• Top Tips for Applied Health and Social Care Applicants

    As I work on the final pieces of coursework to complete my second year at university, I can’t help but notice all of the buzz around interviews and applications. It feels so strange that two years ago I was interviewing at Edge Hill and hoping my application for BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy would be […]

  • Seven top tips for assignments

    It’s that time of year where students can be found busily working around campus, especially in the library, ahead of assignment deadlines. Here’s a few tips to help you to stay on top of your work throughout the year so that you can avoid any last minute rushes to the library for books! Find out […]

  • Life as a Mature Student

    Are you currently considering studying at Edge Hill University as a mature student? Deciding to go to university as a mature student was a decision willed with excitement and nerves for me. Part of me was worried what it would be like studying after years of being out of formal education, but I was also […]

  • Three New Years Resolutions as a Student

    Three New Years Resolutions as a Student

    With the first semester over and assignments all submitted I found myself thinking about what New Years Resolutions would be good to have over the next year as a student. So here’s 3 resolutions that you could try, all of which would be great for any student and are easy to complete here at Edge […]

  • Come for a Sneak Preview!

    So what’s more exciting than coming to university? It’s what you’ve been building up towards since you’ve started college (maybe even earlier!) So whether you’re in year 13 and you’ve been through the UCAS process and ready to start, or you’re in year 12… it’s fast approaching! Choosing which University to go to is a […]

  • Dissertation deadline is looming, ahhhh!

    Hey guys, How are we? Well what’s new? With my dissertation deadline right around the corner it’s time to start worrying. I worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to university work, I just want it to be good! Over these three years I’ve had my fair share of panic tears and […]

  • Dissertation times

    Hi guys, How are you? I’m a little stressed. It’s that time of the year when things are due in and I’m trying (and failing) to juggle a million balls at once. My dissertation is due in soon and although I’ve had months to complete it, I feel like I’ve left everything until the last […]

  • So, Sociology… we meet again?

    Hey guys, hope you’re all well. So what’s an average week like for a third year Sociology BA (Hons) student? Well… This is my last semester (cry) which consists on 3 modules: Critical terrorism, childhood and sexuality and finally my dissertation. I’m in Tuesdays and Thursdays (x2, 2 hour lectures & x2, 1 hour seminars) which […]

  • Make 2016 a Year You Want to Travel Back to! 😀

    So we’re in the second week of 2016 now and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Something which I find fascinating is how the world, in unison join together to set their year goals. This could be to lose weight, eat healthier or just try something new and out of the blue. It’s an […]

  • Last Minute Guide… Choosing the Right Course!

    Oh how depressing that Christmas is over and there’s only a few days until the new year! This means it’s nearly the year of intense revision, exams and results- but boy is it worth it! Hopefully you’ve submitted your UCAS application, but if not and you’re unsure of what course to choose I’ve decided to […]