Faye’s Blog – Work

After working in retail for over a month now I am so happy that I am doing my PGCE in Septemeber.
I HATE working where I am at the moment. I really really hate it. I didn’t think that I would mind it that much but I really don’t like not using my brain, the shop is never really busy, the tasks I do are so mundane. And in all honesty the majority of the staff are rude and intimidating.

I’ve come to realise that getting a job that you love and enjoy is extremely important. I’m so excited to start my PGCE, even though it is going to be really hardwork, I cannot wait to get into a class room to teach people a subject that I am passionate about!

Faye’s Blog – August Update

Well, now everything is officially over at Edge Hill. It feels strange.
I got my graduation photo in the post today too!
I’m now really looking forward to actually receiving my degree certificate!

Three of my books that I ordered to prepare for my upcoming PGCE course have arrived and I have already started reading one of them. Currently trying to get my head around some new education theories so that I can be a bit more prepared and ready for when I actually start in September.

I’m so eager to start this new chapter and then hopefully in September next year I will be an employed teacher! Fingers crossed anyway 🙂

Faye’s Blog – Reflection

I’ve been feeling really weird recently.
Now I’ve completely finished my degree I don’t have anything accede mic to do over the summer. No modules to think about and begin to research, no dissertation to write, no lectures to go to. No seminars.
I feel really out of place.
I also miss my best friend that I made! We would go to the library together and gossip for hours. We also lived together second year which was amazing! We keep texting one another but it’s not the same!
I’m settled into my new job at Next, I’m finding it okay but a bit boring! The sale is starting on Saturday so I have been working loads this week. I’m working 5pm-8.30pm tonight and I’m working tomorrow (Saturday) 5am-1pm!! I’m dreading it but I’m not working much in the week. Yay!

Faye’s Blog – Results.

Got my results on the 27th! They were released a day early, so it was really exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time, I felt so sick!

Anyway I got a 2.2, which I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed. I really wanted a 2.1 but I don’t feel so bad about it any more because it seems like the majority of the people on my course got a 2.2!
And it was honestly so difficult! It’s always annoying when people find out you do film and they’re like it’s easy!! Which it isn’t. Plus it is a English and History degree! So there’s a lot of really tough academic stuff in there ha 🙂

But I can still start my PGCE in September so I’m really excited about doing that 🙂

I started my job at next last week, which I am really enjoying although next weeks hours are horrible! But it is only two days so I’m just going to chill out for most of that week (I’m in Friday 5pm – 8:30pm and Saturday 5am – 1pm) I am a terrible morning person so Saturday will be horrific!

Faye’s Blog – Induction Day & Money!

So today I had my induction day at Next! It went really well and I actually start my job tomorrow!! Excited.
Now this means I will be earning money! And I am going to try my best to save up as much of it as possible, which means using my previous budgeting tactics from uni to help me!!

Now I have finished uni I feel like I have spent the last three years of my life living off no money what so ever, so I think I am going to be good at saving up my wages.

Budgeting was a major part of university life and it is really difficult to stick too. You have to find the healthy balance of what you can afford to spend and what you need to spend.
Necessities; food, housing, house bills, phone bills, health care.
University; stationary, course material (books etc.)
Nights out; club entry, travel, alcohol, outfit.
Socialising; cinema, going out for food etc.
Luxuries; extra clothes, CD’s, DVD’s etc.

You really need to think about things you cannot live without and how much they are and then the things that you don’t really need and can live without, no matter how much you think you can’t!

If you do run into any trouble though there are services on campus that can help you out with budgeting and ‘crisis’ loans.

Faye’s Blog – Home Life

So I have now been back home for over a month and I am finally settled. Everything is unpacked as good as it is going to be, not really got enough room for everything.
I now have a part-time job that I am about to start, I have treated myself to a new phone because I’ve been using my boyfriends old one for months.
I’m on the car insurance so I can get about a lot easier.
I’ve caught up with the majority of friends from back home and had a really good night out.
So it’s all good.
I kinda don’t know what to do with myself though because I don’t have any assignments or anything to do! Don’t need to apply for any more jobs yet, don’t need to work on my CV, absolutely nothing. It feels very very weird! But I am going to enjoy it whilst I can!

Faye’s Blog – Success!

So I have actually managed to get a job! I will be working as a Sales Advisor in Next for at least the next few months! I am so happy, this means that I can start earning and saving my money as well as doing my PGCE from September.
I’m just so happy that I have managed to get a job so that I can start gaining some experience, I always feel as if I haven’t done enough!!
It’s only a part time role as well so I should still be able to enjoy the summer (if it stays nice anyway) I do want to try and get as many hours as possible though.
I have my induction on Tuesday 25th June so I’m so excited!!

Faye’s Blog – Money

So whilst I am waiting to hear from the millions (it feels like millions) of job applications that I have sent off, for various roles. Admin, childcare, retail etc. I am trying to do whatever I can to earn money.
For now it is mostly babysitting jobs. I actually enjoy doing it as well, even though it can get a bit boring, but I do like it. So I am trying to get as many babysitting opportunities as possible for the time being!!

I hope a get one of the jobs I have applied for though, I really want to start working properly. I’m hoping that I get a job at Next that I have applied for, so fingers crossed!!

I’ve decided that over summer and whilst I am studying for my PGCE I just want to do something that I think I will enjoy, so because I am into shopping and fashion I’m keen to get this job!!

Faye’s Blog – Future Student

Although my time as a student at Edge Hill has now finished my student life hasn’t.
I am going to be studying my PGCE from September in my home town of Blackpool. I decided to do my PGCE closer to home so that I am closer to my family and friends and also so that I can experience a different university!

So yet again I need to sort out my student finance, sigh. I really hate doing it but it has to be done!