As we’re getting closer to moving into Uni, you might be starting to think about money. Especially if your maintenance loan isn’t as great as you thought it may be. Here’s a few jobs you could look into whilst doing your studies.

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If you search on the internet, there are quite a few survey websites that can earn you a bit of extra cash alongside studying. These can be surveys in exchange for vouchers, Paypal transfer and possibly points which you can then exchange for certain amounts of cash. YouGov surveys is a good one as you get £50 once you’ve completed 5000 points worth of surveys. The amount of points for each survey can differ, but it’s normally 50 points each survey.


Once the Uni year starts, keep an eye on the careers page for Edge Hill. There may be part-time opportunities that pop up. Whether that be in the catering team, or SU Bar work. This is great for new students as its another way of meeting new people and earning money at the same time.


In Ormskirk, there are a few little independent shops as well as chains such as Starbucks or Costa. You could have a look into these stores to see whether they are in need of hiring anyone.


If you’ve got a knack for teaching or helping other people with work, tutoring is another route to go down to earn a little bit of extra money. You can sign up to a few websites that allows students to tutor, and you can choose your preferred subject plus age group to teach. Obviously depending on your experience will determine the rate you set for each student per hour of tutoring.

Getting a job alongside studying also helps with job applications after you graduate as it shows commitment on your CV. So it’s definitely worth a look.

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