• Jobs For Full Time Students

    As we’re getting closer to moving into Uni, you might be starting to think about money. Especially if your maintenance loan isn’t as great as you thought it may be. Here’s a few jobs you could look into whilst doing your studies. Surveys Posts If you search on the internet, there are quite a few […]

  • Best Student Discounts

    As a student, you get access to loads of student discount. One of the best things to do is to have a look at what kinds of discount you can get before coming to University. There might be things on offer in home, tech, stationary etc, that will help you throughout your Uni journey. Here’s […]

  • Move in Day Hacks

    The move in day for Edge Hill is fast approaching and there is so much to think about. If you’re starting your first year at Edge Hill, there’s a few tips you should know before moving in. Staggered Times This is something that Edge Hill will organise. It’s most likely that they will keep the […]

  • What is Uni Going to Look Like in 2020?

    What is University going to look like this academic year? The honest answer is no one really knows just yet. Whether you’re a new or current student at Edge Hill, I think it’s safe to say that student life is going to be a little bit different. At the moment, we’ve been given a brief […]

  • Motivation 101

    Trying to keep motivated throughout your studies can be difficult and stressful. Especially during this time, most students were told to go home from March because of the pandemic and let’s be honest, it threw everyone. Specific assignments couldn’t be done, coursework had to be changed. It was just a panicked mess, but we coped […]

  • #FriendshipDay

    The 30th July is also known as Friendship Day! This is classed as a holiday and is celebrated in several countries. Whilst you’re at University, you’ll meet so many different people. Some you may even keep in contact with for the rest of your life. If you’re worried or anxious about making friends at University, […]

  • Open Day: What I Wish I Had Done Differently

    When I was coming to Edge Hill for an Open Day I didn’t really know what to expect. It was the furthest University I had picked away from home, and I only found out about Edge Hill through a friend. I had no expectations of what it was going to be like, but I’m so […]

  • What happens in Freshers?

    Freshers week is one of the many things first year students look forward to. There’s always loads going on from SU events to workshops in the HUB. From my experience Freshers is great! You get to know more people, join societies, go round Ormskirk etc. And there’s help along the way too, to help new […]

  • Accommodation Prep: Kitchen

    When thinking about what to bring for a student kitchen, IKEA is honestly your saviour. I think when I shopped, I got all of my kitchen essentials from IKEA. It’s affordable and everything you need is there. Here’s a few things you may need, whether you’re a basic cook or an excellent chef. Kitchen Equipment […]

  • Accommodation Prep: Bedroom

    I wish I knew more about the accommodation that Edge Hill offered before going to University. It was mainly just simple things like: how much storage do I have? What do I need to bring? How many people are in a flat? etc. When I got my accommodation, I was given Palatine Court, Pankhurst as […]