A – Z of Edge Hill

To end my time of blogging I thought I would give you an A – Z of everything Edge Hill has to offer:

A – Arts Centre – The arts centre is the place to watch theatre and get involved and the great thing is its on campus.

B – Buildings – Edge Hill are always changing their campus and creating new buildings for you.

C – Campus Uni – Having everything in one place is a great advantage as you are never too far away from anything.

D – Ducks – Edge Hill is full of wildlife and it really does make the place feel like a happier place.

E – Experience – Edge Hill are focused on your experience as the student.

F – Friends/Family – Your Uni friends become like family when you start Uni.

G – Going home – Visiting home can be great when you’re at Uni but make sure you get the right balance.

H – Halls – Living on campus is a great opportunity because you meet people who are all in the same position as you and you are close to everything for your first year of Uni.

I – Interactive staff – the staff at Edge Hill really care about you.

J – Join in – get involved with as much as you can and meet as many people as possible.

K – Kick start your career – The Career’s Centre at Edge Hill is great for you even when you have left as they can help you for up to two years after you have finished your degree.

L – Library – the library is a great place to study and it is designed for you.

M – Moving out – make sure you are organised before you need to leave home.

N – Night life – the night life in Ormskirk is great and really cheap.

O – Ormskirk – it may seem like the middle of nowhere but there is actually a lot to do and many shops in Ormskirk.

P – Parking – we have free parking at Uni which is a great bonus but I advise that if you can, use public transport as it can get quite busy.

Q – Questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions.

R – Rabbits – it’s great to be able to study while watching wildlife with Edge Hill’s very own rabbits.

S – Scholarships – make the most of applying for as many as you can get as you never know whether you will be lucky or not.

T – Trips – Uni organised trips are often offered at a discounted price so make the most of it.

U – Union (SU) – the SU are there to ensure you get the best experience and they are there for you.

V – Visually attractive campus – Edge Hill take pride in their campus and it really makes you feel at home when you are there.

W – Waters Edge – another great cafe that you can find in the education building if the other locations are a bit busier

X – XMAS – Christmas at Uni can be so much fun.

Y – Y not?

Z – ZZZ, Well that was tiring but that is my A – Z of Uni. I have really enjoyed my three years here and can’t believe it is over. Good luck with you next chapter and I hope you all enjoy Edge Hill as much as I have.

Welcome Week Tips

Welcome Week is a crazy experience and I wanted to be able to share with you some tips on what to do and what not to do. Make sure you do what you want to do and have the best start to Uni as the hard work begins straight after.

Do (Things that I would say you should do.)

  • Make sure you get as many freebies as possible. You probably won’t use half of them but you need to get everything at the time!
  • Make the most of every experience and opportunity you get.
  • Be friendly to everyone you meet, you never know when you will see them again.
  • Make as many friends as possible.
  • Make the best memories.
  • Have the best time.
  • Sleep!
  • Attend your welcome week lectures as otherwise you will find yourself completely lost on the first day which isn’t the best start.
  • Sign up to as many societies as possible as you can always leave.
  • Eat well as otherwise you will be feeling really poorly for your first few weeks, which isn’t nice.

Don’t (Things that I think are a bad idea.)

  • Feel pressured into doing something you don’t want. People will respect your choice regardless and so don’t feel like you need to impress them by being something you are not.
  • Give in to peer pressure. You can say no.
  • Go off by yourself, make sure you stick with your friends.
  • Worry about what other people think, you are there to have a good time regard
  • Miss your meetings.
  • Waste too much money otherwise you will find yourself struggling which isn’t fun.
  • Regret anything, make sure you are doing what you want and that way you won’t regret anything.

Just live everyday the best you can and make the most of it. Enjoy your welcome week at Edge Hill!

Leaving home worries

For a lot of you, going to Uni will be the first time you have moved away from home. I was so nervous about moving out because I was so used to living at home and having everything done for me.

Something that I found really useful was when my mum made me do everything for myself as though I was living on my own. I did my own washing, cooking and ironing for a week. This allowed me the chance to make mistakes and learn how to do everything for myself before I had to.

One of the hardest things for me was not having my mum there to give me advice and look after me when I’m poorly. However, I realised that this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be as I can just pick up the phone anytime and by not moving too far away I can just visit home whenever I want.

I think that leaving home has actually made me closer to my family as I appreciate the time I have with them more and everything they do for me.

There is nothing that I can say that will stop you feeling worried and this is not unusual. However, I can tell you how important it is to start getting prepared early. Start packing as soon as possible and get yourself ready for living by yourself. If you are confident about that then you can concentrate on settling in and making as many new friends as possible rather than worrying about how to turn the cooker on.

Another thing to remember is that everyone is feeling the same and even if they don’t show it initially there will be times when they are missing home or feeling worried and so don’t feel like you are the odd one out.

Friends Visiting Uni

One of the most nerve racking things for me is introducing new friends to old ones. When I went to Uni I was so upset to be leaving my friends at home, I was nervous that I would lose contact with people at home.

Something that I have had to learn to accept is that life is very different from school. In everyday life you don’t see your friends everyday walking down a corridor or sitting at the back of maths lesson. This is a horrible thing to have to think about it but it doesn’t mean that the friendships have to change.

This feeling is the same when you start Uni, you have to accept that you won’t see people from home all that time as you are living in a different place. However, I would advise you to be careful when bringing friends to Uni from home. Consider how they will get along with the new friends you have made and how they will feel towards your lifestyle that you have created for yourself.

I personally have been really lucky when friends have come to visit, as they have got on really well with the new friends I have made. However, I have heard stories where it has been a disaster and I think you just need to make sure that you introduce them in the best environment.

Make sure you have settled in first and made some new friends at uni rather than focusing on friends from home. If you are staying at home for uni this is even more important that you make friends at uni too and your friends will understand this.

Try and introduce your friends if you want to but also understand that you can have separate friends from home and from uni and they should both understand that.

Getting a job at Uni

Looking for a job whilst at Uni can be really hard. If you are used to having a job before you come to Uni you will probably be used to having money which means that when you come to Uni, you might have a shock.

I wanted to find a job that would be casual enough for me to study as much as I needed but also be relevant for my future career. I was lucky enough to get a job at Uni working as a front of house member of staff. This was perfect as it meant I could be paid for watching the shows that I would have been watching anyway.

By working for Uni it meant that my hours were casual and so I was able to be flexible and manage my workload as well as earning some money.

If you are lucky enough to work for a chain company that you can transfer across to a different store closer to Uni I would recommend looking into this as soon as possible. It will put your mind at ease knowing that you have a job to go into.

However, if you don’t have that opportunity, don’t worry as Edge Hill isn’t far away from Liverpool where there are always jobs going and if you look early enough you might be able to find yourself a job in Ormskirk.

If you find yourself struggling to find a job, the University’s Student Information Centre can help you. If you are still struggling it may be worth looking towards the end of the year and getting a job ready for your second year in Ormskirk. Just be prepared that if you do decide to get a job in Ormskirk you will probably find yourself having to sacrifice holidays and you may not be able to go home as frequently as you may want to.

Graduation Day

The build up to graduation day is so exciting but it can also be quite stressful. I thought it would be useful to tell you about my experience and what you can expect from your graduation day.

Before the day:

  • Get the dress early. I had a look a month before the graduation day and this was fine because I found the dress quite quickly. However, this gave me time to keep looking if I didn’t find the dress that day.
  • Plan your day. I would recommend that you plan your travel and arrangements early because otherwise you will find yourselves in a stress on the day which you don’t want.
  • Consider what you need. If you are staying away I would recommend you pack early to make sure you don’t forget anything. Think about what you need to take with you.  Don’t take things you won’t need because they will just annoy you throughout the day.
  • Decide what you want to do with your day. When do you want photos taken? When do you want food? After my graduation I would recommend that if you want big group photos you arrange a time for these prior to the day to save hassle.


On the day:

  • Enjoy yourself. This is the day you’ve been working really hard for so just enjoy yourself.
  • Take as many pictures as possible as you will want to look back at these in years to come.
  • I also tried to get as many pictures with as many people, which was a great idea as I can look back at all the people I’ve met.


After graduation you may find that you are at a bit of a loose end so I would advise arranging to see your uni friends after graduation as then you have a lot to look forward to and it won’t be so upsetting when you leave uni for the last time.

Good luck with your studies and honestly graduation is worth it!

University changed me

So having finished Uni this year and returned to living at home. I can honestly say that Uni was the best experience I have ever had. I have come home which I am pleased about as I get to see old friends and spend more time with my family but to say that I miss Uni would be the biggest understatement ever!

University is the most stressful but the most influential experience I have ever had. It has taught me so much academically but also allowed me to develop as a person too. I have learned about the world and realised that there is more to life than just my hometown.

I went to Uni with the understanding that it would be a different place and inevitably I would meet a range of different people but I never imagined that they would have influenced my life so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my opinions on certain things have changed. I have realised that not everyone is the same and everyone lives very different lives. I tried to go to Uni with an open mind and I’m so pleased that I did as I have learnt so much.

You have the opportunity when you go to Uni to go anywhere and live in a completely different place for 3 years, make the most of it. You have the freedom to explore whilst studying and this is something that you are unlikely to get again.

Understanding other people’s point of views and learning how to have discussions with people regardless of whether you agree with them is something that you will need in life and that is already offered to you when you start Uni. Regardless of whether you personally move away from home or not you will be taught so much by the people that have moved away that you will still be influenced by the experience.

Don’t be judgemental of people and keep your eyes open to new ideas. You will develop and grow as a person as I know I certainly have. You will find that your outlook on life changes and you become an adult.

Follow Edge Hill on Social Media

Edge Hill are a very up to date Uni and their social media pages are always being updated. This has been one of the main ways I have found out important information and kept up to date with any changes that are being made across campus.

My advice is to start following them early on as they will be updating them ready for arrival in September and with events that will be happening in Freshers Week. There is no harm in following them as you don’t want to miss out on things and if you find they are posting too much you can always unfollow them.

The main thing I would say to look out for after you have got your results is the Facebook groups that are created. There will be many Facebook groups that are designed to allow you to connect with people who are either living in the same halls or studying the same course. I found this really useful because you can find out who you will be spending your time with at Uni before you start which can put your mind at ease. If you find you don’t want to know and would prefer for it to be a surprise then that’s fine too. But I would still follow the main pages of Edge Hill so that you can keep up to date with any changes that are being made.

The Edge Hill Uni twitter has been the most useful for me as you are given links to things that will help your experience. You are linked to blogs and articles that the University is mentioned in which can provide you with an insight into what other people think about Edge Hill not just the University posting themselves.

Edge Hill want you to be aware of everything so make the effort to stay updated as the last thing you want to do is miss out on something.

Student benefits

Before you go to Uni you may have had some benefits of being a student at college or sixth form. University deals get better! You can download so many apps that give you deals but the best for me has been Uni Days. Most high street stores are on there and you will be given at least 10% off most things. This is something that I know I will certainly miss when I’m not a student anymore.

Another great thing that is offered at Edge Hill is a three year NUS card which is about £30 but this gives you great deals online and also in stores, some of which do not accept Uni Days. The best thing to do is to look into the stores that you know you will be using student discount in and find the best ID for you, whether it be simply your Edge Hill Uni Card, an NUS or Uni Days, make sure you find the most beneficial one for you.

You should start using these as soon as possible as it will soon be over before you know it and you will find yourself being heartbroken at the till as you start paying full price for your items.

Printing is something that I have benefitted loads from at Uni. Before I started I didn’t realise how expensive printing would be and now that I find myself having to buy cartridges for our printer at home I wish I could just print at Edge Hill forever. It may seem frustrating that you are having to pay for printing but make the most of it, because trust me it’s still really cheap!

One thing I found really good was the student prices for things such as the gym and deal cards you can get for supermarkets such as Morrisons. When I first started Edge Hill I was given a £5 off voucher for Morrisons and they advised me to get a free match and more card which I have been gaining points on for the last three years. When you leave Uni, the hardest thing for me was having to pay full price for the gym. The University gym and the gym located in the centre of Ormskirk both offer really cheap deals for yearly passes at the gym, so make the most of it!

Also if you find yourself wanting to purchase a new laptop or computer a lot of stores offer student deals for Microsoft and Apple products. This is a great benefit as these things usually last for a few years and so even when you are not a student you can benefit from them. My advice would be to use it for as long as you can. If you are thinking about buying something that you know you can get a student deal on get it just before you finish Uni as paying full price for something a few months after will be heartbreaking.

Student Assistant in Halls

One thing I find really good at Edge Hill is the student assistant programme that they offer. Moving away from home is nerve-racking for anyone and Edge Hill understand this. Therefore, they offer each block of halls a student assistant. This is a 2nd or 3rd year student who is experienced with living in halls and will be on hand to offer you any support that you need.

I found this really useful because it meant that you not only have someone who knows what they are talking about but you can go to them for advice that you may not want to ask your parents or admit to your friends that you are unsure about.

When you first arrive they will come and introduce themselves to you and they will offer you to add them either by social media or text. They will then give you the information you need about safety in halls including the fire drill procedure etc and will tell you where the important places are on campus.

I know at first you may be apprehensive to ask them things as you don’t want to bother them, but the is their job and they are there to offer you the help that you need. They will be happier if you have asked them rather than struggling in silence.

My advice to you would be to get to know your student assistant as they can offer you the experience that you don’t have. They can be your point of call when you need someone and even if you don’t need their help during your first year, they can be another friend to you and friendly face when you are returning back to your halls. You may find that you make friends with people in the year above and that they can offer you the help but the chances are the first few days you won’t have joined any societies and will only have associated with freshers and so this is unlikely.

This is also something you may want to consider for your 2nd and 3rd year at Uni. You may want to offer guidance to the freshers you meet and the bonus is you can get paid for doing this! You live on campus and get to help other people whilst being paid for it.