Freshers’ Week Fun

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying one of the few colder weeks back home.

One of the popular rites of passage of University and student life is Freshers’ Week. This is typically the week that new students would be moving into Halls, getting to know their teachers in informal lessons or workshops, getting to know the campus and the local town/city and getting to know the people you’ll be living with or on course with!

It really is a fantastic week, and not only do Edge Hill make 100% sure you’ve settled in, but they always make sure you’ve got some great events to look forward to too!

One of the great things I found about Edge Hill was the way they looked after new students; there are always help desks open and ready to help with any queries or worries, the well-being team offer their services to anyone struggling with the changes that come with University life or who are feeling homesick, and they do events such as the Freshers’ fayre, in which students can find both fun stalls and local businesses as well as general Edge Hill info. There are also some day time events, for example in the past there have been sports events or meet ups that students are more than welcome to come to.

As well as the support from the University staff and teams and the day time events, the Students’ Union do a range of events, mostly in the SU Bar on campus! There have been comedy nights, UV raves, Hodor from Game of Thrones DJing last year and, a popular annual event, the toga fancy dress parties! These are great if you’re looking to make more friends or get to know your classmates, because they often leave you with fun memories you’ll remember till you finish your final year and beyond!

As well as the campus’ events, the local businesses in Ormskirk usually do specific Freshers’ week events or deals, so it’s always lovely to check those out too! For example, Wetherspoons do a Freshers’ booklet with deals on food and drink and some businesses do a student discount for a certain time period.

If there are any past or current students reading this who would like to share their Freshers’ wisdom please do in the comments, and similarly if you’d like to know more about something specific just ask!

What will University give you?

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying the end of your Summer!

There are many things that being at Edge Hill has given me, and helped me with, and I bet many of you reading this now would have the same thing happen! I thought I’d talk about a few just to show you how great my time at Edge Hill has been for me and what you might have to look forward to in the future:


The main thing that being at Edge Hill has done for me is increase my confidence massively. There are a lot of things that contributed to this; my course, my teachers, the opportunities I’ve been offered and given, the societies I’ve gotten involved with, traveling to and from the University and living independently to name the main ones!

I do the BA (Hons) in Performing Arts, and I came to Edge Hill knowing that I wanted to be a performer, but not knowing exactly what my potential is. I now know that I have such a wide range of skills at my disposal, from Circus to Physical Theatre, from Naturalism to Melodrama. And not only has my course and my teachers helped me to discover this, but they’ve also helped me to make my use of these skills better, and in turn become more confident as a performer. This has led to me taking the opportunities to perform which have been given to me, such as performing as a part of this and last years’ Circus Intensive week and performing to 4 different audiences each year, performing at Ormskirk’s Gingerbread Festival and teaching children to do circus tricks, and help out with events such as the Human Book Chain, in which I was dressed at a witch and entertaining the helpers with circus tricks!

I joined the Aerial society which is overseen by Inversion Pole Fitness attendees and found a sport I can truly enjoy. It helped me feel confident in myself too! I’ve learnt a skill that I’ve wanted to learn for a few years but never thought I could do.

I never thought I’d be able to cope so well with living independently too, but I’ve started to learn how to cook properly and I can no longer say that I’m anxious I’ll get on a wrong train!


I’ve made some amazing friends during my time here. They’re definitely friends I’ll have for life. Be that through my course, through events I’ve been to or just because I happen to be in Ormskirk/Liverpool!

I never really found making friends easy before University, but it just goes to show how much Edge Hill has helped me, because I find it much easier now!

The Experiences

As I mentioned above, I’ve had some fantastic performance experiences, but I’ve also had some great experiences outside of performing. Campus Life set up an event for students to go to the Manchester Christmas Markets, something which I’d always wanted to go and check out but never managed to, and the past two Christmases I was in with the treat of getting a place on these trips!

I’ve also come to love Liverpool. I come from a small town a short drive between Manchester and Leeds, and those were the only two major cities I’d ever been involved with. But coming to Edge Hill, I’ve not only had the pleasure of living in the lovely town that is Ormskirk, but also completely fallen in love with Liverpool and what it has to offer!

So those are just a few things I’ve found have changed in my life since I started at Edge Hill nearly two years ago now. It’s flown by, but I treasure every moment to this very day and I look forward to spending one more year here. I hope this post has given you some idea of what you might be able to get out of coming here too and if you’re joining us in September, you’ll have a great time, I can guarantee you this!

What the future holds

Hey all! I hope you’re having a fabulous August, and I hope results day went well and you got the grades you wanted! 

A lot of people will tell you when you’re younger that you need an idea of exactly what you want to be and where your career is going. I vividly remember telling someone that I wanted to go into performing and acting and being told “there’s no jobs in that”, and responding with “then I’ll do something music tech based”, and again being told “there’s no jobs in that”. My response as followed was that then I’d be happy stocking shelves or something and being able to pay my rent. I’ve been told many times in my life that I need a better career path, and I’m sure a lot of you reading this will feel the same and have experienced the same. So, coming up to university it may seem really daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be. Yeah, you need to choose a topic to focus on, but my skills and experiences at University have helped me sculpt my future massively!

I chose the BA (Hons) in Performing Arts because I knew I wanted to perform. Originally, I said I wanted to be a film actress. But over the past two years, not only have I gotten so involved with circus skills and even performed as a clown, but I’ve realised that I love theatre too, and I would love to create my own performances, be that independent performances or ones that’ll be shown to a wider more commercialised audience.

I think it helps that Edge Hill has given me the confidence as a performer to make these choices; in high school and college I insisted that I wasn’t good enough a performer to do anything other than follow a script and be micro-directed. This wasn’t necessarily a fault of anyone else’s, but I’d just never done half the stuff I’ve done at Edge Hill and I was still very much in my shell.

When people ask you what you want to be when you’re older, you can give them an answer, but just remember that the future can always change and you can always find different paths, but don’t be scared of that change. John Lennon’s famous response was “I want to be happy”. And that’s what we should all aim to be.

I hope you got something out of this post, even if that’s a little more security, and I’d love to hear your stories in the comments if you have any on the topic 🙂 

What to do with your Summer

Hey all! I hope you’re well! I’ve been enjoying my Summer and getting used to the lie-ins I’ll miss once I have lessons again haha!

Speaking of Summer, Summer can be a really awesome way to get things done that you can’t when you’re focused on your work, be that when you’re going into University or already a University student. There are a few different things that you could do to fully achieve your Summer potential which I thought I’d share with you so that you can make the most of this last month and the next Summer!

  • Get organised: sort your things out! Be that tidying your room or study space, sorting your previous study notes into folders etc, or getting yourself into a rhythm in terms of a sleeping pattern or particular lifestyle habits, Summer is the perfect time to get organised.
  • Check your next year out: it’s always good to have a heads up on what you’ll be studying or what you might be touching on in your next academic year. For example, you’ll find that you get a list of readings and books that you could look at before the year if you wish which are always good to look into. You don’t have to read them all page to page before you arrive, but maybe trying a bit of one or two might be good!
  • Expand your experiences: do things you can’t do whilst you’re studying and do things you’ve never done! I remember last year I helped out with the Ormskirk Gingerbread Festival and taught children how to do circus tricks which I’d never really done before!
  • Spend time with your loved ones: it can be easy to lock yourself away and forget to socialise during Summer, but it’s the perfect time to go for that meal with your old mates, or have a movie marathon with the family.
  • Get some experience in your career path: it’s not all work no play, but maybe getting some work experience or something will help down the line! I’ve been using my Summer to get a few more jobs as a TV extra which will make my performing CV look excellent!
  • And of course- have fun!

So those are just a few things that I find important to try cover during Summer. It really is a time for opportunity!

Best things about Ormskirk

Hey all, hope the end to your June has been good and you’re all doing well!

Edge Hill is in the town of Ormskirk; a small but lovely place. Not a lot of people outside of Liverpool that I’ve spoken to are aware of where it is, so I thought I’d let you guys know a little bit about the town!


Ormskirk’s nearest big city is Liverpool; by train it takes between 30 and 40 minutes to get into the Liverpool Central train station. It is also a 15-20 minute train away from Aintree, the home of the Grand National. The trains run fairly regularly, so it’s great if you love going on days out to big cities but don’t like living in one! It’s also great if you’re a fan of night life, because the trains don’t stop until 23:37 at night!

What to do

In Ormskirk there are some really lovely shops. Not only do they have the usual you see on high streets, such as Waterstones and Clarks, but there are also some really lovely local businesses. There are the likes of cafes and pubs, but also gift shops and some shops that sell a unique array of goods.

I also really love the range of food places there are in Ormskirk; there’s a beach-themed restaurant and bar opened up the other month called Dinky Dory (where you get served your fries in a sandcastle bucket!), Wetherspoons, a couple of Bistros of the likes of Barnyard and Nordico Lounge and then takeaways galore!

There’s also the loveliest park called Coronation Park which you can go to if you want a walk or want to sunbathe during Summer!

The atmosphere

I think everyone who you ask about Ormskirk’s atmosphere will agree when I say it is such a lovely town. The people there are lovely and all the shop owners and people you pass in the town centre are so polite and kind. It’s the kind of place that you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling unwelcome in.

Like I said earlier, if you don’t like living in big cities, for example I come from a small town so I would have felt totally unsettled if I’d moved to, say, Liverpool itself, Ormskirk is somewhere that would be good for you.


As I mentioned above, the trains are quite regular to Liverpool, but you can also get trains towards Preston too. The train station itself can easily be found, as can the bus station. When you come down to the town centre from Edge Hill, the bus station is the first thing you see at the end of the road that the University is on! From there, there is a small footpath you can follow to get to the train station. Once you’ve been there once, you’ll easily find it again!

So, Ormskirk has a lot of great things about it! It’s got such lovely scenery, shops, and is easy to travel to and from! If you have any questions about anything specific, let me know in the comments below, you could even ask me if Ormskirk has something that you’re interested in knowing about!

Getting to Know Your Flatmates!

Hey all! I hope you are well!

A couple of days ago I made a post about how you can get to know your flatmates before you get to Edge Hill (click here), but I also wanted to make a post about what you can do to ease yourself in and get to know them once you arrive too with a couple of tricks!

  • Don’t isolate yourself: seems simple, but if you can be a little shy sometimes, like me, then you might want to just hide in your room all of Freshers’ Week, But don’t! It makes it much easier to get to know your flat mates if you’re around to say hi before you all get stuck in to lessons. I took advantage of the common room that was in my Back Halls building and sat in there when I could.
  • Take advantage of Freshers’ Week: the events that are put on by the University and local businesses in Ormskirk on Freshers’ Week are meant to get you to socialise and settle in, so take advantage of them! Whether that’s going to the Freshers’ Fair and bonding over what free stuff you got (honestly, if you like free stuff like me, the Freshers’ Fair is a gold mine!) or going to the annual toga party and dancing around in a costume together, there’s so much to do with your new flatmates!
  • Go grab some food or drinks together: everyone loves going to ‘Spoons (Wetherspoons, for those who don’t know of that abbreviation, you’d be surprised how many people don’t!), so why not have your first flat ‘Spoons and get to know each other. There’s nothing quite like bonding over food or a pint of Dark Fruits (or something non-alcoholic if you don’t drink).
  • Play some silly games: there’s nothing funnier and more capable of breaking the ice with new people than Twister! I found it really made some nights go so well when meeting new people! Also, the University gave each Halls building the Edge Hill Monopoly during my first Christmas at the Uni, so there’s always board games like that too!

So those are just a few different things that I found useful when getting to know the people who I was living with for first year. It’s just nice to have some little ideas and tricks to help things along! I hope this post has helped and will help some of you reading this, but if anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to read them in the comments below!

Getting in Touch!

Hey all! I hope you’re doing well and you’re enjoying your Summer! It’s still fantastic weather isn’t it?

I wanted to write a blog about one of my favourite things that happened on the lead up to me becoming a student at Edge Hill; how the Student Assistants for your accommodation invite you to join a Facebook group where you can message who are going to be your flatmates for the year!

As a part of the process after you’ve accepted your place at Edge Hill, your Student Assistant will introduce themselves through email. The Student Assistants are basically current students at Edge Hill that will be living in the same accommodation building as you and are your main port of call if you have an issue that needs resolving. In the emails they initially send you, you will be invited to join a Facebook group in which you’ll find the other people you’ll be living with!

The great thing about this is that if you struggle and take a while to make new friends, this gives you a head start before you get there! It definitely made it easier for me to get to know everyone and it helped that I recognised people a little when I got in to my Halls (Back Halls).

Although these groups usually contain people from the whole of your building and sometimes a couple of others, usually, once everyone knows their room number, people tend to post asking if anyone on the page is near to them, which is a great way to find out who exactly your flatmates will be. For example, I managed to find and be added to a group which contained my 9 person cluster exclusively.

So, if you’re thinking of becoming an Edge Hill student and one of your main concerns about University is making friends and settling in with your flatmates, I hope this post has somewhat helped you in your decision. Also, if you’re already a prospective student waiting on an acceptance letter, once you get it, make sure to check your emails!

In the meantime, check out my post on how to keep up with Edge Hill’s social media here:

Keeping up with Edge Hill!

And feel free to ask me any questions below! 🙂

Living Independently

Hey all, I hope you’re having a fantastic Summer so far and are making use of this beautiful (if overly-exotic!) weather!

One of the things about University that can be nerve-wracking, dependent on whether you’re moving in to Halls/a student house or if you’re moving far from home, is living independently. There are a few reasons this might be; shopping for groceries and necessities, cooking, cleaning and being away from your family and home-based friends. If we went down that list and focus on my life experience before University, I helped with the shopping at home but didn’t have to make sure I had everything on my list considering my dad did that, I had only ever cooked pancakes and egg bread, I didn’t do much cleaning and as I never travelled much I had my family and friends near me. So, the idea of having to look after myself and being away from the people I loved terrified me, especially since I’d also have to travel independently and I’d never done that either!

Now, there’ll be some of you who have just read that and thought ‘how did this girl not do any of the stuff I’ve been doing for years before uni?’, but there’ll also be people reading it and relating. Everyone has different life experiences. The main thing is, though, it’s a life change.

There are ways of dealing with these things though! The independence you get can really help you grow as a person, and it really did for me! The best thing to do is try methods to help with those things, such as writing down things you need as you need them for shopping, cooking with the people you’ll be living with so that you can both help each other and learn things off each other, making sure you don’t isolate yourself and travelling with the friends you make if they’re going in the same direction.

If you start to feel homesick or just need someone to talk to, the University also offer some great wellbeing services. You can speak to one of the Wellbeing team at any time, but they also offer a Counselling service at Milton House, a small student GP just off campus. Milton House offers one to one counselling appointments, both regular and walk-in, and also do things such as Stress-Control courses.

So, there are many different things you can do to help with easing yourself in to living independently. It seems worrying until you actually move there, trust me, you’ll be getting to know your way around and enjoying the Uni life sooner than you think!

Keeping up with Edge Hill!

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful weather!

Whether you’re a prospective student, you’re definitely coming to join us in September or you’re already a student at Edge Hill, one of the best ways to make sure you’re in touch with all the latest news and events that are going on on or around campus is through their social media pages! Even if you don’t use it yourself, you can still view the pages, but if you can give them a like or follow you’ll get all the info you need over Summer!

There are quite a few different pages, so you can follow the ones that you’re interested in, but they are so full of information that you’d be missing so much if you weren’t following them!


There is also a group for Freshers’ Week this year which you can check out for event info; 


These are just the pages for the services the University have to offer, but a lot of the societies also have Facebook/Twitter pages. If you’re interested in any society in particular (click here for the list), just search the name of the society in the search bar of either social media and I’m sure it’ll pop up!

EHU Human Book Chain

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well.

Edge Hill has been working its way to the opening of the newly built Catalyst building; the new home of the library resources and student services! If you want to read more about the Catalyst building, here is one of the pages which explains more about what the building has to offer Edge Hill students.

Now, onto an event that was really exciting for the University- the Human Book Chain! This was an event organised by the Catalyst and Student Services teams in which staff and students from local schools were invited to help create a chain of people from the old library to the new Catalyst building to pass the books across to be placed in the building when it is finished.

It was a really fun event, with the Performing Arts Students performing circus tricks and musical theatre classics. I even got to be a part of this, and got to do some circus tricks dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West!

The atmosphere and community spirit was incredible, and just goes to show what great events the Edge Hill University staff organise! Plus, it’s a wonderful start to a building that’s going to help so many students in the years to come.

The Human Book Chain even made the news! Check these videos out: