What’s there to do at night?!

Now everyone’s heard of the typical student night out and I bet the majority of students come to uni to experience it!

At Edge Hill I love that you have the mixture of Ormskirk which has the small clubs, pubs and bars that don’t cost an arm and a leg. But you still can venture into Liverpool for a big night out every once in a while when you fancy a blow out!

Not being a big party goer, I didn’t give nightclubs or bars a second though before I got to Uni. So as I didn’t have much knowledge on what was happening in the town centre, on the first night of Freshers I found myself at the Quad which is club on campus- it was a brilliant first night out!

There’s always something going on at the SU… karaoke, pub quizzes, socials on a Wednesday! You won’t be stuck for something to do at Edge Hill, so whether you venture to the SU or into town grab a few friends and you won’t be disappointed!

In town there’s a number of places to choose from depending on what suits you whether that’s a traditional pub (Wetherspoons), club (Alpine) or bar (Styles)- to name a few!

I hope when you come to Edge Hill you find your favourite place to go out and make some amazing memories with your friends!

Here’s a few pictures from my nights out at uni!


So what is it like living off campus?

Living on campus in first year is great and this is where you’ll arguably make the majority of your friends- who you’ll probably end up living with in second year! Living at uni is what really gives you that independence to do what you want with your time without having to answer to anyone and responsibility to look after yourself!

In second year living in a house increases that independence and responsibility as you have to cope with things that go wrong, cleaning the house and paying the bills!

If you have an issue in halls you ring Facilities Management and they will help you solve the issue! However now you have to either try and fix the problem (Google will probably help here!), ring mum and dad or your landlord/estate agent if you have no luck.

In a house you will all have to pull your own weight to clean up the house as unfortunately there are no cleaners everyday unlike in halls! Ensure everyone is up to doing this so there are no tensions in the house if someone isn’t pitching in! The same goes for splitting the bills and paying them on time!

Personally I love living in a house in second year, my house is halfway between uni and Ormskirk centre. So I can easily nip into town or to uni, the only bad thing is having to get up a little bit earlier in the morning for lectures! I’d say the two best things is not losing circulation in your hands having to lug shopping bags back and not having to walk in the freezing cold back to halls at night after a night out!

If you come to visit Edge Hill I would definitely recommend having a walk around Ormskirk to look at the town you’ll be spending the next three years at and where ultimately you’ll end up living! Here’s a few pictures of the centre so you know what to expect!

EHU 2013 Ormskirk114-L EHU 2013 Ormskirk139-L

Friends vs. Studying

Now you’ve applied to university through UCAS… CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and start focusing on what’s going to get you there!

You can also start to think about what the next three years will hold for you! Any student will tell you that student life consists of two main parts, social life and studying. At first it is hard to find that balance between these so neither are neglected but by Christmas I guarantee that you’ll have carved out a routine that’ll be second nature to you!

If you’re struggling to manage your time wisely and find yourself sat in the kitchen more than your desk- get the best of both worlds! Take your work into the kitchen if that’s where everyone is sitting so you’re not missing out and you can still do your work. You only know how you work best, if you’re easily distracted I really would suggest that you visit the library or the LINC building (which is open 24/7) for some peace and quiet.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with the work you have to do, write a to-do list with the date it needs to be done by and do a bit everyday!  Remember if you do need any more support you can reach out to your tutor, course leader or year leader who should give you their contact details within the first few weeks of term. These people want to help you if you have any issues or concerns, so don’t feel like you can’t reach out to them! You can also contact Student Services for support in more general aspects of university life (here) or you can visit the Student Union in the HUB if you need any advice throughout your time at Edge Hill!

Unlike being at school or college when you choose the course/subject you want to study you’ll find it so much more interesting and doing the work will come easily! So make sure you’re choosing your course for the right reasons!

Best of luck with your UCAS replies!

When to Start Looking For 2nd Year Housing?

By this time next year you will be looking for a house to live in during your second year, or you may have already signed up for a house!

This does seem early but to ensure that you’re not left struggling I really can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you sort it ASAP!

Edge Hill produce a housing list at the very start of December that you can use to ring up landlords to book house viewings.

Here are a few questions to think about with your future flat mates:

  • How much is the deposit?

With the deposit you need to know if you can you afford it, do you get it all back at the end of the year and if so what are the conditions to ensure you do get it back!

  • How much is the summer retainer?

Again, how much is it. Remember you won’t get this money back as it is a fee to hold the property for the summer months when you’re not in it.

  • How much is it per week?

Can you all afford it? Is it more expensive than your room now? If so can you afford the extra money, as you will have less to live off!

  • Does the price include bills?

If it does- great! If not, can you split it ‘x’ ways without arguments of who hasn’t been in the house for so many days so should pay less or how someone else should pay more because they have had a friend over!

  • When are the payments due?

Can you afford the payments at the times required, as the money may need to be paid before your student finance comes!

  • Is the landlord or estate agency reputable (do look into their reputation!)

You do not want to enter into a contract where the other party is unreliable.

When you go to a house viewing check out the following checklist and don’t be afraid to ask questions! It is a lot of money you will be giving them, make sure its right!

Last Minute Guide… Choosing the Right Course!

Oh how depressing that Christmas is over and there’s only a few days until the new year! This means it’s nearly the year of intense revision, exams and results- but boy is it worth it! Hopefully you’ve submitted your UCAS application, but if not and you’re unsure of what course to choose I’ve decided to help you out a bit…

I first found my course looking through the Edge Hill prospectus when I wasn’t 100% sure what degree I wanted to pursue. This page of the prospectus broke down the course into the main things I needed to know, such as what content was covered and what grades I needed amongst loads of other useful information. The prospectus is definitely worth a look as it has information on every course at Edge Hill, if you’d like a copy you can order one online, to do so please look here.

However if you can’t wait and want more information on the vast array of courses available look here on our website!

You should ensure that you’re happy with every aspect of your course, such as what you will be learning and also how it is assessed! The worst thing would be to choose a course that is mainly exams when you love coursework or the opposite way round!

My specific course involves exams, some in January and April, and also coursework, essays, portfolios, placements and presentations! Phew! It sounds a lot and honestly it can be overwhelming at times but when you manage your time effectively and organise yourself it isn’t bad!

If I could advise anything it would be to create a check list ranked on the most important aspects of a course for you. Therefore you can make an informed decision, and if you’re missing anything that you need to know you can reach out to us so we can help you!

Feel free to comment if you have anything you’d like to ask!

Now, best of luck and have a fantastic New Year!

A little about Ormksirk…

Hello! I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and that the excited for New Years! 2016 will be an amazing and unforgettable year, finishing your A Levels, starting university, meeting loads of new people… the list is endless!

I’d like to talk a little about Ormksirk! Ormskirk is a charming market town that is around a ten minute walk from Edge Hill! Or if you are living on campus you can use the Edge Link bus which travels to and from Edge Hill to Ormksirk  for free with your Unicard (you receive this on welcome Sunday). Trust me this bus is an absolute lifesaver when you’ve just done your food shop!

Ormksirk has all the essential shops and takeaways! There are plenty of places to shop for food in town such as Morrisons, Aldi and Iceland! There are also pubs and a few clubs that you will certainly venture into during your time at university! I would definitely recommend that you venture into Liverpool on a night out as there is a larger variety of clubs to choose from, however it is more expensive and as a student you probably won’t have much money!

To get to Liverpool the easiest way is via the railway station which is a two minute walk from the bus station (where the bus will drop you off from uni).  here you can get directly to Liverpool or Preston- both of which are a half an hour journey! This is perfect if you want a day out you can go shopping or go to the cinema… amongst many other things!

So to finish off, as it is Christmas, I’ve included a few pictures of the Christmas lights around Ormskirk and Liverpool, just a little taster of what you can expect to see next year!

So What Happens After You Apply?!

With Christmas lurking around the corner it’s hard to gather the motivation to sit down and revise or finish that coursework you need to do!

When I was in college my motivation to persevere to do my work was my excitement and determinedness to get into Edge Hill. I knew that I wanted to go to uni as I am very academic and to start a career in teaching I needed a degree.

Once you send off your UCAS application (before the deadline- 15th Jan!!) you will start to receive replies from universities, once you receive either your conditional or unconditional offer from Edge Hill you will also start to receive invites to various events such as: Applicant Days, Campus Tours, online chats with lecturers and current students.

Honestly even though I knew I needed a degree I was still nervous about going to university, but when I applied to Edge Hill these opportunities allowed me to talk to current staff and students about Edge Hill and specifically about the course I had applied for. It also allowed me to make friends with people who were also going to Edge Hill at the same time as me- this was a huge relief as I saw some familiar faces in September!

For a great insight into applicant days and how they are beneficial please watch this short video below!

Or if you want to take another look around campus the next Campus Tour is on Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 1pm, to see more dates or to book this tour please look here.

By knowing all this information I was able to make an informed decision and I have never looked back- I hope you can do the same!

We hope to see you soon!

The Quirks of Student Life!


Hello all!

As this is my first post I thought I’d briefly go into what I found out about myself and how student life is different from being at home since I moved to Edge Hill and Ormskirk!

When you’re a student it gives you the freedom to choose what you do with your time, whether you live on campus or not! It’s a strange feeling though if you’ve come from living at home as you don’t have to update parents, relatives or friends on your everyday whereabouts or what you’re doing! You can do whatever, whenever… learning that you have to manage your time wisely to turn up to lectures and get your assignments done!

So having this freedom definitely allows you to find out more about yourself, personally I found that I was given the freedom to see what I did and didn’t like. This ranged from food I like to buy and cook to which way round I preferred the toilet roll, and I’m sure when you come to uni you’ll discover your little quirks too!

Whilst living away from home and enjoying the student lifestyle (of making do with what you have!) a whole new creative side of my friends and I arose which we never thought existed! A favourite few ideas thrown around our flat involved ‘ironing’ by putting clothes flat underneath mattresses, eating out of pans and buying paper plates to save washing up!

Here’s a picture of a Christmas dinner that one of my best friends and I made for 8 of us…. Notice the paper plates and cups!


If you’ve any ingenuous ideas that you think you could or would do whilst you’re a student please feel free to comment to share them… who knows who you could be helping!