Move in Day Hacks

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The move in day for Edge Hill is fast approaching and there is so much to think about. If you’re starting your first year at Edge Hill, there’s a few tips you should know before moving in.

Staggered Times

This is something that Edge Hill will organise. It’s most likely that they will keep the strategy or having people move in by surname to help with the flow and limit how many people move into each flat at one time. Be prepared that you’ll need to enrol first and collect your keys before moving your belongings in.

ID Picture

When you get your student cards for campus, Edge Hill will most likely give the opportunity to send in a photo of yourself so you can just pick it up on the day. I highly recommend doing this and make sure its good! Otherwise you’ll have to wait in the queue to get another picture taken.

Belongings Organisation

When moving in, its an idea to organise all of your belongings by room: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This will make it much easier for you to move in knowing where each item is. Also it means less boxes in the way when you’re doing your room decor.

On the move in day it’s likely that there will be trollies and carts that you can use. Also there will be loads of assistance round campus to make your move-in day as easy as possible. Also, if you’re wanting to go out for lunch with your parents on the day, I highly recommend either the Stanley Gate or the Sandpiper. It’s a nice way to say goodbye and they do lovely food!

If you have any questions, just comment down below. Hope this has helped!

Ellis x

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Advice I would give my first year self

Hey everyone, I thought I would share some advice that I would have given my past first-year self! Hope you enjoy and that some find this helpful.

Library Restrictions

When I was completing my A-levels, all I knew for about 7 months was studying, writing notes, reading and learning notes over and over again. I took this mentality to university and continued to spend most of my free time in the library for all hours of the day which obviously meant that I missed out on some really good times with my friends.

So, what I would tell my past-self now is to set aside time to hang out at the flat and be around your flatmates more often, play monopoly until one in the morning and watch scary movies with them. Make a library schedule as to when you are going work and stick to it and if something comes up with your friends, don’t feel guilty about missing a studying session.

How to Make a Monthly Work Schedule Template | Wrike

Be Yourself and HAVE FUN

This is probably the most cliche piece of advice I can give but it is very important and can make your uni experience far better. Being yourself around the new people that you meet will make things a lot easier for getting to know them and it you won’t get tired of trying to be this whole other person.

Make the most of the places around you!

Edge Hill University is a perfect location for exploring new places such as Liverpool city and Southport etc. They can be great places to do day trips with your friends and to take your family when they visit you. Even Ormskirk is a great place to spend the with parks and cute cafes to try.

Make the most out these places while you have the chance at uni!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and hopefully took something away from it. University is a time to enjoy and have new experiences. It is also a time to learn and work hard but one word that I wished I knew in first year was BALANCE and how to juggle both sides of university.

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” 

-Daniel Smith-

Finding Your Tribe

Hey everyone, as the beginning of your Edge Hill journey is fast approaching, I thought I would share some tips on finding your tribe/that group of people that you want to share your journey with.

  1. Flatmates

These people are more than likely going to be the first people that you meet when arriving at university and so, it is probably a good idea to take some time to get to know them as soon as possible. I know that it might be tempting to shy away in your room and wait for the opportunity to come and meet the flatmates but trust me when I say, pushing yourself to socialise is what is going to make university a whole lot easier.

I was really lucky that all my flatmates were so so nice and we had the best time ever in first year even though we were all different. I am still living with the people I met in first year and with the people I made friends with from downstairs and can safely say that they are now some of my very close friends.

2. Course friends

These are also one of the first people you will meet and most likely in a lecture setting which is not the most ideal place for socialising. However, I found that I got talking to my course mates by simply asking, “Hi, is anyone sitting here?” to which then leads on to a conversation about starting university or where you live or something a long those lines. As I do a primary teaching course, it means that I have smaller classes which I was able to talk easier to some of my classmates which then led to meeting up before lectures or going to classes together etc.

3. Clubs/societies

I have never personally joined a club or society in university aside from the gym but I have heard of other people who have and have made really great friends. I suppose this is because you join a club based on what your interests are and so there you will find other people who have similar interests as you.

I hope that this helps anyone or comforts anyone starting university as making new friends who have similar interests as you can be daunting a very scary. Never be afraid to push yourself to do things that will make you happy in the long run and that will help you through your journey.

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

-A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Motivation 101

7 Key-Steps to Motivate and Inspire Your Team - Invista

Trying to keep motivated throughout your studies can be difficult and stressful. Especially during this time, most students were told to go home from March because of the pandemic and let’s be honest, it threw everyone. Specific assignments couldn’t be done, coursework had to be changed. It was just a panicked mess, but we coped with it. I know I struggled with keeping myself motivated to do work at Uni and at home. So I’ve researched into a few tips on how to keep on top of everything, whilst still enjoying your Uni life!

Create a Schedule

Whatever you’re trying to keep motivated with, whether that’s the working out or studying, keeping to a schedule is a great way to stick to it. I would suggest creating a weekly schedule with specific days and times in place to keep to those things. Whilst I was at Uni, I tried to keep a specific day and time for extra studying for a particular module. I also tried creating a plan for going to the gym, although that quickly failed.

Your Goals

Remembering why you’ve gone to University in the first place is a good way to keep yourself motivated. For most people it’s to better their future and get a career in something they’re really passionate about.

Healthy Balance is Key

The Motivating Power of Progress

Trying to find a balance between everything you do at Uni is key to keeping yourself motivated. This is so that you don’t burn yourself out too much concentrating on one thing. As an example, if you concentrate too much on studying you can find that you don’t put any free time in for yourself, which will just make you more stressed about the work.

Remember, everyone is going through the same thing when they start University. It may take just a little bit of time to adjust. But try to keep yourself motivated and you can achieve whatever you want to.

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Ellis x

What You Will Actually Need for Lectures/classes

Hey everyone, I thought I would share with you a few things that I found I absolutely needed to bring with me to lectures and classes as I have learned from first year that some things are just not necessary…yeah five different types of folders, I’m talking to you…

First things first, you only really need to bring one folder with you (if any) if thats how you like to be organised and keep your notes but, bringing different folders for each module and lecture you have will literally weigh you down and cause an awful lot of back strain.

SMALL PENCIL CASE!! I cannot stress this enough. I had a massive pencil case with me in first year with too many pencils and too many pens and just too many rubbers for one person. I suggest getting a small, thin pencil case where you can keep maybe only two pencils and pens and then a ruler and rubber.

LEATHER PENCIL CASE Small Leather Brush Bag Artist Pencil | Etsy

Umbrella. My best friend in second year. It is already hard enough walking to classes in the cold but when it starts raining and you are sitting in the class with wet hair and wet clothes it just adds a different level of stress to your day. I got a small pop up umbrella from B&M bargains and it lasted me a while and saved me from getting freshers flue all year round.

Snacks. No one can argue that these are not essential. I quickly realised that when my mood started to slip in lectures and classes it was because I was beginning to feel a little peckish and thus having the energy to take notes and participate was made very hard. I suggest bringing snacks with you to classes and eating them before so that you can have some energy before going in and smashing the lesson. It also lessens the chances of hearing whale noises from your stomach during a silent part of the lecture.

Hungry GIFs | Tenor

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Head Space at Edge Hill University

Hey everyone! When it comes to the time we can all go back to university and continue with our courses, it always a good thing to find a place you can chill out and take your mind off things. I found these places very calming any time I needed to take a break from assignments or reading and I hope you get to enjoy them as well!

  1. Ruff Woods

This is not really on the campus of Edge Hill but it very close. Literally across a road and your’re there. I find a lot of comfort in woods and being surrounded by things that aren’t buildings. My friends and I would walk around here and take A LOT of photos which is always really fun and comforting.

2. Running Track

A very snowy version of the track around the running track right next to the sports centre. I always walk around this track when I am at the library for a long period of time and need a break to clear my head of all the reading and articles. It can be very calming to do this every now and again and to even bring coffee and earphones to really chill out and restart your brain!

3. Top Floor (The Catalyst)

The silent study is pretty much the only place I can really get into the zone and not get stressed out with any noise. I have been there early enough to see the sunrise and late enough to see the sunset (a result of a very, very, very long day)and the view you have from the top floor makes you forget all your worries for a small time.

I hope that some people found this useful and hopefully you can use these places when we can come back to Edge Hill!

“Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Be calm. You’re brilliant.”


What I Wish I Knew in Sixth Form

I had my final A Level exam just over a year ago. It’s strange; I feel like the year’s gone quick, but it also feels like so long ago! While it was only two years of my life, I learnt a lot (and not just syllabus content). I feel my reflection on my experiences might be beneficial, so in this blog I’m going to discuss what I wish I knew in Sixth Form (besides the final exams answers!)

Recognising Burnout

I always assumed burnout feel like fatigue. This wasn’t the case. I went into my Year 13 practicing for two admissions test (UKCAT and BMAT), preparing for interviews, and studying three subjects. I did all my work and I had time to enjoy myself, so I didn’t understand how I could burnout. My mock results shown that I had, however. Meeting deadlines doesn’t mean that you’re learning effectively! I should’ve left time to process information, not just to ‘de-stress’.

It’s Okay to Not be the ‘Best’

Getting into University is competitive, but it’s okay to not be the best. There will always be someone who gets higher grades than you (and someone who will get higher grades than them) and that’s okay! Just be kind to yourself, because doing your best is what’s important. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. All my teachers expected my best, not my predicted grades.

Results Day is Not the End

I was expecting to not get my predicted grades on Results Day for numerous reasons. I didn’t, but was actually okay with it on the day. You’ll realise there’s a lot of opportunities: re-marks, Clearing, and sitting exams again. Some opportunities may mean you start your next career path later, but that’s okay! We have a lifetime to ‘sort out’ our lives, it’s okay to have a hurdle in the way. It is discouraging, but it’s important to persevere.

Closing Words

Sixth form was a formative experience for me and many others. The ‘take home’ message from this is to look after yourself. It’s already a stressful time, and taking small steps like this would have certainly helped me. Hopefully being aware of lessons I learnt the hard way will help you!


Moving from Campus Accommodation to Off-Campus Accommodation

Hey everyone, since people are thinking about accommodation for the next academic year I thought I would share with you some of my experiences going from living on campus to living off-campus during my second year!

What is so different?

With the on-campus accommodation, the halls of residence usually have a cleaner that comes in daily to clean the communal areas of the accommodation (not the bedroom etc) which was really nice and helpful especially when cleaning and mopping the floor was sometimes the most forgotten task.

Living off-campus this obviously does not happen as the houses for rent are not owned by the university. This means that (in my case anyway) a rota is usually created so that people living in that house each have the responsibility to keep the kitchen and the sitting areas clean.

Living on campus also means that you are MUCH closer to your lectures and can easily get to them if you are running a little late whereas, living off-campus depending where you are, the walk can seemingly take far too long. I lived about 20 minute walking distance from the university and sometimes the thought of having to walk in the rain to a lecture can be quite daunting but luckily the faculty of education keeps me warm!

However, living off-campus meant that I did not have to walk so far to get my weekly shopping. In first year, when I lived on campus I usually liked to walk to the shops and then get the free edge link bus that comes every 20 mins back up to my flat.

How to settle in

I found that it took a lot less time for me to settle in to living off-campus than it did when I first moved into the flat in first year. This was maybe due to the fact that I already knew the people I was living with but I think it was also because we made it comfortable and set up a rota to help us stay on track of cleaning and shopping etc.

I also found that spending loads of time in the house before university and lectures actually started helped me to get used to the new surroundings and set my things up.

I hope that you found this useful and are staying safe and well during this time. 

Thank you for reading, Lauren x

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” 

-Jane Austen-

Why I Chose Primary Education!

Hey everyone, as Thank a Teacher Day is fast approaching and with everything that teachers are doing for their students during this time I thought I would talk a little about why I chose to train to be a part of this amazing community of people.

When I was very young I had thought about how cool it would be to be a teacher who wouldn’t give their students homework and let them play all day instead of work because I can only imagine that was every child’s ideal teacher. It wasn’t until I was a little older did I start to see how much of an impact my teachers had on my everyday life and how much they cared for my achievement.

I started to forget about the idea of not giving my class homework and letting them play all day because I saw how much respect my classmates and I had for all my teachers throughout the years despite homework and mental mathematics books…I will never forget the mental maths…

Tes Maths: Maths4Everyone collection | Tes

Maths was always a huge struggle for me throughout my whole education but, I will always remember the immense amount of support I received from my teachers that really helped me cope with the difficulties. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I want to be a primary educator because I want to be able to do the same for other children that come across struggles in their life whether it be academic or not. 

9,266 Super Woman Stock Vector Illustration And Royalty Free Super ...

Another huge reason why I chose the career path of being a teacher is because my mum has always been a primary teacher and I always loved hearing the stories she would tell me after school about what her students learnt that day. Seeing how much she loved it really inspired me to be just like her and start my own journey to be a teacher.

I hope that you enjoyed this! Teachers have always been important to me because of what they do for their students and I am very grateful that I have had the most amazing experiences with teachers and that I have chosen Edge Hill to complete my training!

“Not all superheroes have capes, some have Teaching Degrees.” 


Tips For a Healthy Mind – Lockdown Edition!

Hey everyone, I hope that you all are staying safe during this lockdown and enjoying the time to settle down and chill with loved ones. I also know that the lockdown can be a little stressful especially if you are trying to complete a degree and write assignments etc so, I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have started to do to look after my mind during lockdown.


Before I start, anyone who knows me will know that I am not artistically inclined in the slightest and is why I was so apprehensive about starting a scrapbook in the first place because I knew it would not turn out like the ones I see on Pinterest! However, when lockdown started I wanted to have something to work on that was not related to my degree or academia at all and so that’s when I decided to order myself some scrapbooking essentials such as markers, washi tape and fun stickers.

I had ordered loads of photos over the 2 years of being in university and so I decided to base the scrapbook on my memories from university. I will admit that it does get a little sad looking back at photos but it is also a great reminder that if we all stay home that we can go back to being with friends and making loads of new memories. My only problem now is that I want to make a scrapbook on every aspect of my life…it’s addictive.

Music and podcasts

I have never been more grateful for Spotify and podcasts in my life! I love putting my headphones on and walking around my garden/fields or even just laying still and soaking up all the lyrics and making my family rethink ever letting me come home for lockdown when I laugh out loud at a podcast in the middle of the garden (Table Manners is a must for everyone).

Table Manners with Jessie Ware on acast
My favourite Podcast!

Again, music and podcasts help me relax and detach myself from the assignments and uni work so that I can come back to work with a fresh and calm mind ready for more Harvard referencing!


I think one of the hardest parts about leaving university to come back home for lockdown was not being able to go to yoga on a Sunday morning with my friends. However, YouTube has been my saviour the past couple of weeks and also doing my own yoga sessions has really helped keep my practice up.

Also, having the time to do some home workouts has really helped me to de-stress from assignment writing and release some worry about the current situation. I always tell myself that even going for a walk once a day and being outside in the fresh air can be all I need to do for my exercise as it is just as beneficial as going to the gym.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that some of you start scrapbooking because trust me, you will not want to stop. Stay safe and stay home and if you need anymore support on covid-19 please use the link and scroll down the page

Thank you for reading, Lauren x

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”