Greece: My Placement

So from my last blog, I mentioned that I was going to Greece, and finally I am back so thought this was a perfect time to write a blog about it.

On my course (Film and TV Production), an opportunity came through for students about volunteering at a film festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. As soon as I saw this email, I signed up for it and put in an application form. Luckily, a few weeks later, I got an email from the Media department saying that I had secured a place for the trip and that I needed to confirm and attend the meetings in order to keep this placement.

What Edge Hill Done For Me 

I and 3 other students across the department secured a place on this trip and was so excited about it. Although this put me in a bit of a panic because of production work for my course, all of my module leaders were supportive of the placement and recognised that I could ask for an extension if I was stressed out about the work. This was one of the best things about Edge Hill as they allow students to go and enjoy placements that will help and further their career.


I learnt so much with this placement and was so lucky with gaining this opportunity. With these placements, you need to show something for it therefore, each day I spent in Thessaloniki, I had to write a small diary entry of what I experienced as every day was different. For example, one of the days I was there, I was volunteering at a film screening and got to start talking to other people working there and getting to know the language.

I’d say that if you’re planning on coming onto this course, or any courses within Edge Hill, one of the things to do is to see whether they offer placements and how they will help with the course.

If you would like any more advice about the course you have applied for at Edge Hill, I would email a course leader which you can find under the course onthe website. If you would like to know more about the placement I went on as well, just comment below.

Ellis x

Personal Statements

My last blog was about the progression into student applications for University, so I think this one is going to be fitting, talking about personal statements.

If you need some top tips for them, keep reading below.

1) Drafts:

If you’re much like me and a perfectionist, drafting your personal statement is a good way of noticing mistakes and what you want to put in it to make it it’s best.

Extra: When doing drafts for your personal statement, try not to look or set a character count. This just helps to minimise your words and pick out your strong points.

2) Take Your Time:

Personal statements are one of the most important things in a University application. It is known for a University to just read the first 2 lines to see whether they like you.


3) Make an Impression:

Linked to tip 2, making an impression in your personal statement from right at the start is a good way to go. Think of quotes, memories etc, that could tie into what you want to say and the course(s) you’re applying for.

4) Don’t Tailor it to One University:

Don’t say anything about any specific within the Universities you pick. This personal statement will be given to 5 Universities. Even though you may be thinking of that one perfect Uni, it’s best not to do this.

5) Make it Your Own Work: 

Try to find your own voice and opinions when writing your personal statement. Using your strengths to your advantage, and making them stand out in your personal statement. I kind of think a personal statement much like a CV, You want to put your best work out there, so pour everything you’ve done, achieved into your personal statement.

Remember, everyone at University has had to go through this stage of writing a personal statement, so, if you know anyone ask them what they would advise.

If you would like anymore hints or tips, or even some guidelines, click on this link down below:

You’re more than welcome to put some comments down if you have any questions on your personal statement. I hope this has helped some of you. I’m off to Greece now on a placement so will be writing a few blogs later on – keep an eye out!

Ellis x


Student Application Guide

Hey guys, another day and another blog! This one accommodates to student applications on UCAS. I remember how daunting the student application process was when I applied for them only last year. It isn’t as bad as you may think! Read below for my guide into UCAS applications and what happens as you go along.

Look at Universities:

There are SO many universities out there with loads of different courses. You should have a look at about 5-7 universities so you don’t have too many to choose from and you can comfortably choose 5 from that amount.

Pros and Cons:

I went through a pros and cons list of every university I looked at, from their course and what the university offers to what the location was like and how far I would be away from home. This is a good thing to do if you’re unsure about the different universities, and especially if you like lists 😉.

Attend University Open Days:

If you haven’t already, I can’t stress this enough…go to open days! They’re the most effective way to figure out whether you want to go to that university or not.

Do a UCAS Application, Including a Personal Statement:

I know that writing a personal statement will be stressful, and for some of you, you may find it hard to write. Trust me, it will be fine once you start it. It’s one of those things that as soon as you start it, you’ll find it easier. In my opinion, I would write a little bit each day or make a plan on what you want to write it on. Once you’ve completed your personal statement, finish your application with your university choices and submit.

Waiting Game:

Yes, this is the most agonising bit, seeing whether you’ve got into any of your universities. This can take some time, but that’s okay. The universities will come back with a decision sooner or later before the deadline for making a first and insurance choice. Once you get all 5 of your university offers back, they will be out of 3 decisions: Conditional, unconditional and rejection.

Don’t Panic:

If unfortunately, you don’t get the university you want (I hope you will), there is a clearance system that you can go through once the deadline has passed and you can apply for university through this.


Once you have got University offers back, your next decision is to make one a first and an insurance choice. This may be that if you don’t get exactly the grades you need for the first university, you can get your insurance. I remember when doing this process, my insurance choice had a grade or 2 below my first choice. Once you’ve done exams and got the grades you need/want for the university, they will be notified and let you know whether you got the place.

I hope this blog was helpful and if you need anymore advice on student applications, just leave a comment below or follow this link to UCAS for more help:

Ellis x 

What Edge Hill can do for you

A few days ago, in the media department, we had a speaker come in and speak to us: David Yates. This was an amazing opportunity and if you’re lucky enough to come and study at Edge Hill, you will be able to have these opportunities as well. Not only does the media department have these sorts of speakers, but most courses do too, with specialists coming in talking to you about career prospects. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions to them as well.

David Yates speaking in a master class

This is one of the best things that Edge Hill offers, although, it isn’t said. Within my first term at Edge Hill, I’ve been to approximately 5 speakers (not including ones on my modules). In the media department, we’ve had Heidi Thomas, in addition to a Festival in a Day event. As a University, this just shows that Edge Hill is not only a University about lectures and seminars, they also concentrate on what may interest the students and bring in speakers or do workshops, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like ‘learning’.

David Yates Masterclass

Edge Hill doesn’t just offer speaker events, but so much more. There are social nights on Wednesdays over in the SU and also Free Film Fridays over in the Arts Centre, which Edge Hill students actually get free entry into 😉

You can also sign up to different societies and clubs. We have so many ranging from sports, gaming, films etc. You can find some more societies on this link here:

During freshers week, if you’re lucky enough to become a student here, they hold an event over in the HUB where you are able to apply and sign up to different societies and clubs. If you’re interested in a blog post more concentrated on societies and clubs, I would be more than happy to – just drop a comment down below ☺️

Ellis x


Hey guys,

When coming to Edge Hill, the University offers so much from societies to degrees, but, within all of this, the University also provides scholarships for prospective students (you).

When I first started to look at the possibility of coming to Edge Hill, I looked through what scholarships they had through their website. From there, after gaining my place at Edge Hill, I went onto apply for the Excellence Scholarship award which was application based.

Once I got a place at Edge Hill, around the summer time, I was lucky enough to get selected for the Excellence Scholarship award, to which, I was very proud of and it boosted my confidence a lot. I was very fortunate, but, it just shows that hard work and determination does pay off. Also, due to my grades coming out of college, I also got given the High Achievers Award as well.

Other Scholarships include:

  • Excellence Scholarships – If you’re proud of something you have done outside of your studies, this award could reward your determination and achievements.
  • Sports Scholarships – This award celebrates talent and dedication within sports.
  • High Achievers Scholarship – If you achieve above AAA or equivalent to in BTEC, this will recognise your grades and offer you a reward.
  • Liverpool Scholarship – Celebrates the prospective student who achieves the highest UCAS points in the City of Liverpool.

If you would like a bit more information on these scholarships, just click on the link here:

There are a few case studies you can look through from other students who have won these scholarships in previous years as well.

If you are an international student who has been looking at Edge Hill, there are other scholarships the university provides which you can find here:

If you’re having trouble as well with what scholarships you can go for, there is also a scholarship calculator which helps figure out what and how you can apply for some.

I hope you found this useful! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below ☺️

Ellis x