Homesickness and how to tackle it!

Hey everyone!

As I come from Northern Ireland, the feeling of homesickness is very familiar and I especially felt it more when I returned to university after the holidays.

After feeling sorry for myself for a few days and texting my mum every 5 minutes throughout the day, I decided that I would try and do something about it. Read on to find out how I deal with homesickness!

What I Remind Myself…

I think that the first hurdle to overcome when you are feeling sad about being away from home is to remind yourself constantly that it is COMPLETELY normal. I sat in my room thinking that I was the only person that could be feeling like this at the moment but it wasn’t until I talked to a friend of mine that I realised, everyone goes through this. 

And so, after reminding myself of this everyday, the feeling started to ease as I knew that the feeling would come and go and when it does, it is okay to feel that way.


Talk to someone

As well as talking to your friends about what you are feeling, there are so many other people in the University that would be more than happy to talk to you and offer any advice.

When I was feeling the way I was about being away from home, I reached out to CampusLife with an email and they responded within minutes with so much advice on what I could do to help me overcome how I was feeling. They told me about ‘That Thursday Thing’ which is where a group of people meet up and just chat or take part in activities. They were so helpful and they will even offer to send out their student connectors to your halls to check up on you and to have a chat about how you are feeling.


Stay connected to family and friends from home

When I first felt homesick back in September, the last thing that I wanted to do was phone my mum, dad or anyone from home because I thought it would only make me feel worse. I even declined any pictures that my mum tried to send to me of my dog which, if anyone knows me, I would have NEVER done.

I quickly found that talking to my family and friends from home on a regular basis, whether that be through text or FaceTime, really helped me through the tougher times and made me appreciate them more. Till this day, I still ring, text and FaceTime home just for a catch up but, mostly for pictures of my dog…

Rosie really takes the whole ‘even my dog is prettier than I am’ statement to a whole new level…

I really hope that this post will remind people that feeling homesick is so normal and there are so many things that can be done to tackle it but these are the three main tips that I follow when I start to feel a million miles away from home.

“When you feel homesick,’ he said, ‘just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go.”

-The Goldfinch-

The Sports Centre at Edge Hill!

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous post I now have a membership at the Edge Hill’s Sports Centre! I’m still at the beginning of my fitness journey so I will definitely be updating you on how that’s going later on.

But, I think that the facilities at the Sports Centre are incredible and there is so much to do that will suit everyone at all ages and abilities – you can take a look at their website by clicking here. So, I thought I would give you all a quick run through of what’s available!


The Sports Centre has two sets of changing rooms for both the fitness suite and the swimming facilities, both include showers. I also absolutely love that there are hairdryers and straighteners available too! There are lots of lockers as well so you never have to worry about leaving your belongings unattended.

The fitness suite itself has lots of equipment from treadmills to bikes and cross trainers, as well as a designated weights area. The gym equipment also has a TV screen so that you can stay entertained during work outs. For example you can watch Netflix and YouTube or even listen to the radio!

Every single day there are a variety of classes you can go to such as yoga, Zumba, HIIT and lots more. I would love to have a go at doing yoga and legs, bums and tums as they sound great! Classes are well priced for non-members as well at just £3.50!

The swimming pool is one of my favourite things, I’ve been a couple of times now and I love it in there! You can swim freely or in a single lane and there are also classes such as Aqua Fit. It’s a great way to guarantee you won’t go on your phone for a good hour and you can just switch off from uni work.

So far I’m really enjoying doing some exercise and I find it’s really good mentally as well. I’m finding that I am really looking forward to it each time I visit the gym! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

Ellie 🙂


Starting a society and planning an event!

Recently a group of us from psychology were encouraged to create a psychology society, to not only bring psychology students together but also other people that are interested in psychology. It was a rather lengthy yet simple process to become a new society, and I thought it would be good to share my experience with you, along with the event that has just taken place.

Firstly, starting up the society was pretty fun, we had to be creative and come up with a name and a logo but we also had to think about what we wanted to stand for and what the society would do. As a group we completed a short application form, where we had to decide who would be in what roles and what we wanted to do, we also set up a number of different social media accounts so that when the society was approved we could share it and get people involved. Once we had completed that it was then just a waiting game as to when the SU confirmed we could be a society and we could get started.

However in the mean time we wanted to get an event sorted as a big opening and start to the society. We were lucky enough to have lots of tutors willing to support us in any way that they could, which made it a little less stressful. We were lucky enough to be able to organise Alan Baddeley to come and give us a talk on “Working memory: Ambling and Stumbling towards the multicomponent model”, which was very interesting I must say.

It wasn’t always easy when planning the event and starting the society, due to not being an official society for a while it was difficult for us to market the society and the talk. However this was resolved due to having the support from tutors as they were able to mention it in their lectures but we were also lucky enough to have lots of support from the SU who were able to help us put posters around and on the screens around campus. Everything was quite well planned until the day came along and unfortunately it had snowed and so trains were cancelled, and so we did face some delays and worries that Professor Alan wasn’t going to be able to make it. However he made it just in time and we were able to start. So although some things didn’t go to plan along the way, it was sorted and the event went well. 5


Top Tips for Meeting New People!

Hey everyone!

Moving from Northern Ireland to Ormskirk came as a bit of a shock to the system. I had left all my family and friends behind in the small ‘wee’ town of Saul, my forever home.

Coming to university and not knowing anyone around me was something that made my nerves bubble up inside me and fill me with all types of emotions. However, I luckily was very quick to find people who I connected with and can now call my friends.

Here are some of my tips and tricks on meeting new people!

Go out on the first night of freshers!

I remember my first day arriving at university and feeling so deflated after unpacking all day then having to say goodbye to my parents. The last thing I wanted to do was go out and socialize. However, I am so glad that I made the decision to do so! I was able to connect with my new flat mates and get to know them a little better which was such a good ice-breaker. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and let people see you for who you are. 


Join a society!

Here at Edge Hill, there are so many societies to choose from that you will have no problem finding one that tickles your fancy. It is such a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you and a great way to socialize outside of your flat. Here is a helpful link that will allow you to browse some of the clubs and societies at Edge Hill –

Give It A Go!

I was so thankful for the students union setting this up for first years. Before I arrived at Edge Hill, I was sent an information booklet from the students union with a timetable of all the Give It A Go sessions that would be happening when I arrive. There were trips to Ikea, Crafternoon sessions, nightclubs and lots of other activities that allowed me to meet people from other courses and to go to with my flat mates! They also organise these sessions throughout the year so take advantage of them when you can! Check out the Student Union website –


Do not isolate yourself!

Believe me, I know the feeling. Moving to a completely new environment can be overwhelming and your flat room seems like the only safe haven away from the unfamiliarity around you. In my opinion, staying in your room and not allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone is not the way to meet new people. On my first night, I was barely in my room because I was hanging out with my flat mates, getting to know them and creating memories that we still talk about till this day! 

And that is all the tips that helped me meet new people and make new friends. I really hope that this helps someone and do not hesitate to ask me anything about moving away from home and settling in to new environments because I know exactly how it feels.

This quote is a little different from my normal ones because my dad said this before I left for university and I have remembered it every single day. Allow people to get to know you because, more than likely, they are just as interested to get to know you as you are them.

“Everyone is curious about everyone” 

-My Dad-

Karaoke Fridays, and the SU bar

Generally every Friday, at the SU bar there is a Karaoke night, which is always absolutely thriving and full of life. Lots of people go to karaoke and it is always a good laugh. A mixture of songs are available for you to sing from Disney such as Moana, Musicals on the West End such as Matilda and even some classics such as Queen and Abba. Even if you are not up on the stage singing your heart out, most people sing from the audience and are really encouraging whoever is on stage. Generally karaoke Friday has a real closeness about it with everyone socialising and having fun.  The bar is open and usually very busy, however the bar tenders always work as quick as they can to get you served.

During the week, the SU has other events available such as a quiz which is on every Monday and the social every Wednesday, generally for all the sports teams to get together. The SU bar isn’t just open in the evenings, it is also open in the day, where it is a nice place to chill out with friends. They usually have some music playing or have the T.V. on which creates a nice relaxing atmosphere for everyone.

The SU also open for special events, for example when there is a big football match or boxing match, they generally have this on the big screen for everyone to see and watch. During Welcome week, the SU sometimes opens up into the Venue which has more of a club feel to it. They are also opening up the venue this week for the Christmas Ball they are running.

The SU is a great place to go day or night and always have things planned for students to do. Image result for karaoke

“Be selective in your battles sometimes peace is better than being right.”

Gaming at Edge Hill – 3 Reasons to join the Video Game Society

Gaming is becoming a bigger and bigger entertainment source. With the explosion in recent years of E-Sports and Virtual Reality based gaming the entertainment industry has estimated that by 2021 gaming will make up a whopping $29 billion. So if you enjoy your gaming, on any platform from PC to tabletop the Edge Hill Video Game Society have you covered, and here’s why:

1. The people

The VGS is full of interesting characters of all backgrounds but what brings them together is the common interest of all things gaming. You will meet friends here and everyone has a laugh. Everyone is open for a chat and you don’t have to worry about showing up alone, someone will spark up a conversation.

2. The games

There is never a dull moment at VGS when it comes to games, a plethora of both classic and modern games are played every night at VGS. Nintendo is usually on the big screen with classic fighting games but expect others like Rocket League, Halo, Call of Duty, CS:GO, and more. There is something there for every type of gamer.

3. The Events

Finally in this list is the events. VGS meets twice a week but on so many other occasions they have special events like gameathons and charity fundraisers. One example is the recent 72 hour game jam ran in aid of children in need that raised over £700 for the worthy cause. The 2018 game jam took place on campus and lasted from Friday night to Monday morning with LAN parties and classic gaming. Trust me you don’t want to miss the next one.

If you want to find out more about the EHU VGS check out their page on the official EHU SU website here!

And if you want more free and great advice email or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Finding the right University!

Hi I’m Charlotte, and for my first blog post I thought I would talk to you about the importance of open days and finding the right university. As I hope you’re aware, the deadline for UCAS applications is fast approaching, as we get closer to Christmas and into the New Year. Most of you are probably preparing for your mock exams that could be before Christmas, in the New Year, or maybe you have already done them which must be a relief. If you are yet to do your mock exams, just remember that these are generally the grades that get put onto your application for UCAS (well thats what it was like for me) and so they are important and you should try and put your all into them. Anyway enough about exams, the main focus of this post is about open days and the importance of finding the right university for you.

Personally for me it was very difficult to get to open days as I come from overseas and so needed to get a plane over which costs a lot. However it is slightly easier for those of you who are from the U.K. If you do come from overseas like me or don’t live around the area, most universities are very accommodating if you tell them where you come from and will try and find a way to make things easier for you.

Anyway, for me it was particularly important to find the right university as I was coming so far away. However for anyone I would recommend going to as many Open Days that you seem necessary, I know for me when I went to other universities there was just something missing, however when I came to Edge Hill, I just fell in love with not only the campus and the opportunities, but also the surrounding community. This is something I wouldn’t have known, had I not come to an Open Day. You get to see and hear things on an open day that you cannot find online, and a lot of the time it is important things such as do they have the facilities so that you can carry on with your hobbies or am I going to be able to have my ensuite bathroom.

For this reason, I highly recommend going to Open Days, as it will help you find “the one” (as in the university for you, not a love companion). The last Open Day of the year was this Saturday, but fear not you can book onto one of Edge Hill’s monthly Campus Tours.

“The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”


My first blog and a bit about myself!

Hi prospective students, I’m Alice!
As this is my first blog I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself so you can get to know a bit about the person behind the blogs!

Why did you chose Edge Hill?
I remember first hearing about Edge Hill at a university fair at college and I had looked into and around a few other different universities before I found Edge Hill. I knew I wanted to go to university and perhaps do something with teaching but that’s all I was sure about! At college I took English lit, textiles and drama and did an EPQ so I had a variety of things I enjoyed studying.  Outside of college I worked in a hotel, enjoyed babysitting, swimming, running and  socialising. When I looked into Edge Hill uni, I found that it wasn’t too far away (about 2 hours in the car) and how friendly and welcoming it felt, I knew I would love it here. This was before I even knew what I wanted to study, but seeing the Education and English course was the icing on the cake- it was exactly want I wanted to do!

How have you found your first few months here?

Honestly, I have loved it! And I really do mean that, obviously there have been times when I’ve missed my family and friends at home but I have found so much support from fellow students and members of staff that really have made me feel happy here!

I am from a town so to me Ormskirk feels like a home from home, walking through the streets on a Thursday or Saturday on the market days is always lovely and treating myself to some Ormskirk gingerbread always makes my week! There’s also loads for different things to do in Ormskirk, on campus and in different places only a short train journey away, I will be making a blog post soon about places I enjoy going in the local area at the weekend with friends.

I am part of the Edge Hill swim team, the arts and crafts society and LGBT society so my blogs will also revolve around the societies I am part of and how much I enjoy them. Now I can also say I’m a blogger for the university- and already I have met some brilliant new people from doing this! I would highly recommend joining different teams, societies and volunteering  as it is a brilliant opportunity meet so many different and new people, as well as the people on your course and in your flat!

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask, would be great to hear from you! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning a bit about me, I am excited to share more about myself and my experiences with you! I hope this has helped you and I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon!


Alice 🙂


Being a Part of a Society

As you are looking forward to starting your university adventure, I am sure you are wondering which societies are available and which ones you would want to join (or if you want to join any at all). In my first and second year I hadn’t joined a society, but had experienced going to socials such as the football social. Anyone is welcome to join nights out and meet new people… that is what is so great about societies and socials at Edge Hill!

Sports Teams

This year, I am currently playing basketball with the basketball society (Edge Hill Ducks!). Although I used to play GA in netball during high school, I can’t say Basketball is my forte. Going to training has made me appreciate how different these two sports actually are! However, everyone at basketball has made me welcome and part of the team. This shows you that you can join a sports team no matter how experienced you are… just go for it!!!

Create a society

You can find the list of Edge Hill’s current societies on their website. However if there’s
nothing that interests you, you have the option of creating your own society. Edge Hill Student Minds society is a great example and was created last year by a fellow primary education student. It is open to anyone struggling with their own mental health, wanting to support others, to learn more about mental health and helping to remove the stigma around it.  You can follow their page here.

If you have any questions about societies at Edge Hill, drop me a comment! If there is a specific society in particular, I will do my best to put you into contact with them.

Advice for Freshers

Moving into university halls, and settling down in university life for some can be a walk in the park. For others, however, university can seem like a daunting hurdle to get where you want to go in life, especially for the first few weeks. That’s why today I will be writing about some things that I wish I knew when I joined Edge Hill. So sit back and relax as I tell you some top tips on how to make your freshers and university experience easier overall! 

  • Get to your uni halls early so you can claim the best cupboard in the kitchen and the best shelf in the fridge.
  • You can survive a full week on less than a fiver – pasta and the occasional free food in the hub will get you by when you’re struggling.
  • The link bus is free on campus, so make the most of it!
  • Explore the campus! Walk around and get to know where you’ll be spending the next 3 years of your life, feel free to invite your flatmates as well, as a get to know you activity!
  • Sign up for as many societies as you like! It’s best to try as many things as you can to see which societies you wanna stick with after freshers month is over.

  • Memorize the campus shops opening and closing times.
  • Have a few taxi numbers in your phone contacts, and make sure you get the numbers of your new friends in case you get separated.
  • Don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous about going out – it can be a scary time for any fresher because you’re still getting to know people.
  • If you’re a first-time drinker, make sure to go easy on your fresher week alcohol intake.
  • Plan your budget for Freshers Week. Know how much you want to spend each day on food, activities, and drinks. Planning in advance always helps. 

  • Make a spreadsheet of how much you spend each week so you know where your money is going. And if you’re overspending, then you know what to cut down on.
  • Start thinking about Christmas shopping before December, as the price of gifts can mount up.
  • Your Edge Hill student card will get you discounts in shops and restaurants like McDonalds.
  • You can use the online catalog to make sure the book you want is in stock before walking over to the library.
  • Also, have a few tins of beans and spaghetti on standby as they work great as emergency meals.

  • Cook a bit more than you need so you can have leftovers the next day instead of cooking!
  • It’s cheaper to cook for yourself than have takeaway every night.
  • Make sure you eat before you go out.
  • Make sure you prop your door open while you’re unpacking. That way you can meet your flatmates straight away.
  • Don’t stop talking to random people just because freshers’ week has finished! It never hurts to be nice and make new friends and connections.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it and got something from it. Just remember, this feeling of nervousness you have right now will go away once you’re past your first few weeks, so be calm as everything will be fine.
Until next time!

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