Living off campus

Hi everyone!!

Today I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about what life living off campus is like especially those of you in first year have now hopefully sorted next years house!

Whilst it is definitely a huge difference from living in halls, living off campus is still really great. For most people you are closer to the centre of Ormskirk so now you really apart of the community and you may explore parts of the town you never even knew existed.

If anything I have found that the friendships I made have become even stronger now that we live in a house, I live with two of my old flat mates and a friend from my course. Living in even closer proximity’s has made us a lot closer as a group.

Yet, there are some differences such as paying bills and your rent but as long as you stay organised it’s really easy to stay on top of things! Especially those of you who pay bills there is lots of companies such as ‘Split the Bills’ who take away your worries of ending up with an unwanted hefty bill at the end of the month!

To conclude, living in a student house is just as much fun as living on campus!!!

See you next time, Ellie!

Applicant Visit Days

Hi everyone 🙂

Some of you who applied to join us next year and have us listed as either your conditional or insurance, will have been invited to come to our applicant visit days.

These are really good events and they can be so helpful in terms of learning more about your course as well as getting to explore campus a bit more, especially the student experience.

A typical applicant day consists of a taster lecture, on something that you would probably study on your course. Your department will also run a question and answer session, to answer any queries you may have.

On Applicant days, you can also go on a guided tour of our campus as well as discover our halls of residence.

Also, you can meet your tutors and possible peers on this day as well, it really helps you prepare for what to expect when you join us in September.

Applicant Visit Days

If you are unable to attend these days, once a month we provide campus tours and or you can always get in touch with you’re department if you have any questions or unresolved issues.

Finally, if you do come on an applicant day I hope you had a great day and are looking forward to joining us!

Ellie 🙂

How to manage your money easily

Hi everyone,

For most people being a student is the first time you will be wholly in charge of your own finances, such as paying rent, buying food, making sure you don’t overspend. But whilst this sounds simple it can be difficult to manage all of these especially if you have never done it before, which was definitely the case for me! So here are a few tips to get rid of those money managing worries!

1. Work out a weekly budget.

Doing this will allow you to be aware of what you should be spending each week. For example, know how much you want to spend on food per week and then deduct that from your budget so that the rest of the money you have can be spent freely.

2. Take advantage of student discount.

Being a student doesn’t mean you should miss out on treating yourself every now and again! Student discount is so amazing and will save you a lot of money in the long run. One way of obtaining this is through the NUS card which are available to buy online or in the SU shop on campus. Another way is through apps such as UNiDAYS and Student Beans.

3. Be thrifty.

Another way of cornering buying things full price is through buying second-hand. For example, a lot of the books on your uni reading list will be available second-hand on either Amazon or eBay for a fraction of the price!

I hope this little tips helped you in some way! If you have any questions then please leave a comment!

Ellie 🙂

What to do at the weekend at Edge Hill

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I could tell you about some of the things that are available to do at the weekend in Ormskirk. When I started at Edge Hill one thing I wasn’t sure about was what to fill my time with if I have have decided not to go home for the weekend. Yet there is actually a plethora of activites for you to do!

First of all, Ormskirks famous markets are on every Saturday. There is lots of stalls, the best one is the cake stall, they do the best oreo brownies you will ever have! As well all the high street shops are open and they usually have some great student deals for you.

We are also only a short train journey from Liverpool where you can venture to do some retail therapy or visit the odeon. Another thing to do in Liverpool is Ghetto Golf which is an amazing take on crazy golf, its only £10 and it something great to for a night out or someones birthday.

Although this may not be the most exciting, the weekend is the a great time to catch up on work like note taking or essay planning. Doing this little bit of extra work will help you in the long run as well as you will be more organised for your assessments.

When I lived in halls one of our favourite things to do at the weekend was to chill in our flat and watch lots of films together, its a great way to bond with your flatmates and its lots of fun too!

Edge Hill Accomodation – Main Halls

Hi everyone,

I thought that in today’s post I would tell you all about the accommodation offered at Edge Hill and also my experience of living in halls.

As Edge Hill students we are lucky to have the amazing high quality standard of accommodation available.

In my first year at Edge Hill I lived in main halls. Main Halls comprises of four sections; John Dalton, Lady Margaret, Clough and Stanley. John Dalton is female only and that is where I lived.

Main Halls is one of the cheapest places to live on campus and also comes with many perks as it is also catered accommodation therefore all your meals are included so you don’t have to worry about making sure you have to extra money for your food shopping. This works in the way of a card which is automatically topped up each week with around £45, it’s a really easy way to manage your food money and you can keep an eye on how much you have left with the ‘Upaychill’ app.

In addition, the rooms in main halls are lovely as the main building is very old the rooms are full of character. Each rooms comes with a single bed, desk, wardrobe, drawers and bookshelves and are actually a lot more spacious than you may think.

The bathrooms in main halls are lovely as well. They are shared bathrooms but they are thoroughly cleaned each day. The bathrooms consist of four shower cubicles all with a basin and a bath as well.

There is also a kitchen in your corridor with all the usual facilities so if you want to make your own food then you can with no worries.

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions then please leave a comment!

Ellie 🙂

Welcome to 2018 – Second Semester

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to Edge Hill! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas break and a happy new year. Most of you will have had your first day back in lectures today after the winter break.

If you are worried about starting your second semester at university then think of it as a fresh start! New year always means new beginnings and the world really is your oyster. Maybe you could join that society you have always wanted to be a part of or you could go to one of the many brilliant nights at our students union bar, such as karaoke!

As you begin the new term, it could be the perfect chance to reflect on the last couple of months and decide what worked well for you and what perhaps wasn’t as successful – this is the perfect time to break those old habits and start new ones.

Also, there is so many amazing events on at Edge Hill this term such as visits from guide dogs, the return of the frat party in the SU and many more exciting things to look forward to!

But, all in all let’s hope that this semester will be just as fun and successful as the last!

I wish you all the best of luck and as always Thankyou for reading 🙂

Ellie 🙂

Tips for House Hunting!


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the new year!

Today I want to talk about something that I was really worried about when I started university and that was finding a house for second year. However, if you know where to look then this isn’t as difficult or stressful as you may think! Moving into a house in your second and third year is so exciting and I have personally loved living in our little house this year. So, here are a few ways to find yourselves a house!

1. The Official Edge Hill Housing list!

This is the easiest and most efficient way to find a house as it has all the key information you are going to need in order to find your ideal house. The housing list contains all the landlords in Ormskirk who are accredited with the university. You will find, the landlords phone number, the address of the house and most importantly how much the weekly rent is as well as whether the property requires a deposit or summer retainer. You can find the list by visiting the students homepage and selecting ‘Off Campus accommodation finder’.

2. Social Media

Using the university’s official social media, especially Facebook groups, are a great way to find accommodation. As many current students advertise houses on these pages whether a room is available or they are recommending their landlord. Also, if you are struggling to find some housemates it is a great way to interact and find people to live with as everybody is very friendly and welcoming.

3. On campus accommodation for third year students

This year, Edge Hill opened the brand new accommodation, Woodlands Court which is exclusive to third year students. So, if you want to stay living on campus then this may be the best choice for you as not everybody wants to live in the town. Also, for second years you can also apply to live in the regular campus accommodation in your second year if that is what you want to do as there are always rooms available.

House hunting is a really exciting process so try not to worry about it as there is always a solution!



Study tips to help you over Christmas break

Study tips for Christmas holidays

Well done! First semester is over and congratulations freshers on completing your first semester at Edge Hill.

Christmas break is now well and truly underway and whilst we all love tucking into some mulled wine and pigs in blankets, I’m sure most of us have deadlines looming in the back of our minds. But, we don’t want our assignments to hold us back from enjoying the festivities and being back at home for a few weeks so here are a few tips on how to keep on top of your work over the Christmas period.

Don’t leave all until the last-minute!

This one is very important and probably something we have all been guilty of at some point. But, if you avoid leaving your assessments to the last-minute it will ease your stress and allow you to enjoy your time more.

Try and write your essays in chunks.

This will mean that if you do even 30 minutes of writing everyday your essay will be finished before you know it!

Plan! Plan! Plan!

This is something I have been doing a lot more of this year and it has definitely worked in my favour. By planning your essays your ideas will be more concise and you can spend more time evaluating critical material and you will hopefully see your marks significantly increase. Also, planning means you won’t be as stressed when writing an essay as you already know what you want to talk about it so you won’t be struggling for ideas

Finally, whilst essays and exams can take over our priorities, make sure you take full advantage of your Christmas break to rest and enjoy yourselves at home so that you are more than ready to begin second semester in the new year!

As always, Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a very happy new year 🙂

5 Things every student will love about Edge Hill

Hi everyone,

I’m Ellie and I am currently in my second year at Edge Hill studying English Literature. I thought as my first post as a student blogger I would tell you all about five of the best things about there is at Edge Hill!

1. Living on campus

When you enter your second year you will soon realise how much you miss living on campus. Campus is the best place to be, especially in your first year, the convenience of being a two minute walk from McColl’s is perfect for any midnight cravings. Also, Subway which is situated in the Students Union can be equally as tempting. Whether you live in Chancellors Court, Forest Court or Main Halls, living on campus really does mean you have everything the University has to offer at your very fingertips. Did you know that Edge Hill was voted as best value for money in the National Student Housing Survey awards 2017?

2. The Chancellors Beach

Many of you probably thought your nearest beach was Southport, well Edge Hill offers its own beach situated right in the heart of Chancellors Court. It is the perfect backdrop for some summer reading or just chilling in the sun, don’t forget SPF! You may even be visited by the campus ducks waddling round campus; they have previously been seen wandering around the Hub.

3. Student Nights

One of the best things about Edge Hill and Ormskirk in general is the night life available to its students. Whether you go to Alpine Tuesdays for £1.50 drinks or would rather stay closer to home and attend Social on a Wednesday night , you are guaranteed an excellent night out wherever you go! This year is extra special as the Students Union announced ‘Frat Party Thursdays’ cheap drinks, great music and celebrity guests, for example; Kem and Muggy Mike from Love Island! What more could you want?!

4. Ormskirk

Whilst Ormskirk is a small town it has some amazing places to boast about. Cobble Coffee does the best potato wedges you will ever have in your life, we also have New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Hype for all your fashion needs! And don’t forget the famous Ormskirk markets! There is always something to do and always somewhere to go as we are only a 30 minute train journey from Liverpool. You won’t ever get the opportunity to be bored!

5. Student Support

Finally, last but not least, the support for students provided by Edge Hill is outstanding. If there are any problems you can always find someone to help whether it’s a lecturer, student assistant, or even a flatmate there will always be help right around the corner to ensure that your time at Edge Hill is a happy one.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and if you decide to join us at Edge Hill, then you will fall in love with it just as much as I have!