Applicant Visit Day?

Hey guys!

Attending an applicant visit day?

I wish I had the option to attend one when I was trying to pick my University. I mean, yeah I went to all the open days (three times for EHU to make sure I wanted to come here), but I didn’t experience a day around campus.

Recently I helped out on one of the social science applicant visit days and it was fantastic. Edge Hill went above and beyond to accommodate any needs for students arriving. Student helpers assisted in guiding students around the campus along with providing campus tours. In the social science department (where I helped out), a taster lecture was presented by Kirsty- a member of the social science team. The session lasted an hour and a half, of which the students asked questions and interacted with the talk perfectly. The students got to meet the head of the department who held a talk in one of the lecture halls and activities where arranged in the HUB for students entertainment. EHU’s catering staff provided a spread of delicious food and treats for everyone, which everyone seemed to appreciate.

These days allow you to ask any questions about your course, accommodation and University experience that you haven’t already received an answer to. Staff are happy to discuss topics, along with anything you want to know about the University. Student helpers are also willing to provide an honest answer to their experience of EHU.

We hope you’ll give our applicant visitor days a chance, because we know you’ll enjoy it!

Until next time…:)

Drunken antics left, right and centre…

Does anyone else have a routine when it comes to nights out?

Well, we do.

When the week’s over, admittedly sometimes during the week as well, we like to drink our nights away. We usually follow a set of unwritten rules, which go something like this…

We begin with decisions: What’s everyone going to wear? Where are we going out? Liverpool? Ormskirk?.. Right Ormskirk to keep costs down. Where in Ormskirk? Mustard? Nah. Alpine? Yes.

Then we start pre-drinking, more often than not far too early. We leave one by one to get ready in our rooms, then reunite in the living room to play drinking games. These games follow an unofficial order, yet we all have the set memorised for what comes next.

Ring of fire> Over the bridge> A card game which we don’t have a name of, but it’s my favourite> Paranoid (a classic for starting arguments from meaningless comments)… Then if it’s a house party, games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ surface. This is of course just and excuse to be nosey.

People start arriving. The house is rammed with unfamiliar faces. Spillages are occurring, with what feels like every two minutes, no doubt from Morrison branded vodka. Before you know it we’ve ran out of toilet roll. Someone always seems to be crying, of which no one knows why. The music is beyond loud. Drunken chats, people falling and horrendous singing is everywhere. On some occasions the neighbours have complained, which leads us to emptying the house and heading to town.

You could literally copy and paste this for every weekend entry and very few factors would change. Oh the joys of being a student.

Until next time…:)

Student loan.

Edge Hill student’s got there loan the first Monday of January. It is the best feeling ever knowing you have numbers in your bank account again, until… you pay your rent.

For me, my student loan just about covers my rent. I have a part time job in Ormskirk which helps me along for paying bills, and nights out.

But one of the hardest things about moving away from home, is balancing your money between, rent, bills, food, and nights out. This is probably one of the essential life lessons that Uni life teaches you!

Rent is an obvious one to pay first!

Bills can be expensive, but turn things off at the switch when you’re out, put an extra layer on instead of the heating, and my favourite one… put candles on to save electricity! (yankee candles are the best!)

Food is also an essential! At the start of Uni, I used to visit the shop around 2 or 3 times a day! But now, instead I make myself a packed-lunch alongside crisps, chocolate, sweets and fruit. (it’s like being back at school!) And there’s loads of water fountains at Uni so invest in a water bottle and just fill it up there!

But nights out are a must. Me and my house mates are always clubbing together to get a few bottles of vodka. It works out cheaper if you all club together anyway!

There’s always ways of making your loan last until the next one. Think logically and sensibly and you can have all the things you want/need! Haha! 🙂



The Twelve Days of Christmas…

Guys, Christmas is nearly upon us, with only THREE sleeps until the big day! For me, Christmas is all about family. When I was little, my sibling’s and I literally wanted to see whether Santa had been at 3am. Even now, we still put milk and cookies out- and a carrot for Rudolph of course. We still look forward to Santa’s (dad’s) Christmas letter, that always gets left on the fireplace. We are still excited to wake up early, to open Christmas presents and to eat Christmas dinner. The older I get, the more Christmas becomes about giving and thanking those who have helped me in the past year. Without my family’s help, I would have arrived at uni without half the things I needed.

I thought I’d adapt ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ carol for future students coming to Edge Hill, so they know what small presents to ask Santa for, so…

On the first day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One adaptable cable.- Believe me, you’ll need it. Between your hairdryer, laptop cables, printer cables, straighteners and phone charger you’re going to need as many sockets as possible.

On the second day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One small bin.- I never thought I’d use mine, but it’s amazing how much rubbish is actually in your room.

On the third day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… One small desk lamp. – For that late night studying of course.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Stationary.- Your pens will play hide and seek with you too often.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A medical kit.- Hopefully you’ll never use it, but it’s better to have plasters than not to.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Tea towels.- These saved my carpet from spillages on one too may occasions.

On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Bin bags.- Get as many as you can, you’ll go through what seems like a million every week.

On the eighth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… Key documents.- Don’t forget passport, driving license, bank statements, university application, etc…

On the ninth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A docking station.- Loudest speakers dictate who throws the best flat parties, simple.

On the tenth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A hot water bottle.- When fresher’s flu hits, you will thank me.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… A door wedge.- Keep your door open and you’ll start speaking to people a lot faster.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa sent to me… pictures from home.- It actually will brighten your day.

Anyway hope this helps a little.


Until next time…:)


For the whole of summer I was panicking wondering if I did enough to secure my place at Edge Hill, but then as soon as I found out I had been accepted I was then panicking about accommodation! I originally applied to be in the really posh en-suite graduates court! But I soon found out they got snapped up, and I was given Forest Court. Which ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened! I was in Maple and shared my block with 4 other people, 2 girls and 2 boys. Perfect!

I was on the ground floor, number 10, and honestly if it wasn’t other students coming back in from a night out, or the fire alarm testing at stupid o’clock in the morning, then it would be the famous Edge Hill ducks that would wake me just in time for my 9am seminars!

ducks outside my window!!!!

We all played pranks on each other, I remember one time I went to the “McColls” shop on campus, for like 5 minutes, I came back and the whole toilet roll was displayed in my room… It genuinely took me longer to take it down than what it did for them to put it up!

a work of art!
a work of art!

But it’s okay ’cause there’s a little thing called karma, hahahaaaa….

sticky situation...
sticky situation…

Living in halls is always busy, to be honest I very rarely felt homesick just because you and your flat mates are all in the same boat. You do things as a flat to cheer yourselves up and the majority of the time, you’re out every night anyway!

I would recommend living in halls to anyone, it’s the perfect opportunity to find how well you can cope away from home, with other people, sharing your communal areas and of course not having your home comforts. But, you make the most amazing memories and some really good friends! 🙂

Goodbye College. Hello University.

Goodbye Widnes. Hello Liverpool.

Even though I live approximately 14.9 miles from Liverpool, the thought of moving out was beyond scary. I didn’t know if I was ready to look after myself and leave all of my friends and family behind, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made!IMG_3145

I remember the day I moved in. I didn’t manage to secure accommodation on campus, so Edge Hill combined with Unite accommodation in Liverpool to allow 180 students the chance to live away from home. I unpacked all my things, hugged my family goodbye and nervously went to meet my roommates.


Thankfully my roommates were amazing and we clicked instantly. EHU’s block of flats became really close, with flat parties and social events occurring regularly throughout the year. It’s weird how quickly you become close to the people that you’re living with. One minute it’s all “sorry, what’s your name again?” and then the next you know each other’s life stories. Everyone told me that the friends you make at uni are friends for life. I thought this was another cliché, but I honestly believe it now.

As much as I love my family, I’m so happy I made the decision to move out. Even when I’m down from having a bad day, everyone at uni goes the extra mile to make me feel better. We’re constantly having a laugh and I’d be a little lost without my uni family. Moving away from home allowed me to gain the independence that I needed, along with enough memories to last me a lifetime.

Until next time…:)


Fresher year in a nutshell!

Year one of being a fresher can be a mix of emotions. On one hand you’re excited to move away; to make new friends, memories and to have your first real taste of freedom. However, on the other hand you face budgeting disasters, a level of stress to produce good work for your course and waves of feeling homesick… but despite these small setbacks I personally wouldn’t change my fresher’s year for anything.

During my first year I commuted from student accommodation based in Liverpool. I went from my mum’s fabulous cooking to ready meals and cheap vodka. From her washing all my clothes, to learning how to use the washing machine myself. From watching my mum fix all my problems, to having to sort them out for myself. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to look after myself. But thanks to uni life, I found my inner independence and learned more in my first year than my previous 18.

When it comes to being a fresher, I can’t speak highly enough of the support provided by the University. From form tutors all the way to student services, Edge Hill University puts every student first and solely concentrates on their well-being. The student union puts on amazing events throughout the year to make 1st -3rd year as memorable as possible. Societies, whether social, sports or alternative clubs, encourage freshers to get involved within the other areas of uni.

So, whether you’re moving out or commuting from home, freshers’ year will be unforgettable. Everyone is in the same boat as you; nervous, scared, excited. Just take a deep breath and enjoy every moment.


Until next time…:)

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