• Freshers year is coming!

    Hey guys, How are you all? I’m great. Since I’m coming to the end of my university experience I’m starting to look back at my favourite things parts. I’ve enjoyed every year, but obviously the best year is your first. Being a fresher is amazing. Whether you’re commuting from home or moving into EHU halls […]

  • So, what’s left?

    Hi guys, How are you all? Just a quick one today my friends. Well things are starting to come to an end and I’m starting to get a little sad about that. I handed my dissertation in last Thursday which was a massive weight off of my shoulders. I’ve got two more assignments to do […]

  • Birthday times, woo!

    Hey guys, Hope you are all well! So I turned 21 today and a part of me died a little inside. I’m one of those super annoying people who hates celebrating birthdays and hates getting older. Like I can’t even describe the feeling. 9 years off 30 makes me want to cry but I’ll to […]

  • Dissertation deadline is looming, ahhhh!

    Hey guys, How are we? Well what’s new? With my dissertation deadline right around the corner it’s time to start worrying. I worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to university work, I just want it to be good! Over these three years I’ve had my fair share of panic tears and […]

  • Dissertation times

    Hi guys, How are you? I’m a little stressed. It’s that time of the year when things are due in and I’m trying (and failing) to juggle a million balls at once. My dissertation is due in soon and although I’ve had months to complete it, I feel like I’ve left everything until the last […]

  • It’s ALMOST the end…

    Hey guys, How are we? I’m a little stressed with deadlines fast approaching and my university experience coming to an end. With just under 5 weeks to go things are starting to heat up on the work front, with my dissertation and assignments due in in 3 weeks… and to make things worse it’s starting […]

  • Saving money?

    Hey guys, How are you? When it comes to keeping it cheap at university, every little helps (copy right, sorry Tesco). I receive the minimum loan from student finance, and with my parents helping/my part-time job I wouldn’t be able to live away from home when it comes to uni. So as the old saying […]

  • Where are the days going?

    Hey guys, Hope all is well. I’m having a mid-life crisis… but at the age of 20, and by crisis I mean a small panic attack that my time at University is almost done… and I’m not ready to say goodbye to EHU. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to say goodbye to some things: […]


    Hey guys, Hope you’ve had a great week. Last week I wrote a blog on your nearest city (Liverpool) and thought it would only be appropriate to sell you on your local town. So, hello Ormskirk. Ormskirk is super cute and as a student living away, you will get to know this place like the […]


    Hey guys, How are we all, good? Good. Well, when you come to EHU you’re not just there for your course and grades. University is about building you as a person and helping shape who you want to be in life (cringe). This ‘shaping’ comes in many forms, from the friends you make, to societies […]