Alex’s Blog – Last Day!

I can’t believe that yesterday was my last official day of lectures! Yes I’ve still got the exam to focus on next Tuesday but it’s hard to get into a focused mindset when I feel like I have now finished the degree..

Thankfully, we had an easy practical session with our module leader organising some badminton and table tennis doubles matches and then a basketball game to finish off.. safe to say my team won ๐Ÿ™‚

The winning team!

I’m glad that I don’t have to get too nostalgic about my time at Edge Hill as I can look forward to another year with my PGCE starting in September!

Time to get revising… :/

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex’s Blog – Final assignments!

This Tuesday will see my final official lecture take place as an undergraduate PE & School Sport student at Edge Hill.. I won’t be away for too long though seeing as a I have an exam the week after and will be returning in September to start my PGCE!

On the Tuesday just gone we did out last teaching assessments, consisting of a 12-15 minute lesson based on anything we chose. I decided to go with a similar lesson to the one that I taught for my PGCE assessment. It went okay so we’ll just have to see what mark I get..

The final assignment to hand in, which I have now finished thankfully, is a pedagogy 2000 word assignment based on a topic of our choice – I decided to go for something focusing on the effective PE teacher, so hopefully I will get a decent mark as I am not the biggest fan of exams!

Can’t believe it has pretty much come down to my final week at Edge Hill already (if you don’t count the PGCE next year).. where has the time gone?!!

Alex’s Blog – Do you deserve some free money??

This month’s theme is looking at the scholarships provided by Edge Hill so rather than telling you about the different scholarships in detail (you can find all the information by clicking here), I thought I would tell you about my experiences of the EHU scholarships..

I applied for an Entrance Excellence Scholarship in Volunteering a few months before starting my first year at uni after coming across the scholarships on the EHU website. Fortunately, I had seen this in time and was able to apply before the deadline! My biggest tip for anyone thinking of applying for any of the scholarships, whether it is in Sport, Performing Arts, Creative Arts of Volunteering, is to prepare some sort of portfolio to back up your personal statement! This is what I did and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

I would advise including things like: relevant certificates; references; photos.. even a video if you’re good at that sort of stuff (which I’m not!). Things like these will really help your application to stand out! So why not apply? There is nothing to lose, just check out the information on the link and make sure you send your application before the deadline! Good luck!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚


Alex’s Blog – Congratulations..

..’you have been shortlisted for the Edge Hill University Sports Student of the Year Award’.

This was the nice surprise I read in a letter that came a couple of days ago! Apparently I had been nominated (even though I have never even heard of the award) for this year’s Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser Sports Awards on Fridays 19th of April!

I am really pleased just to have been nominated, never mind shortlisted, and feel honoured to have been considered by whoever nominated me.. (I know it was a couple of my lecturers but I still don’t know exactly who it was).

On top of this, our Ghana IDEALS group from last summer has been nominated for Student Volunteer Group of the Year, for the volunteer teaching work we did out in Ghana, at this year’s Careers Celebrations Awards Evening on Wednesday 23rd of April!

I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet but it would be a nice way to finish my degree!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex’s Blog – Equality in PE

After recently finishing my dissertation and having a well-deserved break (if I do say so myself), it seems it is already time to start the next assignment and, in fact, the final one of my undergraduate degree!

For this assignment, I am allowed to choose any topic covered within the Pedagogy module which, at first, seemed a very intense and intimidating subject but has turned out to be one of the most interesting modules we have done. Topics range from learning psychologies and theories of behaviourism to learning styles and the argument for teaching as an art or science. However I have decided to go with a focus on equality in PE.

I have chosen this as a focus for a number of reasons: the broad range that the argument covers, from gender and race to disability and stereotyping; my passion for inclusion in PE and general education; an interest in how PE can be made equal for all with so many diverse subjects to cater for, and so on.

So now I guess it is time to start planning my next (and last!) assignment. I should probably get it started as I’ve also got a practical teaching assessment to plan and our final exam to think about…

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex’s Blog – Une voyage bienvenue ร  Paris!

So for my first week away from uni and after what feels like an eternity working on my dissertation, a trip to Paris was very much welcomed by girlfriend and I! I had never been before and hadn’t really thought about it but can now say that I would definitely like to go back and would have enjoyed staying for longer than the four days that we spent there.

One of the highlights of the trip – seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night!


For anyone thinking of going to Paris, it is definitely worth learning a couple of phrases, ‘bonjour’, ‘รงa va’, ‘merci’ and ‘au revoir’ being the main ones used the most often. I quickly learned that addressing people in french as you walk in to somewhere like a shop is much appreciated and you will receive a much better service.

Obviously, everyone wants to see: The Eiffel Tower; The Louvre; The Notre Dame Cathedral; The Sienne; The Arc De Triomph. However I would suggest that, whilst visiting all these things was a brilliant experience each time, I really enjoyed getting to know Paris and learning as much as possible whilst I was there. For example, visiting a small traditionally French restaurant that I had noticed on a TripAdvisor App (definitely worth downloading when you are going traveling as it suggests: places to go; hotels; cafes; best forms of transport), which was absolutely brilliant and one of the best parts of the trip.

We were lucky enough to go on a tour around Paris during the day, go up the Eiffel Tower at sunset and then go on a cruise down the Sienne River at night when everything was lit up!

As I am planning on doing a lot of traveling in the future, I would like to take this sort of attitude to other destinations as I have found before that adapting to a new culture and trying to learn from your surroundings often helps to add to the experience and makes it far more enjoyable!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚


Alex’s Blog – Finished!

Yesterday the day finally came… I finished my dissertation, printed it, had it bound and handed it in! And it couldn’t have come a day too soon seeing as when I looked out the window this morning, all I saw was snow, snow and more snow!

Thankfully, for those that are handing it in today, they have been granted permission to submit a an electronic copy via blackboard but have to hand in two hard copies on Monday.

I am so relieved to have finished my dissertation and can now have a break over the next three weeks before going back to do: a practical teaching assessment; a pedagogy assignment and a pedagogy exam… After that I will have officially finished my course! Can’t believe how quick the time has gone! Needless to say I am really looking forward to starting the Secondary PE PGCE in September!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex’s Blog – Birthday celebrations + dissertation = not good!

Yesterday I turned 21 (already feeling too old!) and, although I celebrated last weekend by renting a renovated mill in Wrexham for the whole weekend and catching up with friends from camp, I decided to go out in town with a few friends last night. The last thing on my mind was uni work but then.. the word ‘dissertation’ popped into my head today and left me feeling rather demotivated (to say the least!).

On top of this, I had managed to get a good few hours of work done on my diss on the day before my birthday, before my laptop then went onto crash and lose about 3 hours worth of work! Devastated would be an understatement…

So now I am sat trying desperately to focus on doing this work (which has to be finished before friday) whilst running on about 3 hours sleep and way too much water in an attempt to battle dehydration! Wish me luck…

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex’s Blog – Where’s my money gone??

Probably the most often asked question when it comes to Open/Applicant Days has to be about finance… It’s something that, at the moment, can’t be brushed under the carpet and loads of potential students are worrying about it, even up to the point where they are deciding not to go to university!

But not to worry, there are lots of different ways of managing your finances without worrying about student debts.. after all you do only have to start repaying loans once you are earning over ยฃ21,000. You can also apply for scholarships (which will be covered in next month’s theme) and non-repayable grants. To find out about grant and loan entitlement, click on the following link:

You can also go to these links to find out more about help with finance at Edge Hill:

It might be easy for me to say, but if I was applying to university again, my number one focus wouldn’t be the finances involved. Yes it is important but I would urge anyone thinking of applying to university not to let it be your overriding factor when it comes to making a choice! There are loads of ways you can save money and many different job opportunities both on and around the campus, including being a Student Guide or a Blogger! The majority of people I know manage perfectly… but I guess there are always the odd one or two who think they are rich when it comes to student loan day!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚


Alex’s Blog – QTS Test Success!

After passing the Numeracy QTS test last week and the Literacy test today, I can now (very happily) say that I passed both tests! This means that I have pretty much completed the conditions of my offer for the Secondary PE PGCE course at Edge Hill which I will be starting in September.

Now I can focus on finishing my dissertation which needs to be finished before March 22nd. Thankfully, I’m now up to the Results & Analysis stage which means I haven’t got too much to do once that’s done.

But I don’t want to complain too much as I do have more spare time, only being in one day a week, than I will have next year! After speaking to someone who is currently on the PGCE, I was told to, “make the most of free time as you won’t have much next year”! Still very excited about starting the course though!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚