Au Revoir!!

My last ever blog after a year and a half! It’s been great updating you all on what happens at Edge Hill and how I wish I was starting all over again (I’m not jealous I swear!)

I have received my graduation picture and certificate in the post meaning I am officially a Graduate of Edge Hill University. As a past student of Edge Hil, I am part of the Edge Hill Alumni. So I will be updated on all the exciting things that are going on at Edge Hill and the new updates to the campus i.e. the new library! But as my parting gift I am going I share my Top 10 tips for Uni!

1. Be prepared! It’s hard to know what uni will be like before you actually get there, but read the student blogs, get in contact with people on social media that may be living with you next year! Sometimes preparation is half the battle and may make your settling in period a lot easier!

2. Take all your essentials to uni, and if you can buy the rest in Ormskirk! This will save you from having too much to transport on moving day! Either way make sure you have enough money to buy everything you mean! This leads me nicely onto…

3. Budget! For shopping, food, outings, stationary, bills! Is better to have more money than planned than not enough!

4. Independence is amazing at uni! You can do what you want when you want, but don’t abuse this! Look after your body, health and mental wellbeing. Take breaks when you’ve done enough work and stay happy!

5. Ensure you have everything you need for your course, this means equipment, stationary and maybe books! Some courses require summer reading so being ready with the knowledge you’ve learnt can be a huge help at the beginning of your course.

6. Make that extra effort! By this I mean with your housemates, your uni work and especially friends and family at home! They will miss you, so don’t forget everyone you may have left at home! Just because they aren’t around doesn’t mean you should forget them!

7. Transport! Have you sorted this for uni? You may just be walking, great- but make sure you have comfy shoes and a thick coat for the winter months! Driving to uni? Ensure you’ve applied for a parking permit and set off early so you miss traffic (reducing the stress!).

8. Home comforts are a must- this can be slippers, dressing gown or even a favourite picture of your family! You need to make YOUR space a home away from home, so make it cosy and most importantly make it work for you!

9. Be organised, start your assignments as soon as you get them and therefore you can keep on top of your work! There’s nothing worse than having too much to do with so little time to do it!

10. Put on a smile! A smile goes a long way in making friends as it makes you more approachable! It also can make you feel generally happier and therefore you too are more likely to socialise!

So I wish you new beginners a fantastic time at Uni, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Good luck!!!

Throw yourself in!

So it is more or less a month until Freshers Week has finished and the excitement of beginning your course kicks in! By now you know if you’ve got into Uni (congratulations class of 2020!) and hopefully you’ve started… maybe even finished getting your things organised.

It is an extremely exciting time for you, a whole new beginning and opportunity for you to embark on things and opportunities that may not have been presented to you before. So what are you excited for?! There’s plenty of societies to join (at Freshers Fair), people to meet in halls and on your course. There’s also plenty to explore, i.e. the whole of Ormskirk with its hidden treasures, Liverpool where there’s plenty to do at all hours of the day!

You have the opportunity to grow and develop as a person during your three years at University, broadening your horizons. Uni allows you to converse with people of similar mindsets and tutors who have handfuls of experience and love helping you out. You have to be confident enough to draw on their experience and not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you need it! You will find yourself in a network of tutors and peers of whom you can speak to and ask for support, they will help you and in return, you will help them!

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is something you will find yourself doing a lot, may that be during your course with an assignment or task or even just speaking to new people! It sets you well when finding a job, going for interviews and most importantly equips you for your whole career! University is the place to come if you’re ready for a new adventure, exciting learning and broadening your horizons!

Good luck on your course and don’t be anxious to throw yourself out there!

Those Important Things!

Well this is it, summer is almost over (a few weeks yet thankfully for you guys!) and it time to start getting ready to start your course at Edge Hill University!

Most of you will have already have a good idea of what you need for your new student digs… bedding, pots and pans (look at previous blogs if you want a comprehensive list!). There is a few things I recommend that you should have to make everything a lot easier! Ensuring you have the essentials will allow everything to flow smoothly so you can just deal with your uni work and nktbjng else!

One of the main items that helped me throughout my three years at Edge Hill is my countless trustee notepads. Now I know this might sounds a bit obvious, but you won’t believe how much of a help it is having notes jotted down, especially when it comes to revision! Similarly to College, uni works in the same way! You provide your own equipment and take ownership of your learning, if you’re not going to revise then nobody is forcing you (but do revise!!).

Another thing I found very useful is the Library on campus, there are a limitless supply of books that I have found very helpful throughout my entire course. The amount of books that I have taken out at anyone time has frequently maxed the amount you can borrow! Make sure you have your uni card when visiting the library as it makes it easier when taking out books and accessing the building in the later hours!

Another item that made my University life easier was my laptop. Sometimes you don’t fancy working in the library and there’s nothing better than getting snuggled in bed watching a film and doing your work! The University Wifi is accessible throughout the campus, so there’s no need to worry about being overcharged for your phones data!

Just remember you want to make sure that you have everything ready. There is nothing worse than being unprepared. If your prepared for the day then you’re off to a good start- so get going! Good luck!

If I could start all over again!

I am less than a week away from beginning my first secondary math teaching post! Well it’s very scary and surreal! I have nearly finished prepping my classroom and about to start planning my lessons! For the class of 2017, three years of uni has prepared us for our new careers and now it’s here! For all you lucky Uni starters your journey is just beginning!

You will now know if you got into uni- what a relief! Hopefully it’s all sunk in and you’re excited to begin your new adventure! So now the curiosity sets in as you wonder about things such as: what will my room be like, will I live with people on my course, will I make friends!?

Well yes of course you’ll make friends! Most people will be in a position where they know little or no people going to Edge Hill! There are plenty of activities going on during the week that will allow you to meet new people! These are run by the Student Union, with the line up available here!

Freshers week is the first week, which begins with welcome Sunday! This week is full of activities and introductions to uni! You will have receive a timetable for your corse on your first week which will include talks from the library and more intimate meet ups with people on your course! This gives you a solid start at Edge Hill as not only will you be more equipped to use the facilities, you will also have people to go with!

I can’t emphasise enough how much You should join a society or jump into the social scene with your flat mates! These people will stick by you for the next three years and hsipefukky you will make some friends for life!

On Reflection!

Reflecting on my three years at Uni I am able to say what I would change if I could do it all again (I wish!). I wouldn’t take my time for granted and I would use all the little but detrimental hunts and tips I learnt straight away!

So as a third year I feel it is my duty to pass on this inherited wisdom to all you lucky freshers!

  •  Find little shortcuts and use them! Go exploring, go for a walk at night! Try different doors (within reason!) you might just stumble upon a shortcut or a safe little haven away from the hassle and bustle!
  • Make as many friends as you can! Even if you find it hard put on an extra big smile and throw out some compliments! The more friends you have the merrier and the more opportunities you will have throughout your time at uni!
  • Take up as many opportunities as possible… Don’t say NO! (Unless you have an assignment due- bad idea!). Venture to the SU on week nights, after all you’ll remember memories more than having an early night! The different nights (I.e. Karaoke night) are a real hit and are absolutely hilarious!
  • Work hard… But play hard! Uni is all about balance and making sure you have he best of both worlds is absolutely essential! The more effort you put into your work the more you will get out of it! Uni is extremely rewarding! The effort you put into uni will show when you get your coursework, assignment and exam results and you should proud of yourself!
  • Be proud to study, as I said before, uni is all about balance but don’t be afraid to say no and study hard! Basically, don’t bow down to peer pressure, stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy!

So these are all the little things I wish I’d have known! I hope this helps you!

Smooth Transitions!

So I am doing this blog today to give you some tips for a smooth transition between living with Parents to living on your own at uni! It is hard moving to uni to adjust to being completely independent, doing whatever you want whenever you want!

An important part of moving out is making sure all your finances are in order, so knowing what money you have and when you’ll have it. Money is an important thing as how will you buy food (if nothing else!) and buy the things you want?! You wont! So budgeting your money, knowing how much you have to spend per week is a great idea!

You will also have to budget for things like laundry money for your clean clothes, the facilities on campus allow you to top up a card so you don’t have to worry about having the correct change to hand.

Some students find part-time jobs in order to finance their expenditures at uni, if you already have a job at home it is worth asking questions such as can you work during the holidays when you’re at home? Also if you work for a franchise, there maybe procedures on moving to another branch temporarily…. it’s worth an ask! If not there are plenty of jobs in Ormskirk, I have friends who got their jobs by simply handing their CV to different businesses. I also have friends that work for the University, I know that occasionally they advertise these roles on the careers website and at freshers fair, so again… ASK!

On the contrary it is also hard adjusting to moving back home after having the independence of living away, so it would definitely be useful to speak to family members about both of your expectations and come to a compromise. This way all parties are happy and know what is expected, I learnt the hard way but now after toing and froing umpteen times I now know where I stand! (better late than never!).


So Graduation has been and gone! There were around 3 ceremonies a day throughout the week and although you’re probably not concerned about graduation (yet!) it is nice to know what all your hard work, throughout the three years is leading up to!

So I will tell you about my graduation, which occurred on Tuesday 18th July at 2pm (the second ceremony of the day). The day itself is brilliant, you spend time with your loved ones and classmates celebrating your achievements over the past three years.

The first thing I did was arrive around 12:30 pm and walk to the Business School to collect my attire for the day! They had helpers to pin the robe into place so don’t worry about it staying in place throughout the day!

I then went to the Education building to sign up and collect my tickets for the Graduation Ceremony itself, I had two tickets so the other four members of my family were to watch the ceremony through a live feed. They did this in a Lecture Theatre in the Social Science Building which my family really enjoyed!

We were then free to get professional pictures taken upstairs in the Education Building, speak to family members and just enjoy the lovely sunshine (it was so hot!).

Around 1:15 pm we made our way to the Ceremony, held in the Health and Social Care Building! I have included a picture of my view of the Ceremony below!

Afterwards we relaxed outside, got food and drinks from the reception held by the University in the Hub (a lovely touch). We also used the free Photobooth in the hub with the props (see our pic below!).

Overall Graduation is a day to really look forward to and it’s a fantastic end to your journey at Edge Hill, which you lucky people are about to embark on!

The Photobooth Pic!
My View inside of the Ceremony!


So it’s July, that means it’s only 59 days (TWO MONTHS!) until you move into halls, it’s such an exciting time!

But before then you have results day and if you’re not already counting…. that’s only 27 days away! Summer is such an exciting time, and hopefully you’re enjoying the sun and gathering the essentials that you’ll need for Summer!

For me, my countdowns are nearly over! I have already graduated meaning game over! I can only wish to be in your shoes and give you the best advice I can, which is… enjoy the roller coaster life of uni! I however am now counting down to my new job, starting on the 1st September! I am really excited and cannot wait to embark on my new career! Some people may believe that uni is a place to come if you want to simply mess around and delay the adult responsibilities!

However two days are rarely the same, which may seem hard to believe, but let me explain! You will undoubtedly be learning about different things throughout your time at uni. Yes, somethings may overlap and lead on from one another however you will constantly be learning and progressing your learning. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve learnt, so making sure you’re organised is extremely important, especially when it comes to assignments and exams.

You become so much more responsible for yourself in terms of living, taking ownership of your work and overall just becoming a better person. You make new friends, tutors and routines that you feel comfortable with. Uni is an amazing experience and I would advise that the people who have the opportunity to go… do! You get an amazing education at Edge Hill from some fantastic tutors meaning your confident going into your career from the word go!

Uni is a bit like a holiday…

So summer is here and I hope you’ve all got your bags packed and tickets at the ready! Just like going on holiday, you have to be really organised and prepared when going to uni!

You will need to make sure you’ve done certain things I.e your student finance (making sure your relatives have also filled in their part) to ensure the process is smooth and you get your money in September! You get your student loan after the uni have notified Student finance that you have enrolled on welcome Sunday, (so make sure you don’t miss that)!

You also need to pack and unlike a holiday you may need to pack for all weathers. Those who are familiar with England weather will tell you that even in Autumn we can have our hot days! So making sure you have comfy clothes and shoes is a must! Not forgetting home comforts such as dressing gowns and slippers!!

At uni, your passport is your Unicard! Your unicard may be your key to get into your accommodation (depending on where you’re staying!), it allows you to get on the uni bus to Ormskirk for free and you also need it for exams, student entry to the SU and countless other things!

Just like holiday reps, there are multiple people at Edge Hill that are there to guide and help you if you need it! If you find yourself in a spot of bother or just need a friendly face to chat to then reach out! This could be your tutor, your head of year or the people at student services who will all be happy to point you in the right direction!

So don’t be afraid to embark on your newest journey! It’s one where you’ll make so many happy memories and new friends, you’ll love it! So for now get prepared, get packed because before you know it you’ll be stood at that departure gate ready to go! Good luck and we hope to see you soon!!

How are you getting to Uni?

So how are you thinking of getting to uni? Well, there are a bunch of ways you can get to and from uni! The method I use to committing to uni is walking but that’s only because my uni house is located only a few streets away from Edgehill. It only took around 10/15 minutes which is fab!

If you’re traveling by car it’s important that you account for all the things that will make your journey easier! Like making sure there is enough petrol in your car, there is nothing worse that running out of petrol! So my advice is to always keep your car above the quarter level on the petrol gauge! Then you can be sure that you will never run out!

Also make sure you can account for traffic, sometimes the traffic coming in and out of Ormskrik can get fairly busy! So I’d suggest doing a few trial runs seeing how long it takes you to get there! There is nothing more frustrating than being late to your lecture or tutorial. So remember to always set off that bit earlier to be on the safe side! It’s always better to be early than late!

If you live in Ormskrik and your way of commuting would be to walk, like me, then I would do either do a couple trial runs to make sure you are taking the right route when it comes to the main day or set off extra early! There are lots of entrances to Edgehill, so on your trial walks, try spot out some of the gates that’s you can use, you never know, taking these shortcuts could save you a load of time and prevent you from doing any unnecessary walking!

So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to commuting to and from Edgehill! Hope to see you soon!