Charlotte’s Blog- Next Steps…

Last time I wrote a blog I was about to jet off to New York and I had the most amazing time, I will make sure I upload some pictures in my next blog! But for this blog I have been thinking about my next steps. Since getting back off holiday I have been thinking about what I want to do next and I am now thinking about going on to do a PGCE, and of course Edge Hill is on the top of the list to go on to do this! I am very excited about the next journey I am hopefully going to depart on. Most of you will be getting all prepared to move to University and I’m sure you are going to love every second of it! I know I wish I was going back in September ūüôĀ Just remember it is a big change and there are loads of people around the university on hand to support you in whatever way you need but I’m sure you will have the most brilliant time!

Charlotte’s Blog – Results

This week most of you will have received your AS or A Level results and I bet this will have seemed like the most nerve wrecking day of your life! I know it felt that way when I was waiting for mine!!! You should now all know whether you have gained a place on chosen course at the University you wanted if this is you then well done, I am sure you will love University life especially if you are attending Edge Hill ūüėÄ

But remember if you have not gained the results you were hoping for then don’t feel disheartened and as if this is the end because its not there is always clearing that can offer you a helping hand so get it touch!!!

Again Well Done to all of yous have received a place at Edge Hill or any other University I wish I was doing all again!

Charlotte’s Blog – Graduation

This week I graduated and I now officially have a BSC (HONS) in Psychology after my name ūüėÄ ¬†All the hard work has paid off in the end!! My time at Edge Hill has been the best three years of my life. I have met so many lovely people and wish I could stay there for longer as I feel¬†like it¬†is second home and family now!

Graduation was filled with mixed emotions: I was sad as it would be by last time on the Edge Hill campus and with my course friends, I was nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was happy that all my hard work over the past three had paid off and that my family could be part of such a special day! This day had to be one of the best and proudest ones of my life to date. Edge Hill put on a brilliant ceremony and everyone had a fantastic day!

I will upload some pictures from this very special day soon ūüėÄ Hope everyone’s having a lovely Summer and those of you awaiting to start at Edge Hill I’m sure you are going to love every single minute of your time there!

Charlotte’s Blog- Results & Glastonbury :D

Last week was definitely full of the best news as I was given my final degree result!!! I am very pleased to say that I passed with a 2:1 in Psychology¬†and was only 1% off reaching a 1st but I am very happy with my final result and know I put in 100% into my work ūüėÄ Not only did I receive this news but I received it while I was in Glastonbury, that’s why I haven’t wrote a blog in a while! But hearing this news in Glasto was definitely the best way to celebrate!!!! I will upload some pictures from the festival soon ūüėÄ ūüėÄ Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and anyone who is hoping to start Edge Hill in September I wish you the best of luck with your results and I wish it was me who was starting again ūüôĀ

Charlotte’s Blog- Graduation Pictures

In my last blog I mentioned that I was going to the end of year graduation ball, so for this blog I thought I would upload some pictures from this great event! It was definitely the best way to end my time at Edge Hill and it was lovely to see a few people I hadn’t seen for a while! I would urge anyone to attend this when they finish their course even though it may seem ages away now. Anyway here are some pictures from the¬†event hope you enjoy them…

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Charlotte’s Blog – Graduation Ball

On Saturday it is the Edge Hill University’s Graduation Ball at Aintree Race Course ūüôā I am really looking forward to this event, even though I can’t believe its come round already and it is going to be the last time that all my course friends and friends I have met over my three years here get together which is a very sad thought ūüôĀ It still only feels like yesterday that I began my journey at Edge Hill and I have¬†definitely¬†loved every minute of it. I feel that the graduation ball will be the perfect way to end it as everyone will have finished their work and exams are over!! I will make sure I upload so pictures of this very special occasion as I can’t wait to wear a pretty dress!!! ūüôā

Charlotte’s Blog – Never feel alone at Edge Hill University :D

This weeks blog is based around all the ways that Edge Hill supports you throughout your University Life and that you are never alone there will always be someone there to help no matter what!

There are many areas that students may need help with throughout there university life, this may include finances as this is something that many students have not had to deal a lot with before. Or other areas such as careers guidance, finding a place to live off or on campus or even maybe you would like to see a qualified counselor. These are all areas in which the Students Services Team would be able to¬†assist. This is¬†probably¬†the area I have used the most throughout my time at Edge Hill and I have found the staff are always helpful and friendly and give you all the support that you need. They also keep you up to date with any part or full time jobs that are¬†available¬†so make the most of this¬†especially¬†if your just looking for a little job to give you a little bit of money while at¬†University. They also keep you up to date with any volunteering positions¬†available¬†which again is important as you gain experience throughout your studies ūüôā

There is also a wide range of support offered for students with a disability or a specific learning difficulty for any of these areas the Inclusive Services Team would be able to support you.

In addition to this the University also supports you academically, which I have found the most useful. This is by the impressive facilities they have in the library and all the journals and books you are able to access online, which is definitely a bonus when completing your studies.

If you would like anymore information about any of these areas as I have just given a quick overview then head to-

The most important thing to remember is that you are never alone at Edge Hill, so never feel like you are! There will always be someone there to help you no matter how big or small the problem or worry, as coming to University is major change for anyone!

Charlotte’s Blog- Graduation

This week I registered for my graduation, which is a day I have been working towards since starting at University. I remember my very first lecture was in the Health Building where the graduation¬†ceremony¬†takes place ¬†and the lecturer saying that in three years this would be where we would be picking up our final degree! At that time it felt like ages away and I was not really thinking about the actual graduation just the “student life” if I’m honest but here it is here already, its so hard to believe that I have spent the past three years of my life Edge Hill it has gone way too fast!!! My advice to anyone is to just enjoy every single minute of being a student, but remember the real reason you came to university!!