What You Will Actually Need for Lectures/classes

Hey everyone, I thought I would share with you a few things that I found I absolutely needed to bring with me to lectures and classes as I have learned from first year that some things are just not necessary…yeah five different types of folders, I’m talking to you…

First things first, you only really need to bring one folder with you (if any) if thats how you like to be organised and keep your notes but, bringing different folders for each module and lecture you have will literally weigh you down and cause an awful lot of back strain.

SMALL PENCIL CASE!! I cannot stress this enough. I had a massive pencil case with me in first year with too many pencils and too many pens and just too many rubbers for one person. I suggest getting a small, thin pencil case where you can keep maybe only two pencils and pens and then a ruler and rubber.

LEATHER PENCIL CASE Small Leather Brush Bag Artist Pencil | Etsy

Umbrella. My best friend in second year. It is already hard enough walking to classes in the cold but when it starts raining and you are sitting in the class with wet hair and wet clothes it just adds a different level of stress to your day. I got a small pop up umbrella from B&M bargains and it lasted me a while and saved me from getting freshers flue all year round.

Snacks. No one can argue that these are not essential. I quickly realised that when my mood started to slip in lectures and classes it was because I was beginning to feel a little peckish and thus having the energy to take notes and participate was made very hard. I suggest bringing snacks with you to classes and eating them before so that you can have some energy before going in and smashing the lesson. It also lessens the chances of hearing whale noises from your stomach during a silent part of the lecture.

Hungry GIFs | Tenor

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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