• Course Insight: Marketing Year One

    As per my profile on the website, I study Marketing here at Edge Hill. Marketing has always been part of my life, from high school to college, and now University, so naturally I was always going to write a blog about the course. Right off the bat, a disclaimer that your experiences will differ from […]

  • Study Spots Beyond Campus

    As an Edge Hill student your study time, whether that’s writing an assignment, doing your reading, or organising your post lecture notes, doesn’t have to be confined to a spot on campus or where you’re living during term time and beyond in the academic year. The Catalyst, the Red Bar, upstairs in the Hub, and […]

  • Beat the loneliness, Edge Hill style.

    Living alone for the first time, or at least away from your parents and family can feel lonely, there’s no disputing that fact. However, you don’t have to give into that feeling of loneliness at Edge Hill, since there’s literally so much to do beyond your studies.  In a prior blog I’ve spoken a lot […]

  • My Week With Avans University Students!

    This week just passed I had the opportunity to take part in an international collaboration project with some students from Avans University in the Netherlands, for my blog this week I’m going to share my experience with all of you. The project ran on Tuesday and Thursday, with the opportunity to go on a cultural […]

  • My First Deadline Experience.

    You’ve settled into university, had a few lectures for each of your modules, done a bit of reading or at least attempted to, and now… The lecturers begin to mention assignments or coursework. This was mostly my scenario. Although we’d been informed in our introduction session how the module is assessed it doesn’t dawn on […]

  • How I got to University: A Non-Sixth Form Route.

    After a month of blogging I thought it was an apt time to post a blog about how I got to university as it may inspire some of you reading this. My path to Edge Hill differs from the norm, to the point I didn’t actually know it was a viable path until I moved […]

  • University Alone Time: Video Game Consoles

    University life on paper revolves around your studies and your social life. Whether your social life is going out to bars and clubs or something a bit more sober, it’s one of the key things people think about after they’ve sent off that UCAS application. However, a few months down the line when you’re packing […]

  • Your Essential Guide to Campus Coffee

    A very well-known fact about me, known by all my friends and family, is I live for coffee. Latte, cappuccino, americano, flat white, or just plain coffee and milk, I’d drink it all day if I could! Before starting at Edge Hill, I only knew about the coffee offered in the Catalyst from my open […]

  • The Unexpected Benefits of Applicant Visit Days

    Edge Hill University’s applicant visit days can feel daunting. Open days are bright and exciting when you get prepared for them, and applicant days should feel the same. March 2019 was my applicant day, a day I look back fondly upon. Leaving the house at seven-AM, to travel miles and miles to arrive at the […]