• Foundation Years: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Many courses may have foundation years to allow disadvantaged students’ to get onto the course. They have lower entry criteria and allow people who didn’t have as many opportunities as other students may have to get onto their course. Grades Don’t Reflect Ability This cannot be said enough. If you aren’t able to get the […]

  • Note-Taking: Should You Ditch Paper for a PC?

    I am faster at typing than writing, so school lessons were always a pain when I didn’t have access to a laptop. In lessons, I always asked my classmates, “what was the last sentence on that slide?”. I would then go home and waste time typing up my notes thinking it was ‘revision’; truthfully I […]

  • How Did I Manage My Money at Uni?

    In March I did a similar post, however that was about tips on how to save money, not how to manage it. This blog will focus on how to make the most of every penny. I used a spreadsheet… for four weeks… I’m not opening strong here. I spent a lot of time colour-coding a […]

  • Why I Love Having a Small Class Size

    Unlike a lot of medical schools, our medical school has thirty places in each year group (and fifteen for the Foundation Year). At any other medical school, I’d be sat in lecture theatres with 300+ other students. There’s nothing wrong with that structure, but I prefer being in a class of fifteen-thirty for reasons I’ll […]

  • Freshers – Flu, Fun, and Friendships

    Freshers, formally known as ‘Welcome Week’, is a great time to settle into Uni. I had a fantastic experience, and as someone living on campus and becoming a Fresher again in the next academic year, I thought it might be fun (and helpful!) to share my experience with Freshers. Fun With a lot of parties […]

  • My Placement Experience

    Our Foundation Year in Medicine at Edge Hill University is unique in that we have two weeks of placement in the academic year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I was unable to complete my placement in May. However, I did enjoy my placement in mid-December 2019. I’ll be talking about my experience with placement in […]

  • Can I Go To University?

    There are some stereotypes about University students which can be harmful. A lot of films and TV shows all University students as the same person, but this isn’t the case. In this blog, I’ll challenge any preconceptions about University students. “Am I not too old?” Media overrepresents the young students of University, and never really […]

  • To the Future Medics

    I am writing this blog as if I am writing to my seventeen year old self. I felt like I was always surrounded by people who were one step ahead, and I’m sure this is a common feeling to many. Therefore, I hope this blog resonates with you. Don’t Compare Yourself Medicine is competitive, but […]

  • What Can You Do to Prepare for University Today?

    If you accepted your offer to study here before the 31st May, you should have your room offer. I had my room confirmed the other day and I was excited! When I was coming to University, I received my room offer a few weeks before starting my course, so having my room offer months in […]

  • What I Love About our Campus

    Edge Hill University is a campus based university, with all its facilities on one site. There’s so much to see and do on our campus, and in this blog, I’ll discuss what I love about our campus! How Close Everything Is Having everything so nearby is great, especially as I have mobility problems. Knowing lessons […]