I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need…

Where would you get a part time job in Ormskirk?

Well, there’s loads. For starters EHU displays all their current vacancies on the student information section on Blackboard (the university portal) and on the main website when you log in with your student ID. Some of these positions could be helping students on moving in days or being a student guide on open days. It’s easy money and doesn’t affect your study timetable, so why not?

You then have job opportunities in Ormskirk, with local pubs and food establishments constantly needing staff. Christmas jobs in supermarkets are common, as well as branded shops like New Look hiring over the festive period.

If you’re willing to use some of your wages up on transport then there is a wider scope of jobs in Liverpool (25 minutes away on the train). I have friends who managed to get Christmas temp jobs easily (and some have been kept on and made permanent staff). Likewise to Liverpool, Southport is 20 minutes away on the bus and can also provide more jobs.

Another option is volunteering. I know for students money can be very tight and the thought of waking up early on a Saturday is bad enough, let alone without getting paid… but if you haven’t got a lot of experience on your CV it’s a good way to get some. It’s also nice to give back to your local community, gain some self esteem and it keeps you busy on boring weekends. You wouldn’t need to travel to Liverpool or Southport, as Ormskirk has plenty of charity shops- which are constantly looking for help- some of which are YMCA, Cancer Research and Barnardos.

Until next time…

Student loan.

Edge Hill student’s got there loan the first Monday of January. It is the best feeling ever knowing you have numbers in your bank account again, until… you pay your rent.

For me, my student loan just about covers my rent. I have a part time job in Ormskirk which helps me along for paying bills, and nights out.

But one of the hardest things about moving away from home, is balancing your money between, rent, bills, food, and nights out. This is probably one of the essential life lessons that Uni life teaches you!

Rent is an obvious one to pay first!

Bills can be expensive, but turn things off at the switch when you’re out, put an extra layer on instead of the heating, and my favourite one… put candles on to save electricity! (yankee candles are the best!)

Food is also an essential! At the start of Uni, I used to visit the shop around 2 or 3 times a day! But now, instead I make myself a packed-lunch alongside crisps, chocolate, sweets and fruit. (it’s like being back at school!) And there’s loads of water fountains at Uni so invest in a water bottle and just fill it up there!

But nights out are a must. Me and my house mates are always clubbing together to get a few bottles of vodka. It works out cheaper if you all club together anyway!

There’s always ways of making your loan last until the next one. Think logically and sensibly and you can have all the things you want/need! Haha! 🙂