Hey everyone, I thought that I would do little follow on from my last post and talk a little about balancing your university life with social/you time as it is very essential.

From my experience, when it comes to balance there are two ends to a scale; on one side, you have the people who spend the majority of their time in the library, writing notes, reading for assignments month in advance and never taking time off to hang out with flatmates or socialise. Then there are the people who avoid uni work at all costs until last minute and then panic at the last minute. It is hard to find a balance and I didn’t find mine until second year.

5 Reasons Why Maintaining a Work-life Balance Is So Important

Creating a schedule is really useful and also really satisfying to tick off at the end of the day (don’t even try and lie to me). I used to write my lists down on a random piece of paper and then throw it away once I was done but I realised how wasteful that was and so, moved to an app called “Lists To Do” which was created by a university student! It allows me to create to do lists and most importantly still allows me to tick them off with a really satisfying clicky sound. I can also go back and see my previous to do lists and use them as motivation to actually make one!

If you are someone that struggles on their own to get work done, perhaps try going to on study sessions with your friends. I could never do this in first because I was so comfortable with working on my own but in second year, I found that group sessions were SO beneficial in terms of bouncing ideas off each other and also keeping each other motivated. It is also nice to be able to take breaks with them if you are someone like me who really did not take advantage of study breaks and then burnt out.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and found it somewhat useful. Be sure to look at my last post for some similar advice!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

-Albert Einstein-

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