If you’re counting down to your first semester of university, whether you’re living on campus or at home, it may feel like you have a lot to do. You may even feel a little lost and unsure of what you should do. So, I’ve thought of some quick and easy things that you can get done in your first semester to make uni life smooth sailing.

  1. Sign up for the main discount schemes

Get your NUS card and sign up to UNiDAYS and Student Beans with your Edge Hill email address so that you don’t miss a thing. Everything from fast food and groceries to clothes and holidays will be discounted – sometimes even free!

2. Streamline your expenses

Now you’ve got your discount cards, it’s time to get savvy. Spotify Premium is only £4.99 for students and you can add Headspace Premium on for free. Stop shelling out big money for your music and get access to mental health boosting guides and meditations for no extra cost.

Amazon Prime is just £3.99 for students and includes Prime Video, the popular TV and film streaming service. This and Netflix will have you covered not only for those last minute text book and stationery deliveries but also all of your entertainment needs. Bargain! Amazon Prime also tend to offer discounts on text books for student members a few times a year.

Once you’ve done that, set up a spreadsheet of your monthly costs and when they need paying. Then work out what student finance you have left and what that is equivalent to monthly (plus any wages you earn). From there, you’ll know what you have to live off.


Gather all of your module handbooks and write down all the draft and submission deadlines in your diary or phone calendar with reminders beforehand. Start a document or sheet of paper for each assignment and add reading you have done or need to do and any other relevant guidance down as you proceed through the semester. This will make sitting down to plan and start your assignments SO much easier, trust me!

4. Book some UniSkills workshops or help from Student Services if needed If you’re struggling with Blackboard, academic reading or writing, referencing, budgeting or ANYTHING else – book in an appointment for some help. Edge Hill run workshops on most of these things and if they don’t there will be a service within Student Services that can help you. Don’t suffer in silence, get confident and comfortable now so that you can focus on enjoying uni life!

Good luck and, most of all, have fun!

Sam xo

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