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Hello all, hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Although I’ve done a couple of posts on the Arts Centre and the wonderful things they offer, I haven’t quite let you in on all of it just yet (unbelievably!). Although the Arts Centre is a working Theatre and has both theatrical and musical events throughout the year, there are also many events and showings for those who are a fan of film or screenings, which can also be a part of the free membership (meaning free films, free screenings, and free fun for all!).


Free Film Friday!

Above are a few posters from the Free Film Friday events! This is exclusive to students, unlike most of the theatre showings throughout the week, and sometimes there are even student “cook-offs”, which you get to indulge in, eat some great food and vote for the best team before enjoying your film! If you’re a fan of the kind of films shown above, or of the kinds of Beetlejuice, Suicide Squad or Finding Nemo, this is definitely one of the biggest perks of the Arts Centre and being an Edge Hill student!


Weekday films

During the week, there are occasionally extra films too! These are open to the public like the theatre shows, however, the membership still applies for these, and if you want to save your free tickets for theatre shows it’s only £2 to see some of the best films of the year! So far I’ve been to see Me Before You and Bridget Jones’ Baby, both of which I’m glad were shown so close to the comfort of my accommodation!


National Theatre (and other!) Screenings!

If you are a fan of theatre screenings, these also occur throughout the Arts Centre schedule! Live screenings from London of companies such as the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company are shown in our very own Studio Theatre, with many different plays to take your pick from! I think this is a great opportunity to see shows you might not otherwise have a chance to see! As a Performing Arts student, I’d learnt so much about Bertolt Brecht, yet never seen one of his plays, however, last Semester I saw his Threepenny Opera streamed by the National Theatre from London, one of my favourite experiences at the Arts Centre to date! So I’d definitely recommend attending some of these if you join the University in September! Other plays and such that are streamed and are going to be streamed this year are Twelfth Night, Saint Joan  and Hedda Gabler, all by the National Theatre.


If you would like to know more about the Arts Centre and what it has to offer, I will link to my last two posts about this below and the relevant pages on the Arts Centre’s website:

The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

The Arts Centre (FREE!) Membership


Feel free to drop me any comments on questions you might have and I hope you have a wonderful end to your week 🙂

Employability Week!

It’s finally reading/employability week on campus!
For those of you who don’t know, reading week is a week for students to catch up on their essays/coursework/readings and to somewhat relax. However, for media students, it’s all about employability, with three days full of activities, workshops, and sessions. In this blog post, I will be discussing the type of session/workshops that are being offered across all the academic years of the media courses, as these sessions are held a couple times a year.  

Monday’s session
Dissertation workshop
This session is aimed at 2nd-year film and television production students to help them choose whether to do a dissertation or not, as it is optional. You can either choose to do one dissertation or two theory modules.This is super useful for anyone who is still undecided or wants more information on this topic!

Working in freelance
Most people working in the media industry, tend to work freelance: moving from job to job, and company to company. So it’s a great chance to learn about the exciting, challenging world of freelance and the key elements required to help you set yourself up as a freelancer. Which is a great skill to know.

Setting yourself up as a freelancer
Practical advice from experts on becoming a freelancer.
This is one-to-one experience where you can ask individual questions and get advice on how to set yourself up. Brilliant for people who are planning on working in the media industry and getting closer to graduation.

Study skills: Finding academic information for your assignments
Studying experts from learning services are on hand to enable you to develop the skills needed to reach for your assignments. Super useful for anyone who writes essays. Even more useful if you’re considering doing a dissertation/currently are writing one.  

Pitching event
Hosted by Derek Murray, this session gives us a chance to pitch our own original idea to receive feedback on.

Tuesday’s session
Careers planning: essential skills for employment right now
What have you got and what are you missing? It’s important to know what skills make you employable, as you may have skills you don’t even realise employers look for!

Career planning making your job application stand out this summer
It’s time to start thinking about how you can make the summer count jobwise! Whether that’s getting cash or building your skillset up. This session will help to focus your plans and make your application stand out amongst the others.

Postgraduate study at Edge Hill
Rachel Buckley and Andrea Wright are hosting this session for any student interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in the media department. Bring your questions about studying a higher level!

Study skills: academic writing workshop
This session gives you advice and guidance on bringing out the academic writing skills you already have.

Study skills improving your grammar & proof-reading
An essential part of getting your message across when writing is clear and precise sentence structure. And often it’s grammar and spelling that prevent your message from getting across, so this is the ideal opportunity to properly concentrate just on that!

Wednesday’s session
Postgraduate certificate & teaching
If you’re interested in acquiring a qualification that may lead to a career in teaching, then this session if for you! Find out what the PG certificate entails and bring your questions along for a very informative event!

Studying abroad
This session is for students from years 1 and 2, to learn about opportunities there may be for studying outside of the UK.

Module choices
Additionally, there are module choices sessions for both 
film studies, and film and television production students, for years 1 and 2. 

As you can see, there’s a lot on offer this employability week in terms of sessions. Although there are no guest speakers as there usually is, there’s still a lot out there to interest you, so if you’re a media student who finds yourself free on campus, make sure to check some of these sessions out!
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day:  The Lobster (2015)

First Year Film and Television Production Overview!

Disclaimer: Film and Television Production is a weird and wonderful course that’s always changing to keep up to date with the ever-changing media world around us, thus changing the modules and structure. To summarise: What I do/have experienced in my course might not be the same experience you’d have if you joined the course as the course is always reshaping itself.
Okay so now the formalities are out of the way, welcome to my course!

Film and television has always been my passion from a young age. Growing up I watched every kids program on air and every VHS given to me, which led to a lot of digging through my family’s collection of VHS to search for ones I hadn’t watched yet. So this course seemed perfect for me as I’m still the same to this day!  
The course is split up into a variety of modules over the academic year so I’ve decided the best way to do this is to list the modules I studied and tell you what I think about them. Before I start, all of my first-year modules were compulsory and I will be referring to the module overview on the Edge Hill website.

First Semester

Screening of my film for Production 1.

Production Skills:
This is, as you’d guess, the first production piece I had to create. This piece has a distinct theme, as it is the infamous “Coffee and Cigarettes”. Ask any media production student about this and see the horror in their faces, as this film is a right of passage which most the media courses at Edge Hill have to do. Fortunately, mine was quite successful, as were most people’s surprisingly, as this task is a tester at the end of the day, it’s there to allow you to get to grips with the equipment and teaches you how to work in a group. I feel like I learned quite a bit from this task as I had limited knowledge of the equipment that we used for this task before this assignment.

Creative Ideas
This module was super fun in my opinion as it allowed us to let our creativity flow as the main goal of the module was to create a portfolio of ideas which could later be turned into films. Each week we’d learn a new technique of how to generate ideas which ranged from visiting art galleries to looking into philosophy. And at the end of it all, you’re left with a book of original ideas which can be used in your future productions!  

First & Second Semester 
History in Context:
This module is the main theory component in the first year of the course and runs through the whole of the first year unlike the other modules. Surprisingly enough I liked this module, I myself am not a theory kind of person, I’m more hands on and practical, however, this module taught me to love theory, as I learnt about how film and tv has developed over the years, I came to appreciate how far the medium had come and how it influences modern day media. Context is everything after all.

Second Semester 
Production 2:

Inside Creative Edge

Onto the second film I had to create, which was a three to five minute film about anything we liked. Unlike the first production, this film had no theme and was not limited to certain camera shots, which allowed for a lot more creativity. This task inspired most groups to aim for 5 minutes which gave us a lot of experience about teamwork and planning in itself. The film my group created was very ambitions which made it harder to create, but at the same time gave us the chance to try whatever we wanted as the marks didn’t really count, so there was a lot less pressure overall. This project also helped to encourage people to specialise in their chosen skill, mine being editing. 



Storytelling for the Screen:
Finally, the last module I studied was ‘storytelling for the screen’, which is basically screenwriting 101. I loved this module as I excel at screenwriting, and learning how to format everything really helped me in the long run.

Overall the first year of my course was quite informative. There were times when I felt like giving up, but overall I love university way too much to do that, and I’m glad that I did stick around!
I hope you found this helpful or learned something new from this.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Battle Royale (2000)


The Label Recordings

One thing I’ll always love about Edge Hill is the opportunities it creates, one of which is the student record label, “The Label Recordings”. Which is a non-profit organisation, run by Carl Hunter (bassist for ‘The Farm’) and Clare Henley, who are also media lecturers at the uni. The organisation specialises in helping local unsigned indie artists by producing their music, videos, and getting their singles to radio stations. You may be asking yourself where you’d find yourself at the label. Personally, I am a runner and editor for the label and have been for over a year now. However, there is a variety of roles from camera operator to graphic designer.

My experience with the record label has been a strange but fascinating one, which I wish to highlight a few moments for you in this post in the hopes that you reading may find yourself a new extracurricular activity, as it’s been a great experience, not just cv wise, but in general as the things you can potentially learn while on set will help you later in any industry you wish to go in, as creativity and time management is always a must.

Psycho Disco Face single cover art

The first job I had with the label was a runner on the set of Oranj Son‘s ‘Psycho Disco Face‘ music video, which involved myself, and a group of fellow students running through a forest holding poles, with massive papier-mâché heads on the end of them, while someone ran after us with an iPad filming it. The Label is incredible fun. And since then I have been a main part in everything the label produces, including one of the label’s more recent band ‘Youth Hostel‘.

Youth Hostel is the first band on the label who I have followed from the very start, from filming their promo in Parr Street studio, to editing their final music video, to seeing them rise to success at Liverpool Sound City, which has been a joy to see.  

To summarise, take every opportunity that the university makes available, even if that might include running through a forest holding a pole with a papier-mâché head on it.

If you know any student bands who would like to be featured on the record label, feel free to post your submission to the Facebook page! For more information on the label, please check out their blog.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Spirited Away (2001)

Hi Edge Hill!

Hey there, welcome to my first official Edge Hill blog post!
I’m so excited to start blogging here and giving you an insight of what my student experience is like here. A good idea however before I start would be an introduction, so here I go.
Hi, I’m Charley, a second year Film and Television Production Student who lives in a student home in Ormskirk. (Phew, that’s out of the way.)  

Edge Hill hosts a variety of courses and has the facilities to prove it. However, you’ll usually find me in Creative Edge (as that’s where my course is based), in one of the editing suites as I’m an aspiring editor.

The Hub on the other hand, is one of my favourite spots to go on campus, mostly because of the shop and the mini market they usually have on. But most importantly when events are held there such as freshers fair, the hub comes alive and there’s a buzzing atmosphere in the air, and a chance to grab freebies always helps.    

Speaking of freshers fair, that’s where you can sign up for a variety of societies, which Edge Hill has a lot of. I myself am President of Disney society, editor for Vibe Media, editor/ runner for the Label Recordings and part of the Raising and Giving society. However there’s a massive range of societies to choose from if those don’t take your fancy, from Anime to Rock Climbing, there’s a lot on offer. As well as having the ability to create a society, if acceptable, from one of your hobbies or interest, but that’s a blog post for a different time.

Inside the Art Centre

And finally there is the Arts Centre if you like open mic nights, live performers and pizza, this is the place for you. The reason I go there though is for ‘Free Film Friday’. As you can guess by the title the Art Centre most weeks screen new releases of films in their cinema, which is free for all students, which is great for all you media buffs out there and perfect for a free night out of the flat.

Thank you for reading my first post, I can’t wait to tell you more about Edge Hill and what it has to offer in future posts!
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Black Mirror (2011-)

Free Film Friday

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great week with what ever you have been doing. Assignments and exam preparation is beginning to pick up, from drama to politics I hope everything isn’t stressing you out too much. Well, I am posting this blog a little late than usual due to the BRITAwards2016 being on last night. As a true BRIT it is an exciting time in the pop culture calendar. Can we just mention how amazing Lorde’s tribute was to David Bowie? The Zealander has some amazing pipes and her stage presentation was perfect. Adele. There is nothing more to say unless I say everything. She is a beacon of happiness and for all those watching and for you students coming to university studying music and drama or a creative subject she is an inspiration. I wish you all the success you are setting out to achieve.

The great thing about Edge Hill University is the facilities it has for adventurous, creative students. From recording studios to whole stage productions, dance productions, the possibilities are endless. I myself am a business student and apart from the suits and business plans and essays on the policies of monopolistic business in the modern age I am a big fan of music, film and theatre. Every Friday there is a free film shown in the arts centre. Literally just like a cinema and how can anyone turn down a free film.

A theatre, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time has no relevance.
-Dario Fo

If anyone is interested in theatre, musical performance, of any other creative course at Edge Hill, from what I have heard from my friends studying these subjects, you won’t be disappointed. I have provided a direct link to the website if you want to have a look at the course options and what is available to you.

here is some information from YouTube about dance and drama degrees here at Edge Hill


The Extra Mile….

unnamedFor the last 4 years as a student, I can imagine all you’ve heard is, ‘what extra curricular activities are you doing?’ and ‘what else do you have for your cv?’ I seem to have an un-fond memory of this and thinking are my A-Levels not enough?! Unfortunately, I have to break the news; this question doesn’t stop when you get to university and apparently, just having a degree is not enough! (Can you imagine?!)
Alas, do not fret, this post is to tell you about all the amazing opportunities I feel that Edge Hill offers to go the extra mile in your studies, and how our university really does help you to become more employable!
As a media student I can talk from my own experience about how hands on our department is at making sure its students are well-rounded, experienced and knowledgeable but I imagine this is exactly the same in every department!
Firstly I want to talk about employability week. This is a week put on by the media department every year, full of tutorials, guest speakers and workshops to make sure every media student gets the opportunity to make their CV the best it can be and to get that extra work experience. This year for example we had Carl Jones a big time advertising creative and Tim Roe head of motion Graphics at Playstation and they put on really impressive presentation and Q&A sessions about how to get ahead in the industry. We also had alumni students come in and tell us about where they are now after graduating from Edge Hill! I was even offered the opportunity to come down to ITV to talk to some script writers from Corrie, just from getting chatting to one of the guest speakers! In addition to all this amazing first hand knowledge, we also get a range of businesses and agencies in to offer work experience and placement opportunities. For example this year the students have had the opportunity to create promotional materials for The Fair Trade Store, and last year production house Knowsleigh Enterprise came to offer placements!
Personally, I think this week is such a great opportunity and I love that our university really invests in making all its students well-rounded employees and give us the chances to enhance our CV’s so you don’t have to worry about leaving university without all the extra but totally necessary skills to get a job!
In addition to this we have an amazing careers department in the Student Information Centre, which can help with CV writing, placements and part-time work opportunities to help make you more employable. This team is so helpful, friendly and dedicated, and can even help you after you’ve graduated!
I hope this posts shows how many opportunities Edge Hill has and how much they invest in producing the best students!

Creative Edge – Home of the Media Department

It’s safe to say that when it comes to departments here at Edge Hill, the media department is the most impressive by far – and I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m a media student or because the university invested £17m into it! It’s literally kitted out to the max with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that are on par with the BBC and Media City so you really do get to train up in the kind of facilities you’ll be in when it comes to that time you finally take a leap into the industry.
As soon as you walk in, you can immediately tell you’re in a creative space and there’s a certain buzz of atmosphere that lets you know everyone’s working on exciting creative projects. The wall on the far left is abundant with flat screens showcasing students’ latest work, I love this because I love having a nosey at what other students are working on, and it keeps me motivated!
The thing I love most about the department though, is that you’re always in it and all the facilities are available to you. I know that sounds kind of weird but the amount of media students I talk to from other universities that are never even in their department astounds me! For me, as an advertising student, all of my lectures and workshops are in the advertising studio, and I can use the mac studio next door whenever I like, and there is always a computer free! I love this because the studio is a really creative space with big windows looking out over campus, big screen mac’s and creative work all over the walls, its a really nice space to work in, I can’t imagine doing creative work in a stuffy classroom!
I also love how easy it is to hire equipment, over the last term I’ve been working on a TV advertisement and it was so easy to hire out the cameras, lighting and even one of the TV studios. If you have any project you want to try you really can! I’m hoping to do a radio ad at some point after easter and my lecturer was more that happy to put me in contact with someone to hire out a music recording studio! It really is an exciting department and the amount of collaboration across departments is great, its such a creative and inspiring place to study, I LOVE it! Heres just a few of the rooms

TV studios with broadcast capacity and full production capabilities for news, drama, documentary and experimental work
Recording studios
Sound-editing suites
Radio studio
Animation studios
Photographic studio
Multimedia laboratory
Networking and forensics laboratories
Computer laboratories.

Employability Week!


Down on over at Creative Edge (The Media Department), we are lucky enough to get the opportunity for an Employability week. This isn’t something which universities are forced to offer and most don’t, but here at Edge Hill we are fortunate enough to be dedicated an entire week every term, to special one off lectures, seminars and workshops all based around the concept of making yourself more employable! I went along to a lot of the different talks last semester, and it was so helpful and beneficial, and I’m really looking forward to going along again next week, to met new industry experts, and get tips and advice for looking for placements which I need to find for next year!

The week offers such a wide variety of activities for all of the media students, from guest lectures, seminars with industry experts and companies like Bauer Media and West Lancs Media, which give workshops on how to apply for work placements and internships!

The Week will consist of:
-Learning how to be more pro-active
-Finding out how to make a strong first impression
-Meeting people with genuine ideas and opportunities
-How to give yourself a head-start
-2 Media challenges for CVS West Lancashire and acclaimed director Martin Wallace

Its such a fantastic opportunity to get involved with, and I think its so great that the university offer events like this!

Media Applicant Visit Days

Applicant Visit days are another term along with UCAS and Student Finance that you’ll come into contact with pretty quickly along the University application process! Applicant Visit days, are basically open days run by the university of your choice which are specifically tailored for the course you have chosen. This gives you a chance to have another good look around the University, check out the accommodation and all the facilities, as well as having a look around your department, and having a chat with your future lecturers.
Here at Edge Hill, we’ve just had two of our applicant visit days, which I have worked on, so for those of you that are thinking about going to one or were wondering what they’re about, heres the low down…
When you apply to a specific university course, you will be given the opportunity to book onto one of our applicant visit days. The first half of the day usually consists of having a good look around our campus, either showing around friends and family or just having a more in-depth look for yourself! We really do have a beautiful campus so I’d definitely suggest having a good explore round! You’ll then have the opportunity to have a look around our different accommodation options or get all your questions answered by our different departments including the inclusion team and student finance.
The second half of the day is a bit more tailored to your specific course, it usually starts with a talk given by the head of your department. You’ll then go off for a workshop for your specific course! This gives you an opportunity to meet fellow students that might be on your course and give you a chance to meet and chat with your lecturers!
In the Advertising workshop we had a chat with our lecturer, who talked us thorough the course and gave us a chance to ask all the questions we’d been wondering, and we were then given a little mini task, which was to advertise Old British Apples! This was really fun as you can experience what a real class is like and get to know everyone in the room!
dscf1113 dscf1114

I would definitely recommend going along to applicant visit days, they are great fun and really eye opening, and they give you a real insight into what it would be like to study at University!!