Summer is here! ish. Its gone from heat hotter than Spain to ridiculous amounts of rain. Seriously have you tried walking from your house to the taxi without getting your hair wet? It is very difficult. Anyway if you are one of the lucky few are able to fly away somewhere nice this summer then congratulations! I am happy for you, nevertheless if you are one of the, should I say, unfortunate folk who are going to be stuck in the UK Well I have a few suggestions as to what you can do this summer to pass the time, have a well deserved break from those exams and to genuinely have fun.

Have you tried wowcher? Despite the annoying adverts that fill every two minutes of advert breaks, the deals which they have for travel are actually super cheap and very intriguing.


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There may be some of you who are wanting to have more than just a quick break away this summer so have you considered perhaps America. If you like the idea of spending your summer working and having fun teaching sport, crafts or maintaining tech for instance, camp America might be a wise choice for yourself.

I have attached a link to give you an insight into what is involved in the camp America experience.


If you aren’t so interested in America for any reason, why not try camp Thailand? I myself am really considering this one because what would be better than waking up to feed elephants and see the exquisite views and participate in a number of life experiences in which Thailand has to offer. Definitely one to check off the wish list.

First Day Expectations

So by now I’m sure you are coming up to your A-Level exams or at least finishing them. I’ll repeat myself again on the importance of not stressing when it comes to exams. You’ll do fine. So now I guess it is time to really think about university. You have watched videos of your university of choice, made some big decisions as to which one you want to spend three, maybe four years, studying at and now it is the time to say I have made my fixed choice. Congratulations.

Well, there are a number of things which you can be willing to expect upon arriving at university. There will be moving day. This is where you will be enrolled, you’ll get your room key, your student card and get you to meet all your flat mates. Exciting times. When I enrolled there was free ice-cream !! Expression on FREE! There were posters in the hub which you could get for a cheap price – they look great on your wall. There were jumpers which you could buy, I got an edge hill jumper! They do look pretty cool.

There are a lot of things to look forward to when enrolling into university. Of course there is the somewhat awkward meeting of your new flatmates but a suggestion would be to find them on Facebook beforehand. They have loads of groups where you can meet your future flatmates and see who else will be living in your building. It does make introductions that little bit less awkward.

Just remember to have fun and remember to set an alarm. You don’t want to miss your first lecture.

First Year Is Finished

Well, this is pretty strange. I have now come to the end of my first year as an undergraduate. Something that two years ago I didn’t think would be possible. Weird. This year has definitely been an experience worth remembering. I have made some amazing friends, experienced some amazing events and progressed further than I would have hoped to imagine within my course. However If I could go back to day one of university and tell myself anything, something which I could recommend greatly to yourself as well, is – enjoy it.

I’m not suggesting that I have’t enjoyed this year, far from it. This year has been truly amazing but I do not feel as though I immersed myself in as many things as I would have liked to do. So, I’m going to take on board my own advice and try more things next year, whether this is joining a sports team (or at least trying out) or joining more societies. That is the great thing about this place. There is so much out there to try to do and it’s a case of seeing what you like and don’t like. After all, university is both a time and place of self discovery and therefore I recommend you try as much as you can.

This is something in which you are going to be able to experience first hand. Freshers’ week is only around the corner and the mad rush will begin again. (From what I can remember I was caught in a flash mob of some kind whilst queueing up for a fruit smoothie). You will be able to see what the uni has to offer.

Someone mentioned to me that the fate of your university experience depends on the selection of flat mates which you happen to live with during your first year. Daunting, right? Well this is not true, hardly one bit. Of course I have made some great friends living with the people I live with, and I have the full intention of moving out with them in the next academic year, but nevertheless, when you expand yourself and better yourself through experiences you might not have heard of, think of the possibilities. Have you heard of ultimate frisbee? Yeah, I hadn’t either. This sport is gaining a great reputation and edge hill has its own team.

I take it exam period is rapidly approaching. Well, what I suggest to you is to put in the work, don’t stress too much and have a great summer.

See you at freshers’ week!

Be Motivated For Summer

Hi everyone! So it is coming up to summer now and I can imagine a lot of you are considering getting summer placements and summer jobs. Congratulations if you have already achieved one! I mean it can be helpful when it comes to writing your CV’s when you graduate. Something which I have understood from working in different businesses and different sectors is trying to conquer the motivation meltdown within yourself when you have to battle a 9 hour shift on 3 hours sleep. Many of us have been there but here are my tips on how to have a great day at work what ever the weather.

Nothing is more demotivating than working hazardously without having a clear vision, mission and set of objectives for your work. Whether this is at the bar you work at, the house where you’re dog sitting or the restaurant which you’re waiting. Without a clear vision and knowledge of how your work impacts the big picture in which you are motivated to create, you may well end up spending a lot of time on unimportant matters rather than task that urgent task which will impact that big picture. Clarify in no uncertain terms your vision, mission and objectives and focus on them beginning always with the end in mind. It is remarkable what you will achieve once you have zoned in on your precise goals and can focus on them and can visualise yourself achieving them. This method can significantly impact the way in which you tackle assignments when at university or college.

Once you have your vision and goals clarified, develop a detailed strategy for getting there and chart your progress on a regular and ongoing basis. Break down large more difficult tasks into a series of manageable tasks that are interesting and achievable. This will ensure that you are able to get the work done and enjoy it. Put some music on and get motivated. By creating a blueprint for success that is composed of clear, sensible milestones and achievable interesting tasks, this will greatly simplify and lend meaning to your daily routine. As a result will also give you a feeling of control over your work and deadlines which largely boosts motivation. The more organised you are the more you can focus and see your goals be developed into fruition, all from the blue prints in which you have created. The more motivated you will be and the less likely you are to fall into a fit of panic or insecurity and lose confidence and motivation.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Finally my suggestion to you to ensure you are motivated in work is to dress to impress. I don’t suggest that you should go and buy a new £3000 Armani suite (Despite them looking amazing) however make the effort to ensure you feel great. Get those new shoes, wear your hair differently, mix things up and see your day change from that gruelling 9 hour shift to a more motivated, positive and foremost, productive.

I hope these tips have been of some help to you and for those who are applying for your summer placements and jobs, I wish you the very best of luck. You’ve got this!

Eggcellent ways to spend the easter break

Hello everyone

Please forgive the overused easter pun in the title. It’s the only time of year I can use it 😛

So it’s that time of year again, its easter. That time of year where we can scoff our faces with chocolate and just enjoy that little time us student have to take a breather from the work and just… relax. Well, we can try.

I myself have decided to stay on campus due to work responsibilities in ormskirk and yes, it is a ghost town. Its eery and to be quite frank I don’t like it. I feel like there is nothing to do. Because of this I have decided to take some time off work and study to think of some fun things to do to get back to reality. Enjoy my suggestions.

My first suggestion would be to go round liverpool. They have an array of stunning museums and architecture to view and if you feel like your instagram is getting old of selfies and drunken escapades, why not take some fantastic shots of the city. The great thing about liverpool is the rich history it holds. Theres the history of the titanic, the history of the beatles (why not check the cavern club) and of course a number of pubs and clubs which are a perfect way to relax over the bank holiday weekend.

My second suggestion would be Southport. Have you ever been? The beach in all fairness is nothing compared to the Maldives but it is a lovely place perfect for fish and chips and great for a walk down the promenade. If the weathers nice, why not have an ice cream!!

My third and final suggestion would be to relax at the gym. I have discussed the revamp of the university gym in a previous blog however I can’t stress enough how excellent it is. There is access to a swimming pool, sauna and all the high-tech equipment you could ask for. Considering we have the time off lectures, seminars and work shops, there is sometimes nothing better than going to the gym and just sweating it out. Enjoy guys.

J. x

Blood Wedding – Arts Centre

Hi guys

So this week has been pretty successful! For as long as I can remember I have never really liked speaking in front of people. Its awkward, I start stuttering and I get all flush so when I was told I have to give a presentation I was feeling a little concerned as to how it is going to go.

Well. After much preparation and endless hours of practicing and preparing everything I was going to say I can, now, honestly say that It was a success. It went better than I expected and my team and myself delivered a strong presentation.

Anyway, on Wednesday I decided to go to the arts centre and see for myself all the great shows which are delivered. Low and behold I did not expect anything as excellently delivered as what I saw. It was called blood wedding. A performance focused on marriage and adultery! One word. Brilliant!

If anyone wanted to have a night out where they could enjoy some theatre and have a few relaxed drinks (despite the infused tension of the performance) head down to the arts centre. There is a bar and a number of shows delivered every week.

The video above will explain more about the arts centre and what it’s all about.

Have a great week guys.

j. x

What should you bring??

Hey guys, so easter is coming up now and it’s getting closer and closer to that time again! Freshers. Something which I really struggled with was knowing how much stuff to bring to university with me and essentially, what did I need to bring?

I can honestly say that it took me so long gather all the things I needed, or what I thought I needed and believe me when I say it, you don’t need the kitchen sink as well.

The best way to know what you need to bring to university is by breaking it up into different sections. I did it in three sections: bedroom, kitchen and your own.


Okay, so for your bedroom here is a list which I think would be needed before coming to uni

  • Mattress protector
  • Bedding (such as duvet, blankets as it gets cold, pillows etc)
  • Spare blankets
  • Plenty of towels
  • storage boxes for shoes, books or even clothes

This is what I brought for the bedroom.


Okay, for the kitchen it is possible to keep the packing lights. Heres what I brought

  • Pans (Essentially it was a wok because you can cook anything in it and just a regular pan)
  • If you’re feeling adventurous you can get a set of pans for under £10 at Aldi or Tescos.
  • Cutlery. If you wanted to spend a lot on a brand new set feel free but there is nothing wrong with bringing just a couple of sets of a fork, knife and spoon.
  • Chopping board.
  • Chopping knives

This is basically what I brought with me for the kitchen. With me and my friends we all just share our things anyway so I shouldn’t worry too much about forgetting something.

Finally there’s your own stuff.

What I mean by this is the stuff that makes your room your own. You don’t want to leave the walls bare and feel like you’re sleeping in a prison cell. I made sure I brought pictures for a wall mural, lights to brighten the room, posters, books for the shelves. It’s basically stuff to make that space your own.

That is basically some information about I think is beneficial for bringing with you to university. Its coming to that time of year where it is time to start thinking about what you need to bring with you to university. Don’t worry and just bring what you need. After all that, you deserve that shopping spree for those new shoes and jackets for the excitement of freshers.

Have a great week guys.


Time to Relax

So this week has been a pretty busy week. From assignment proposals and deadlines I have been up to my eyeballs in work. Nevertheless this is how I want it to be! It makes me feel productive and with the 24 hour library its nice to relax in the library and finish your work with no disruption.

When you have a lot of work, and it’s expected that you are going to have a lot of work, it is important to ensure you have some time to relax and enjoy yourself. Theres a number of things you can do on campus (these have been discussed in my previous posts) but there is also a number of things to do in Liverpool and Southport. From the cinemas to bowling to even a casual drink in McCooleys at concert square there are plenty of things to do.

If you enjoy a bin mans holiday and you go out for dinner often there is a number of cute little restaurants in ormskirk. From the Fat Italian to Peri Peri to even a Toby Carvery there is a wide selection to choose from. If you are feeling that little bit more adventurous there are eateries in Southport by the beach (Thats pretty cool)! Or venture to the city and eat in the renowned Liverpool 1! Plenty of places to go with your friends and flat mates!

Hope you all have an amazing week with whatever you are doing.


Free Film Friday

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great week with what ever you have been doing. Assignments and exam preparation is beginning to pick up, from drama to politics I hope everything isn’t stressing you out too much. Well, I am posting this blog a little late than usual due to the BRITAwards2016 being on last night. As a true BRIT it is an exciting time in the pop culture calendar. Can we just mention how amazing Lorde’s tribute was to David Bowie? The Zealander has some amazing pipes and her stage presentation was perfect. Adele. There is nothing more to say unless I say everything. She is a beacon of happiness and for all those watching and for you students coming to university studying music and drama or a creative subject she is an inspiration. I wish you all the success you are setting out to achieve.

The great thing about Edge Hill University is the facilities it has for adventurous, creative students. From recording studios to whole stage productions, dance productions, the possibilities are endless. I myself am a business student and apart from the suits and business plans and essays on the policies of monopolistic business in the modern age I am a big fan of music, film and theatre. Every Friday there is a free film shown in the arts centre. Literally just like a cinema and how can anyone turn down a free film.

A theatre, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time has no relevance.
-Dario Fo

If anyone is interested in theatre, musical performance, of any other creative course at Edge Hill, from what I have heard from my friends studying these subjects, you won’t be disappointed. I have provided a direct link to the website if you want to have a look at the course options and what is available to you.

here is some information from YouTube about dance and drama degrees here at Edge Hill


The Arts Centre

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing week. It’s coming towards the end of February now and that means one more month closer to September. That means its one more month closer to fresher’s week (mark it on your calendars). As prospective university students or you’re a student who missed fresher’s this academic year I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks in regard to nightlife on campus.  From specialised theme nights to paint parties to foam parties or even a silent disco (I had never heard of one before uni), it is definitely a week worth attending.

Something in which people see university as is a drunken mess of hungover students topping up their systems with more alcohol day in and day out, perhaps making pizza at 3 am and powering through those 9am lectures. For many people, myself included, there are nights where i’d just like to do something different. Something fun and perhaps something out of the box.

One of the great things about campus is the arts centre. It holds a free film showing in the on campus cinema every Friday. I even got to watch Jurassic World again in full cinematic view which I can honestly say was epic. Not only that they also have open mic night. A night where people can showcase their talents and perform by singing, dancing or playing an instrument. Not only that they also have dramatic shows run by the drama society.

If you yourself are interested in anything at the art centre, just follow the link above to find out whats on and when.

There are so many things in which people can attend to break up that week of lectures and late nights. I say, and I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions you can possible choose from time to time is by attending different things to ensure you get the true university experience.

Have a great week guys