Creative Edge – Home of the Media Department

It’s safe to say that when it comes to departments here at Edge Hill, the media department is the most impressive by far – and I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m a media student or because the university invested £17m into it! It’s literally kitted out to the max with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that are on par with the BBC and Media City so you really do get to train up in the kind of facilities you’ll be in when it comes to that time you finally take a leap into the industry.
As soon as you walk in, you can immediately tell you’re in a creative space and there’s a certain buzz of atmosphere that lets you know everyone’s working on exciting creative projects. The wall on the far left is abundant with flat screens showcasing students’ latest work, I love this because I love having a nosey at what other students are working on, and it keeps me motivated!
The thing I love most about the department though, is that you’re always in it and all the facilities are available to you. I know that sounds kind of weird but the amount of media students I talk to from other universities that are never even in their department astounds me! For me, as an advertising student, all of my lectures and workshops are in the advertising studio, and I can use the mac studio next door whenever I like, and there is always a computer free! I love this because the studio is a really creative space with big windows looking out over campus, big screen mac’s and creative work all over the walls, its a really nice space to work in, I can’t imagine doing creative work in a stuffy classroom!
I also love how easy it is to hire equipment, over the last term I’ve been working on a TV advertisement and it was so easy to hire out the cameras, lighting and even one of the TV studios. If you have any project you want to try you really can! I’m hoping to do a radio ad at some point after easter and my lecturer was more that happy to put me in contact with someone to hire out a music recording studio! It really is an exciting department and the amount of collaboration across departments is great, its such a creative and inspiring place to study, I LOVE it! Heres just a few of the rooms

TV studios with broadcast capacity and full production capabilities for news, drama, documentary and experimental work
Recording studios
Sound-editing suites
Radio studio
Animation studios
Photographic studio
Multimedia laboratory
Networking and forensics laboratories
Computer laboratories.

Applicant Visit Day?

Hey guys!

Attending an applicant visit day?

I wish I had the option to attend one when I was trying to pick my University. I mean, yeah I went to all the open days (three times for EHU to make sure I wanted to come here), but I didn’t experience a day around campus.

Recently I helped out on one of the social science applicant visit days and it was fantastic. Edge Hill went above and beyond to accommodate any needs for students arriving. Student helpers assisted in guiding students around the campus along with providing campus tours. In the social science department (where I helped out), a taster lecture was presented by Kirsty- a member of the social science team. The session lasted an hour and a half, of which the students asked questions and interacted with the talk perfectly. The students got to meet the head of the department who held a talk in one of the lecture halls and activities where arranged in the HUB for students entertainment. EHU’s catering staff provided a spread of delicious food and treats for everyone, which everyone seemed to appreciate.

These days allow you to ask any questions about your course, accommodation and University experience that you haven’t already received an answer to. Staff are happy to discuss topics, along with anything you want to know about the University. Student helpers are also willing to provide an honest answer to their experience of EHU.

We hope you’ll give our applicant visitor days a chance, because we know you’ll enjoy it!

Until next time…:)

What I really like about the Hub

One idea we’ve been given to write about in either March or April is student life at Edge Hill. This can include stuff about societies, facilities on campus we really like, the edge hill campus in general etc. So, I thought I’d talk about the hub. Finished the year before I started Edge Hill, it is one of the places I visit most often on campus aside from my departmental building (Social and Psychological Sciences building) and the Library. I’ve talked about the hub before in another blog post ( where I named it as my favourite place on campus and this is still the case today.

What do I like about it so much? Well it’s diverse range of facilities. It boasts a shop on the ground floor (McColls) that sells a range of things, there are two eateries (Sages and Grab ‘N’ Go), there’s places you can sit and eat or just socialize with your friends, there’s computers up and downstairs, cash machines outside McColls and throughout the week there are stalls selling different things. My favourite of these is the Cakeman of Cottage Cakes who sells the most amazing cakes I have ever tasted (seriously if you end up coming to Edge Hill in University visit him when he’s in, you will definitely not regret it) and I even won one once (I had a choice of either three pieces of tray bake cakes or one big one – I opted for one big one because my family were coming up to visit me and take me out for my dad’s birthday).

The hub is also where I eat my lunch (I mainly bring my own in to help me save money) and spend some time chilling out when I’m not in the library or in lectures.

So that’s the hub in a nutshell, and if anyone wants to know anything more about student life at Edge Hill then feel free to drop me a comment.

Computers on Campus

When you start your degree, it’s more than likely that you’ll be using a computer a lot, whether that’s for research, writing essays or even just accessing emails and notifications from tutors. Edge Hill has hundreds of computers, most of which can be used whenever you need them.

Whenever I require the use of a computer on campus, the first place I normally check is the library. There are computers available on every floor, and of course working in the library is great if you also need access to books at the same time. The different floors with their different noise levels mean you can really find the right environment to suit your studying needs too.

The LINC (Learning Innovation Centre) also has a few computer rooms, and what’s especially great about the computers in the LINC is that they are accessible 24/7. This is definitely useful if you have a deadline coming up and you find yourself working really late, or if you’re just someone who likes to work during night hours.

The LINC computer room
The LINC computer room

The Hub also has its share of computers, mainly on the upper floor. However, with it being the centre of campus and where students spend a lot of time during the day, it’s always very busy in there and so not the best place to get work done if you need peace and quiet. That said, a bonus of using the computers in the Hub is that printing in there is absolutely free (thanks to the work of the SU a few years ago). Of course, you can print everywhere else on campus too and although you do have to pay it only costs a couple of pence per sheet at the most.

Most buildings around the university have their own computer rooms, although each building and department has its own rules about accessing these so it’s best to check first. Also, some of the halls on campus have rooms that come equipped with their own computers which is wonderful for getting work done in your own room.

And finally, everywhere on campus is covered by wifi so if you want to bring your own laptop to uni with you, or if you just want to access the internet on your phone, tablet etc, you can!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Or should I say “Tsoon jay kwai ler” which is Chinese for “Happy Chinese New Year”!

Uni had some super cute little stalls on, in the hub on Thursday, which was the beginning of a full weekend of celebrations for the Chinese.

They had stalls which informed you of what animal you are based on the year you were born in. This year is the year of the goat. They had fortune cookies that they were giving out… typically, being a third student, mine said, “now is the time to further your career”… either that or it’s fate! Depends what you believe in I suppose! They also had little pocket books with handy phrases to learn, Chinese tea making, paper folding and they even offered to write your name in Chinese!


super cute chinese offerings!
super cute Chinese offerings!


I was planning on going to Liverpool yesterday/today to China town and see all the celebrations, stalls and little markets, but I had to work instead! There’s always next year though.

Edge Hill really do make the most out of every occasion and celebration. They make you aware of what is going on in society within different cultures, and even more so, they make it fun! 🙂


Applicant Visit Day!

It was around this time that I booked my place to come to an Applicant Visit Day here at Edge Hill. Even though that was nearly 3 years ago I still remember coming here with my mum for the very first time!

Once we arrived and got directed to the main car park, we were shown to the place we needed to sign in. The first ever memory I had, was coming off the car park to go through to the campus with great big green banners that said, “Welcome to Edge Hill”. So cute!

Anyway, the day consisted of two things. Firstly, having a meet and great taster session of what our potential course would be like. And secondly, having a tour of the campus – in particular campus accommodation. There was various breaks in between where you could socialise and mix with other visitors to get their view on the uni.

All the staff and student guides were so friendly, they answer all your questions and were all over the place, so if you ever took the wrong turn they were there to direct you back!

I would 100% recommend attending an Applicant Visit Day, regardless of what uni you apply too, because that’s how you get “the feel for it”. I knew on the Applicant Visit Day that this would become my second home… and it has! 🙂


Edge Hill Sport

Entrance-1 Spinning-class
Before I came to university I don’t think i’d ever set foot in a gym in my life! I’d always been very into dancing, but when it came to sport and fitness I was useless! So one of the goals I had when I arrived at University was to join the gym, and with the university one being a short minute walk from my halls that seemed like the best option! I have now been a member here for a year and a half so I thought I’d let you in on a little insight of what its like…..

Fitness Suite
The fitness suite over looks the running track and offers a range of fitness equipment and machines. They also offer weekly 1- 1 personal trainer sessions, which is great if your new to the gym! You can also follow different fitness programme that are pre designed for you so you can get the most out of the gym!

This is where you’ll find me more often than not, I LOVE the classes here, they literally offer everything from Zumba, Abs Express and Circuits to Jungle Body and Boot Camps! My favourites are Yoga and Legs, Bums and Tums, the instructors are so nice and its such a fun way of getting fit!

Get Active Programme
The Get Active is our weekly social programme of recreational activities. There are a huge range of activities to choose from. It’s focused on providing a social environment, perfect for people who haven’t played for a while, complete beginners and people who’d like to add something different to their usual routine. Its only £1 per session so is amazing value and theres so many sports on offer!

And if all that isn’t enough were currently in phase 2 of a £30 million development to build a brand new state of the art indoor and outdoor sports complex! This will include top-of-the-range 3G football / rugby pitch, 6-a-side courts, hockey pitch and grass football pitches, as well as a 25-metre swimming pool and fitness suite incorporating the latest technology with 80 stations to exercise all parts of the body, an Aerobic studio and double sports hall to play badminton, basketball and squash courts!!

Pennies make pounds…

Hi everyone!

So, the festive season has left us as quickly as it arrived and we’re all ready to start working hard again, right? I have huge expectations for 2015. I need/want/hope that it’s the best year yet.

Sometimes uni can feel like you’re balancing a million things at once. Between studying, bad takeaway food, horrendous sleeping patterns and limited funds, you can sometimes feel like you’re missing out on the bigger picture. For me, giving back to society is incredibly important. I don’t know what career I want to go into- I’m hoping to work it out during this year- but helping people to improve their lives, is the bigger picture. On my course (Sociology), I am constantly reminded of people less fortunate than myself. I moan about slow internet, cold showers, stuff that would be luxuries to some people and that isn’t right.

So, at the beginning of my second year I decided to make a change, regardless of the size of impact I could create. I joined the RAG society (Raising and Giving) and became vice-president within a few weeks. This is a group of selfless individuals who volunteer to raise money for a wide range of charities. Our aim as a society is to reach £10,000 in this academic year. We have ideas for events- which shall be revealed very soon- and we hope that everyone gets involved. Whether participating in events, becoming a member of the society or donating, we appreciate all the help we can get.

Some people see uni as just a grade. They think you arrive on day one, hoping to leave with a first or a two-one… but I think it’s more than that. Yeah, obviously the grade is important and it will set you up for life, but you need to experience as much as you can to make you a better all-rounded person. Societies allow you to throw yourself into areas that you are passionate about so I strongly urge that you join at least one when you arrive. If nothing else you meet people from a range of backgrounds and make a lot of new friends.

Feel free to check out our page on Facebook:

Until next time…:)




For the whole of summer I was panicking wondering if I did enough to secure my place at Edge Hill, but then as soon as I found out I had been accepted I was then panicking about accommodation! I originally applied to be in the really posh en-suite graduates court! But I soon found out they got snapped up, and I was given Forest Court. Which ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened! I was in Maple and shared my block with 4 other people, 2 girls and 2 boys. Perfect!

I was on the ground floor, number 10, and honestly if it wasn’t other students coming back in from a night out, or the fire alarm testing at stupid o’clock in the morning, then it would be the famous Edge Hill ducks that would wake me just in time for my 9am seminars!

ducks outside my window!!!!

We all played pranks on each other, I remember one time I went to the “McColls” shop on campus, for like 5 minutes, I came back and the whole toilet roll was displayed in my room… It genuinely took me longer to take it down than what it did for them to put it up!

a work of art!
a work of art!

But it’s okay ’cause there’s a little thing called karma, hahahaaaa….

sticky situation...
sticky situation…

Living in halls is always busy, to be honest I very rarely felt homesick just because you and your flat mates are all in the same boat. You do things as a flat to cheer yourselves up and the majority of the time, you’re out every night anyway!

I would recommend living in halls to anyone, it’s the perfect opportunity to find how well you can cope away from home, with other people, sharing your communal areas and of course not having your home comforts. But, you make the most amazing memories and some really good friends! 🙂