Freshers year is coming!

Hey guys,

How are you all? I’m great.

Since I’m coming to the end of my university experience I’m starting to look back at my favourite things parts. I’ve enjoyed every year, but obviously the best year is your first. Being a fresher is amazing. Whether you’re commuting from home or moving into EHU halls there are somethings that only your first year will bring compared to the other two years. Independence, new friends and far too many drunken nights out are just a few of the fresher experiences you’ll get to enjoy.

In your fresher year you’ll probably experience a hurdle (or two). Budgeting  disasters, a level of stress to produce good work for your course and waves of feeling homesick… don’t worry it passes and if not you’re only a phone call away from home. Despite these small setbacks the pros definitely out way the cons. I’d give anything to go back to day one and redo it all again. It was probably the best year of my life (deep).

So, whether you’re moving out or commuting from home, freshers’ year will be unforgettable. Everyone is in the same boat as you; nervous, scared, excited. Just take a deep breath and enjoy every moment. Try anything and everything! Honesty, blink and it’s gone, so make sure it’s worth looking back on!

Until next time…

So, what’s left?

Hi guys,

How are you all? Just a quick one today my friends.

Well things are starting to come to an end and I’m starting to get a little sad about that. I handed my dissertation in last Thursday which was a massive weight off of my shoulders. I’ve got two more assignments to do and then that’s it. Two assignments, I literally can’t believe how fast these three years have gone! Where the time has gone I’ll never know. It feels like I arrived yesterday and bam in a blink of eye I’m here, almost about to leave.

So what should you be doing to prepare for University?

Well… UCAS should be all up to date. If you change any of your personal details, make sure you update your online student account… we don’t want student finance to be slow now do we?

Studying. Yes it’s an ache, but it’s a must if you want to get the grades to come here! Get your head down and before you know it you’ll be here, loving your newly found independence, course and friendships.

ENJOY your summer! Obviouly college has been hard, so take your time and enjoy yourself. You’ve done amazing… WELL DONE PEEPS!

Until next time…

Birthday times, woo!

Hey guys,

Hope you are all well!

So I turned 21 today and a part of me died a little inside. I’m one of those super annoying people who hates celebrating birthdays and hates getting older. Like I can’t even describe the feeling. 9 years off 30 makes me want to cry but I’ll to not to… Anyway enough with me being such a bore, let’s look back and see what I loved about being 20.

20 was the year of:

  • My first and only 1st at university.
  • My first group holiday with my friends. Amsterdam I miss you.
  • My first ever house with my uni fam, aww.🏡
  • I manage to get a part time job and keep it.
  • V festival.
  • THE 1975.
  • Falling in and out of love with the shoe.🍷🍷🍷🍷
  • Falling in love with Black Forest hot chocolates from costa😍
  • Berlin
  • Farmageddon.
  • Failed diets.
  • Hangovers I can’t even describe.

It’s hard on the spot to think of everything but I laughed so much this year it’s unbelievable. I made a bunch of new friends and memories and I only hope 21 is the same. PLEASE.

So well I’m worried about what the future holds, please remember to enjoy every second at university. For most people it only happens once and if you do it right, once is the right amount (cringe).

Until next time…

Dissertation deadline is looming, ahhhh!

Hey guys,

How are we?

Well what’s new? With my dissertation deadline right around the corner it’s time to start worrying. I worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to university work, I just want it to be good! Over these three years I’ve had my fair share of panic tears and miniature break downs, but that’s all part of it. Along the way I’ve discovered a few things which help me calm down, so go on then I’ll share my tips with you…

  1. Down time- you must make time for yourself. When I can’t think of anything to write, it’s time to stop and take a break. Go watch your favourite to show, spend time with friends, RELAX… You’ll find that when you go back to work you have fresh ideas waiting for you!
  2. Support system- when those panic tears and mini break downs occur, you need your people! Go and ring your mum, brother, friend, friend of a friend, literally anyone you want as long as you can vent to them and stop thinking about work. I always find that a few words of encouragement from my mum puts things into perspective and I always feel better. Mums are the best aren’t they.
  3. Food- treat yourself to nice things as a reward for doing work. Set out what you want to achieve and set treats as targets for words. Fatties like me love that.
  4. Plan- believe me they help!

Find out what things help you and do them, it’ll really help.

Goodluck with all your essays and exams coming up, I’m sure you’ll do great!!!

Until next time!??

Dissertation times

Hi guys,

How are you?

I’m a little stressed. It’s that time of the year when things are due in and I’m trying (and failing) to juggle a million balls at once. My dissertation is due in soon and although I’ve had months to complete it, I feel like I’ve left everything until the last minute! After spending the majority of the day in the library I decided to reward myself with a night out in Liverpool… but that is now not happening. I’m currently sat on my bed, pretty much ready, and I can’t bring myself to go. Self- guilt is the worst… I mean it’s bad enough when you feel guilty on behalf of someone, but self-guilt kills. It’s future you, hating present you! I feel so guilty that it’s not finished that I’ve physically stopped myself from leaving my room. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Although I’m not going, I know when it’s finished I will have thank my past self for helping, but right now that past self (now present self) I can’t stand. When you come to uni you’ll experience fomo (fear of missing out) all the time. To be honest, normally I don’t mind missing a night out and I’m usually pretty sure before the night is here what I’m going to do. But tonight, after the Easter break, all I want to do is spend time with my friends and I can’t. So, here’s the part where I tell you that sometimes missing things isn’t the worst thing in the world… even if it feels like it at the time.

You’re probably coming up to exams and essay hand-ins, but all you want to do is spend time with your friends or family. Right, here’s the thing. You could do what you want. Spend time with friends, herm Netflix, play football… but come July/August when it’s results day you’ll wish you had spent a few more hours revising, a few more days in the library, a few more hours on that essay. Giving up can be hard at the time, but rewarding in the future. So, eventhough you really want to spend time with friends, chill with your family… go on a night out to Liverpool, you and I both know that what the right thing to do is, eventhough we don’t want to. So choose wisely.

A little chill time is fine! Don’t burn out with work, but just remember there is a difference between a few hours here and there and days wasted! It’ll be worth it in the end when you’re enrolling at EHU!

Good luck, I think we’ll both need it!

Until next time…

It’s ALMOST the end…

Hey guys,

How are we?

I’m a little stressed with deadlines fast approaching and my university experience coming to an end. With just under 5 weeks to go things are starting to heat up on the work front, with my dissertation and assignments due in in 3 weeks… and to make things worse it’s starting to feel like the end.

I’m seeing things like the release of my graduation date and graduation ball all over Facebook and I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to my EHU student card (do they actually take it back off you????? I hope not). These three years have been AMAZING and literally everything (and more) that I hoped university would be like (cringe, sorry). From small things like 24/7 library facilities and constant tutor support, to meeting some of the most amazing people in the world, EHU has been a dream.

I know you’re heading into exam season and you’re probably stressing just as much as me with your workload, but I promise it’ll be worth it. I’m genuinely so jealous of you arriving in September, I wish it was my first day again. Keep working hard and before you know it you’ll be here!

Good luck with exams!

Until next time…

Saving money?

Hey guys,

How are you?

When it comes to keeping it cheap at university, every little helps (copy right, sorry Tesco). I receive the minimum loan from student finance, and with my parents helping/my part-time job I wouldn’t be able to live away from home when it comes to uni. So as the old saying goes, pennies really do make pounds and small changes could save you a fortune. So, EHU/Ormskirk, how can you help?

Books? Yes books. Books will become a huge part of your life, so how can you save money on them? Well first point of call before spending hundreds of pounds on books, is your EHU library! The library is home to thousands of books so don’t miss out on them. Ormskirk also has its own personal library, so fear not if EHU doesn’t have it, but I highly doubt that! Charity shops are also home to unwanted books and on the odd occasion (or two) I’ve actually found the book I needed for at a bargain.

Shopping? When it comes to buying clothes or food you many find that local brands are cheaper than big money making shops. You’ll get used to deals and the average price for certain items, so shopping around may b an option.

Going out? Selected nights hold different prices and entertainment so make sure you explore around Ormskirk! You’ve got to go to the horseshoe, cheapest drinks around and you’ll have the best nights there. EHU also provides ‘drink crashes’ in the SU where selected drinks plummet to seriously good prices.

Remember small things allow you to save loads of money!

Until next time…

Where are the days going?

Hey guys,

Hope all is well.

I’m having a mid-life crisis… but at the age of 20, and by crisis I mean a small panic attack that my time at University is almost done… and I’m not ready to say goodbye to EHU. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to say goodbye to some things: endless hours slaving away in the library looking for books, waiting for locked computers to become free (the pain is real), a constant stream of unhealthy food/ready meals and hangovers that made me feel like I was dying (but thankfully it was just a feeling). BUT (and that’s a very big but), there’s so much I’m going to miss and I’ve managed to narrow it down to 3 (from like a billion, so go me).

  1. Independence Moving away from home through me in at the deep end, forcing me to learn everything myself. I’ve had a few drunken mistakes which have resulted in losing my keys, driving licence and on one occasion landed me in A&E with a badly sprained ankle. All stupid things, but you live and learn. I’ve learned things I never even thought about before uni, such as banking and budgeting of money. I’ve gone on my first group holiday to Amsterdam, worked out transport links and managed to balance a part-time job alongside uni. Moving home will be hard seeing as it’s back to my mum and dad’s rules, but thankyou EHU for making me grow up… It was about time!
  2. EHU- From the campus to staff. Everything and everyone in EHU has helped me become who I am today. EHU feels like home and I know I’ll always look back with the best memories. I can only thank the University for providing the best 3 years of my life.
  3. And I’ve left the best until last… My friends, who have practically become family (cringe, soppy and I don’t care)- It’s a cliché that you make your friends for life at Uni, but it’s the truest cliché I know. I’ve met a range of people at uni and made memories which will genuinely last me a lifetime. I’ve been lucky to live with my best friends for 3 years and not being able to wake up everyday and annoy them will be so unbelievably hard it actually hurts. I’ll even miss the things they do that drive me crazy. I hope to live with them again in the future, but I know we’ll always be close and stay in touch… Unite fam, Dyers Lane fam and of course Small lane fam<3

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a chapter of your life, especially one that you love, but I’m scarily excited (is that even possible?) for what comes next… and I’m super excited for you to get to experience what I did. You’ll love it, trust me.

Until next time…


Hey guys,

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Last week I wrote a blog on your nearest city (Liverpool) and thought it would only be appropriate to sell you on your local town. So, hello Ormskirk.

Ormskirk is super cute and as a student living away, you will get to know this place like the back of your hand. the town is pretty small with everything a student needs from local supermarkets to essential pubs and bars.

So, let’s see what you can get up to:

1- EHU has to be my first one obviously. The uni puts on a range of events throughout the year to keep you hooked in. Our SU plans everything from paintball parties, cake sales, fancy dress events, charity based events to stand up comedy, theatre events and society events.

2- Hungry or thirsty? Ormskirk has a variety of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy! So get in a pint… or two.

3- I know it’s not exactly Ormskirk but a stone throw away is Farmer Ted’s (a family fun animal petting farm) which might not be your cup of tea normally, but when it comes to September and October it’s transformed into Farmageddon a scary 3 building walk through, surrounded by all your worst nightmares.

4- Gyms and libraries – for those dedicated enough, I envy you.

5- EHU cinema. Yes, we have a cinema, how cool?

Well, that’s just a sprinkle of what Ormskirk has to offer you and if it’s not enough Liverpool and Southport are only down the road. To be honest you’ll find that you and your friends think of better things to do anyway, so it’s not all about a little town.

Until next time…


Hey guys,

How are we all, good? Good.

Well, when you come to EHU you’re not just there for your course and grades. University is about building you as a person and helping shape who you want to be in life (cringe). This ‘shaping’ comes in many forms, from the friends you make, to societies you join, places you live and of course places you visit… aka, LIVERPOOL.

Liverpool is my local city, so I’m going to try (and fail) to not be so bias towards it… but seriously it’s absolutely amazing. From EHU you can either get the train or bus to the city and in this blog I’m going to take you through a load of things to do.

Liverpool is home to the Grand National, which is perhaps the most famous horse race in the world? I dunno, but everyone knows it so we’ll say it is. So if you’ve got a few bob to spend, why not make a day of it. The city centre holds beautiful architecture such as Liverpool’s Cathedral, the central library and Radio City 96.7.

This is hard to say coming from a massive United fan, but Liverpool is also home to two big-ish premier league football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. Both clubs provide stadium tours, holding museums and food venues.

Museums? Well if you’re like my mum and love museums, Liverpool is the place for you! The Maritime museum holds fantastic exhibits, which is surrounded by the slavery museum and Liverpool’s iconic docks along the river front. If you’re a Beatles fan you have to do the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, it’s such a good laugh and a proper trip done memory lane- you also can see John Lennon’s house, wow.

Liverpool also provides hundreds of top shops, Liverpool One, Matthew Street, the docks, markets, fantastic restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres, all year round events, music locations (including the echo arena)… the list is endless. So yeah, you’ll love it! Have fun exploring, it’s an amazing city- without trying to sound biased.

Until next time…