• Welcome!

    The day is finally here results day has been and gone and you’re on your way to starting at Edge Hill University! Firstly massive congratulations, A-Levels are a really tough time and your results are something to be proud of, especially for getting you to where you are today.  Edge Hill has won numerous awards […]

  • What to do whilst waiting for results day

    In the time approaching results day it can be nerve wracking for everyone involved. As I have mentioned before making sure you are prepared for results day is one of the most important things to do. Make sure you have clearing numbers, numbers to contact the university and and any other information that’ll help you […]

  • Results Day Survival Kit

    1) alarm clock – results are usually released around 7am. I was lucky enough to have mine emailed to me but some schools prefer you to go in to collect results. Set your alarm so you can be prepared to collect results or view them online without the stress of being late or unorganised. 2) […]

  • Results Day, UCAS and Clearing

    For most people results day is a happy day where you get what you were hoping for and make it into your first choice university. For some though results day bring stress and worry, either through not getting the results you had hoped for or having second thoughts about your university of choice. Getting different […]

  • 10 things that only happen in halls

    1) all night conversations – if you are lucky enough to a have formed friendships within your flat you will often find yourself staying up until the early hours having DMCs (deep meaningful chats) with your flatmates. These are a great opportunity to bond and you will often find yourself opening up and finding things […]

  • DBS checks

    As we are approaching the new academic year there are lots of things to prepare and think about before starting or coming back to university. Many courses including medicine or education require you to have a DBS check, DBS stands for the disclosure and barring service and has the same function as what used to […]

  • Moving Out

    When coming to university there is a lot of focus on what you should bring with and how to prepare your new accommodation. Although this is very important you also need to consider how things will be left in your room at home.  If you are planning to travel home often or even for long […]

  • Keeping in touch/ Getting in touch 

    The friendships you make whilst at university can be said to be friendships for life. It is important to get off on the right foot and maintain these friendships throughout your university life.  The build up to university can be very a exciting but anxious time. Later in the summer once you have receieved your […]

  • What to do before University

    There is so much to think about before coming to university that things can easily be forgotten, I’ve put together a list of things that I wished to have focussed on more and things that can often not even be considered. 1) Make sure you’ve applied for student finance, the deadline has currently passed but […]

  • How to get the best from your Primary Placement

    You may think that 8 weeks on placement isn’t enough time to make any changes within a school. Now I’m not saying you should walk into a school with an attitude that you should reform everything but having goals and a can do attitude is very important. Despite the placements being short it is important […]