Note-Taking: Should You Ditch Paper for a PC?

I am faster at typing than writing, so school lessons were always a pain when I didn’t have access to a laptop. In lessons, I always asked my classmates, “what was the last sentence on that slide?”. I would then go home and waste time typing up my notes thinking it was ‘revision’; truthfully I was wasting time, mindlessly typing.
In University, electronics were welcomed, and this changed how I studied in a welcome way. In this blog, I’ll discuss why this change was for the best for me.

Lighter Load

I did bring some stationery to draw quick diagrams I couldn’t do on my laptop, but as I had all my notes a click away, I didn’t need to bring big ringbinders to lessons. This was convenient for me.
I recommend getting digital helpful college notes, opposed to bring wads of them to Uni. You can easily search the documents for key words, and it’s less to pack!

Saving Money

If you use a laptop/tablet, you’ll be spending less money on paper and stationery. It mightn’t seem like much, but every penny counts!

Software for Studying

You can follow the slides during the lecture instead of scribbling them down quickly, and you can write down what the tutor says in the notes section under the slides in PowerPoint.

Through Disabled Students’ Allowance, I was able to get funding for programs and a laptop for my studies. If you’re eligible for DSA, I encourage you to consider it. The software (Dragon and Sonocent) can be really pricey if you aren’t, though.


Not everyone owns a laptop/tablet, but you can loan laptops from the Catalyst to bring to lessons. Just upload the document to a cloud you can access afterwards and you’re set! I would also recommend this if you get to campus and realise you’ve forgotten pens and paper.

Closing Words

Truthfully, some people just learn better with pen and paper. Some people write faster than they type. Some people prefer learning from paper than a screen. University is all about finding what way you study best, which was something I didn’t really get to do in school.


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