Dear first year me,

In just a couple of weeks you will start your first year of university. And you’re scared. I want you to know that you really don’t have to worry about not coming from sixth form or being the ‘class granny’. You are about to join a group of fantastic future counsellors who come from all backgrounds, ages, career paths and walks of life. You are about to meet some incredible friends who will be with you throughout your studies (and hopefully beyond).

But I’m not just here to reassure you! You don’t need to be scared or feel lonely but you really could do with learning a few lessons. Get organised – an assignment 12 weeks away is really not that far away so start reading and researching. Those books you have piled up actually need reading, just having them in your house is not going to be enough. Whilst we’re learning lessons, stop wasting money on treats on campus! Read your money saving blog posts and be realistic with your budget. It’s going to be hard running a home and working multiple jobs whilst doing a full-time degree so don’t make it harder for yourself.

My final note to you…enjoy this journey. As I write this it’s nearly over. Our final year is about to start and in two short semesters this journey will end. Make every semester count, you’re very lucky to be a part of Edge Hill.

Sam xo

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