Working hard, or hardly working?

Hello one and all!

This week has been quite a week. None stop writing and working back at home, preparing for work life back at university. On top of that, full time carer business has become initiated

I’m back to caring for my family again,  which is easier as I get back into the swing of things. Everything seems easier once you start doing it again. Like old rituals and habits. Much like university work.

Once you get into the swing of uni work, no matter how long you leave for, it gets that littlebit easier and easier. Longer it takes, the easier it becomes. So it can be done quicker and quicker


well, until next time!


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‘Quote of the Day’

“When in Rome”

Third Year Prepping

Hello one and all!


This year is an important year for me, as I now approach my Third year. It means for me that I am preparing all my work for the moment I begin my third year, and it means intense work here on in.
So far I am currently working on the pre-production of my final year peice.
which means a lot of writing, drawing and presenting them all when I return to university.
It seems easy on paper, but in reality it is much harder than originally thought. But then again, if we wanted things to be easy, we would not go to university.

So, While I wile my hours away at this molehill of work,  many of you are simply returning to university or coming for your first time.
for those of you like me that are returning to third year, I wish you luck.


until then, fair well!

What am I supposed to be packing?

Hello one and all!


Well, it’s getting closer and closer to being time to make your way to edge hill uni if, of course,  you are a first timer.

But the big question at the forefront of many of your minds is – What the heck do I bring with me?

Well, listen close, and I’ll tell you all!


The first thought of course, is any and all the paper work you’ll need to register. This includes any identification, and any other paper work you’ve been asked to bring. Your letters from Edge Hill will have a much broader list.  If you get to have free parking, and you have a parking permit from the uni, bring that too!

Then comes the matter of your bedroom. Well, the obvious essentials are needed. If it’s bedroom, bring a bed sheet, duvet and pillows. Toothbrush, flannel, towels, toothpaste, shampoo, and any other toiletries you would normally have in your bathroom.

Then, bring anything you’d like to decorate your rooms, from posters to pictures.
It’s going to be your room for 3 semesters, you’d best enjoy yourself and have a room your comfortable in!

Of course, if your missing anything (that isn’t of course paperwork) there is a handy morrisons and argos nearby, and a mccolls on campus.


Hope your enjoying your packing!


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Quote of the Week

“Walk this way!” – Igor, Young Frankenstein


The Rest is Silence

Hello one and all!


It has been a quiet couple of days recently. with everyone having headed home, it means that the uni is a lot quieter than normal. It amazes me how I can walk from one end of campus to another and not have to encounter a single soul.

but thus it means I have time to finish my little pet projects and work. Little book ideas and stories I wish to make. Including animations and such like.  Hopefully i will be able to show you all some Of them.

Until then, I leave you with good thoughts and kind memories.

— —

Quote of the day

“Sleep well and dream of great things” – Unknown

Cancer and Help

Hey guys

So, sorry I’ve been rather inactive for quite some time, but I have had a lot on the family plate.
As I have already pointed out and spoken about in previous blogs, a member of my family is currently suffering from cancer.

This has taken a toll on my work and my social interactions, and this has not been fair on anyone around me.

Thankfully, due to the help from those around me, both friend and teacher, have helped me through it.

The teachers/lecturers at Edge Hill have been an amazing help in this difficult time. I cannot thank them enough.

I can only hope I can repay them with working tirelessly and getting this blog back up to scratch.

Once again, I cannot thank them enough for the help they have given me.

More blogs will be coming soon!

– – – – – –

“Are you, are you coming to the tree. Where a dead man called out, for his love to flee”

Animating and Death Note

Hello One and All

Well, as It stands I am currently hard at work animating my bits and peices for my second year piece, which means rigging and animating my creature rakator, a lovely dinosaur like creature.
It’s interesting working with Rakator and it makes me realise just how difficult animation can be and how much a pain in the rear it can be.
But I will march on and get it over and done with!

In other words, one of my favourite Anime peices, Death Note, has recieved a musical!…. IN korea and Japan 🙁
Well, this is still good news, and who knows, we may get a version on broadway/west end.
To help them write it, they did a version in a broadway workshop.

If you’d like a taste, here is one of the songs from the workshop


— — —

“They’re only human, they can’t see, all the years they could give you and me”
– Ryuk

Marie Curie

Hey guys

I’m about to talk about something that means a lot to me
It’s the Marie Curie Foundation
What are they?
Well, they’re there for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. They offer expert care, guidance and support to help them get the most from the time they have left.

They mean a lot to me.
And very soon they are going to mean a lot to my family.
A very close member of my family is, as I have said a few times before, suffering from cancer. It’s incurable.

I would ask that any who read this, please do what they can to support the Marie Curie foundation, and help those that need it, as my family and I certainly will soon

Enjoy this

— — —
Quote of the Day
“A Single man tear”

Renderman is here!

Hello one and all!

I am incredibly excited.
I have just learnt that Renderman is now free!
Don’t know what Renderman is? Listen close!

RenderMan is a photorealistic 3D rendering software produced by the amazing Pixar and is used to render all of their 3D animated movie productions.

On May 30, 2014, it was announced that Pixar would be offering a free non-commercial version of RenderMan that would be available to download sometime in August 2014.

It has just been released, and can be found here

 Want any more of a reason to use it, as a budding animator?
It’s been used in Titanic, the Star Wars prequels and The Lord of the Rings!

Give it a good look!

Now enjoy this video that gives me major trust issues!


— — —
Quote of the Day

“To infinity, and Beyond!”


Easter is coming!

Hello one and all!

Well, since this is the last week before the start of the official Eostre holidays, work has been insanely chaotic. I’m having to work hard on the giant writing piece being put before me, and complete a 3000 word review diary and a 1500 word essay.
Not easy, but can be kind of enjoyable.

On top of that I am currently working on my 3D work, making my adorable little creature, Rakator.
I am rather proud of him.

Hopefully soon I can get him fully rendered up in 3d to Show off to one and all.
I am always proud of my creations, much like many other animation students who attend Edge Hill University.

Hope to speak to you again soon!

Enjoy a Song on me from the Miracle of Sound

— –

Quote of the Day

“I am lonely wherever I go. Sanctuary is all that I’ve known”

Reading week!

Hello one and all!

well this week is reading week/employability week, where we get time to work on our pieces that require work, and also attend the various lectures that take place throughout the week.

They are aimed at trying to make us employable, and get us into worhak. it’s been an interesting week, and has allowed me to learn what can be done.


I have also recently returned from home and allowed myself to spend time with family and my sick relative. Fingers crossed, life gets easier from here on in . I’m not sure how much easier it’s going to get but it will get better.


I am also working on a new set of costumes for various marathons coming up, and tomorrow’s one will be worth while.


— — —

quote of the week

“live long and prosper”