Karaoke Fridays, and the SU bar

Generally every Friday, at the SU bar there is a Karaoke night, which is always absolutely thriving and full of life. Lots of people go to karaoke and it is always a good laugh. A mixture of songs are available for you to sing from Disney such as Moana, Musicals on the West End such as Matilda and even some classics such as Queen and Abba. Even if you are not up on the stage singing your heart out, most people sing from the audience and are really encouraging whoever is on stage. Generally karaoke Friday has a real closeness about it with everyone socialising and having fun.  The bar is open and usually very busy, however the bar tenders always work as quick as they can to get you served.

During the week, the SU has other events available such as a quiz which is on every Monday and the social every Wednesday, generally for all the sports teams to get together. The SU bar isn’t just open in the evenings, it is also open in the day, where it is a nice place to chill out with friends. They usually have some music playing or have the T.V. on which creates a nice relaxing atmosphere for everyone.

The SU also open for special events, for example when there is a big football match or boxing match, they generally have this on the big screen for everyone to see and watch. During Welcome week, the SU sometimes opens up into the Venue which has more of a club feel to it. They are also opening up the venue this week for the Christmas Ball they are running.

The SU is a great place to go day or night and always have things planned for students to do. Image result for karaoke

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When coming to Edge Hill, I thought that I was going to be the only one missing home and everyone would think I’m a baby for it. However this is completely not the case, even people that come from near by get homesick. For some people it is really easy for them to get home, however some it is not so easy, for example I have to get a plane to get home, so it is not something that I get to do all that often. However I have found a few things that have really helped me to feel less homesick.

  • One of the main things that have really helped me is FaceTime/video calling friends and family. I call my parents every few days to keep them updated with what I’m doing but also for them to tell me what is happening at home so that I don’t feel left out (even if they go out for dinner or go and watch a movie I want to see, without me).  I also call my friends from home every now and again and we often do a big group FaceTime, it made it really exciting as we were all showing our rooms and flats. I really think that this has helped me feel less homesick as it is something I really look forward to each week.
  • Another thing that has really helped is pictures in my room. Before coming to university I got lots of pictures printed off, of memories from the summer, pictures of family and lots more. I stuck them (with white tack) all around my room, this makes it feel very homely and also makes me smile when I look at them.
  • Finally, the last piece of advice would predominantly be for the first week or 2, when you are settling in. I would advise spending as much time in the kitchen and with your flat mates as possible, as it is really important to get to know them as you will be living with them for the next year. This will also help to hopefully stop you from feeling home sick, as you won’t be thinking about home or whoever has just dropped you off. I found this really helpful because if I was by myself, I would have felt sad and really missed home

This weeks quote is…

“Where we love is home- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Finding the right University!

Hi I’m Charlotte, and for my first blog post I thought I would talk to you about the importance of open days and finding the right university. As I hope you’re aware, the deadline for UCAS applications is fast approaching, as we get closer to Christmas and into the New Year. Most of you are probably preparing for your mock exams that could be before Christmas, in the New Year, or maybe you have already done them which must be a relief. If you are yet to do your mock exams, just remember that these are generally the grades that get put onto your application for UCAS (well thats what it was like for me) and so they are important and you should try and put your all into them. Anyway enough about exams, the main focus of this post is about open days and the importance of finding the right university for you.

Personally for me it was very difficult to get to open days as I come from overseas and so needed to get a plane over which costs a lot. However it is slightly easier for those of you who are from the U.K. If you do come from overseas like me or don’t live around the area, most universities are very accommodating if you tell them where you come from and will try and find a way to make things easier for you.

Anyway, for me it was particularly important to find the right university as I was coming so far away. However for anyone I would recommend going to as many Open Days that you seem necessary, I know for me when I went to other universities there was just something missing, however when I came to Edge Hill, I just fell in love with not only the campus and the opportunities, but also the surrounding community. This is something I wouldn’t have known, had I not come to an Open Day. You get to see and hear things on an open day that you cannot find online, and a lot of the time it is important things such as do they have the facilities so that you can carry on with your hobbies or am I going to be able to have my ensuite bathroom.

For this reason, I highly recommend going to Open Days, as it will help you find “the one” (as in the university for you, not a love companion). The last Open Day of the year was this Saturday, but fear not you can book onto one of Edge Hill’s monthly Campus Tours.

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