• Au Revoir!!

    My last ever blog after a year and a half! It’s been great updating you all on what happens at Edge Hill and how I wish I was starting all over again (I’m not jealous I swear!) I have received my graduation picture and certificate in the post meaning I am officially a Graduate of […]

  • Throw yourself in!

    So it is more or less a month until Freshers Week has finished and the excitement of beginning your course kicks in! By now you know if you’ve got into Uni (congratulations class of 2020!) and hopefully you’ve started… maybe even finished getting your things organised. It is an extremely exciting time for you, a whole […]

  • Those Important Things!

    Well this is it, summer is almost over (a few weeks yet thankfully for you guys!) and it time to start getting ready to start your course at Edge Hill University! Most of you will have already have a good idea of what you need for your new student digs… bedding, pots and pans (look […]

  • If I could start all over again!

    I am less than a week away from beginning my first secondary math teaching post! Well it’s very scary and surreal! I have nearly finished prepping my classroom and about to start planning my lessons! For the class of 2017, three years of uni has prepared us for our new careers and now it’s here! For […]

  • On Reflection!

    Reflecting on my three years at Uni I am able to say what I would change if I could do it all again (I wish!). I wouldn’t take my time for granted and I would use all the little but detrimental hunts and tips I learnt straight away! So as a third year I feel […]

  • Smooth Transitions!

    So I am doing this blog today to give you some tips for a smooth transition between living with Parents to living on your own at uni! It is hard moving to uni to adjust to being completely independent, doing whatever you want whenever you want! An important part of moving out is making sure […]

  • Graduation!

    So Graduation has been and gone! There were around 3 ceremonies a day throughout the week and although you’re probably not concerned about graduation (yet!) it is nice to know what all your hard work, throughout the three years is leading up to! So I will tell you about my graduation, which occurred on Tuesday […]

  • Countdowns!

    So it’s July, that means it’s only 59 days (TWO MONTHS!) until you move into halls, it’s such an exciting time! But before then you have results day and if you’re not already counting…. that’s only 27 days away! Summer is such an exciting time, and hopefully you’re enjoying the sun and gathering the essentials […]

  • Uni is a bit like a holiday…

    So summer is here and I hope you’ve all got your bags packed and tickets at the ready! Just like going on holiday, you have to be really organised and prepared when going to uni! You will need to make sure you’ve done certain things I.e your student finance (making sure your relatives have also […]

  • How are you getting to Uni?

    So how are you thinking of getting to uni? Well, there are a bunch of ways you can get to and from uni! The method I use to committing to uni is walking but that’s only because my uni house is located only a few streets away from Edgehill. It only took around 10/15 minutes […]