• Textbooks – A Business School Guide.

    Textbooks are essential if you’re a business student. More often than not, they are the key to completing your assignments due to the content being what the essay, or other assessment, is modelled around. Each module has a reading list with a plentiful array of books, some will be essential reading, some recommended reading. My […]

  • Why I’m Excited To Go Back To Uni.

    I’m enjoying my summer away from my studies. For the past few months, other than a few small bits and pieces left to tie up for a PPD module due at the end of August, I’ve been enjoying doing effectively nothing. I’m still reading books and trying to learn photo editing software as mentioned in […]

  • University Exams – A First-Year Reflection.

    Exams are stressful, I think most people can agree with that. The build-up to them, the sleepless nights of revising, and then when you realise you’ve technically paid to sit your first university exam, there’s a whole layer of pressure. I sat my first exam at Edge Hill in January 2020, and today my blog […]

  • Business School Freshers Week 2019

    I’ve spoken a fair bit about Freshers week in my blogs, but never intensely on the activities my department (The Business School) put on for my cohort. If you’re a new student reading this blog, beware everyone’s Freshers is different, and the next cohort’s Freshers week activities for the Business School may be very different. […]

  • Course Insight: Marketing Year One

    As per my profile on the website, I study Marketing here at Edge Hill. Marketing has always been part of my life, from high school to college, and now University, so naturally I was always going to write a blog about the course. Right off the bat, a disclaimer that your experiences will differ from […]

  • My First Deadline Experience.

    You’ve settled into university, had a few lectures for each of your modules, done a bit of reading or at least attempted to, and now… The lecturers begin to mention assignments or coursework. This was mostly my scenario. Although we’d been informed in our introduction session how the module is assessed it doesn’t dawn on […]

  • Fastrack: My experience (part 1 – applying)

    In my last post I talked about Fastrack: Preparation for Higher Education and what it is. Now I’ll talk about my experience of applying for this course. During the beginning of 2017 I was contemplating a career change and started off by trying to find out what jobs I would like to do and what qualifications would be […]

  • Study Tips, Exams Made Easier ✓

    Hola! So exams are now over and I am back into the full swing of things this semester. This semester I am studying Business Economics, Marketing for Business, Business Start Up and Spanish and so if anyone is interested in getting some insights to any of these modules feel free to message me. These last […]

  • Receiving your offer

    The UCAS deadline is approaching and I think it was around this time last year I had received my offer from Edge Hill to study Law. I remember being incredibly excited! I actually got all five of my university offers but Edge Hill was the one I really wanted, as soon as the offer came […]

  • Goodbye

    Well guys, this is my final blog! I thought I would just dedicate my last blog to reflect on my time at Edge Hill. I came to Edge Hill in my first year as an 18-year-old young girl, who wouldn’t even think of even staying away from home for more than a week! But then, I […]