Preparing for results day

With August and results day fast approaching I thought I would share a post about preparing yourself for the day of madness. Now when it comes to results day there can be a lot of different emotions that run around friends and just in your head, but you have to remember if you are going to university then these results are just the stepping stone to get you there, once you’ve got your degree it is highly unlikely that anyone (i.e. an employee) is going to ask you what grade you got in your A-Level Biology. So as much as these results are important to you at the moment, in 3-4 years time they will be less important because you will have a degree on top of it.

Try and make the day a positive one for everyone and a day to look forward to rather than something you don’t want to come. Make plans with friends and family to celebrate your achievements. Whether you go out for lunch with your family or meet up with your friends to share your achievements, organise the day as something you can look forward to, as this will help you focus on the good part rather than focusing on what could be with your results.

Lastly try and make yourself busy leading up to results day, I know for my results I was constantly thinking what if… But I think if I’d kept myself busy the week before results I would have stressed a lot less. Also it is good to talk to others that took the same exams as you, if you are getting stressed about your results it is highly likely that they are getting nervous too. So try not to worry as you lead up to your results, you’ve done all the hard work now so what will be will be. And Good Luck!

Next year!

Hello everyone, I thought seeing as I am starting to get really excited about getting back to university in September I could share some of the things that I have planned and some of the goals that I have for the upcoming year.

So probably one of the most exciting things for me next year is the fact that I’m getting the opportunity to be a part of a paid internship with the psychology department. At the end of my first year I applied for a couple of research internships that are available to 2nd years and was lucky enough to have been chosen. The research is about Autism and for the hours that I do I will get paid which is brilliant as a student because you get experience in things you’re interested in and get money to support yourself. I know this is going to be a great experience and I am really looking forward to it.

The next thing that I am looking forward to this next year is being more involved with Hill start, the dance society. I’m hoping to audition to be part of the competition team and also try out some more and new classes. Alongside this I do have some goals for the next year, due to being part of the dance society, my internship and also being the Vice President of WAP I am going to be very busy so one of my goals is to do more meal prep, so that I’m eating healthier food and its easy enough to cook when I get home. To follow on from this I do want to keep up with eating healthy and going to the gym as it is something that I really enjoy and it is nice break from uni work. When it comes to university work I want to try and stay on top of it due to my busy schedule but I also want to do more extra reading this year as I think it will really help me when it comes to exams at the end of the year . 

So that is some of my plans for the upcoming year, and I’m sure you can see why I am getting more and more excited to come back. I would advise everyone to set themselves goals for the new school year as it enables you to get a new focus and to constantly improve.

If I were to go back to this time last year…

Hello everyone, I thought seeing as now I have finished my first year and had time to reflect on the last year I would share with you a few few things I wish I had done to make my year even better than it was. I was very lucky and really enjoyed my first year and all the opportunities that came along with it but if I were to go back to this time last year there are a few things I would’ve told myself.

  1. Make the most of freshers week- I wasn’t hugely into the going out and drinking in freshers but there were so many other things that I could’ve gone and done and wish I had. Along with this I would also tell myself that the going out is also really good and a great way to break the ice with your flatmates so just go and say yes because you won’t get another experience quite like it. 
  2. Following on from this I would tell myself to say yes to more things and more opportunities. For example I wish I had joined more societies at the start and just given them a try because it is always good to try something new. I contemplated so many things but just decided not to because I didn’t want to overload myself.
  3. Live in the moment- I was always focusing on home particularly in the first semester and it made me quite homesick, but when it got to the second semester I did a lot more and absolutely loved being at uni because I wasn’t constantly thinking about home. 
  4. And finally and most importantly I would tell myself to do some work over the summer, do the summer reading that is recommended because it really will set you off to a good start.

So those are a few things that I wish I had done and I would recommend to you, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Only 9 weeks till term starts again, hope you are all getting excited.

My favourite things about Ormskirk

Being home for a while now has really started to make me miss parts of Ormskirk that are different to being at home. Coming from a small island there are a lot of things that are more accessible in the UK compared to here. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite parts of Ormskirk.

Firstly there is a number of really cute cafe’s dotted around Ormskirk. Sometimes its nice to be able to go out with your friends for a little treat and there are definitely some nice places to go. Two of my favourites are Cobble Coffee and Dinky Dory, Cobble offers a range of foods particularly at breakfast and lunch time that are freshly made and then Dinky Dory does a range of food particularly pancakes and waffles but they also offer a range of cocktails which are nice in the evenings.

Something else I love about Ormskirk is how accessible the city is, I love being in a small town but sometimes it is nice to go into Liverpool for a bit of shopping. There is a train that runs every 15-20 mins and takes about 35 minutes to get there. The train takes you right to the centre of Liverpool which is really handy as its near to all the shops you may need. I also love going into Liverpool when my family comes to visit as there are lots of nice places to eat.

And finally I love how close everything is, personally I really enjoy walking and so the fact that everything is close means I get to walk a lot. I used to walk from campus into town on a Saturday to do my shopping and I would often go into town in the week to walk around and sometimes walk around the park. There is also an absolutely beautiful walk that goes around the back of the sports fields which I would definitely recommend. So everything around Ormskirk is accessible.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I also hope you will enjoy Ormskirk and Edge Hill as much as I have so far.


Its all about being prepared and thinking ahead

I’d like to think that I am an organised person and I love being organised and prepared because it often makes me excited about things coming up. Being at uni you may have to think ahead a bit more compared to living at home, for example if you have an evening event or society meeting you need to think about when you’re going to have your dinner, and for me it was if I had dancing of an evening I needed to make sure I had something substantial before I went so that I had enough energy.

To be prepared and think ahead it’s always good to make lists or to do lists, I do this even when I’m not at uni because otherwise I would forget what I needed to do. I always make a shopping list when I do my food shop, often I will plan what I’m going to eat each day and make sure I am getting the right things when I go and do my food shop. Therefore if I do have dancing one evening I know what I’m having and have it prepped for when I can have it.

Another thing that has helped me think ahead is having a calendar. I sometimes had weeks a uni when I had multiple meetings and different seminars, or friends visiting that I needed to make sure I was prepared for when they came. And even more importantly I needed to make sure I had my assignments done before friends visited because I knew work wouldn’t get done whilst they were down. Planning ahead also gives you something to look forward to, for example if you are going to see a friend or maybe your parents are coming up for the weekend, its nice to have those things to look forward to especially if you are struggling with home sickness or just having a rough time. It was always just nice for me to know when my mum was coming to visit as I always had some exciting things to do whilst she was there.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to get organised and ready for uni because it will come round quickly, which is very exciting.

Moving out of accomodation

Moving out of halls for me was a bit more difficult than most people, I couldn’t have brought all my things home for the summer and unfortunately we were unable to put our things into our house early. Luckily for me the girl that I am living with next year also lives a fair distance away from uni so we decided to share a storage unit which is in Maghull. This worked out really well for me as her parents brought their car up to move our stuff, due to being from the Channel Islands it would’ve cost a lot of money to hire a car or bring our car over to move things.

I thought I would also share a few tips about packing up. In the last couple weeks in staying in halls I would recommend using up the things in your cupboard, fridge and freezer so that there is less things to pack and put away. But at the same time I have kept a few tins and dry ingredients such as pasta for when I get back, just incase I don’t get a food shop in on the first day. I would also advise conserving space when it comes to pots and pans if you have then, fill them with clothes that you’re putting into storage to not only protect them but to also save on space.

I would also recommend save on the clothes that you take home, for example I left most of my coats and winter clothes in storage so that I didn’t have to take them home, because I wouldn’t need them. Another thing is donating things, that you haven’t used or may not need next year. This again saves on space when packing things to go home or to go in storage. The SU this year provided green bin sacks that you could put anything in that you didn’t want or use anymore, this was really helpful as we were able to leave the bag in our rooms rather than taking things to the charity shops.

These are just a few tips that could help with packing and also option you have at the end of the year. Thank you fo reading.

Hill Start- end of year show

Hello everyone, I thought as I have just finished my first year with Hill Start- the dance society, I would share what happened at the end of the year. I didn’t know about the end of year show till the second semester when we started a dance for it.

The end of year show enables everyone in the dance society to showcase their abilities. It is really enjoyable and for someone that was in one dance it was good to see what they do in the other classes because it really inspired me to join more classes next year. There was a combination of lots of different dances but they also had some of the dance pieces that the competition team did in Manchester. The show enabled me to meet lots of new people and be inspired to try out more classes and maybe even join the competition team.

The build up during semester 2, for me, was just my normal classes every week. Which was nice because you can choose how many dances your in depending on how busy your schedule is. Then when it comes to the last week before the show, teachers may call extra rehearsals depending on how the dance is and also the last couple of days, for us, they called rehearsals to do an opening and a finale. You really feel like you’re part of a team as everyone is all working together, everyone from first year to third.

Overall this was a really great experience and I am so grateful to be a part of the Hill Start team and I am truly inspired to attend more classes next year and also maybe go for the competition team. If you want to join Hill Start I would highly recommend it, with the variety of classes they offer and also the opportunities of being more serious and attending competitions or just going to classes for fun. Hill Start will be at the freshers fair if you have any questions anyone there will be happy to help.

Making the Most of the Summer!

Hello everyone! I thought for todays blog I would share some ways to make the most out of your summer, most of our university students are now finished for the summer and soon you A-Level students will be ready to get out in the sunshine… that we will hopefully have. You might have holidays planned, maybe you are going to a festival or maybe you are just staying home for the summer which will be fun as well. If you are staying home for the summer I thought I could share a few things to make the most out of the time you have.

Firstly I would suggest you set yourself some goals, whether they are fitness goals or just personal goals. For example I have a couple of goals for this summer, the first one is to read more books because I love sitting out in the sun and reading a book and I just don’t give myself time to do that or I just go on my phone instead, but this summer I want to put my phone down and give myself time to sit in the sun, relax and read a book. My second goal is to run more, my mum and I are aiming to do a half marathon and a marathon over the next couple years so I know I need to start training. This will again get me outside and enjoying the scenery around me.

I would also highly recommend making the most of the time and either getting work experience or just working a part time job. This is a great opportunity to save up some money for when you do go to university, but also it is a great time to gain some experience in the sector you may want to work in, in the future. For example during my summers I work with my local Youth Commission, looking after and doing activities with children. This is great experience for me and I can also earn money whilst doing it. Although I would say don’t overwork yourself too much because you want to be able to enjoy your summer with your friends before going to university.

Thank you of reading and hope you all enjoy your summer and make the most of it. 

Semester 2 review

Hello again,

As I did a review of my first semester doing Educational psychology I thought it would be good to do a follow up about my second semester.

Assessment wise this semester I have had an essay and an exam for my Introduction to Personality, Social and Developmental Psychology. The essay was just 1500 words and the exam was multiple choice. We are very lucky in the psychology department in the fact that they gave as much support for the essay as they could and prepped us with plenty of information for the exam.

This semester I also did a partnered presentation for my Educational psychology module where I also did a essay based exam. We also did a group presentation for essential skills and an employability booklet which really helps to prepare you for working life. For my investigation psychology module we carried on with Web Based Assessments which I find useful to do with friends as its good to discuss. We also did another Lab Report which was good to be able to use the feedback from last semester.

In terms of extra curricular for me, with a number of other students this semester we were able to start up a psychology society in which we had a few events including Alan Baddeley doing a talk in our new building, which I blogged about earlier in the semester. We also had other events including socials with a number of different themes. This was nice to be able to mix with a variety of different psychology students in different years. I have also continued to go to Hillstart the dance society, and I am even going to be performing in their show at the start of June. Its really nice to join societies outside your subject so that you can meet different people.

After reflecting on this year I have a few goals for next year, one of them being that I want to get out a bit more for example I would like to go and explore Southport more. I would I also like to try and join a sports society if I can as I am part of other societies like the psychology society.

Motivational Wednesday

Hi guys,

I thought today as most of you are fast approaching your (sorry I have to say it) exams, or maybe you’ve already started them, I’d give you some motivation to keep going. You may be starting to get a bit sick and tired of the revision you’re doing, maybe you feel like you are ready to get your exams done and you will get through them in time, I currently have just over a week till my exams are over so I am starting to feel like I just want to get them done which can make it difficult to keep working through to the end. I thought today I would share some ways to stay motivated.

  1. Change up your revision up a bit- linking back to my last blog post there is a number of ways that you can revise to ensure that it doesn’t get boring, from doing past papers to watching youtube videos it all helps. So if you are always revising in the same ways then try something different to keep yourself engaged.
  2. Think about the end result- if you keep working hard then you will reach your goals easier. If thats going to university, which you need grades for, you want to ensure you get them so just keep powering through. My mum would always tell me to keep thinking about the reward at the end, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the great experience of coming to university. 
  3. Lastly the long summer- now people tell you this but you never think about it at the time but make the most of the long summer, and think about that as you are getting through your last bits of revision and exams. In my opinion it will probably be one of the longest summers you get and such a good summer cause you will have nothing to think about, and you will have the excitement and anticipation of going to university alongside. If that doesn’t get you through your revision I don’t know what will.

Thank you for reading, and good luck, sending you all motivation to get through.