Adventure Awaits

Hey everyone!

As the summer is coming to an end it can mean only one thing: Freshers Week is on the way.

I’m hope you’re all looking forward to joining Edge Hill and beginning a brand new adventure, even if you’re a little nervous too!

This is my last blog *snivel* and it’s been awesome sharing my experiences with you over the past two years.

I’ve transformed from a very nervous, very lost Fresher to an almost adult who sometimes knows what they are doing.

For my last blog I wanted to share with you guys the things I love most about being a student at Edge Hill.

The People

I’ve made some lifelong friends at Edge Hill, people who have been by my side when I’ve been wandering around looking for a lecture room or when I need a duet partner at karaoke.

Along with the friends I’ve made there have been amazing tutors along the way who have always been available when I needed a helping hand with assignments.

Although sometimes uni can be stressful, having great people around you makes all the difference, so shoutout to my friends and the staff in the English department!



I love living in Ormskirk, it’s a town with real character and some great hidden gems.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends I would definitely recommend a walk in Ruff Woods (which is just at the back of Campus) or grabbing a milkshake from Cobble (they are heavenly.)



Noy every campus can boast about having a beach, ducks and two lakes.

Edge Hill also has a campus cat that likes to stroll around (and make you late for lectures.)

Whether you’re basking in some rare northern sunshine or talking a midnight walk campus always had some amazing views, animals and feels completely safe.


The Experience

I’ve changed so much over the past couple of years, thanks to coming to uni.

From lectures to living away from home to trying new things and being pushed out of my comfort zone I’ve learned tonnes of new things and enjoyed every second.


You will be starting a new adventure soon and I wish you all the best!

I hope you love your time at Edge Hill as much as I have and I hope I offered some useful advice along the way.


Quote for the day: “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” -Oprah Winfrey

Have an epic adventure!

-Becki 🙂

A Week in the Life

Hey everyone!

First I want to congratulate everyone who received their results last week and are starting Edge Hill in less than a months time.

Well done and welcome to the family!

I thought since you would all be First Year students in a few weeks it would be useful to give you a rundown of a typical week at uni and an insight into Student Life.

To find out more about your course or moving into halls you can visit the Edge Hill Getting Started page here.

For now though here’s an example week of my second year studying English Literature.



I chose to take a Creative Writing module in second year, Writing for Roleplaying Games, and this commenced my week with a one hour lecture followed by a two hour workshop.

The lecture often introduced a new topic and terms, then the workshop involved group discussion and activities.

This was my only class for the day so the afternoon often involved time in the library for research or to work on assignments.

In the evenings our tutor ran a Roleplaying session for us to try out tabletop games and was a fun extra to the module.



A day off today! I usually used Tuesday’s to recap any readings for classes later in the week.

I also had a part time job and worked shifts on Tuesday’s, this worked around my course and brought in a little extra money.



Back to lectures today, a 9:00 am start on Renaissance Literature.

I often spent Wednesday afternoons with some friends, we would grab lunch at the SU or play cards outside if there was some sunshine.

Caution: if you bring snacks while sitting outside on campus you will attract the ducks.


I had two lectures on Thursday’s, Vampire Fictions and First World War Poetry.

I found it useful to spend some time going over the lecture PowerPoints before the class, otherwise the classes tended to blur into one mass of information.

Edge Hill has Go is usually regularly uploaded with resources for modules by your tutors and I would highly recommend taking advantage of that!


After Thursday’s lectures it’s time for two seminars to discuss the weeks texts and ideas for assignments.

This usually required a lot of preparation the night before to make sure I had the right books to use in class!


Finally the weekend and a chance to visit home for a couple of days, get a head start on the upcoming reading or meet up with friends in Ormskirk.


It’s not all work and no play at uni, but a strong balance is something to strive for 🙂


Until next time



Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying August, I can’t believe we’re halfway through already!

There’s a big day coming up this week which I’m sure you are all waiting for: Results Day.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you all get the grades that you want to continue on the next part of your adventure.

Unfortunately sometimes there are disappointments and life doesn’t quite go to plan.

For anyone who doesn’t quite manage to get the grades they need to meet their offer conditions, it isn’t the end of the road!

If you don’t reach the conditions of your Firm or Insurance choice it can be quite a stressful situation.

Clearing is a service offered by UCAS that allows people who don’t have a confirmed uni place to find a course and start in September.

Clearing is open from Results Day and you can find out more on the UCAS website here.

You’ll be able to search vacancies at different universities and different courses, and it gives you the opportunity to start uni this year, even if your results are a little different than expected.

Once you find a course and university that you like the look of you can contact them straight away.

They will be able to answer any questions you might have, give advice on your choices and make you an offer to study there.

Clearing is a great service and allows many students each year to continue on to uni.

If you go through Clearing I would suggest you still research a little into the university, accommodation and course you want to study before you accept any offers.

Once you’ve done your research you’ll be more confident when you head off to uni in a month’s time, and be able to fully enjoy the experience.

If you need any help or advice with clearing the UCAS website is a great place to start, and your college or sixth form will probably be able to point you in the right direction too.


Quote for the day: ‘New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.’ – Lao Tzu

Best of luck to you all! 

Until next time

-Becki 🙂

Results Day

Hey everyone!

As August is here that means there is a very important day on the horizon: Results Day.

Some of you out there may have already received you results and know that you’ll be heading to uni in September.

For some of you though there’s still a little waiting involved before you know if you achieved the results you want to get into uni.

I remember feeling petrified for weeks before results came out. I was constantly worrying about what my results would be, and if I would get the grades I needed to go to uni at all.

It’s a big day, and nerves are high all round.

I remember I couldn’t sleep at all the night before Results Day. Instead me and my sister grabbed some blankets and snacks and held a movie marathon in the living room.

The sugar rush was just about enough to calm my nerves down for a little while.

In the end I had to remember that I had tried my best, and things were out of my control now.

And looking back on it now, I still remember the stress of Results Day but I also remember the great feeling that came when I saw my results were better than I expected and I was officially starting uni in September!

Many of you will start that journey in a couple of months time, and looking back on it two years later I can tell you the nerves are a normal part of the process!

Many of you will receive the results you need for the place at your Firm or Insurance university.

For those of you who don’t, although it can be a little disappointing there are still plenty of options that can still help you start uni in September.

My next blog will be all about Clearing, what that is and how the process works, and I’m hoping that will help some of you realise Results Day isn’t the end of the road.

No matter what the outcome, be proud of yourself for making it this far in the journey and rely on the people around you to help calm your nerves.

As soon as I received my results I had chocolate cake for breakfast to celebrate (I would definitely recommend it to you all!)

Quote for the day: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” -Unknown

Until next time

-Becki 🙂

Campus Developments

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well as July draws to a close.

If you have visited campus in the last couple of months then you will have probably noticed the building work happening on Central Campus.

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a new library being built and new accommodation.

I was quite excited when I found out they were building a new library. As you progress through your degree you’ll probably find yourself spending more and more time in the library, and now we’ll be able to do that in a shiny new building!

I’m waiting for September just as much as you guys to see the improvements being made on campus.

It’s exciting that if you’re starting Edge Hill in Septmeber you’ll be able to benefit from brand new buildings, resources and technology.

It’s always good to know that a uni is investing its money back to the students, improving their experience while they study.

Edge Hill is always giving back to students, which is what I love about studying here.

The first thing I will do when I come back in third year is take a tour around the library so I don’t get lost/confused when I need to use it!

There are lots of other great facilities on campus, including the Sports Centre that was opened only a few years ago.

Fun fact: the new building developments are replacing the old running track (the new track is next to the Sports Centre on Eastern Campus.)

I’m sure there will be lots of other fun developments on campus throughout your time studying here, and they will all help define and improve your experience as a student.

Happy Summer and I’ll see you in August!

-Becki 🙂


Freshers Week: What To Expect

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had another fantastic week. Today I’m going to be covering what you can expect from Freshers Week (which is fast approaching!)

Freshers Week is a busy time for every one, and a memorable experience. I remember my first week at uni as if it was only yesterday, and I’m hoping that your Freshers will be memorable too.

So what can you expect?


Probably the first thing you will do in first week. This involves all the admin, enrolling on your course and collecting keys if you’re living on campus.

It will no doubt involve a lot of signing forms and receiving information, but after that things ease off a little.

Getting Lost

As much as I wish I could tell you you won’t get lost, the chances are it will probably happen at some point during Freshers Week.

Luckily at Edge Hill everything is on campus and pretty well signposted, and there are usually people around who are happy to point you in the right direction.

Even so, if you’re anything like me you might end up lost the first time you try to head back to your flat from the library.

The truth is by the end of Freshers Week you’ll probably have gotten used to where things are on campus, and explored enough to be able to work out where your first few lectures will be.


Whether it’s with new flatmates, coursemates, society members or the campus ducks there will be plenty of time to meet new people and make new friends.

Freshers Fair is run during the week which gives you a chance to sign up to Societies and see the great things Edge Hill has to offer you whilst you study.

Usually each department will run a social event so you can meet the people who will be on your course in a more relaxed environment.

In First Year English had a department quiz (with free snacks!). This was a lot of fun, broke the ice and gave me a chance to become familiar with the tutors, so if your department runs a similar event I encourage you to go along.

Everyone’s experience of Freshers Week is different, but everyone I’ve come across agrees it’s a wonderful, memorable experience. 

The main thing to remember is to have fun and get involved!

(I would also recommend you don’t skip any introductory lectures to your course, they offer some valuable information about how the course runs, reading lists and who to go to if you encounter any problems.)

I hope that when the time comes you have an amazing Freshers Week and enjoy becoming part of Edge Hill uni!!

Until next time.


-Becki 🙂

Student Bank Accounts

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer.

In the past I’ve written a few blogs about budgeting and student finance, today I wanted to focus on money again and give a few tips about Student Bank Accounts.

Some of you may have already set up a Student Account (I know my mum advised me to get it done fairly quickly so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later.)

If not, don’t worry! It’s a really easy process, and definitely worth it in the long run.

I set up my Student Account the summer before I started uni, and the great thing about some Student Bank Accounts is the incentives they offer.

My Student Account offered a free 16-25 rail card, which saves me 1/3 on train fares. That has served me very well over the last two years of uni.

As I travel home on the train every reading week and at the end of the semester, I’ve saved an unbelievable amount on travel without having to buy a rail card myself.

A lot of other accounts offer different incentives. From the research I did before I started uni, some banks will throw in an Amazon Gift Card when you open your account (which may be useful for buying some things from your reading list!)

Of course it’s not compulsory to open a specific Student Account, but I would recommend looking into whether it would help you.

The free perks can actually be super handy throughout your time at uni and even beyond. Now it’s summer I’ve used my rail card a couple of times, for days out and to visit uni friends. It’s always nice to be saving money, especially as a student!

Student Bank Accounts also tend to come with interest free Overdrafts, with no charge for using it.

Although overdrafts can be quite useful, I would definitely say be careful with them! Just because you have a £1500 overdraft doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about how much money you spend.

I treat my overdraft as a back up. It’s there in case there are any problems, a safety net if I’m coming towards the end of my Student Loan. It’s definitely put my mind at ease to know I have my overdraft in case of an emergency.

I hope you found this useful, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

Next week I’ll focus on something a bit more fun, the famous Freshers Week.

Quote for the day: ‘Money, money, money.’ – Mr Krabs

Until next time!

Becki 🙂


Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing well this week. Today I’m going to be talking about homesickness, and ways to deal with it while you are at uni.

When you start your degree you will meet people who have travelled a long way to study their degree. There will be people from as close as Manchester to people from as far away as China, and everywhere in between.

Starting university is a big moment for everybody, and is always a little daunting. For students who travel further for their degree, there’s always the chance of suffering from homesickness.

It’s natural to miss home. If you’re like me, you will have spent the first 18 years of your life surrounded by your family, living in the same place and living nearby friends.

Once I moved away to Ormskirk I was worried about not seeing my friends very often and missing my family.

The truth is you will miss people, but thanks to the joys of technology it’s much easier to stay in contact with people from home.

A simple phone call to stay updated on what’s happening with your friends can work wonders, it always helped me when I was feeling a little down.

Skype is one of the best ways to stay in touch, not only can you talk to friends and family but you can see them. This makes it feel like you’re still at home, and you can never miss it too much because it’s only a phone call away!

The first few weeks I had at uni me and my family would Skype every week or so. It really helped me to adjust, and I would definitely recommend a quick phone call to check in whenever you feel a little homesick.

At the start of the academic year the Students Union at Edge Hill usually run a Homesickness workshop, which anyone can attend, and offers guidance on how to overcome homesickness.

One other thing I would recommend is to keep yourself busy! As my workload started to increase over the semester I skyped home a little less, but I didn’t miss home quite as much.

Keeping your mind occupied on work or having fun with friends will make the time go by a little faster, meaning you’ll be one step closer to visiting home.

Although I still missed my family and friends when I was away in second year I find I also miss uni and my friends there while I’m at home.

The best advice I can give is to always have fun and stay in contact with friends and family, then you’ll never feel like you’re too far away from home.


Until next time!

Becki 🙂

Making Friends and Meeting People

Hey everyone!

As June draws to a close a lot of you will be nearing the end of the college year (if you haven’t already finished!)

That means you’ll be focusing on waiting for results day and preparing for uni.

One of the biggest fears I think most people have about starting uni is that they won’t know anyone.

If you decide to live on campus, or in accommodation in Ormskirk, chances are you won’t have met the people you will soon be living with.

Even if you live at home, starting a degree means you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of new people in seminars and lectures.

It’s natural to feel a little bit scared about that. I know you will have heard this a million times already but every one is in the exact same boat as you.

I remember being really nervous before I came to uni, wondering how I was possibly going to interact with my flatmates and make new friends whilst trying to study, find my way around campus and adjust to living away from my family.

The truth is I didn’t need to be nervous about any of it. I really enjoyed my first few weeks at Edge Hill, and all the people I met along the way were a huge part of that.

It pushed me out of my comfort zone a little, but it led to forming some friendships that have made my uni experience all the more exciting.

Although it may be a little daunting at first, everyone wants to settle in and everyone wants to enjoy their experience at uni. And everyone you meet at Edge Hill is willing to go the extra mile.

In first week a History tutor walked us to the building our seminar was in because we were very, very lost. On the way I got talking to the other girls with me, and we ended up spending the next few weeks together in seminar and lectures we shared.

Every experience is an opportunity to meet people from so many different places, and an opportunity to reach out and make a new friend.

My biggest tip for you when you start uni is to be open and just smile as much as you can! If people see you smiling they’re likely to strike up a conversation and you never know what might happen.


Quote for the day: “It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.” -Unknown


Until next time!

Becki 🙂


Moving Day

Hey everyone!

It’s come to the end of my second year of uni, which means it’s also time to move back home for the summer.

As much as I love coming back home, the stress of packing up all my belongings is always something I don’t particularly look forward to. . .

There are quite a few ways to make packing less stressful (and this will work whether you’re packing for holiday, moving into halls or coming back home for the summer!)

Don’t leave it until the last minute 

I know some people who will put off packing as long as possible, then hastily throw things into a suitcase/box within a few hours.

Although this does get the job done, I would recommend starting at least the day before you leave. If you have a lot to pack the sooner you start the easier it will all be!


Label Everything! 

I’m usually quite organised, and one thing I learned as I was unpacking the first day I moved into halls was labelling the boxes would have made the entire process easier and quicker.

It can be as simple as splitting your boxes between ‘bathroom’, ‘bedroom’ and ‘kitchen.’

When you’ve had a long day of travelling, searching for a plate to use at dinner time is easier when you only have one box to search.


Think carefully about what you pack

Sometimes it’s tempting to pack everything ‘just in case’ but that probably isn’t the best idea.

My main tips here would be to try and not bring any heavy objects. Not only will they be difficult to transport, it may be difficult to find room for it in your accommodation.

Honestly, do you really NEED that 32″ flatscreen tv?

My advice is that’s probably best left at home, conserve car space for practical things!


Quote for the day: ‘Happiness doesn’t have just one address.’ -Unknown


Hope you have another good week, I better go carry on with my packing.

Until next time!

Becki 🙂