Making Your Decision…

If you haven’t already received feedback from the universities you have applied to, you’ll be hearing back very shortly I can assure you. But what happens when you’ve been given your offers? It’s time to make some very important decisions, that’s what! Here are my top 3 factors to consider when making your decision.

  1. The Programme You’ve Applied For: Do your research. For each individual university, pull the subject/profession apart, delving deep into module topics, forms of assessment, work experience opportunities, employability rates and facilities supporting this specific subject area etc. Just because a university is in the top 10 doesn’t mean that for the area you wish to study is rated just as proudly. If you’re certain on what you want to study, focus on the quality, ranking and feedback for that specific major rather than the university itself. You need to most importantly choose a course that best fits around you! Often, you may find a university of a less competitive nature may very well have a more suited programme for yourself, working in your favour!
  2. Location: You’re going to be living here for the next few years of your life. Moving to university is such a large and life changing step as you begin to explore the new and unknown. So you want to make sure that wherever you choose, you’re going to feel most comfortable and happy. At the end of the day, you’re going to be living here, not just visiting (unfortunately)! You need to ensure that the location benefits you, granting you access to facilities you ‘wont be able to live without’. If you’re not happy in your environment, you’re not going to study well. Edge Hill may not exactly be in a well-known location, but this wasn’t a problem as I’m only 30 minutes away by train to Liverpool or Manchester if I fancy a day out!
  3. Size & Type of University: For me, Edge Hill slaughtered all other chances opposing universities had at this one. Universities range from those sprawled  across vast cities, to those tucked away on one ground, all in close-knit. Social atmosphere can also conflict with this one. You’ll know what you will feel most comfortable with once having visited the university for yourself. You’ll know straight away if you’re apprehensive or ready to pack your bags and move in. But it’s certainly something to consider! I mean hey, look at me. I’m able to wake up 10 minutes before a lecture, make myself look presentable and still make it to my seminar a little early. Think of convenience and perhaps wasn’t doesn’t feel quite so daunting for yourself.

Trust me, when considering these important facts when comparing between your options, you’ll just know which university is right for you!

So what is it like living off campus?

Living on campus in first year is great and this is where you’ll arguably make the majority of your friends- who you’ll probably end up living with in second year! Living at uni is what really gives you that independence to do what you want with your time without having to answer to anyone and responsibility to look after yourself!

In second year living in a house increases that independence and responsibility as you have to cope with things that go wrong, cleaning the house and paying the bills!

If you have an issue in halls you ring Facilities Management and they will help you solve the issue! However now you have to either try and fix the problem (Google will probably help here!), ring mum and dad or your landlord/estate agent if you have no luck.

In a house you will all have to pull your own weight to clean up the house as unfortunately there are no cleaners everyday unlike in halls! Ensure everyone is up to doing this so there are no tensions in the house if someone isn’t pitching in! The same goes for splitting the bills and paying them on time!

Personally I love living in a house in second year, my house is halfway between uni and Ormskirk centre. So I can easily nip into town or to uni, the only bad thing is having to get up a little bit earlier in the morning for lectures! I’d say the two best things is not losing circulation in your hands having to lug shopping bags back and not having to walk in the freezing cold back to halls at night after a night out!

If you come to visit Edge Hill I would definitely recommend having a walk around Ormskirk to look at the town you’ll be spending the next three years at and where ultimately you’ll end up living! Here’s a few pictures of the centre so you know what to expect!

EHU 2013 Ormskirk114-L EHU 2013 Ormskirk139-L

When to Start Looking For 2nd Year Housing?

By this time next year you will be looking for a house to live in during your second year, or you may have already signed up for a house!

This does seem early but to ensure that you’re not left struggling I really can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you sort it ASAP!

Edge Hill produce a housing list at the very start of December that you can use to ring up landlords to book house viewings.

Here are a few questions to think about with your future flat mates:

  • How much is the deposit?

With the deposit you need to know if you can you afford it, do you get it all back at the end of the year and if so what are the conditions to ensure you do get it back!

  • How much is the summer retainer?

Again, how much is it. Remember you won’t get this money back as it is a fee to hold the property for the summer months when you’re not in it.

  • How much is it per week?

Can you all afford it? Is it more expensive than your room now? If so can you afford the extra money, as you will have less to live off!

  • Does the price include bills?

If it does- great! If not, can you split it ‘x’ ways without arguments of who hasn’t been in the house for so many days so should pay less or how someone else should pay more because they have had a friend over!

  • When are the payments due?

Can you afford the payments at the times required, as the money may need to be paid before your student finance comes!

  • Is the landlord or estate agency reputable (do look into their reputation!)

You do not want to enter into a contract where the other party is unreliable.

When you go to a house viewing check out the following checklist and don’t be afraid to ask questions! It is a lot of money you will be giving them, make sure its right!

A little about Ormksirk…

Hello! I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and that the excited for New Years! 2016 will be an amazing and unforgettable year, finishing your A Levels, starting university, meeting loads of new people… the list is endless!

I’d like to talk a little about Ormksirk! Ormskirk is a charming market town that is around a ten minute walk from Edge Hill! Or if you are living on campus you can use the Edge Link bus which travels to and from Edge Hill to Ormksirk  for free with your Unicard (you receive this on welcome Sunday). Trust me this bus is an absolute lifesaver when you’ve just done your food shop!

Ormksirk has all the essential shops and takeaways! There are plenty of places to shop for food in town such as Morrisons, Aldi and Iceland! There are also pubs and a few clubs that you will certainly venture into during your time at university! I would definitely recommend that you venture into Liverpool on a night out as there is a larger variety of clubs to choose from, however it is more expensive and as a student you probably won’t have much money!

To get to Liverpool the easiest way is via the railway station which is a two minute walk from the bus station (where the bus will drop you off from uni).  here you can get directly to Liverpool or Preston- both of which are a half an hour journey! This is perfect if you want a day out you can go shopping or go to the cinema… amongst many other things!

So to finish off, as it is Christmas, I’ve included a few pictures of the Christmas lights around Ormskirk and Liverpool, just a little taster of what you can expect to see next year!

Hello Ormskirk, how do you do?

Hey guys, so you wanna know about Ormskirk?

Well… the first word that comes to mind is without doubt CUTE. I mean anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying, sorry not sorry. The town itself is quite compact, with a range of local and national branded shops. Café, bars and pubs surround the area, along with local takeaways for when you don’t feel like cooking. Ormskirk has a library (but no doubt you’ll live in EHU ones, cause after all it is amazing) and it even has a hospital (but hopefully you’ll never have to use it).

Transport links? There are plenty! If you’re driving in the town is a spit away (ew how gross) from the motorway, so moving in and out won’t be a hassle for your parents. We have an amazing bus system, not only the EHU link bus, but the town’s local bus system linking us to Southport, Preston, Liverpool and surrounding towns. Trains? Chooo chooo… Our local train system is perfect for getting to experience city life. On one side you have easy transport to Preston and then on the other you have the best city of them all LIVERPOOL. So on weekends when you want to explore, you’re only 25/30 mins away from the city, on trains which come every 15 minutes (Sunday’s might be slightly longer, but still how quick is that?).

The University itself is a short walk (5 mins) away from the train station and town, so when you’re in a rush to get somewhere fear not, it’s literally down the road! So overall it’s a great little town. The people are extremely friendly and love how students are part of their community. I’m telling you, you’ll love it!

Until next time…



Food and Drink in Ormskirk

Well this is it. This weekend I will be moving out of Ormskirk…forever. I’m absolutely gutted about it. I thought for this blog I’d make myself cry some more and tell you about some of my favourite food and drink places in Ormskirk and why I’m going to miss it so much.

I’ve said already that Ormskirk is quiet, and compared to a lot of places it most definitely is, but it is also full of hidden gems that make it truly unique and exciting. There’s lots of independent cafes, bars and restaurants, and pretty much every single one that I’ve tried has been amazing. But there’s a few places I’d totally recommend visiting. First is Bramley’s, a cafe that I discovered in my first year. It serves the best iced coffee in the entire world and nothing else will ever compare. Next is Blue Juice and Java, which I only tried for the first time this year, but I’ve been there so many times since, always for their absolutely delicious, freshly-made juices that come in little jars with handles. It’s a healthy alternative  for when you fancy going out for a drink with friends, and the staff there are so lovely.

Juice at Blue Juice and Java
Juice at Blue Juice and Java

Restaurant wise my number one pick is Salt and Liquor, because the food there is absolutely incredible. It’s also my favourite bar in Ormskirk because their cocktails are so yummy but also reasonably priced. I really wish I could pack it up and take it home with me. I’m also going to really miss the SU bar on campus, because the food there is really good despite the cheap price (I find myself constantly craving the nachos!) and the drinks are cheap too! The Fat Olive has also been a favourite of mine since first year, and I’ve been way more times than I care to admit because of the great deals they offer on such high quality food.

Next week when you hear for me I will be back down South (much to my despair!) but I will continue to write some (probably very sad) blogs about reasons why I miss Ormskirk and why Edge Hill is the most amazing university in the world whilst I try and come to terms with the fact that I have to be a proper adult now.

Transport links?

ormskirk train station
Ormskirk train station.

Whether you live on campus in your first year or commute from home you’ll probably at some point use the transport systems. During my first year I lived in the Unite accommodation in Liverpool and had to travel in using the train.

Ormskirk train station is really cute. The train lines link from Ormskirk- Liverpool and the opposite line goes towards Preston. The trains usually arrive every 15/20 minutes, so you wont be waiting around too long to travel in and out of the city.

Edge Hill University Link Bus.

Once off the train, EHU provides a bus service. The Edge Hill link (EHL) completes a looping service of picking students up from just outside the train station and dropping them off just outside the university. From the train station it is about a 10/12 minute walk, so if you miss the bus don’t panic, it’s just straight up the road.

Ormskirk also has a good bus service, venturing to places such as: Southport, Wigan, Liverpool and St.Helens. I sometimes use the buses to travel to Burscough (a town next to Ormskirk) to donate blood every couple of months.

So make sure in your first year you taste the nightlife all around and do as much exploring as you can… when you’re not studying of course.

Until next time…:)


Edge Hill is situated in Ormskirk. Although when I applied to Edge Hill, I’d never heard of ‘Ormskirk’ before! If I’m being honest when I came for the Applicant Visit Day, we only visited the uni and not the town centre! So I had no idea what my new town even looked like! (oops!)

So, the day after moving in day, myself and my flat mates all headed into Ormskirk on the uni bus (EL1). The bus journey is less than a 5 minute drive and is around a 15 minute walk to town from uni. We got off the bus and we headed into the centre. It is the cutest little town ever! There’s supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Iceland and Netto that are all near enough in the centre. There’s a few high-street shops like New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Boots, Superdrug and Body Care, along with card shops and post offices, bakeries, and charity shops.

It’s packed with some lovely pubs, a fair few little coffee and cake shops, big chain ones like Costa and some lovely little ones. There’s even a McDonalds and Subway, which is perfect food for hangovers! But for perfect little evenings out, there are some gorgeous restaurants, and carvery’s that you just need to try out when you get here!

And then there’s Liverpool a big city, around a 25 minute train journey, that is filled with more shops, pubs, clubs and a cinema! To be honest, being an Edge Hill student you get the best of both worlds! I love it and I love the fact I have a really wide choice of where I can go, because the train and buses are so close and so frequent.

One thing that seems to be very historic in Ormskirk is the Clock Tower. Every Thursday and Saturday there’s the traditional market, with around 100 stalls, ranging from food, flowers, furniture and clothing that are all set out around the Clock Tower. There’s such a good atmosphere and to be honest you can get some really good things from them!

I hope you will love it, as much as I do! 🙂

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Ormskirk’s Nightlife

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when talking to prospective students is what’s in Ormskirk and what is it like for nightlife?
Now Ormskirk, incase you’ve never heard of it before, is a little market town which is a half hour train ride away from the centre of Liverpool. Now if your coming from a city, it’s safe to say it may be a little different that what you may be used to, there are no crazy squares full of massive clubs and chained restaurants but instead is slightly more quirky and independent. Ormskirk is scattered with so many little bars, pubs and a few small clubs you can definitely tell it’s a student town! I love that because the places are small, you’ll always bump into people you know which is really nice, and means you always end up meeting loads of new people!
If your wanting a cheap student night out with good music that’s open quite late then we’ve got Alpine and Mustard, these are both really nice small clubs and everyone you know is always there! If you’re looking to go out for a few drinks then there are literally so many bars and pubs to choose from, my favorites include Styles and Wetherspoons, really cheap and just really nice places to hangout for a quite drink with friends.
When it comes to places to eat there’s lots of options too, we’ve got everything from Tapas to Italian, The Fat Olive do amazing student deals for Edge Hill Students and the food is so good! Who said students can’t afford to eat eh?!
If you fancy something a little nicer for a special occasion or just because, then we also have a few cocktail bars! My absolute favourite is The Green Room, the cocktails are amazing, the staff are so friendly and its just a really nice atmosphere to be in, I LOVE it!
Now let’s not forget that we are also a really short train journey away from Liverpool City Centre, where there’s everything you could possibly want! Cinemas, restaurants, clubs and bars, gigs – it’s got everything you need! I love being in Ormskirk because you have the best of both worlds close enough to a city for big nights out, but in an area that’s a little more chilled! Perfect.

This week at Alpine we even have a twerking competition!! Don’t worry I will not be entering!!