Back to Uni Life!

Heya guys,

So I’m still at home working my way through the holiday work, as well as the chocolate from Christmas! Guess I better start my diet soon…

I’m looking forward to coming back to the university this week – I’ve missed my friends and even my lessons! My timetable for this semester has changed so I now have lessons on a Monday and not Tuesday, which will be different and kind of exciting to break up my week a bit!

I also hope everyone did well in their exams, but luckily for me – this year is all coursework based! I prefer having coursework for this year, however there is a lot of work to do! One of the major things I found with university life is that I don’t find the work incredibly difficult and challenging in the way that I struggle a lot, but I do find that there is a lot of work to do. This does keep me busy though! I suppose it’s good – I wouldn’t like to be on a course where I’m only in for one day a week – I’d be bored!

When I come back to uni this week, I am mainly looking forward to being a bit more individual again – as much as I like people cooking and washing my clothes for me, I have found myself being incredibly lazy and not doing much – so I’m ready to get back into a routine and get going again!

Hopefully the snow doesn’t cause any problems for anyone, and I’ll see you all next week when I’m back on campus!! 😀

New Year, New Me?!

Heya everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! Hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and that the hard work starts now!

I’m still sitting at home waiting to go back to university next week, and now that my friends are starting to go back to their uni’s this week I am getting a bit bored and lonely stuck at home! Really can’t wait to go back next week and see everyone, especially for a good night out! I have been set a little work over the holidays for my course, which has kept me busy – and in contact with everyone when I struggled with certain aspects!

I can remember that this time last year I was getting ready for my interview at Edge Hill, and I was so nervous! I had to travel up the day before and stay in a hotel, then spend the day at the university (while the snow was ridiculous too!). I did myself proud though, and managed to get in! It was a great experience, even if nerve-racking, and it certainly helped me gain more confidence in myself. I spent the day with tutors in lecture theatres where they informed me of the course, as well as having group interviews and individual ones (of which I found the scarier of the two!).

I had also received all of my offers back this time last year, which I am sure many of you are now at the stage of! Hopefully you are all getting into your first choices and you are happy with your choices, but if not – don’t worry just yet! You still have time to change if you need to, as well as the option of clearing if you don’t meet your grades (which I’m certain you will with enough work!).

I found this picture earlier that summed me up pretty well – hopefully will make you smile!


Last Post Before 2014!

Heya guys!

So this is the last blog from me for 2013! I hope everyone has had a great year and that 2014 will be another amazing year with some great experiences! I can remember this time last year, I was receiving my offers from my university choices after submitting my UCAS application – I was talking with my friends and I can’t believe that was a whole year ago! Where did that time go?!

So much has happened this year – I started out with no offers and about to sit my exams, then suddenly receiving offers from all my choices and an interview for Edge Hill (I was terrified, but I obviously did something right!). After that, I then left my sixth form and had my prom – it was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, especially as it was the final goodbye from the school and teachers I’d gotten to know over 7 years! After that came summer, which I worked through because I’m boring, but needed the money!

I then got accepted into this university which was the happiest moment of my year by a mile! From then on, my life has changed so much and I am so happy with the way that my life has panned out – university has definitely changed for the better!

I hope all of you guys who are applying this year enjoy this year, as it will go extremely quickly! Also, don’t worry about being accepted at this point – I was so certain that I wasn’t going to get in, but I did! It’s been fantastic, so enjoy this journey and have fun!

Here’s a fun website that I found for some 2014 Quotes!

Happy New Year!!

Going Home!

So I’m finally back home for a while – it’s pretty exciting! I’m pleased to see all my friends again and be sleeping back in my own bed! I am missing my flatmates though, and all of my uni friends.

It’s strange being at home again though, because now I don’t have to do my own shopping and washing etc. However, it’s great to be able to relax a bit! In my room at uni I have a TV as well – don’t have that luxury at home! The uni room has got a lot of facilities that I wish I had in my room – I’m in Founders court and I have a TV/computer, en-suite, mini fridge, desk, wardrobe and bed. It’s so roomy and the kitchen is a good size too. I didn’t realise that we all had our own individual cupboards in the kitchen for our food that are numbered to our rooms. These cupboards also have locks on, so that people can’t get in – not that it matters as we all share our stuff anyway!

I live in Balfour of Founders court at the moment, and it’s a great accommodation. I have a friend who lives in Chancellors court and that accommodation has the same facilities as Founders, but their kitchens are much larger! I am very jealous of the greenhouse-styled rooms they have!

It will be nice to come back in January to get back into my room and be with my friends again. I can’t wait for my own little en-suite back – the showers are amazing!! Hehe 🙂

Last Week Before Xmas!!

So it’s the last week before the Christmas break and I’m really looking forward to going home this Friday, but I am really going to miss all of my new uni friends! Our flat had a Christmas dinner last Saturday before everyone started to leave for home this week – it was really nice and has certainly put me in the mood for Christmas! It feels like it around the campus too, with the tree in the hub and all the flats around the campus with their trees and lights.

Last week I went shopping in Liverpool for presents – it’s a great place! It was so cool to see all of the Christmas stalls and lights around – especially the massive tree in the city centre! I didn’t realise how close Liverpool actually was to the university – it only takes 30 minutes on a direct train from Ormskirk to Liverpool Central.

I also saw the Ormskirk Light switch-on, which was done by Bruce Jones who was in I’m A Celeb. The atmosphere was great, while the small kids were meeting Santa and going on the rides – I just enjoyed the hot chocolate in the cold! WP_20131129_001 WP_20131129_002 WP_20131129_008 WP_20131129_009 WP_20131207_013 WP_20131207_019 WP_20131214_002 WP_20131214_010 WP_20131215_002

First Blog Guysss!

Hi guys,

This is my first time at writing my student blog for you all to see! Hopefully this will help all of you prospective uni students to give you an insight of my time at university so far, as well as giving you an idea of university life!

I started EHU in September and it was a crazy journey to get here! I wasn’t sure that I was going to be accepted – I was studying A-Level Maths, German and ICT as well as taking the EPQ (which is the same as an AS-Level). My subjects were pretty tough – not gonna lie! However, that feeling I got on 15th August when I checked UCAS on my phone (whilst at work!) and seeing that Edge Hill had accepted my application was unbelievable! Just thinking about this makes me feel very lucky to have been accepted – which I am sure that you guys will be!

I found out about EHU when I went to a university fair to look at my prospective choices – I hadn’t heard of this university before then! After looking through the courses I fell in love with the look of the university, the whole campus, the course I wanted to study – literally everything! The first time I visited was amazing – I saw the university as we drove past and it looked even better than the pictures in the book. I then spoke to the tutors about my course and they were very friendly and welcoming, while also demonstrating areas of the course. One of the current students was showing how programming would later lead to coding robots to perform tricks or actions that were entered by a user.

As I started university, I was worried about my course. I studied ICT at sixth form, and I hadn’t covered anything like coding or programming before. I shouldn’t have worried, because the tutors made us all feel very comfortable and welcome – we started with the basics and have worked our way up quickly (but not too quick!). All of my tutors are very approachable if we have any problems – whether they are related to my course or not!

I’m so glad I picked EHU to study at, and I hope you all consider your choices very carefully – make sure your course is right, as well as the location! Good luck everyone!