• Living off campus

    Hi everyone!! Today I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about what life living off campus is like especially those of you in first year have now hopefully sorted next years house! Whilst it is definitely a huge difference from living in halls, living off campus is still really great. For most […]

  • Applicant Visit Days

    Hi everyone 🙂 Some of you who applied to join us next year and have us listed as either your conditional or insurance, will have been invited to come to our applicant visit days. These are really good events and they can be so helpful in terms of learning more about your course as well […]

  • How to manage your money easily

    Hi everyone, For most people being a student is the first time you will be wholly in charge of your own finances, such as paying rent, buying food, making sure you don’t overspend. But whilst this sounds simple it can be difficult to manage all of these especially if you have never done it before, […]

  • What to do at the weekend at Edge Hill

    Hi everyone, Today I thought I could tell you about some of the things that are available to do at the weekend in Ormskirk. When I started at Edge Hill one thing I wasn’t sure about was what to fill my time with if I have have decided not to go home for the weekend. […]

  • Edge Hill Accomodation – Main Halls

    Hi everyone, I thought that in today’s post I would tell you all about the accommodation offered at Edge Hill and also my experience of living in halls. As Edge Hill students we are lucky to have the amazing high quality standard of accommodation available. In my first year at Edge Hill I lived in main […]

  • Welcome to 2018 – Second Semester

    Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Edge Hill! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas break and a happy new year. Most of you will have had your first day back in lectures today after the winter break. If you are worried about starting your second semester at university then think of it as a […]

  • Tips for House Hunting!

    Hi! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! Today I want to talk about something that I was really worried about when I started university and that was finding a house for second year. However, if you know where to look then this isn’t as difficult […]

  • Second year summary: Semester One

    Second year summary: Semester One

    Hi everyone, Over the last couple of days I have been reflecting on how this semester has been going for me. But, now I am halfway through my time at Edge Hill which is so scary as it doesn’t feel as if it was five minutes ago I was moving into halls. So I thought […]

  • Study tips to help you over Christmas break

    Study tips for Christmas holidays Well done! First semester is over and congratulations freshers on completing your first semester at Edge Hill. Christmas break is now well and truly underway and whilst we all love tucking into some mulled wine and pigs in blankets, I’m sure most of us have deadlines looming in the back […]

  • 5 Things every student will love about Edge Hill

    Hi everyone, I’m Ellie and I am currently in my second year at Edge Hill studying English Literature. I thought as my first post as a student blogger I would tell you all about five of the best things about there is at Edge Hill! 1. Living on campus When you enter your second year […]