Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 5)

(If you’re looking for the general events happening across Welcome Week, look at the first 4 parts of this series hereherehere and here!)

So, with all the events that the SU are putting on for Welcome Week, it seems absolutely crazy that there would be time for anything else!

So, your courses have decided to put on events too. Yes, really.

Now, every course will have a different Welcome Week timetable, and I don’t want to flood Inside Edge with Welcome Week Timetable content more than I already have. (However, if the other bloggers choose to do so, they can do that!)

So, instead of going into detail about all of the events, I’m going to lump them into different categories, based on their overall goal! With that said, here we go!

Department Talks


This is – bar none – THE most important part of Welcome Week. You will meet the people most integral to your life at Edge Hill University and receive invaluable information and resources that will make your time here infintely easier.

Introductions To University Services

Importance: You will get introduced to various non-Course departments on campus.

These departments will act as your support frame during your time at University. Whilst it can be a big leap for some into independent life, you aren’t expected to go it alone – there will be people there to help you if you need it.

Mentor Meetings

Importance: You get a chance to meet your Personal Tutor and Peer Mentor.

You will have two personal contacts whilst studying at Edge Hill: a Personal Tutor (a member of departmental staff) and Peer Mentor (a current student on your course) who will both be able to offer you advice throughout the year about any possible issue you might have.

Social Activities

Importance: Get to meet people on your course in a more casual setting.

Whilst you will get to meet many new people whilst at Edge Hill, your coursemates will be the people you see the most frequently (possibly second to people in your dorm, but depends on your relationship with them), so getting to know them early on helps to build strong bonds throughout the three years!

OK, NOW that’s everything that takes place throughout Welcome Week! As I said, the SU likes to make Welcome Week the biggest event ever, but don’t forget why you’re at University to begin with – you’re there to learn (sorry for being a spoilsport) and these events are here to act as your starting block for your degree!

Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 4)

(For those who have only just joined us, you can find the first 3 parts herehere and here!)

The SU really wanted to make Welcome Week as big of an event as possible, and they have certainly done that! So, what can you expect from your first full weekend at Edge Hill?

Saturday 22nd September

Harry Potter Society Games Afternoon [Free]

Join the Harry Potter Society Committee for an afternoon of HP-themed board and card games, including HP Monopoly, HP Guess Who? and Cards Against Muggles. Food and drink provided.

Hangover Club [Free]

Feeling the effects of Welcome Week? Who isn’t! Which is why the SU bar will be offering All Day Breakfast and Curer Drinks to help you recover and fuel you for the closing party!

SU Bar Resident DJ [Ask SU for more details!]

Open until 2am, come enjoy the night once again with the SU’s resident DJ! Ask about drinks offers on the night!

Sunday 23rd September

Medieval Re-enactment Society Taster [Free]

The closest any of us are getting to an IRL Game of Thrones, come try out 12th-century medieval combat re-enactment with the members of MRE in their first session of the year!

Textbook presents: The Stickment [Free pre-9:30 with wristband, £7 otherwise]

Get ready to close off Welcome Week 2018 in style! Textbook are bringing in The Stickmen – if you haven’t seen them before, prepare for an epic show!

And that is – believe it or not – EVERY announced event (at time of writing, that is – more could appear out of nowhere!) for the SU Welcome Week!

Well… the general ones, that is.

Your courses have Welcome Week timetables too.

You’re welcome.

Come back for Part 5!

Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 3)

(If you’re only just joining the list here, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here!)

Yes, there really IS that much stuff happening during Welcome Week! We’re on Part 3 of this, and we’ve only just hit Thursday! And there’s still numerous more events to go!

Thursday 20th September

Plant For Your Room [Free]

One of the most popular Crafternoons of the year, come and start growing your own plant! Choose which plant you want, and watch it grow throughout the year!

Anime Society Mixer [Free]

Whether you’re an avid Anime fan or wanting to experience it for the first time, come meet the 2018/19 committee, see what they have planned for the year and watch some anime whilst chilling with fellow Anime fans!

Stealing Sheep [Free]

OK, it’s not what it sounds like – Edge Hill does not condone theft of livestock! Coming off the back end of a festival tour, Stealing Sheep bring the Suffragette Tribute – featuring 30 female musicians and dancers – to create a unique display of arts! [Fun fact: the Edge Hill colours are inspired by those used in the Suffragette Movement!]

Roller Skating [Free]

If you’re in the mood for skating and thumping music, then this is the event for you! [It feels like Jet Set Radio, but with less graffiti and more dance moves! Bonus points if you got the reference!]

Friday 21st September

Big Student Resale [Free]

Stock up on anything you could possibly need whilst at Uni – clothes, books, DVD’s, pots – for a low price!

Free Film Friday [Free – are you noticing the theme?]

Once again, FREE FILM – exclusively for EHU students! [Film yet to be announced, join the FFF Facebook group for more info!]

Yoga [Free]

With all the “stress” of Welcome Week so far, you may want to have a relaxing yoga session! Suitable for all.

A Tribute To Cheese And Status [Free pre-9:30 with wristband, £6 otherwise]

One of the BEST C&S tribute acts are heading to the SU to put on a fun-filled event -featuring instruments, MCs and DJs.

…well. I thought this was going to be a 3-part series. But apparently, the SU just LOVE to put events on for Welcome Week! …so…see you for Part 4!

Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 2)

(If you missed Part 1 – which covers the Sunday and Monday of Welcome Week – click here for the rundown!)

And so the celebrations continue! Welcome Week is – as the name suggests – a week-long event welcoming students new and old back to Edge Hill, and it only ramps up from the start!

Tuesday 18th September

SU Sabbs on Tour [Free]

Because YOU tell them to stay sat in an office! Your 2018/19 SU Sabbatical Officers will be up-and-about again to answer questions and give advice!

Scavenger Hunt Challenge [Free to Take Part]

If you want to learn the layout of the campus, but also enjoy a good Scavenger hunt, this is the perfect event for you! Find the various golden ducks (presumably not the live ones wandering on campus!) hidden on campus and take a photo/video with them for a chance to win!

Crafternoon – DIY Decorations [Free]

If your room is looking a little barren – even after 3 carloads worth of stuff – come to the first Crafternoon of the year and make some decorations to give your room a personal flair!

Free Film Tuesday [Free – if you hadn’t guessed by the title!]

Exclusive to EHU students, come along and watch a film for ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Film yet to be announced, join the FFF Facebook group for more info!)

Musical Nerds Taster Session [Free, location TBD]

An opportunity to experience being part of the society! Snacks are provided, just bring yourself (and possibly a blanket!)

Video Games Society Taster Session [Free, location TBD]

There will various video games across numerous consoles and genres, so there will be a game for every type of gamer!

Campus Sprt Pool Party [Free]

“We are SO ready to create Love Island with this pool party!” Bring your best swimwear and enjoy the experience on offer! [This is an alcohol-free event – save drinking for an Afterparty!]

Karaoke [Free]

The Mic is open to those who want it! You don’t have to be good at singing, all you need is the passion and the lyrics (lyrics optional!)

Level Nightclub [£7 – buy wristbands from the SU Shop]

3 floors of music make for 1 epic party! (People will be on-hand to help you onto the trains at Ormskirk station!)

Wednesday 19th September

Welcome Fair [Free to all]

Watch the SU and HUB transform overnight into one of the most important events of the year! Sign up for societies, get your NUS card and grab loads of freebies from brands and businesses!

Free Film Wednesday [Free – again, the title gives it away!]

Enjoyed Free Film Tuesday – or didn’t get chance to go! Enjoy ANOTHER FREE FILM!

Social Foam Party [Free pre-9:30 with wristband, £4 otherwise)

The first Social of the 2018/19 year starts off as a… bubbly affair with the UK’s LARGEST foam cannon!

And the fun continues throughout the week! Come back next time when I’ll be talking about what to expect from the latter half of Welcome Week!

Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 1)

With A-Level Results Day having been-and-gone and people receiving updates on their applications, Freshers’ students – as well as students returning – have one thing to get excited for:


Yes, the one week on campus where there’s no classes (well… OK, a FEW classes…) and lots of fun to be had!

The SU have announced the full lineup of events for Welcome Week (Tickets haven’t gone live as-of-writing, so be careful if anywhere claims to be selling them!) and I’m going to go through the whole list!

Sunday 16th September

Welcome Sunday

Finish signing up for Uni and receive a FREE bag of goodies (from either the Faculty of Health or HUB) once you’ve signed up for the SU Newsletter! Oh, and you’ll be moving in on this day, so… very important one!

Textbook Clubnight [Free pre-9:30 with Wristband or £7 on-the-door]

“TEXTBOOK are coming in and taking over the whole SU Bar & Venue to bring House, Tech and R&B together for the most surreal club experience you’ve ever had.”

Monday 17th September

Vintage Folk Clothes Shop [Free To Enter]

Vintage Folk appear several times throughout the year, bringing a wide array of clothes at excellent prices!

Giant SU BBQ [Free Entry]

They used to do several smaller BBQ events. But not this year – this time, it’s a one-and-done BBQ Bonanza! Food galore AND inflatable rides!

SU Sabbs on Tour [Free]

Come and meet your 2018/19 SU Sabbatical Officers and receive help and knowledge on all things SU!

Board Game Night [Free to Play]

If you’re not one who fancies partying (I am one of those people!) then there will be a Board Game Night in SU1 [go to the top floor of HUB, cross the bridge, it’s the room on your left!] where there will be board games for every type of player!

Milk LGBTQ+ Clubnight [I believe this is free, but wait for more info!]

Edge Hill will be holding their own Freshers’ Pride Event for all types of LGBTQ+ students and staff, so go and enjoy the party!

Goodness me, there are a lot of events going on – in fact, I’m going to split this up into three parts (that’s how many events are going on!), so check back next time for more events taking place across Welcome Week!

Why Was Inside Edge Down?

Hello, peoples! Just a quick update!

So, anyone who tried to access Inside Edge during the latter part of last week may have noticed that… you couldn’t!

Don’t worry – none of us bloggers could access it either!

Without getting too mumbo-jumbo on what happened, this is what happened!

This website – alongside many others – is run by a website builder called WordPress. Over the past few days, they released a patch (not unlike a video game) that’s designed to improve security, features, etc.

What it ended up doing was breaking the website! (I’m sure we weren’t the only website affected!)

Luckily, the amazing IT team at Edge Hill released a patch of their own that made the website accessible again!

* generic cheering *

So now, all of the bloggers here can get back to giving you guys all the content you love to see!


With the website back up, I’ll be releasing two articles today:

– Student Discounts For Uni (Meant to release on Friday, but… well, you know what happened! You’ll have to backdate to find it, though!)

– Durning Centre: Postmen & Technicians (That will be released later on today!)


With that out of the way, I shall see you guys later!

Durning Centre: Postmen & Technicians & Management, Oh My!

The Durning Centre is – bar the places you’ll be studying – one of the most important places on campus. Within this building (which took me quite a while to find first time around!), there are three main departments, all of which are important to your time at University! These three departments are:

  • Post and Parcels
  • IT Technicians
  • Facilities Management

Continue reading “Durning Centre: Postmen & Technicians & Management, Oh My!”

Student Discounts For Uni

One of the most important things for any student – other than, y’know, passing your course – is ensuring you have enough money that you can do things that sudents need to do (eating, buying books, partying – it varies from person to person, really!)

So, I’m going to be sharing some of the websites and apps I personally use to save money whilst at University!

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Themed Food Days On-Campus

So originally, I was going to talk about the various eateries on campus, but it looks like Sean beat me to the post there! (Find his posts here and here!) So, this time, I wanted to talk about something different: on which holidays is food themed to that specific day?

Answer: quite a lot! (Apologies if any dates are wrong – the list I’m using to write this may be outdated…)

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