All of my lectures during first-year started at 9 AM, so naturally, I had to wake up early to make it to them. This week my blog is going to break down my usual morning routine during semester one and two with semi-specific timings. In an ideal world, I’d have a plethora of photos to share of my morning process, but given I’m writing this out of term time and sadly did not think far enough ahead, this will be a mostly written experience. Let your imagination guide you on what the routine may look like, it’s more exciting that way.

When I woke up is the part of my routine that would tend to shock my friends, so prepare yourself. On days I had a lecture, I would wake up between 6 and 6:30 AM. I am aware that’s ridiculously early, but every morning I would shower, put on full makeup, do my hair, and so on. I needed the time.

Following the shower, I’d do anything else I had to in the bathroom such as clean my teeth, then let my shower room dry out. If you’re living in on-campus accommodation this coming academic year, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I’d put on some music (I frequented between Grimes, Clairo, and 100 Gecs for anyone interested), dry my hair, and put on my outfit for that day.

By this point it was usually 7 AM, or maybe just a tad beyond that. I wore makeup to almost every lecture, a full face, so the following hour was always dedicated to putting that on. My makeup took between forty minutes to an hour depending on the look I was doing that day, usually it took forty minutes since my makeup style is effectively a blueprint I could carry out in my sleep at this point.

With makeup on, clothes on, hair done, and myself dowsed in perfume, I’d emerge into the kitchen to make a coffee and sometimes have breakfast. I usually had thirty minutes or so then of drinking my coffee, watching something in my room, getting my bag ready, and anything else before I went to go meet my friends at the Catalyst before we headed to the lecture.

I think my morning routine is probably a bit extra compared to that of an average university student, but that’s why I found it worth sharing! If you’re planning to attend Edge Hill in the next academic year, I hope my blog today might inspire you on how your routine may look.


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