• Sad News

    This week I was incredibly saddened to hear that Dinesh Allirajah had passed away. Dinesh was an associate staff member of the Edge Hill University Creative Writing department and taught me in my poetry and fiction modules in my first year. It was due to his dry wit and inspiring passion about what he taught […]

  • Student Support

    Edge Hill has a lot to offer in the way of a support network, but I always find that when in doubt it’s best to start at the Student Information Centre. The Student Information Centre is on campus, right next to the library, and it is a great place to get advice. I’ve actually been […]

  • Last Week

    Well last week was one of the busiest weeks that I’ve had in a while. On top of university and work I was also busy most evenings. On Monday evening I went to see Interstellar at the IMAX in Liverpool One. I often feel like I’m not a very good film student as I often […]

  • Accommodation- Who Should You Live With?

    Choosing your housemates As it’s never too early to be finding accommodation fir next year it’s now worth thinking strategically about who you want to live with. While it may be tempting to move in with your best friends you may find that they’re not the best people to live with. Here are some things to […]

  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival

    On Friday the 7th November I attended Aesthetica Short Film Festival as part of an organised university trip with the Film Studies department. Although Edge Hill arranged our travel, bought our tickets and booked us on masterclasses university trips differ greatly from school and college trips, in that we are a lot more independent and […]

  • Halloween Night Out

    Now that my favourite night out of the year has been and gone I thought that it would be nice to write about it. Like last year, my housemate and I decided to begin the festivities by baking Halloween cupcakes. I ate my own weight in cake mix and there are now sprinkles in crevices […]

  • First (and Last) Exam of the Year!

    Yesterday I had my first and thankfully last (yay!) exam of the year. The exam was in a film module called ‘Film Genre- Case Study’ and involved applying critical approaches to a fifteen minute clip from a Western film. The exams on my course are nothing like the exams from school or college which involved […]

  • Campus History

    In my most recent poetry seminar Lindsey, the seminar tutor, was discussing with us the concept of everything that has happened before in a space continuing to exist within that space as part of its history. She talked about how the building that we were currently in never used to exist and that, as we […]

  • Required Reading

    Having just grudgingly trudged through a page of academic writing I thought that I’d write this blog on ‘Required Reading’ and why it’s necessary. As well as lectures and seminars many courses also require the student to take it upon themselves to do related reading in their own time. Often the module leaders and tutors […]

  • It’s Almost Halloween!

    Halloween is my favourite night out of the year so I like to start getting ready for it pretty early. I love fancy dress at the best of times but something about so many people going all out to look amazing gets me pretty excited. Currently I’m planning to dress as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure […]