – she referred me to speak with a team member in the Catalyst. They spoke to me briefly and made an initial appointment with the wellbeing team, which was only a few days away. They gave me a few websites and apps to engage with for the time being. As a student, you are entitled to 6 fifty-minute counselling sessions, which can be daunting if you have never experienced it before – but they make the whole process very easy.

With the help of Edge Hill, I have managed to stay on top of my work, visit my family more and learned that it’s okay to let some plates slip. My tutor sends me weekly emails to check how things are and if I need anything. I know if things get too much, I can speak to someone almost immediately. It is incredibly comforting knowing that I am supported by the university.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Thank you for reading.


My First University Presentation

Before University, I was expecting that I would be assessed on written assignments, examinations, and OSCEs. I wasn’t expecting to have to present.

Although I’ve presented numerous times in the past, I felt nervous for my first University presentation, even though it was in front of only a few people – probably because I would receive marks and feedback for the first time. Months on, I can reflect and share my experience.


Unlike other presentations I’ve given, University presentations (like other assignments) require us to cite credible academic sources. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do, but with support from my lecturers, I soon had the ball rolling. To find resources, I mainly used Google Scholar, PubMed, and the University’s online library.

With the research done, I checked BlackBoard to find a guide to making presentations. One key piece of advice given was not overloading slides with text. But how do you share all your research while keeping your slides brief and not overwhelming the viewers?

It’s about verbally expanding on bullet points, which I used as a prompt. The clearer what you say and how you say it, the more marks you get, but University doesn’t expect us to be perfect presenters, especially so early into our courses. I learnt what I wanted to say for each point, and although this was more difficult than relying on a script, I have to know the content for my career, so it helps.


With that said, it’s practically guaranteed we’ll forget something to say; even the best presenters forget but don’t get discouraged. Only you know what you planned to say! 

Practice makes perfect, but I struggled to practice alone. However, a few coursemates and I booked a room in the library to rehearse together before the presentation. I found I was more confident presenting in front of them than I was by myself! 

Final words

Our assessors gave us both positive feedback and areas to improve on, so I’m looking forward to doing better next time. I’m certain I’ll be more confident and improve on the score I’m already happy with. Hopefully, this anecdote puts any worries you might have at ease.


My Week With Avans University Students!

This week just passed I had the opportunity to take part in an international collaboration project with some students from Avans University in the Netherlands, for my blog this week I’m going to share my experience with all of you.

Avans University in the Netherlands.
Avans University in the Netherlands.

The project ran on Tuesday and Thursday, with the opportunity to go on a cultural trip on Wednesday, though I didn’t go on the trip due to a lecture the same day. Myself and two friends were paired to four Dutch students, then shuffled along to the Catalyst to do a group project about introducing a new bike to the UK market. The only thing on the line for myself was a certificate, whereas for the Dutch students the project and its findings would be used for a report back home in their country, so there was an edge of pressure given the short time span to work on things.

Between ourselves and the Dutch students there was a very clear language barrier. Being someone who says she can barely speak English, let alone another language, communication was difficult. The Dutch students would speak a lot of Dutch, then try to roughly translate to English, it was difficult to start but eventually we found a groove. Through this means of conversation we managed to complete the all important market research phase of the project, through a Google Form questionnaire. Following that, lunch!

A bonus to doing the project was free lunch in the Hub both Tuesday and Thursday. Following lunch, we put together the presentation ahead of Thursday, before saying goodbye to the Dutch students for the day.

Thursday’s final day was mostly preparation before presenting our bike and the business model to other groups and three tutors. It was a successful presentation and I got some feedback I can be proud with. Finally, a group photo, certificate handout, and free lunch!

Overall, the week was a really enriching experience. I’ve learnt how to communicate better with people I don’t really understand and also probably don’t understand me ,and I’ve got a certificate I can put on my CV to show employers. While I can’t guarantee this experience is an option for every course, if there’s ever the opportunity to do something like it while studying at Edge Hill, certainly take it. I don’t have any regrets, despite the week being a bit difficult at times.


Study Spots : Ormskirk

Although there are various study spots on campus like the Hub or the Catalyst, sometimes you need to get away from campus, especially if you live in Halls of Residence. These are just a few of the places that are perfect for studying off of campus in Ormskirk town centre.


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Both of these are probably the most obvious answers to give you. They both do good coffee and snacks to keep you going whilst you’re doing your studying. Plus, if you get a space by a wall, there are normally plug sockets provided, making it easy to do work on your laptop if you need to charge it whilst studying.


Cobble is a cute little coffee shop in the town centre. The cafe does a rang of drinks including smoothies and the best milkshakes, as well as your normal coffee, tea etc. They do a range of different snacks and hot meals too such as panini’s, croissants, burgers etc. I would recommend sitting upstairs as it will probably be quieter to do your work as they make smoothies and milkshakes out the front by the tills (which is quite noisy).

Coronation Park

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its a really nice day (more towards spring/summer), you could take a wonder down to Coronation Park in Ormskirk and take some study bits with you. Although you won’t be able to connect to Wifi, I recommend doing this with a few friends and going to revise. Take some food and drinks, and its the perfect study spot on a sunny day!

Ellis x

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My Assignment Writing Routine feat the Catalyst

Hey everyone, as I have a quite a few assignments due in in these last two months, I thought I would share with you the process that I go through whilst writing an assignment for my course. The catalyst building at Edge Hill University is also a big part of my assignment writing routine so I will be sharing how I use it.

Step 1 – the title

The first step in my assignment routine is reading and understanding the title of the assignment so that I know what it is that I need to do and what books I will need to read in order to make sure that I am going to be hitting all the points.

Step 2 – reading

This is the part that I find the hardest as you need to make sure that you are reading enough but not reading too much that you get overwhelmed and then confused as to what the assignment is actually about.

When I am looking for things to read, I start with books as it means I can read them in the library (as much as I can) so that I don’t have to carry them all the way back to the house and break my back! For reading, I like to go up to the silent study because I know that I won’t get distracted and get a lot of reading done.

Once I have finished reading books I move on to journal articles and online resources as I know I don’t have to physically take something out of the catalyst. I still like to do this reading in the silent study just because I tend to get distracted easily and I like keeping my house, where I relax, separate from where I work as a way to keep my stress levels down.

I use discover more and google scholar to find my articles;

Step 3 – notes

Once I have read everything that I possibly could, it is time gather all those highlighted words and sentences and put them down on the one page so that they are easily accessed. Everyone is different when it comes to writing down their notes but, the way I like to do it is open a Google Docs page, write the reference (in Harvard style) for whatever book or journal I have read and then start writing my notes underneath that.

I like using google docs for this part of the assignment because I can easily attach a comment to the quote I have written down so that I can remember what I want to write about this quote or how I would incorporate it into my assignment. Google docs is also very safe to use in terms of saving your work as it does it automatically. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost internet connection or my laptop has died and I panic about losing all my work but it never has because the google docs saves it automatically.

Step 4 – Plan

After I have made sure that I have recorded all my notes on to the one document I can then start to break my assignment down into points and then add in the quotes that would be suitable for that point.

Step 5 – write!

Once I have the plan done and dusted, I feel that I am ready to start the writing process. I find that having a solid plan to base my assignment on makes this part so much easier because all I need to do is transfer the information I have on my plan into an academic piece of writing.

I hope that you enjoyed this and hopefully found it useful. I know that everyone has a different way that they like to write assignments and that is completely fine, you do you x

Thanks for reading, Lauren.

“It is nobody’s responsibility but yours to discover your assignment and to execute that very assignment.”

D.S. Mashego-

Typical day in the life of a Primary Education student!

Hey everyone, as I have been back at uni for past week after being on placement for 8 weeks, I thought it would a good idea to give a little insight as to what a typical day in the life of a primary education student looks like. As my timetable varies throughout the week I will try and give you a good idea as to what a typical day looks like.

Hope you enjoy!

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So, on a Monday and Tuesday, I have my longest days in university which to me is probably for the best as it means that I get the longest days done and dusted and out of the way. Before we get to university my friends and I take a leisurely 25-27 minute walk to get there which is my favourite part about the day…when it actually doesn’t rain.

Once we get there, my friend Jess and I have gotten into the bad habit of stopping by Starbucks before class for a daily caffeine boost but, I have a reusable cup so that makes the spending money on coffee everyday okay…doesn’t it?

Anyway, we then make our way to the Faculty of Education building for a day of lectures and lessons. On a Monday I am in from 9am until 6pm which can sometimes be hard especially when the caffeine starts to disappear but I do have a three hour gap from 1pm to 4pm which means I can get some of my work done before my last class. I don’t have this on a Tuesday as I finish at 4pm and so it means I have a shorter day but still the same amount of lessons.

I prefer to go to the silent study area in the catalyst for my break as I know I won’t get distracted and then will be able to get on with assignments. This also means that when I get home at 6:30pm I won’t have to stress about doing work as I had time in between classes.

Once I get back to the house, depending how much work I either like to go to the gym/walk or cook with my house mates and have a semi-chilled out night in. I find that doing this after a full day of university really helps with my stress and puts me in such a good mood for the next day.

Before I go to sleep, I always make sure to make my lunch, fill my water bottle up, wash my face and the read a couple of chapters just so that I know that I am fully prepared for the morning to do it all over again!

I hope that enjoyed this little insight into a typical day in my life as a primary education student at Edge Hill University. As I said before, this is not how all my days work out as life tends to throw some curve balls but I am lucky to have the support of the university and my friends to keep me sane.

Thanks for reading, Lauren x

“My support system is simple – people and time. The miracle of other people in your life.”

-Kiki Smith-