SU: Their Services

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The Students Union at Edge Hill is a student-lead team which bring you events, activities, social spaces, as well as offering support through advice and representation.

Advice and Representation

The SU provides students with the opportunity to reach out to them if they’re struggling. Whether this be for student finance, academic issues or accommodation queries, a team advisor will help you to discuss these problems. If you have anything you wish to discuss with them, just drop them an email at: 

Or if that’s not possible for any reason, give them a call on: 01695 657301, or drop into their office on the first floor of the HUB.

SU Shop/Bar

On Campus, there’s an SU bar where you can socialise with your mates and get some delicious pizza too at Stone Willy’s Kitchen! You can hang out here, play pool or come to one of the SU nights such as: Quiz Night (Mondays), Social (Wednesday’s), or Strangled Cats Karaoke (Fridays). There’s also an SU shop on campus where you can get kitted out with new gear such as an Edge Hill hoodie or t-shirts. As well as a gift range where you can buy jewellery and mugs too. You can also access their shop via their website too at:

Events and Activites

The SU is the main port of call when organising different events and activities to hold for the students. They have a range of activities from campaigns to welcome week and many more. The SU have just held a campus election for new officers for the next academic year 2020-2021, and there are now new individuals in each position.

Overall the Student’s Union at Edge Hill is a great asset to the University and not many people use them to their advantage or even know about them. They’re a great team of individuals and are there to help anyone and everyone.

Ellis x

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Expectation VS Reality: Uni Life

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When first starting University, I didn’t have many expectations of what it would be like. Being one of the only family members that actually went to University (living at Uni), I didn’t have anyone to talk about it with. That being said, a couple of my friends went before I did, and these were my expectations.


  1. Lecturer’s are tough – When talking to my friends, they said that most of their lecturer’s were quite strict, and made a point about it when people didn’t turn up to class, or if they were late.
  2. Everyone loves to drink – Majority of students on campus are younger, and it looked like everyone was going out a lot and having fun.
  3. Your free time is your free time. Do what you want! – Most of my mates went out and explored in their free time, especially during first year.
  4. Flat Mates – Your flat mates will probably be your close friends and you’ll do a lot together.


When actually coming to University myself, I soon realised that these expectations weren’t the case.

  1. Yes lecturer’s can be tough, but only a few of them. The rest are pretty relaxed and understand if you have something that’s come up or if you’ve slept through your alarm by accident. Just drop them an email to let them know, and catch up on the work that you’ve missed.
  2. Not everyone drinks. Quite a few people I know don’t really drink alcohol, nor do they go out that much. Although a lot of people do go out when they’re at University, you’ll find your own flow in things, and learn to socialise in different ways.
  3. Free time is good, but also for independent study. University isn’t like college or Sixth form, where you have a full day of lectures. For example I’ve only had around 10-12 hours of contact time a week, meaning I have 4 days off (including weekends). Lecturer’s will be expecting you to do studying in your spare time, including reading’s etc.
  4. Your flat mates are going to be (most likely) the first group of people you make friends with. However, once you start your course, go to societies etc., you’ll meet a lot of different people. If you’re worried about meeting new people, there are different workshops and societies that you can go to to help deal with the anxiety.

Ellis x

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Why I chose Edge Hill

When I was looking at Universities, Edge Hill and other Universities up North didn’t really occur to me until one of my friends suggested it. From there onwards, I just researched into it, and fell in love with what the course was offering me, so it ended up being on my list.

Although Edge Hill was on my list, it wasn’t my first choice as I had my heart set on Brighton but, when I went to Edge Hill for an Open Day, my whole mindset changed immediately. Unfortunately during this period, it was tough due to personal circumstances, which meant only me and my mum went to visit Edge Hill. She is probably one of the reasons why I ended up choosing Edge Hill as my first choice, because once we walked round the campus and had been to my course talk, she said to me: ‘I’m happy with you being here’. That was the only time she had ever said that to me whilst visiting a University, so I think that was a factor in my decision too.

In comparison with other Universities, I felt that Edge Hill had a different presence. I don’t know whether its because Edge Hill is an Open Campus, or the fact that it’s not in a City: I just felt more ‘at home’ (a home away from home if you will). Edge Hill also cater to allergies really well as I found out whilst visiting during an Open Day. Because of my allergy to nuts, in other places I found it difficult, but here, they had dietary requirements sheet and labels on every single piece of food too. That in turn made me feel safer and happier to be there.

I don’t regret my decision at all to come to Edge Hill. Even though it’s 4 hours away from home, this is my ‘home away from home’ and will be for another year to come.

Ellis x

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Scholarships: Excellence Award

My Experience

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As a prospective student, I researched into the Scholarships available to students coming to Edge Hill. I came across the Excellence Scholarship Award. This stood out to me because anyone could apply for it, so I decided ‘why not?’, and I put an application in.

The application wasn’t hard. The questions were mainly to do with your commitment for your passion, and how you would benefit from the Scholarship, etc. I answered the questions honestly, showing that I had a key interest in scriptwriting. (I ended up submitting a few scripts too to help my application). After submitting my application, it took a while for an email to come through. Fast forward a month later, and I got an email that made me smile so much: I got the Scholarship!

Once I got that email through, I was ecstatic as I didn’t believe that I would receive the award. It made me think that what I’m doing at the moment, might actually get me in the Film/TV industry. When I eventually came to my senses, and read the email, it stated that there would be an evening to celebrate students getting the awards, and that I could invite two guests. I ended up inviting my parents because they were so proud of me. Also it was a nice way to see each other because I live four hours away from home.

The Award’s evening was amazing and it really reminded me of how committed and driven you have to be to get where you want to in life. And now whenever I have a ‘down moment’ (which I do a lot because I’m a bit of a perfectionist), I think back to that time of receiving the award, and why they gave it to me in the first place.

Ellis x

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Study Spots : Ormskirk

Although there are various study spots on campus like the Hub or the Catalyst, sometimes you need to get away from campus, especially if you live in Halls of Residence. These are just a few of the places that are perfect for studying off of campus in Ormskirk town centre.


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Both of these are probably the most obvious answers to give you. They both do good coffee and snacks to keep you going whilst you’re doing your studying. Plus, if you get a space by a wall, there are normally plug sockets provided, making it easy to do work on your laptop if you need to charge it whilst studying.


Cobble is a cute little coffee shop in the town centre. The cafe does a rang of drinks including smoothies and the best milkshakes, as well as your normal coffee, tea etc. They do a range of different snacks and hot meals too such as panini’s, croissants, burgers etc. I would recommend sitting upstairs as it will probably be quieter to do your work as they make smoothies and milkshakes out the front by the tills (which is quite noisy).

Coronation Park

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its a really nice day (more towards spring/summer), you could take a wonder down to Coronation Park in Ormskirk and take some study bits with you. Although you won’t be able to connect to Wifi, I recommend doing this with a few friends and going to revise. Take some food and drinks, and its the perfect study spot on a sunny day!

Ellis x

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Accommodation: What you need to know

When looking for accommodation whether that being a first year, second or third year student, there are some things you need to look out for: the location, how much it is, the contract type etc.

First thing, the location. Looking for a flat coming to University can be quite daunting as you may not know exactly what type of accommodation you would ideally like. At Edge Hill, there are mainly halls that consist on en-suite bedrooms, with a shared kitchen. These types of accommodation hold between 6,8 or 12 people. So if you prefer the quieter space, the 6 flat halls might be the best decision for you. Whereas, if you’re going into 2nd or 3rd year, you may want to look at how far away it is from the Uni itself, as well as how close it is to roads and possibly the town centre too (this will come in handy when you do food shops).

Looking at the financial side of accommodation is crucial. You want to make sure you’re getting the best out of your money, whether this may be all bills included or, a slightly cheaper room because its a single bed. All of this should be taken into consideration as you don’t want to be getting ripped off. Also, when looking into housing contracts, especially for 2nd and 3rd year students, its important to see what the retainer and deposit is like, as this may be quite expensive and, keep in mind that your maintenance loan doesn’t come in until the next academic year. Also, in the contract will be how many weeks the accommodation is available to you for. If you’re wanting to live away from home a bit more, the extended contracts would probably be more preferable to you however, the contracts can run from anything between 44 weeks through to 52 weeks.

Ellis x

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Staying Organised: Part 2

Another part of being at University, is not only trying to organise all of your studies, but everything else that’s in-between. This can be your social life, expenses, meals/food etc. So here are a few things I do to keep on track of everything.

Spend Budget (Weekly)

When my maintenance loan comes into my account, I like to work out how much money I would have weekly to spend on things I want/need like food, social events etc. With this, I do a spending budget plan and track my expenses so I know where my money is going, and if I’m spending too much, I can have a look and see what I need to cut down on. At the moment, for myself, I know I need to cut down my coffee consumption whilst at Uni because its not only (in moderation) unhealthy, but also doesn’t do wonders for my bank account either. Again, much like my diary, I colour code into different categories such as: food, entertainment, extra and other. Other being my monthly expenses I pay out for such as my phone, Spotify and gym membership.

Meal Planning

This is something I really want to start doing again at Uni as it saved quite a bit of money and I was eating healthy too. Try and think of dishes you know you would like to cook in a week: maybe about 3/4 and do big(ish) batches so that you can freeze them and have them later in the week. Personally, I like to do chicken curry, chilli con carne and fajitas as my staples and then anything else in between. Also, me and my boyfriend tend to cook for each other a lot throughout the weeks as well, so that in turn saves a little bit of money. By figuring out which dishes you want to cook, you’ll only go out and buy these ingredients and not be thinking about what you might need and overspend.


This kind of goes under the spending budget, but ultimately this helps keep you organised. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent maintenance loan, and are able to put some money away each week, two weeks or every month, you can keep that money for things you want at Uni, not what you need. For example, social events such as karaoke night, you would probably need a bit of money for drinks and entrance. Doing it this way can just help you keep a tab on things whilst necessities are being pulled out of your everyday account.

Ellis x

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Staying Organised: Part 1

One of the biggest things about University is trying to stay organised and keep on top of all of your studies. Especially as a ‘fresher’ (1st year students), you may find it overwhelming with signing up to different societies, clubs, socialising and studying. Here are just some of the ways to keep you organised with everything that’s going on in your life whilst being at University.


I’ve started doing this since the start of first year, and I can honestly say that having a diary/planner keeps me organised and productive. In particular, I’ve only just started colour coding my diary notes with a key, so I know what’s happening when, and also, its easier on the eye to keep track of everything. I’ve colour coded my diary based off of 5 things: Birthdays/Anniversaries, Social, Personal/Important, Deadlines and other. Obviously, this is just my way of making my life a little bit easier whilst at Uni, and helps me to separate out my priorities when needed.

Schedule Your Study Time

With this, it might be a good idea to try and timetable in when you’re going to study for each independent module that you’re currently doing on your course. For example, if you had 3 modules this semester, break up your week into how much study time per module you would like to do. This will keep you on top of your readings and any other work that needs completing in that time.

Study Spot

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a comfortable study spot is a great thing to do to keep you organised. Whether this be a place on campus like the catalyst, upstairs in the hub or even Starbucks in Ormskirk town centre; this will help keep your focus more on the work you need to do. Plus its some place outside of your flat where most of your time is spent, so it also gets you out with some fresh air.


Maybe try and get a friend to go along with you to do some studying. If you’re on the same course, this will definitely help both of you to try and motivate each other to do the reading or the other work that’s been set. Having someone there at a specific time/place can help you to keep on top of things.

Ellis x

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Self Care

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University is stressful and tough but, once you complete your years at Uni, whether it be 3 or 4, you will have a degree and that’s an amazing achievement. Yes, university is a rollercoaster and you’ll have your ups and downs, so self care for your mental and physical health is important so, here are 3 things to help ‘take care of yourself’ whilst studying for a degree.


Everyone can sometimes feel suffocated at Uni, so a little of space can do you good. This can be having a wander round campus outside of your Uni dorm room, going home to spend some time with the family or just simply going to a place you’ve never been before since starting University. At Edge Hill, it is just a 40 minute train ride from Ormskirk train station to go into Liverpool. If you’re lucky enough to have a car, you’re just 40 mins to an hour on the motorway to Manchester – so you have plenty of options.


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I honestly can say that being a uni student, your sleeping pattern does go out of sync fairly quickly, but, this is the most important self care for yourself. Sleep helps you switch off from all the studying and readings, and just gets your body to chill out. The recommended amount is between 7-9 hours of sleep every night for a student, so get some, and you’ll be ready for that 9am that you dread…well hopefully.

Study Breaks

Some students tend to feel the need to constantly be doing readings and work to stay on top of everything. Although you do need to do independent study, there is also such a thing called ‘burning yourself out’ – where you don’t take many breaks. This can cause lots of stress and it is really not good for your mental health. So taking breaks such as getting a tea or just chilling out and socialising with your friends is a good thing. Also, taking breaks gives your brain time to process anything you’ve studied or read, and therefore, is more likely to stay in your mind.

I hope this has helped!

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Ellis x

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are people that you’re assigned to when you first join the University. A lot of students don’t necessarily know what they do and what they’re there for, and because of this, they don’t contact or email the peer mentors. I’m a 2nd year peer mentor student for some Media, Film and TV students.

Peer Mentors are like myself, students in an older year group that have been through what you’re going through. We’ve always got an email to contact and you’ll get an email from us when you first start, saying who we are. Majority of the time, as peer mentors, we get students who come to us about the course and whether we like it or not etc. However, we have much more use than just to ask about the course.

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you’re struggling with life at University, or work, or even want to get to know the area a bit more, we can help with that. All you have to do is drop your peer mentor an email. Failing that, when there are open days during term time, there will be a handful of us in different locations (depending on the course/subject you’re wanting to do), to give out advice or ask any questions to prospective students. If you’re wanting to look out for us during these open days, we tend to wear jumpers which say ‘peer mentor’ on the back. Any mentors that do a degree revolving around TV, Film and or Media, normally wear a light blue jumper, if you’re wanting to see us specifically. On open days, we’re normally based in the Creative Edge building.

At Edge Hill, there is so much support, and Peer Mentors are apart of it.

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Ellis x