Being a Part of a Society

As you are looking forward to starting your university adventure, I am sure you are wondering which societies are available and which ones you would want to join (or if you want to join any at all). In my first and second year I hadn’t joined a society, but had experienced going to socials such as the football social. Anyone is welcome to join nights out and meet new people… that is what is so great about societies and socials at Edge Hill!

Sports Teams

This year, I am currently playing basketball with the basketball society (Edge Hill Ducks!). Although I used to play GA in netball during high school, I can’t say Basketball is my forte. Going to training has made me appreciate how different these two sports actually are! However, everyone at basketball has made me welcome and part of the team. This shows you that you can join a sports team no matter how experienced you are… just go for it!!!

Create a society

You can find the list of Edge Hill’s current societies on their website. However if there’s
nothing that interests you, you have the option of creating your own society. Edge Hill Student Minds society is a great example and was created last year by a fellow primary education student. It is open to anyone struggling with their own mental health, wanting to support others, to learn more about mental health and helping to remove the stigma around it.  You can follow their page here.

If you have any questions about societies at Edge Hill, drop me a comment! If there is a specific society in particular, I will do my best to put you into contact with them.

Anna 🙂

Trick or Treat Yo’self

Hello everybody!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I turned 21 on Friday which means I’m officially a responsible adult… but I definitely don’t feel like one! I love this time of year at university, not just because it’s my birthday, but because it’s HALLOWEEN!

Bring in the Boos

Edge Hill’s student bar and venue are putting on a Halloween night for textbook’s Halloween takeover. This year it’s perfect that Halloween lands right on a social Wednesday. Expect to see venue filled with vampires and ghosts (I’m personally hoping for no clowns).

Pumpkin Carving 

If you are gutted you have missed out on pumpkin carving in the hub why don’t you nip out to Morrison’s? My house bought a pumpkin each for 75p… not bad! They also have little pumpkin carving kits for £1 in the Halloween aisle.


Poundland and B&M are the perfect places for reasonable sweets for trick or treaters (if you live in town), and Halloween decorations.

Halloween in Ormskirk

If you are looking for something a bit more low key than a night out at the SU, Coronation Park (opposite Morrison’s) are putting on a Halloween fair.  The Timber Yard have created an event from tomorrow until Sunday for Halloween AND Bonfire Night.

Whether you are already a student at Edge Hill, or are applying to study here next year, I hope this gives you some idea of the fun things to do on Halloween. I hope you have a great one! Speak soon,



A Year Until Uni

So you’re in your final year… are you feeling sad, anxious or relieved? I remember feeling all three things! Here are a few tips to make the most of your final year of college / sixth form.

  1. What’s your goal?

Make sure you know what you’re aiming for by talking to your teachers, friends and family. Are you applying for jobs, university or a course? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you use this year to gain experience and do the best you can in your coursework and exams.

  1. Get involved

As it is your last year of school, try to get involved with different things that are going on. I know it may vary in different colleges / sixth forms, but if there are year book and prom committees you could volunteer! (It’s fun AND will look good on your CV). Instead, maybe you would be good at mentoring younger pupils in a subject of your choice.

  1. You do you

However, extra-curricular stuff can be a challenge sometimes whislt trying to balance it with your work and revision. So do not panic! You will have plenty of opportunities at university such as joining a sports team or different societies.

  1. Research and visit your university

Throughout my last year I was constantly researching Edge Hill and the things they have to offer. This really motivated me when revising for exams because I knew that was my end goal. Visiting Edge Hill will give you the chance to explore the beautiful campus and modern accommodation. If you think it looks good on the pictures, prepare to be blown away! You can book an open day here – I highly recommend it!

I hope you have a great week! Speak soon,

Anna 🙂

Writing your Personal Statement

You may have written your personal statement already, you’re in the midst of it, or haven’t made a start on it yet… which is okay! I remember spending days looking at a blank word document wondering how to even start the thing. Here are some tips that might help you if you have the same problem:

  1. Make some notes

To start with, make some headings and bullet points. Think about you as a person, your achievements and your aims.

  1. Change perspective

Put yourself in a different position. What type of person would you look for to attend your university? Do not worry about being humble… it’s your chance to demonstrate why you deserve to get an offer!

  1. Ask for advice

Use all of your resources and talk to the people around you: your teachers, friends and family. Here is some advice and guidelines directly from UCAS.

  1. Don’t panic

Your personal statement is only the first step. Once you’re asked for an interview, this is your chance to truly shine – they understand that a person on paper is not the same person in real life!

  1. Check and double check!

I’m sure you’ve been told the importance of checking your work time and time again. Redrafting and checking for spelling / grammar is a simple but significant thing to do. Try not to ramble too much and make your sentences clear and concise.

I hope these few tips can help. Let me know if you have any questions! Most importantly, be yourself and you will go far!

Have a good week, Anna 🙂

Student Deals

Hey guys! Being a student has its perks and student discount is definitely one of them. Here are a few wallet essentials…

NUS card

My NUS card is something I could not live without. Examples of discounts are 12% off your railcard, 25% off in Pizza Express and 10% off in Topshop.  Recently, Liverpool One had a full day of the biggest student sales with 30% discounts. Your NUS card will also give you cheaper entry for Wednesday night socials at the SU.

Unidays app

Another way to receive store discounts is by downloading the Unidays app on your phone. Below are some current offers available and there are many more on their website, so get downloading!

Student ID card

On your first day of university you were given your student ID card with your picture and student number. I have made the mistake of forgetting to take it to the SU far too often! You’ll also need this to access and manage your library account when reserving books and taking them out of the library.


Railcards are brilliant for saving money. If you plan on getting the train to university or to visit family and friends, railcards give you discounts of 33%. The 16-25 railcard is £30 per year, or £70 for a 3-year card. Even though the initial cost is a bit pricey, it is worthwhile in the long-run. My railcard has been useful for me to visit my brother down in London… looking back now, I wish I got the 3-year railcard considering the money I have saved!

Thank you for reading… enjoy the rest of your weekend! Anna 🙂

Studying on Campus

A Day of Lectures

Happy Saturday people! As my Primary Education course involves a lot of modules (core subjects, foundation subjects, academic professional development, minor specialism and major specialism), my timetable can be jam-packed! Timetables can change each year, or can change throughout the year. For example, Fridays consist of my minor specialism subject from 9 – 12. However, after a few weeks this will change to a reflective practitioner module from 9 – 11. When you are given your timetable, make sure you understand how to read it – this will avoid any future confusion! Email your personal tutor if you are a bit puzzled…most likely tutors will clear things up in the lecture.


As I am in third year, it is not as easy for me to go back to my house in Ormskirk for lunch and return for the next lecture or seminar. Preparing lunch the night before solves this problem (and is also cost-effective!).


If you show your student ID to the Edge Hill bus driver, it is a 5-minute drive into town where you can buy all the necessary things you need. Poundland, B&M and Aldi are ideal for finding essentials such as files, stationery and buckets (if you do primary education you will soon understand why you need a bucket!).

The Library

Whilst you are studying on campus, make the most of the new library. Even before the catalyst building was up, Edge Hill’s choice of books has always been outstanding. The electronic book scanning system makes it easy to use, and the working space and computers are brilliant for printing, working or researching.

I hope these few tips are helpful to you! Anna 🙂

Contacting Friends at University

It can be hard to keep in contact with friends whilst you are at university. Everyone has so much going on, so arranging time to see one another is near to impossible. Although distance is hard, your friends will understand you have a busy schedule because they are in exactly the same boat!

  1. Who ya gonna call?

When you do have a free moment, try to call a friend. This could be whilst your walking to your next lecture or tidying your flat.

  1. Facetime

Who still uses skype? Or remembers MSN? For some reason, seeing the person your speaking to on screen is something that still excites me – it’s like they’re with you in real life!

  1. The wonders of social media

One reason why I am glad that social media exists, is the chance for communication. I have a few friends currently all around the world for studies and work – America, New Zealand and Spain. By getting constant updates, whether its pictures on Facebook or videos on snapchat, it is nice to see what they’re up to.

  1. Arrange visits

Try to plan ahead and book train tickets in early…they can be quite pricey as you will know! Planning to meet up with a few friends in one place might help reduce costs. Not only do you get to see your friends, it’s the perfect chance to explore new cities! 

  1. The post

If you’re feeling nostalgic, letters through the mail adds a personal touch to your message and it can certainly make someone’s day!

You might get to speak to your friends once a week, or even once a year. Either way, it’s nice to know that they’re only a phone call away! How do you keep in touch with your friends? I hope you’ve had a good first week and enjoy your weekend!

Anna 🙂

Balancing Work and Play

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great start to term. Sadly, fresher’s week has come to an end for us here… hopefully we still have some energy left for real work! Balancing your workload with your social life can be challenging at times, so here are some tips which help me!

  1. Look after yourself

Most importantly, make sure you don’t get over-tired because that’s you can make yourself ill. Drink plenty of water, exercise and get some early nights! If you are a student living in accommodation on campus, you can get discount on your gym membership which allows access to the swimming pool, fitness classes and all the brilliant equipment.

  1. Turn to a friend

If you find yourself struggling with your workload, or anything else for that matter, there are lots of people to turn to for support starting with your friends. Most likely, your friends will find their work difficult too. The library located in the new Catalyst building also offers services, resources and support. For more information you can visit the Catalyst help desk or ask online.

  1. Treat. Yo. Self.

No matter the amount of work you are given, you should not be working 24/7. Make sure you get some down time too – take a walk in the local park, make a phone call home or have a night out in the SU or Alpine!

  1. Get organised

Poundland sell the ideal academic calendars and diaries for you to plan ahead and write in your exams, assessment dates and social events. Sometimes by writing a to-do list or seeing your weeks ahead down on paper, it can make you feel more at ease and confident going forward – this certainly helps me!

If you have any questions drop me a comment and I will do my best to answer! Speak soon,

Anna 🙂

Living in Halls

Hi guys!  During my first year of university, I lived in Founders Court. I miss living in halls for many reasons. Here are a few reasons why…

  1. You have the chance to meet new people

Living with strangers can be a scary prospect… but I assure you, you will all get chatting in no time on welcome Sunday! Meeting new people will allow you to make new contacts and form close friendships.

  1. Personalise your new room

A new home means a new place to decorate! During welcome week, there will be a couple of ‘crafternoon’ sessions where you can create your own decorations to make your room that bit more homey. This is where you can personalise a mug, craft a wall hanging or make a sign for your door.

  1. The perfect location

Living on campus made it so easy to roll out of bed in the morning to make it to your 9am lecture. Not only is it handy to attend your lectures and seminars, everything happens on campus including university events, society meet-ups, social nights, barbeques, quizzes, karaoke and sporting events. Although living in a house has its own perks, I definitely miss being in the central buzz of Edge Hill (not that I’m far away… just a 15 minute walk!).

  1. The library

Being on campus also made it so easy to visit the library, whether it is to take out some books, use their computers or do some work. This year the new library is complete in the Catalyst building… which I am very excited to see! You can read more about the new facilities here. Some people work best at home, whereas the library is the best place for others. Personally, it definitely helps me to concentrate on my assignments without any distractions!

I hope you are feeling buzzed for your first week at Edge Hill University. Have you started to read ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ in your welcome pack?

Speak soon, Anna 🙂


University Awaits!

What have you been up to this summer? If you are about to enter your first year of university, it must be your first extra-long summer… more than 5 weeks of holiday is great isn’t it?

So far my summer has consisted of work, sleep, food and more sleep – ideal. A couple of weeks after finishing my second year placement in Primary Ed, I started working as an activity and dorm leader at a residential summer camp… I just can’t escape children!

I have also visited my family in Blackpool, which has been nice catch up with them. My brother came up from London for a long weekend whilst we stayed at my Grandmas. There is nothing better than the good ol’ Blackpool breeze and a Mr Whippy ice cream.

Next week, I am going on holiday with my house mates who I have missed these past few weeks!! If you’re planning a holiday with friends, I’d definitely look at Airbnb. With a group of people and splitting the price between you per night, you can get more than your money’s worth.

And finally… I have to prepare for my third and final year at Edge Hill! (sad times). This year, it is important to focus on our teachers’ standards portfolio which includes all our experience, observations and the ways which we have met each standard.

I hope you’re all enjoying the end of your summer and are feeling excited for your Edge Hill adventure!!