What happens in Freshers?

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Freshers week is one of the many things first year students look forward to. There’s always loads going on from SU events to workshops in the HUB. From my experience Freshers is great! You get to know more people, join societies, go round Ormskirk etc. And there’s help along the way too, to help new students get their bearings round campus.

During my Freshers week, I signed up to so many societies that I think I ended up losing count. Now I’m not actually apart of any society but I’m hoping this may change for third year. This is probably one of my regrets, but it won’t be the same for everyone. Don’t feel like you have to sign up to any societies if you don’t want to.

If you like to go out, there are plenty of different events the SU and clubs in Ormskirk hold too. But beware as Freshers-flu ain’t a myth. I know because unfortunately I got it. Luckily it was quite mild, but just try to remember to keep up your fluids and always have paracetamol in your halls. It always comes in handy.

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I went out with my flat a lot during Freshers week as they were the first people I met at Uni. For a lot of you, this will probably be the same. It’s a great way to know everyone and we didn’t go out all the time. We stayed in and played Cards Against Humanity during Freshers and had snacks. It was definitely one of the best nights I had.

At the end of the day, this is only me speaking from my experiences. The likely-hood is that all of you will have a different experience to me. Just remember to enjoy it, have fun, and stay safe!

Ellis x

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