The Student Opportunity Fund

Hi everyone!

One of the many amazing things about Edge Hill includes the student opportunity fund, this fund can allow students to go on placements or internships who wouldnt be able to afford it otherwise. The fund also covers the cost of travel and accomodation expenses as well as money for productions for films and presentations.

The fund will help you do things like this if it will enhance your employability after you graduate and provide you with transferable skills, every year each student is provided with up to £2000 from the opportunity fund so they really can help you with some amazing experiences!

To be eligible to apply for the Student Opportunity Fund, you will need to be:

  • Registered on a programme leading to the award of an undergraduate degree, integrated Masters degree, DipHE, foundation degree or PGCE. This excludes inbound Erasmus students;
  • Studying full-time or part-time. Part-time students are required to be studying a minimum of 60 credits in the year of application;
  • Domiciled in the UK, EU, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

It really is an amazing thing to be able to lean on for support, especially as without this service we would not be able to do some of the amazing things we could do!

If you would like to apply for the student oppurtunity fund you can apply online

for more information click here

Ellie 🙂


Our Students Union shop

Hi everyone,

The students union shop is a really great place to visit when on campus! Here are a few reasons why

  • Merchandise! This is the only place to get your official Edge Hill merch, you can buy anything you can think of from hoodies to sports wear as well as teddy bears and stationary! Also, they are doing a 12 days of christmas offer on christmas jumpers which are such a bargain!
  • Uni essentials – You can get your uni essentials in the shop as well such as snacks, cleaning products, krispy kreme doughnuts and stationary!


  • Subway – Also located within the SU shop, right in the very heart of campus is the subway. It is definitely one of my favourite things about our campus, you can have as many delicious sandwiches as you want without even having to leave the university!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ellie 🙂

Housing workshops

Hi everyone,

Next week brings the return of Edge Hills housing week, this can be daunting for first years who are looking for their second year accomodation but this week is all about helping you and saving you a lot of stress. So here is what will be going on throughout the week

  1. House hunting workshops

Campus life will be holding lots of housing workshops throughout the week in order to provide as much support for students as possible alongside the money advice team and the students union advice center. These sessions will provide advice on:

  • Contracts & deposits
  • Tenancy Deposit Schemes
  • Budgeting advice
  • Things to know once you have moved in/moved out of a property

2.  Annual housing fair

On the same day as the fair, the accommodation team release the official housing list, this is super useful as it only contains accredited landlords and makes your life a lot easier. The housing fair as well has lots of stands to help and advise you on renting privately, as well as the careers service being on hand to help with any part time jobs queries. All in all this is a really helpful event to go to so make the most of it if you can!

Remember not to rush into getting a house that you can’t afford as you will find something that suits you and your friends eventually!

I thought I could include this video made by NUS about renting a house in the hope it helps you!

Ellie 🙂

Christmas at Edge Hill

Hi everyone!

So, Christmas has well and truly arrived at Edge Hill so I thought I could share with you some of the things that have been going on throughout campus in order to get us all ready for the festivities in a few weeks time!

The campus life team have been really busy putting up THREE trees in the catalyst building! I love how Christmassy campus is beginning to look and the trees are looking great.

Campus life are also putting on lots of Christmas events from now until the end of term, for example today you can visit the catalyst and decorate your own bauble to put into the tree! They are also doing a trip to the Manchester Christmas markets so keep you’re eyes peeled!

The town centre is also looking extremely festive now that the official Christmas lights have been switched on – the town council are also putting on some amazing events such a Christmas markets. Also, festive food and drinks are now being served in the local cafes – Cobble does an amazing gingerbread latte!

Decorations really do mean the start of Christmas and some students have been getting especially creative when it comes to decorating as they have made a Christmas tree out of Pepsi cans!😂

We only have three weeks to go now until the end of term so whilst you are trying to keep to your deadlines you can also make sure to enjoy the festivities at the same time as this time of year is great for bringing students together!

Ellie 🙂

House finding tips!

Hi everyone,

Its getting towards the time of year now where most people will be starting to think about looking for a house for the following year. When I was experiencing this I didn’t really know what I was doing or where to start! So here are a few tips to help you along the way!

1. Attend a housing workshop

Campus life run these workshops every year towards the end of november/ early December. These are really helpful sessions to give you advice on looking for a house and all the factors you may need to consider when doing so!

2. Decide who you are living with

This sounds quite straightforward but making this decision can be quite stressful sometimes. One thing I have learnt is that it is a lot easier to have an even number of people of usually 4 or 6 as that I was the majority of student houses are. Also, don’t decide too early on in the year who will be living with who as by the time December rolls around things might have changed!

3. The housing list

The housing list is something every edge hill student will come across at some point. This is usually released in December and it contains all the university approved properties in Ormskirk and the surrounding areas, therefore making your job a little easier!

4. Don’t rush!

One thing you don’t need to do is rush trying to find a house! There is more than plenty of houses for everyone so take your time and enjoy looking round the houses – I find it quite fun! Make sure to book viewings with various landlords and weigh up the options with your roomates and hopefully everything else will fall into place!

Ellie 🙂

What’s on at uni this week!

Hi everyone,

Edge Hill always has some amazing events to suit everyone all throughout the year so I thought I could let you all know some of the things that are lined up for the next week or so!

All these different events can range from free film viewings to karaoke or a stand up comedy show!!

Give it a go! Cooking with your cluster! – TOMORROW!!

Campus life are holding a cooking event tomorrow for you and your flatmates, it is free of charge and they even provide the ingredients for you – it’s a great way to learn to cook, especially as it’s fun too!

Learning to Thrive in the 21st Century – TOMORROW

Random collage background or typography texture digital design

Professor Rod Nicholson will deliver a talk on dyslexia and how you can use it to your full advantage to help you succeed in the 21st century – this sounds like such a good opportunity!

Open Mic night – Monday 5th November 

An open mic night is always a fun way to socialise and can be really funny too whether you want take part of just watch either way you’re going to have a great time! And it’s completely free too!

The students union website is always being updated with lots of events on the social calendar to keep you up to date!

Ellie 🙂


What’s on this bonfire weekend!

Hi everyone,

and Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great time dressing up and celebrating!

I love this time of year as there is so many amazing things you can do with your friends, bonfire night is the next holiday to fall upon us so I thought I would let you know what you can do in Ormskirk and Liverpool to celebrate!

1. Ormskirk cricket club.

This is just down the road from campus so it’s really easy to get to if your living on campus and it’s not too far out from the town either! Tickets are £5

2. The Pough Inn, Lathom, Ormskirk

This is also only a 5 minute car/bus journey away from the university. Tickets cost £4 and there’s going to be a hog roast, games, sparklers and rides!!

3. The River of light display, Liverpool

One of the biggest bonfires in the north west, this bonfire is set to be amazing! Held on Sunday 4th November. Fireworks will be lit along the river Mersey for people from both Liverpool and the Wirral will be able to see them – this is also a free event!

Also, as always if you are near fireworks or decide to use them yourselves do be careful and make sure you do so in a safe environment! There’s lots going on this bonfire weekend so make the most of it and I hope you all have a great time!

Ellie 🙂

Making the most of reading week!

Hi everyone

Happy reading week!

I thought today I would share some tips on how to make the most of your reading week.

1. Read!

As silly as it sounds but this week is really useful (especially for those of us who are English students) to get some reading done this week as its rare we get a full week off during term so this is a great chance to catch up on any reading.

2. Plan

If you feel that so far you haven’t been as organised as you may have liked, you could use this week to gather your thoughts and make a plan for what you want to achieve for the rest of the semester.

3. Enjoy yourself!

As important as uni work is, it’s still really important to enjoy yourself and take some time out to chill. This is key as you will few more refreshed when you start lessons again! You could celebrate Halloween, go to a bonfire or just chill at home!

4. Be productive with your time!

This is one that I think every student struggles with and that is finding the balance between study time and leisure time. During this week you could maybe spend the mornings doing work, and then you can have your afternoons free for you to do as you wish!!

I hope this was helpful and enjoy the rest of your reading week!

Ellie 🙂

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Budgeting tips for university

Hi everyone,

As a lot of new students are still getting used to living away from home and fending for themselves I thought I would share some money-saving tips to help you make your money last as long as you can!

1. Know how much money you have on a monthly and weekly basis

If you can work out how much money you will have every week, it will definitely make it easier for you to budget your money for the things you need, and also how much money you have left to spend freely on what you wish.

2. Save as much as you can.

If you know you are moving to uni soon a good idea would be to save as much money as you can do that you know you will be ok financially and won’t be relying on your student loan. Or if you are already a student and have a job you could save some of your wage.

3. Be thrifty

A really good way to be thrifty is to shop at discount stores like b&m and Home Bargains. Also try not to buy branded products as you will definitely save money.

4. Cut back on spending!!

This is a tough one and something I still struggle with, but if you can try to cut back on your spending habits, downloading student discount apps such as UNiDAYS and student beans really help with saving money!

I hope this was helpful

Ellie 🙂

Creating a study environment

Hi everyone,

Something that has taken me so long to get right is finding the right place to study and somewhere that I can really focus and get on with my work, as I am very easily distracted! Obviously these are things that work for me and everybody works differently but I really hope these tips help!

1. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

One place I definitely make full use of are the private study rooms in the library which are located in the new catalyst building. All of the rooms contain a huge desk space along with a computer. Being on my own in a private space really helps me concentrate as I know that I won’t be disturbed.

2. Working with friends

I know this is the complete opposite to my previous tip, but sometimes working with your course mates can really help you with studying, as you can all help each other and ask them to read over your work if you feel the need to.

3. Turn your phone off

Going on your phone is 100% going to put your productivity to a halt. Set yourself a timer for 30 mins to an hour and you will be surprised at how much you get done!

4. Listen to calm music

I have a playlist dedicated for when I want to concentrate and it really is helpful, Spotify and YouTube also have lots of concentration playlists from the ocean to film scores! Someone I went to sixth form with used to listen to the Harry Potter films soundtrack when she was revising to help her concentration!!

Thankyou for reading!

Ellie 🙂