The Warehouse Project, Prodigy Style

The Warehouse Project is a series of club nights within a warehouse in Manchester where a mixture of artists performs at each event. Last Friday I went for the first time and I saw The Prodigy and Jaguar Skills amongst other artists and DJs that I didn’t know but really enjoyed.


For anyone who isn’t into that kind of music I would still recommend that they give events like this a chance. In my own time I rarely listen to dance or drum and bass, preferring to listen to rock and indie, but I find that events like this aren’t just for fans of a particular genre; they’re for music fans in general.

From my experience, anybody who likes music festivals and nights out would fit in well at The Warehouse Project; everyone was really friendly, united in their love of the music, and the atmosphere was great. As we waited for each act I could feel the excitement building in the crowd. I think anyone who’s into that kind of music, thinks that they may enjoy that kind of scene, or just wants to try something new should make the trip.

Me and my best friend waiting for The Prodigy to come on
Me and my best friend waiting for The Prodigy to come on

From Ormskirk Station to Trafford Park or Deansgate it will take a little over an hour, and then a taxi will cost around £4 from either of those stations to the venue. Alternatively, if there’s a designated driver in the group it’s an easy drive. The taxi home can be quite expensive, so it might be a better idea to book a hotel and to get the train back in the morning. There is a Premier Inn a five minute walk away and a youth hostel a ten minute taxi ride away.

I really loved The Warehouse Project and hope to attend again soon. The Prodigy were incredible and really reminded me why I love live music. Unfortunately, I’m a little too short to have seen much of what was happening on stage, but I still had a brilliant time dancing and singing along. It was a really great way to end my first semester at university.


Living at Home

Living at home can be hard. Choosing to stay at home due to convenience, even when the opportunity to move out arises, can be harder.

I had just started learning to drive when I chose to attend Edge Hill, so financially I couldn’t justify paying to live in halls when I could just drive thirty minutes each day. Well, that’s the official excuse. While money was a factor in my decision it was also very important for me to consider my flaws. I’m messy, disorganised, terrible at time-keeping, and far too easily persuaded to go on nights out when I have important things to do, so living in halls may not have been the most sensible option for me to take. On the other hand, I realise that had I moved into halls I would have become practiced at overcoming these flaws and that I would be surrounded by other people in the same boat.

My transportation to uni. Her name's Lyla!
My transportation to uni. Her name’s Lyla!

Living in halls has a lot of advantages. Meeting new people this way can be great and many people stay friends with the people that they live with in their first year of university for the rest of their lives. My favourite thing about living in halls during my failed attempt at university was the crazy stories that we came away with. There was an automatic sense of flat unity, and a playful rivalry with neighbouring flats was always fun.

Universities have many great facilities, including Student Union bars, libraries, and small theatres, so living in halls is a great way to have optimum access to these spaces. Living at home, on the other hand, is an easier way to stay fully-focused on your studies.

If somebody asked me which is better- living in halls or staying at home- I wouldn’t be able to answer. Both have their own advantages and it’s really a personal choice. Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to move out, but for now I’m comfortable having my washing done for me and a well-stocked fridge.

What you have access to at university VS what you have access to at home
What you have access to at university VS what you have access to at home



Next week I turn twenty one, and I can’t help thinking about how much has changed since this time last year, when I was shut in my room refusing point blank to accept that I was about to turn twenty.

I won’t pretend that I was happy with my life last year. While all my friends were midway through their second years at university I was working fifty hours a week in a minimum wage job, unsure of what to do with myself.

Naturally I took my job very seriously...
Naturally I took my job very seriously…

The year before that, when I was grudgingly waiting to turn nineteen, I was living six hours away from home in Wales, incredibly unhappy with my choice of university.

Choosing to leave university and brand myself a ‘drop-out’ was incredibly tough, but looking back now I have no regrets. After that, as much as I may have complained about my time working in fast food I think that the year and a half of full-time work did me good, and I’m grateful that I gained that extra time to decide what I wanted to do with myself.

I’m now happier than ever studying a course that I’m really enjoying. Having had a bad experience at university I can really appreciate how good this experience is turning out to be. I’m only at the end of my first semester, but I’ve powered my way through a lot of work, made friends, got a part-time job and joined a society. The year’s flying by and, while I’m already finding myself feeling a little stressed at times over the work-load, I know that it’s completely normal and I’ll be sad when it’s all over.

For now though, I have my 21st birthday night out to look forward to. It will be a great chance to let loose a bit and to get into the Christmas spirit. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me.

Getting into the Christmas spirit... because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.
Getting into the Christmas spirit… because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.