• Support at Home

    Hey everyone, as I, and a lot of people have had to complete assignments at home and not had the opportunity to access books from your local library I thought I would share a few of my favourite websites with you that really helped me with my assignments. Discover More This is a website by […]

  • Looking After Yourself in Lockdown

    According to Dr Radha Modgil, it’s important to maintain a routine and tackle your tasks during lockdown. However, she also recognises the need for self-care. A pandemic is a new experience for us all, so we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for not adapting well. Having a routine could help your mental health but being […]

  • Finding your own Catalyst building.

    Hey everyone, I hope that you are all staying safe at home and coping with everything. I dedicated this month of blogs to talking about studying at home, working from home and writing assignments at home and to finish it off I will be talking about finding the perfect place for you to study in […]

  • Staying Positive While Studying

    I think it’s safe to say that studying isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime. It can be difficult to get into the right mindset to study, especially if you feel stressed. Don’t worry – everyone feels like that sometimes! In today’s blog, I’ll share my tips to stay positive when studying! That will be today’s topic. Think […]

  • Mini Mood Boosters

    The world is in a time of real crisis and it has been a tough, confusing week in the UK. I have been sharing some mini mood boosters on my personal social media channels and in various WhatsApp conversations with friends in order to help us all through this. This weekend, it dawned on me […]

  • Productivity for Procrastinators

    I have several part-time jobs outside of my full-time degree so I often have a lot going on. My grades are good and my performance at work doesn’t slip, so people assume I must be really organised and productive. I am not. Naturally, I am infuriatingly prone to procrastination and have a horrible habit of […]

  • Staying Mentally Healthy!

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all well during this time. As we go through this difficult period in the UK and all over the world, I want to share some advice that I have learnt over the years about staying mentally healthy at university and at home from university. I know I may sound […]

  • Preparing for an Academic Assignment

    Before University, you’ve probably never wrote an academic assignment. When I wrote essays in secondary school, I never had to reference the sources I used; but in University, you will need to so that you can prove you’re not using made-up facts or copying someone else’s work. This blog will share my approach to academic […]

  • How to Avoid the Competitive Side of University

    Hey everyone! the topic for today’s post is something that I haven’t seen much about or talked about that often and so it is why I want to talk about it today. For me, university can seem like one big academic competition within your course group or even sometimes among your peer group which can […]

  • What University Has Taught Me…So Far…

    Hey everyone! My friends and I were talking about what we were like before starting university and I was really surprised to find how much I have learned since starting university in 2018. I thought I would write a few things that I have picked up over the year to show you how much I […]