Juggling your time whilst at university

With the second semester now underway I’ve decided to turn my attention to my time management. Time management is incredibly important, especially whilst at uni. There is just so much that we all want to fit into our days that without planning it is easy to find yourself with an increasing workload.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! By having a few simple time management tricks you can free up so much time for going out with friends or simply an extra lazy afternoon. Here’s some top tips that I use to manage my time.

1. Use a diary for important dates and for planning your week

Without my diary I would be completely lost! I have a paper diary that I carry in my bag as I find this the most helpful way of being able to see clearly what I need to do and when. However, whatever type of diary works for you would work just as well. By spending a few minutes at the start of my week working out what I want to achieve by the end of it I can ensure that I leave enough time for the things that are important to me, like going to the gym and spending time with my family.

2. Don’t be afraid to say no

Sometimes we all need time to ourselves to relax and just have some time being lazy or to take a nap. It is important to remember that this is completely okay. Saying no to friends, family or extra commitments occasionally can help to improve your health and will let your body rest and recharge, meaning you’ll feel much better about your week ahead. 

3. Try to get your work schedule in advance

If you’re working a part-time job whilst studying try to get your work schedule as far in advance as you can. Whilst this isn’t always possible, fitting your work hours in during the quieter times of your semester can help you to free up valuable time around submission deadlines.

Comment below with any top tips that you have, it’s great to share. 

Three New Years Resolutions as a Student

With the first semester over and assignments all submitted I found myself thinking about what New Years Resolutions would be good to have over the next year as a student. So here’s 3 resolutions that you could try, all of which would be great for any student and are easy to complete here at Edge Hill.

1. Look after your mental health
Keeping healthy extends further than your physical health. There are so many ways to look after your mental health here at Edge Hill and it is so important to find ways that work for you to keep you as happy, calm and as stress free as possible. Over the next few weeks there are loads of Give it a Go sessions which can help you do just that. From a visit from the Guide dogs to an afternoon of crafts. Check out the full list of activities here. If you feel like you would like some support then the team in Student Services would be more than happy to help too.

2. Be prepared for the semester ahead
Getting organised can save you lots of time throughout the semester. I find it helpful to keep my diary up to date and to have a folder for each of my modules. I use a laptop to type up my notes after each lecture and seminar so that all of my notes are in the same place when it comes to completing assignments. There are many ways to get organised, from checking that you know when your lectures start again and which room they are in to doing some reading to get yourself back into the routine of studying after a long Christmas break. If you would like any advice about becoming more organised why not arrange a meeting with your personal tutor or speak to someone in Student Services. The team are very friendly and approachable and will help with any questions or queries you may have.

3. Try out a new sport/exercise or society
The Sports Centre at Edge Hill has so many amazing opportunities for both students and members of the community. There are membership options to suit all budgets and why not take advantage of the latest offer from the Students’ Union too. If you’d like to try something new why not join a new club or society, many can be found here on the Students’ Union website.

Please do share any resolutions you have in the comments below, would be great to hear your ideas of what you are doing over the next Semester too.