Third Year English modules

Hi everyone,

Last year I wrote a post about the modules I chose for the second year of my degree in English Literature which you can see here.


  1. Victorians at Work:

This is one of the compulsory modules I took for this year. It is a period survey about Victorians in a professional context. I found it really interesting to learn more about our ancestors and how they influenced us. it addresses the social side of the Victorian era such as industrialisation. Texts included The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte and The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

2.  Contemporary Literature in English:

This focuses on texts that were written after the end of the second world war right up until the current day. I only started this module this term and I am already really enjoying it! Some of the books include; A Kind of Loving by Stan Barstow and Ali Smith’s Autumn.

3. Victorians at Play:

This is fast becoming one of my favourite modules as it is really interesting to see how the Victorians kept themselves entertained and how much they invented as well. So far texts have included J M Barrie’s Peter Pan and Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

4. Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll: Young Adult Fiction:

This module is all about teenage fiction so its super enjoyable to read the texts. They range from texts from young peoples experiences of war and also first love. Texts include; Forever by Judy Blume and John Green’ s The Fault in our Stars.

I hope you found this interesting!

Ellie 🙂

My day in the gym!

Hi everyone,

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Happy Wednesday, it’s nearly the weekend. As I mentioned in my last post, I now have a membership at the Sports Centre located at Edge Hill therefore I thought I would share with you what I did in the gym today and how I am finding it in general.

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I went to the gym and did 55 minutes and total and believe me I was tired afterwards! I suppose that shows you’re working hard though!

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Firstly, I went on the bike for 30 mins and did 10K which I don’t really know if its impressive but I was super proud of myself. I then went on the rowing machine for a bit which was super hard and I will definitely be aching in the morning.  After that I went on the cross trainer which is one of my favourites, and from there you can see into the sports hall so I could watch the netball teams match which was fun! Finally, I went on the treadmill for 20 minutes which I really like as there is so many options as you can change the speed as well as the incline for a more intense workout. I really enjoyed it today and I felt great after.  In the next week or so, I’m going to attend some of the classes provided such as Zumba as I think that sounds great and also a really good one to do with friends!

I’ll keep you all updated!

Ellie 🙂


The Sports Centre at Edge Hill!

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous post I now have a membership at the Edge Hill’s Sports Centre! I’m still at the beginning of my fitness journey so I will definitely be updating you on how that’s going later on.

But, I think that the facilities at the Sports Centre are incredible and there is so much to do that will suit everyone at all ages and abilities – you can take a look at their website by clicking here. So, I thought I would give you all a quick run through of what’s available!


The Sports Centre has two sets of changing rooms for both the fitness suite and the swimming facilities, both include showers. I also absolutely love that there are hairdryers and straighteners available too! There are lots of lockers as well so you never have to worry about leaving your belongings unattended.

The fitness suite itself has lots of equipment from treadmills to bikes and cross trainers, as well as a designated weights area. The gym equipment also has a TV screen so that you can stay entertained during work outs. For example you can watch Netflix and YouTube or even listen to the radio!

Every single day there are a variety of classes you can go to such as yoga, Zumba, HIIT and lots more. I would love to have a go at doing yoga and legs, bums and tums as they sound great! Classes are well priced for non-members as well at just £3.50!

The swimming pool is one of my favourite things, I’ve been a couple of times now and I love it in there! You can swim freely or in a single lane and there are also classes such as Aqua Fit. It’s a great way to guarantee you won’t go on your phone for a good hour and you can just switch off from uni work.

So far I’m really enjoying doing some exercise and I find it’s really good mentally as well. I’m finding that I am really looking forward to it each time I visit the gym! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

Ellie 🙂


My last semester at Edge Hill

Hi everyone 🙂

Welcome to my first post of 2019, I hope you have all had an amazing first month of 2019!

I am looking forward to seeing what this semester brings, but it also feels extremely bittersweet as it is my last ever semester at Edge Hill and I definitely do not feel ready to leave yet! So far my time at Edge Hill has been so much better than I ever could have imagined. I still can’t comprehend that in July I will be graduating and no longer a student (I will definitely miss the perks of being a student!).

But, I am going to be making the most of this semester and enjoying my time here as well! I joined the gym last week and I’m really looking forward to getting into fitness again as I definitely haven’t been my most healthy self in my time at uni. I have been a few times now and I am enjoying it so much and the facilities are incredible, which I will be talking about in future posts!

Let me know what you’re looking forward to this semester!

Thanks for reading

Ellie 🙂


My New Years resolutions

Hi everyone,

Happy new year!

I thought today I could share with you some of my New Years resolutions for 2019!

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  • Be healthier – It is definitely true that with university comes a lot of takeaways and convenience foods for those late nights in the library. So, I just want to be a bit more aware of what I am eating and be mindful of eating more fruit and veg.
  • Exercise – this is such a  typical one but me and my housemates have decided we are going to join a gym and we really want to do some exercise classes like Zumba and maybe spinning!
  • Social media – I definitely want to spend less time on my phone this year as I feel like I am way too consumed by instagram and other social medias and it is not healthy! I want to enjoy living in the moment a lot more than living life thinking about instagram likes!
  • Make the most of university – this is my last year at uni now so I really want to make the most of it and enjoy the final months of living in Ormskirk and being with my friends!

what are you New Years resolutions!?

Happy new year and as always thank you for reading!

Ellie 🙂

First semester reflection

Hi everyone,

Happy new year’s eve! I hope you all have a great time tonight as we ring in the new year, bring on 2019! I thought that today I could do a reflection on how my first semester of third year has gone.

The semester for me started off really well, I was feeling really motivated as I knew that as this is my last year at Edge Hill I really need to make it count so that I do well. I’ve definitely been making more of an effort to see friends more outside of lectures and going out and just chilling together, its things like this that I will definitely miss the most when I move back home. Its also been a celebratory semester as my friends are all turning 21 so lots of birthdays!

In terms of work, I feel that so far everything seems to be going quite well, except I had quite a few assignments due in before the Christmas break and I ended spending a lot of a late nights in the library. I started my dissertation this semester as well which at first I found a really daunting idea as it is such a massive project but now that I have started it, I definitely feel a lot more confident about it.

Im so sad that when the new semester begins it will be my last semester before I graduate!

I hope you all have had a great first semester and happy new year!

Ellie 🙂



How to stay on top of uni work from home

Hi everyone, one thing I really struggled with in the last two years being at home from uni when I have assignments due in as I tend to struggle to concentrate so here are a few tips to stay on top of your uni work over the Christmas period!

  • Image result for edge hill
  • Work in a quiet place –

I find that there are so many distractions at home, such as parents coming in and out and not having a proper work space as I am so used to doing most of my work in the library. So, try to find a quiet space where you can concentrate and get as much work done as you can.

  • Make sure to balance time between socialising and studying-

It is hard over the festive period to find time to catch up with friends and family at home as well as finding time to write your assignments, but even if you prioritise a few days or even   making sure you do some work in the mornings before you go out, then you will find it easier to balance work and fun!

  • Try and start it well in advance –

If you could start your work well before its due in then hopefully it won’t feel like such a big weight on your shoulders over the christmas period and you will be able to fully enjoy yourself!

I hope these tips help!

Ellie 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying having some well deserved time off! This Christmas has been special for me as it is the last one I will have at Edge Hill. 

Me and my housemates went out to Mowgli, an Indian street food restaurant in Liverpool and then went for drinks after which was so nice to do! We also went to the Christmas markets in Manchester on the free trip which was so much fun. I have really enjoyed Christmas time whilst being at uni as it is so fun and I really am going to miss it so much.

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas also, what have you been up to?


The Student Opportunity Fund

Hi everyone!

One of the many amazing things about Edge Hill includes the student opportunity fund, this fund can allow students to go on placements or internships who wouldnt be able to afford it otherwise. The fund also covers the cost of travel and accomodation expenses as well as money for productions for films and presentations.

The fund will help you do things like this if it will enhance your employability after you graduate and provide you with transferable skills, every year each student is provided with up to £2000 from the opportunity fund so they really can help you with some amazing experiences!

To be eligible to apply for the Student Opportunity Fund, you will need to be:

  • Registered on a programme leading to the award of an undergraduate degree, integrated Masters degree, DipHE, foundation degree or PGCE. This excludes inbound Erasmus students;
  • Studying full-time or part-time. Part-time students are required to be studying a minimum of 60 credits in the year of application;
  • Domiciled in the UK, EU, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

It really is an amazing thing to be able to lean on for support, especially as without this service we would not be able to do some of the amazing things we could do!

If you would like to apply for the student oppurtunity fund you can apply online

for more information click here

Ellie 🙂


Our Students Union shop

Hi everyone,

The students union shop is a really great place to visit when on campus! Here are a few reasons why

  • Merchandise! This is the only place to get your official Edge Hill merch, you can buy anything you can think of from hoodies to sports wear as well as teddy bears and stationary! Also, they are doing a 12 days of christmas offer on christmas jumpers which are such a bargain!
  • Uni essentials – You can get your uni essentials in the shop as well such as snacks, cleaning products, krispy kreme doughnuts and stationary!


  • Subway – Also located within the SU shop, right in the very heart of campus is the subway. It is definitely one of my favourite things about our campus, you can have as many delicious sandwiches as you want without even having to leave the university!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ellie 🙂